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ham was the fourth in a family of eight children, the others being: Mina, the wife of Charles Esley, who died at Denver, Colorado, in 1918; William, who died in 1912 when aged forty-two years; Nellie, the wife of H. W. Van Meter, of Lincoln, Nebraska; Cornelia, the wife of Roy Flemming, of Scottsbluff; Eva, the wife of B. P. Cutting, of Lincoln; John S., in the automobile business at Gering, and Ralph, who resides at Lincoln.
   George B. Peckham accompanied his parents when a boy from Wisconsin to Kearney, Nebraska, where he attended school. His first business experience was as an employee of a lumber company. Later he went into the mechanical department of an automobile company and has been interested in this business ever since. When his brother, John S. Peckham, came to Gering in 1917 and established the Peckham Motor Company, he accompanied him and has ever since been identified with this business, of which he will soon become a copartner.
   On December 14, 1898, George B. Peckham was united in marriage to Miss Mable Hodges, and they have one daughter, Edna, who is the wife of J. M. Branson, of Gering. Mrs. Peckham is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, but Mr. Peckham was reared in the Baptist faith.

    VICTOR ANDERSON, M. D., proprietor of the leading drug store at Bridgeport and a general medical practitioner of wide experience, has spent the greater part of a very useful life in the United States but his birthplace was in another country. He was born in Sweden, March 21, 1867, came to this country when twelve years old and through his own efforts not only acquired a literary but a professional education.
   The parents of Dr. Anderson were Andrew and Carrie (Magnuson) Anderson, both of whom died in Sweden. Of their four children Dr. Anderson was the third in order of birth, the others being: Charles, Alice, who is a resident of St. Joseph, Missouri, and Carrie, who is Mrs. Sangren, lives near Salina, Kansas. The parents were members of the Lutheran church. The father was a well read man but not professional, being a farmer all his life.
   Victor Anderson attended the public schools in his native land. In 1880 he came to the United States and went to work on a farm in Republic county, Kansas, but soon found an opportunity to work in a drug store at Scandia, Kansas, and during his three years in that position applied himself so diligently to the study of drugs and early medical reading, that he was able to enter the University Medical College of Kansas City, Missouri, from which he was graduated in 1887. He began practice in the Wabash Railway hospital service at Peru, Indiana, moving later to Springfield Illinois. When he retired from hospital service he located at Butler, Indiana, where he engaged in a general practice for three years, removing then to Deweese, Nebraska, where he remained for eight years and then established himself at Bridgeport. Here he has a well equipped drug store and his fellow citizens know that all prescriptions are put up under his own supervision. In connection with handling drugs, Dr. Anderson has many of the other features which the public has learned to expect in a modern establishment of this kind.
   In 1894 Dr. Anderson was united in marriege (sic) to Elsie Spanogle, a sister of Mark and Clyde Spanogle, bankers, at Bridgeport. They have two children: Howard Lloyd; who is associated with his father in the drug store, and Helen M., a graduate of the Kearney normal school. Dr. Anderson's family belong to the Episcopal church. In politics he is a Democrat and elected on that party ticket he has served as coroner of Morrill county. For many years he has. been identified with Masonry and has passed the Consistory degrees.

    WILLIAM F. FRENCH. -- An interesting example of business enterprise at Gering is the success attending the firm of French & Hanks, who established their general repair automobile business here in 1916, being also selling agents for a number of the best known cars now manufactured. Mr. French has had experience in other lines of business, but seems particularly well qualified for the automobile trade, and since coming to Gering has built up a sound business reputation and made many personal friends.
   William F. French was born at Jamestown, Kansas, January 25, 1885. His parents are B. C. and Anna (Duffey) French, the former of whom was born in Canada and the latter in Wisconsin, their marriage taking place at Jamestown, Kansas. He went to that state in 1872 and followed farming there until 1893 when he moved to Oklahoma, bought a farm there and continued to operate it as long as he remained in active life. He now lives retired on his property in Grant county. In his political views he is a Democrat. The mother of Mr. French is a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Of their five children, William V. was the first born, the others being: An-



drew, who entered military service in the National army, August 15, 1918, is now in Germany, a member of a hospital corps of evacuation camp No. 37; Stella, the wife of R. L. Thompson, a farmer near Pond Creek, Oklahoma; May, the wife of Glenn R. Ratcliff, a business man of Mankota, Kansas, and Gladys, who resides with her parents.
   William F. French obtained his education in Oklahoma and was graduated from the high school of Pond Creek, in 1904. For several years afterward he assisted his father and followed agricultural pursuits, then embarked in the insurance business. Later he learned telegraphy and for four and a half years was a telegraph operator for the Union Pacific railroad. He then became interested in automobiling for pleasure and this led to practical results. In 1916 he came to Gering and in partnership with R. M. Hanks, established his motor repair works and the enterprise has prospered. The firm also displays and sells Maxwell, Haynes, Reo, and Mitchell cars, their territory covering Scottsbluff, Boxbutte (sic), Banner, Morrill, and Sioux counties, Nebraska, and Goshen county, Wyoming. In the present favorable condition of the automobile trade, a great future may be in store for honest, intelligent young business men, who devote themselves to its best interests and identify themselves only with sterling cars.
   In October, 1910, Mr. French was united in marriage to Miss Lottie Brown, who was born at Clyde, Kansas. She is a member of the Christian church. Mr. French is a Scottish Rite Mason. Politically he is identified with the Democratic party but has never desired public office, his preference being for the business rather than the political field.

    ROBERT M. HANKS, an automobile dealer at Gering in association with William F. French, has spent many years in Scottsbluff county where he owns valuable property, is widely known and has been prominently identified with the great work of irrigation in this section. He divides his time between the management of his ranch on which he carries on extensive cattle feeding, and his automobile business in the city.
   Robert M. Hanks was born in Montgomery county, Illinois in July, 1859, the fourth in a family of eight children born to James and Armina (Witherspoon) Hanks, the former a native of Mississippi and the latter of Kentucky. They moved to Illinois in the early forties, and both died in that state. They were members of the Presbyterian church, and the father was a Republican from the time of the organization of that party. He was a farmer all his active life. His surviving children besides Robert M. are one son and three daughters: Ritta, the widow of Robert Hughes, of Hillsboro, Illinois; James, an agent for the Illinois Central railroad, at Martinsville; Addie, a teacher in the public schools of Hillsboro, and Alma, who also resides at Hillsboro.
   Robert M. Hanks attended school at Hillsboro, Illinois, grew up on his father's farm and later engaged in farming for himself until 1886, when he came to Nebraska and homesteaded in Scottsbluff county. After residing on his land for four and a half years, Mr. Hanks went to Kearney, where he worked in a brickyard the summer of 1891, then returned to Scottsbluff county and became interested here in farming and ditch building. He built the Gering irrigation ditch and served three years on the board of directors. For twenty seasons Mr. Hanks operated a threshing machine and with his outfit visited many parts of the county in earlier years. In 1916 in association with William F. French he established an automobile repair business at Gering, which has proved a profitable undertaking, for the use of motor cars of some kind is almost universal through this section. The demand for the best of well built modern cars induced Mr. Hanks and Mr. French to become selling agents for the Maxwell, Haynes, Reo and Mitchell cars, and they have a wide territory and are doing a large amount of business.
   In 1884 Mr. Hanks was united in marriage to Miss Nettie Kern, who was born in Ohio but was reared in Illinois. They have two daughters: Fay, a teacher, resides at home, and Alta, the wife of Miller Cooper, who manages the Hanks ranch near Gering, Mr. Hanks and his family are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. He has always been interested in politics, not as a politician, but as a citizen, and casts his vote with the Republican party. He has been and still is, one of the strong men of the county, honorable and upright both in business and private life.

   EVAN G. DAVIES, who conducts a grain, feed and draying business at Gering, is not an old-time resident of Scottsbluff county, but has become well-known and esteemed as a business man since he established himself in the above city. Mr. Davies had experience in handling wheat and other precious grain products of American farms, on which the eyes of a hungry world are centered at the present time, before he became a grain buyer, for he was a grower on the old homestead



farm in Hitchcock county for many pears (sic) previously.
   Evan G. Davies is proud of his sturdy Welsh ancestry. He was born in Hitchcock county, Nebraska, June 24, 1886. His parents were Samuel and Margaret (Morris) Davies, both of whom were born and reared in Wales. Shortly after their marriage in their native land they came to the United States and settled at first in Iowa and then came to Hitchcock, Nebraska, where the father homesteaded. The mother died on the farm but the father died at Trenton, where he had lived retired for some time. Of their eleven children, ten are living, Evan G. being the tenth in order of birth. The parents were members of the Congregational church.
   Evan G. Davies obtained his education in the Trenton schools. He was reared on the home farm and for a number of years confined his attention to agricultural pursuits. In October, 1915, he came to Gering and began to buy grain and feed. He opened a grain and feed store in a good business section and subsequently added draying, exercising business prudence in all of his ventures. He is doing a fine business and a safe one, and is the leading merchant in his line in the city.
   In December, 1908, Mr. Davies was united in marriage to Miss Amy Houser, who was born in Seward county, Nebraska, and is a daughter of William W. and Alma (Coover) Houser. The father of Mrs. Davies was born in Hardin county, Ohio, and was taken to Iowa when young and grew up there. In February, 1884, he went to Hastings, Nebraska, where he became interested in farming but later moved to Seward county and still later to Lincoln, his present home being at Cambridge, Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Davies have two children: Heath and Inez. The family belongs to the Christian church. In politics he is a Republican.

    OTTO J. PROHS. -- An important business enterprise at Gering is the Prohs Brothers Hardware Company, a name that covers several lines of merchandising, several industries and also undertakings. This business is a growing concern. It was founded in this city early in 1914, on a small margin of capital, which has been greatly increased with the rapid development of five years of legitimate dealing, until now a stock value of $30,000 is carried. The firm is made up of three brothers, William, Otto J., and Edward S. Prohs.
   Otto J. Prohs was born October 14, 1887, at Juniata, Adams county, Nebraska. His parents are Louis and Emma (Doll) Prohs, the former of whom was born at Stuttgart, Germany in 1857, and the latter at St. Louis, Missouri, in 1861. They were married at Hollowayville, in Bureau county, Illinois, and eleven children were born to them, eight of whom are living. They are members of the Evangelical Lutheran church. In 1884 the parents of Mr. Prohs came to Nebraska and the father rented land in Adams county, but in 1888 the family returned to Illinois and the parents have resided at Peru ever since.
   Otto J. Prohs attended the public schools in Peru until he finished tenth grade work, after which he was a student for a time in Brown's Business college and also took a business course with the International Correspondence school. He went to work first in a printing office, but soon afterward found a position with the Big Ben Clock works, starting to work for $3 a week. That Mr. Prohs remained with this company for the next fourteen years speaks well for his industry and efficiency and when the further fact is mentioned that when he severed his long relation he was receiving a large salary as assistant stock manager, it may be inferred that he had proved faithful to every responsibility he had assumed. On March 9, 1914 he came to Gering and with his brothers established the present business. The firm handles a general line of hardware furniture and carpets, do tinning and plumbing and also are undertakers. In all their business transactions they have been fair and honorable and they enjoy the respect and confidence of the public.
   In 1913 Otto J. Prohs was united in marriage to Miss Flora West, who was born at Peru, Illionis (sic). They have one son, Wesley Richard, born at Gering, Nebraska, in September, 1914. Mr. Prohs, like his father, is a Republican in politics, and, while never particularly active, feels a citizen's responsibility and keeps well informed on all public questions. He belongs to the Masonic fraternity and also to the Knights of Pythias.

   WILLIAM LAMM, Sr., one of the extensive landowners of Scottsbluff county, and for many years one of the heaviest cattle feeders, has been a resident of Gering since 1909, where his judgment on business matters and public affairs is considered of great value. Although Mr. Lamm has been a capitalist for many years, he began his business career a penniless boy thrown upon his own resources, hence his advice from lessons



learned through experience, may well be treasured. He was born April 23, 1854, in Des Moines county, Iowa. His father was Benedict Lamm, and both parents were born in Germany. They came to the United States in 1853 and settled in Iowa, where Benedict Lamm bought a farm and on that place both he and wife died. Of their four children, two besides William are living: Oscar, a stonecutter by trade, lives at Burlington, Iowa; and Mary, the wife of Charles Bassett, lives in New York. The parents of Mr. Lamm were members of the Roman Catholic church.
   William Lamm had comparatively few educational advantages in boyhood. He worked on his father's farm as long as he remained at home, and continued farm work after he was thrown at an early age on his own responsibility. By nature industrious and through necessity frugal and saving, he gradually advanced himself and in the course of time became the owner of farm land in Union county, Iowa, where he resided for many years. When he came to Scottsbluff county, Nebraska, in 1904, his business sense led to his investing largely in irrigated land and at the present time he owns many valuable acres, where his operations in cattle and sheep feeding have proved exceedingly profitable.
   In 1875 Mr. Lamm was united in marriage to Miss Jane Knotts, who died December 3, 1918. They became the parents of the following children: William H., postmaster at Gering; Ernest, a farmer in Wyoming; Bert, a farmer in Idaho; Bertha, the wife of John Gross, a farmer in Wyoming; Bess, who married Joseph Nisley, in the monument business at Gering; Carrie, the wife of Harry Barton, a farmer near Gering; Cloreta, the wife of E. Davies; True, who resides at home, having been honorably discharged from the military camp where he had been in training since October, 1918; and Grace, the wife of P. I. Schmidt, who entered the National army in April, 1918, was honorably discharged in March, 1919 and is now connected with the First National Bank of Scottsbluff. Mr. Lamm and his family belong to the Christian church. Politically he is a sound Democrat. He has never cared for public office as his time and energies are occupied in the management of six hundred and forty acres of valuable land which he owns near Gering, all under cultivation. Mr. Lamm is essentially the architect of his own fortunes and is self made. He was one of the organizers and heavy stockholders of the Gering National Bank, being a member of the board of directors of that institution.

    HOWARD O. JONES, D.D.S. -- The different professions are well represented at Gering, and a leading Practitioner (sic) of dentistry is Dr. Howard O. Jones, who established himself in this city in 1916. Although not in continuous practice since then, nevertheless he has succeeded in building up a large clientele made up of those who demand scientific treatment and appreciate thorough dental knowledge. Dr. Jones has but recently resumed his practice after an absence of four months in military training at Camp Logan, Houston, Texas. He entered the National army September 16, 1918, was assigned to the dental corps, was ranked a first lieutenant, and was honorably discharged February 22, 1919.
   Howard O. Jones was born August 29, 1894, at Granger, Scotland county, Missouri. His parents are Henry Harrison and Ida (Sullinger) Jones, the former of whom was born at Granger and the latter at Glasgow, Missouri. Of their three children, Howard O. is the second born, the others being: Lois, the wife of B. O. Reeves, county attorney of Scotland county; and Paul, attending school. The parents of Dr. Jones are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. The father has been very active in Republican politics for many years and ex-county clerk of Scotland county. He is a lawyer by profession, and for twenty-five years has been in the abstract business at Memphis, Missouri. He is also president of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and he is identified with various Masonic bodies.
   After completing his public school course at Memphis, Howard O. Jones entered a dental college at Denver, Colorado, from which he was graduated in 1916, immediately afterward coming to Gering. Dr. Jones keeps fully abreast of the times in relation to the remarkable progress being made in his profession, devoting much study to oral and plastic surgery, the wonders of which have more or less revolutionized every branch of the healing art. By inheritance and inclination he is a Republican and belongs to the religious body in which he was reared by careful home influences. He is unmarried.

   ROBERT G. MILLER. -- The wisdom shown by large corporations in placing experienced and practical men in charge of their industries in which they have invested immense capital is to be commended, and a case

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