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   Harry S. Fliesbach was educated in the public schools at Imperial and a business college at Lincoln. He obtained his early business training in his father's store and afterward was in the wholesale line for ten years at St. Louis, Missouri. In 1909 he stablished (sic) a department store in Scottsbluff, in partnership with his brother Chester. At first they made dry goods the main feature, but subsequently added one department after another until their stock now covers all the commodities usually found in modem establishments of this kind. The business was incorporated for $100,000, the two owners being the officials and managers. They are honorable, upright, conscientious business men, who have the confidence and esteem of every one.
   In 1916, Harry S. Fliesbach was united in marriage to Miss Grace B. Weybright, who was born in Nebraska. They are members of the Christian Science church. In politics Mr. Fliesbach is a Democrat, as was his father, but he is inclined to be somewhat independent.

    ANDREW T. CRAWFORD, proprietor of the A. T. Crawford Garage, is one of the old established business men of Scottsbluff. He stands high in public esteem both as an upright, honest man of affairs and as an active, useful, dependable citizen. He is a native of Nebraska, born at Omaha, March 31, 1885, the son of Dr. Andrew and Anna (Hall) Crawford, the former of whom was born in County Donegal, Ireland, and the latter in Canada. Dr. Crawford is widely known in this state and is a graduate of the old Omaha Medical College. He has been one of the leading members of his profession at Scottsbluff since he came here in 1902. He is a member of the Scottsbluff Medical association and of the Theosophical society, and has been president of that able body, the Scottsbluff County Medical society. A review of Dr. Crawford will be found on another page of this history.
   Andrew T. Crawford attended school at Omaha and then started to learn the harnessmaking trade, but not being sufficiently interested in that line, gave it up and went to Colorado, where he worked as a cowboy for seven years. Mr. Crawford returned to Nebraska, and in 1911 established the Central Garage at Scottsbluff, an early venture here in this business later he changed the name to the A. T. Crawford Garage. He bought a lot of ground favorably situated and had a suitable building erected, but later bought the commodious building in which he is now established, to which however, he has since been obliged to make two additions to accommodate the expansion of his business. He has more than 16,000 feet of ground space. He handles the Hudson and Essex cars and sells all through the Platte Valley and in South Dakota and Wyoming. The business belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Crawford and together they have made every dollar that is invested. This is the oldest firm in Scottsbluff to be actively engaged in their line of business, and with the exception of a period of ten months, Mr. Crawford has had no other partner than his wife.
   In 1907 Mr. Crawford married Miss Blanche Pearl Jones, who was born at Wahoo, Nebraska. Her parents were John J. and Diana (Mattison) Jones, the former born in Wales and the latter in Wisconsin. They came to Nebraska in 1885, where the father engaged in farming and stockraising. Mrs. Crawford is the only survivor of their family of three children. She is a member of the Presbyterian church. In politics Mr. Crawford is a staunch supporter of the principles of the Republican party. He belongs to the order of Modern Woodmen and to the Elks, being identified with lodge No. 961 at Scottsbluff.

    ANDREW CRAWFORD, M. D., one of the leading members of the medical fraternity of Scottsbluff, where he is loved by the people and honored by the profession, came to Nebraska in 1883 and in 1902 to this city. During the World War, now happily ended, he was a member of the volunteer medical reserve board, and on other occasions he has freely placed his professional skill at the service of the public without thought of remuneration.
   Dr. Crawford was born in County Donegal, Ireland, April 19, 1851, as son of William and Margaret (Crawford) Crawford, both natives of the Emerald Isle, honest, worthy, working people. The mother was a member of the Episcopal church. The father was a thoughtful, reasoning man, and voted with the Conservative party in Canada. In Ireland he was a farmer, but after emigrating to Canada in 1852, found it more profitable to work as a laborer. In 1854 his family joined him in Canada and that remained the family home. Dr. Crawford has one sister, Ellen, the wife of William Barlow, a railroad engineer in the Dominion.
   Andrew Crawford attended the common schools in Canada. After finishing the elemen-



tary schools he studied medicine but did not complete his medical course until after coming to Nebraska. Soon after locating in this commonwealth he matriculated at the Medical School of the State University at Omaha, then known as the Omaha Medical College, graduating with the class of 1888. From 1888 to 1900 he was engaged in the practice of his profession in the city of Omaha, then moved to Harrisburg, Nebraska in August of the latter year and from there came to Scottsbluff on January 29, 1902.
   In 1874 Dr. Crawford married at Mamilton, Canada, Miss Anna Hall, who was born in Canada, and they have four children: Anna Grace, the wife of Charles Hamer, of Scottsbluff; Mrs. Helen R. Eastman, who lives at Scottsbluff; Mary, the wife of L. M. Kinney, of this city, and Andrew T., in the automobile business at Scottsbluff. Dr. Crawford has been president of the Scottsbluff County Medical society; is a member of the Scottsbluff Medical association, and of the Theosophical society, and belongs to the fraternal order of Modern Woodmen.

    CHESTER FLIESBACH, a promiennt (sic) business man of Scottsbluff, has been identified with merchandising ever since he left college. He is secretary and treasurer of the mercantile firm operating the largest department store in this city, a business that is capitalized at $100,000.
   Chester Fliesbach was born at Imperial, Nebraska, May 3, 1888. His parents were Otto and Nina Louise (Senter) Fliesbach, people widely and favorably known in this state for many years. His father was born in Illinois and his mother in New Hampshire. Both died at Scottsbluff, the father in 1916 and the mother in 1919. They had six children and Chester is the second of the five survivors, the others being: Harry S., who is president of of the mercantile firm referred to above; Glenn, a merchant in Montana. Amelia R., the wife of Halph W. Smith, a mining engineer, but now associated with the firm at Scottsblff (sic); and Laura G., the wife of L. G. Howey, who is in the banking business near Dallas, Texas. For twenty years the father of the above family was in the mercantile business at Imperial, Nebraska. After disposing of his interests there, in 1909 he moved to Denver, and early in 1916 came from there to Scottsbluff. Both parents were members of the Christian Science church, in which the mother had been prominent for many years. She was a successful practitioner and at the time of her deeply lamented death, was First Reader in the church at Scottsbluff.
   Following his graduation in 1902 from the high school of Imperial, Nebraska, Chester Fliesbach took a course in the Gem City Business College, at Quincy, Illinois. He the entered his father's store at Imperial, where he had invaluable business training and remained until 1909, then came to Scottsbluff and in association with his brother Harry S. Fliesbach, organized the department store which has been expanded until it is one of the largest in Scottsbluff county.
   In 1912 Chester Fliesbach married Miss Rhea Matheny, who was born at Carthage, Illinois, and they have two children: Gordon, who is six years old; and Chester, aged fifteen months. Mr. and Mrs. Fliesbach are members of the Christian Science society. Politically he casts an independent vote.

   JAMES C. McCREARY, on of the prominent men in numerous business enterprises at Scottsbluff as well as other points, was born in Ashtabula county, Ohio, and was brought to Nebraska by his parents in boyhood. He grew upon his father's farm in Buffalo county and obtained his education in the country schools and at Shelton.
   When nineteen years old, Mr. McCreary went to work for M. A. Hostetter, with whom he remained for seven years and after that engaged in a general mercantile business with F. A. McCreary and E. T. Peck. For two years before coming to Scottsbluff, in 1901, when he embarked in business with F. A. McCreary, though he still lived on a farm, never having lost his interest in agricultural pursuits and surroundings, but since then has devoted himself rather closely to the enterprises in which he has made large investments. He is secretary of the Scottsbluff Investment Company, is president of the McCreary Brothers Company, is president of the Scottsbluff Creamery Company, and owns an interest in a store at Morrill, Nebraska, with unusual business acumen being able to direct all these undertakings profitably.
   In 1896 Mr. McCreary married Miss Belle Bently, who was born in the state of New York and died at Scottsbluff, January 19, 1915, having been the mother of five sons: Victor, who died March 10, 1918, aged twenty-one years and one day; Pearson, born November 16, 1899; Harold J., born in December, 1900; J. Curtis, born in May, 1909; and Willis H., born in January, 1911. Mr. McCreary's sec-



ond marriage took place on March 9, 1916, to Miss Jane B. Polk, a native of Kentucky, a highly cultured woman who has all the gracious hospitality and charm of the daughters of the Blue Grass State. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. In politics he is a Republican of no uncertain stamp, and fraternally is a Mason and a Shriner.

    JONAS ZOELLNER, one of the representative business men of Scottsbluff, to which city he came in 1905, has built tip a large and dependable mercantile establishment which is a leading business house of the upper valley. He was born in Germany, July 6, 1851, one of seven children born to Ephraim and Fredericka (Kaufman) Zoellner. Both parents died in Germany, where the father was a merchant ailor (sic). Jonas is one of the two children to come to America, a brother, Charles Zoellner, being a merchant at Deadwood, South Dakota.
   Jonas Zoellner was twenty years old when he left his native land for the United States, reaching these hospitable shores in February, 1871, a stranger. His objective point was Memphis, Tennessee, where he was employed by one of his countrymen as a clerk in a large store, and he remained there from 1871 until 1877. Then he went to Deadwood, South Dakota, where he was associated in a mercantile business with his brother for thirty-nine years. It has been Mr. Zoellner's policy to expand his business interests where he has seen opportunity, hence, in 1905 he came to Scottsbluff and here opened a mercantile house under the name of Zoellner Brothers. In 1908 he bought his brother's interest and admitted his only son, Charles, to partnership, and since then the firm name has been Zoellner & Son.
   In 1882 Mr. Coellner (sic) was united in marriage with Miss Anna Goldbloom, who was born at Indianapolis, Indiana, and they have one son, Charles. This young man was educated at Deadwood, South Dakota, and at Highland Park, Illinois, later taking a business course in the Bryant & Stratton Commercial college, Chicago. He entered upon his business career as a traveling representative of a wholesale house of St. Joseph, Missouri, *continuing wit house at St. Joseph Missouri,* continuing with the same firm for seven years, since severing his connection with that firm he has been associated with his father. In addition to the Scottsbluff establishment, the Zoellners own and conduct a large up-to- date store at Gering, in both cities handling shoes, clothing and men's furnisshings (sic). Charles Zoellner, the younger member of the firm, married Miss Mamie O'Connor, who was born at Wisner, Nebraska, and they have one daughter, Dorothea.
   In politics both father and son are Republicans. Both have been too actively engaged in business to feel able to give attention to public office to any extent, although Jonas Zoellner did serve for six years as treasurer of Spearfish, South Dakota. He is of Jewish extraction and faith and belongs to the Hebrew congregation at Scottsbluff. The high regard in which both he and son are held in this city and elsewhere is indicated in their Masonic connections and both are Shriners, are member (sic) of the Modern Woodmen and of the Elks. They belong to many benevolent organizations and in all charitable movement are among the foremost to contribute and also support all worthy movements of the community.
     * ...* - as appears in original book

    JEROME H. SMITH, on the leading real estate men of the younger generation, who has built up a gratifying business, largely handled in Scottsbluff county, belongs to a well known pioneer family of Hamilton county, Nebraska, the member (sic) of which have had much to do with the development of the state. Mr. Smith was born at Aurora, Nebraska, October 17, 1888. He received his early academic training in Arizona and graduated from the high school before entering the University of Nebraska, where he completed his course in 1911. Soon after leaving college he accepted a position with the Lincoln Traction Company, LinColn (sic), Nebraska, of which concern he became cashier. Afterward he went to Washington and subsequently became advertising man for N. K. Fairbank, with Washington and Oregon as his territory. In 1918 Mr. Smith came to Scottsbluff and embarked independently in the real estate business, which he continued again after an interruption that began with his entering military service in July, 1918, and ended in December of the same year. He was attached to the signal corps and was in the special training camp at College Station, Texas.
   In March, 1915, Mr. Smith was united in marriage to Miss Lenora Frances Stadler, who was born at Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are members of the Episcopal church. While he is deeply interested in public affairs as all good citizens must be, Mr. Smith declines political party affiliation and when he casts his vote it



is according to the dictates of his own good judgement.

    JESSE B. LANE, postmaster of Scottsbluff and a leader in Democratic political circles in this section of Nebraska, formerly was engaged in the real estate business here and owns a large amount of valuable realty. He has been a resident of Nebraska for a number of years, but his birth took place at Lancaster, Ohio, December 22, 1854.
   Mr. Lane's parents were Jesse D. and Matilda (Loofborough) Lane, both natives of Ohio, and both of English extraction. The grandfathers, John Lane and William Loofborough, were born in Pennsylvania, and their parents were born in England. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lane were reared in Ohio and married there but later moved to Illinois, where the father became a very successful farmer. Both died in that state and six of their children are yet living, Jesse B. being the only one to come to Nebraska.
   Jesse B. Lane attended school both in Ohio and Illinois, and after his education was finished remained on the home farm until his marriage when he moved to Herrick, Illinois, where he conducted a hardware business and for three years served as postmaster. Mr. Lane established a general mercantile busienss (sic) in Edgar county, Illinois, in partnership with his brother, L. F. Lane, an association which continued for a year. In 1898 he came to Nebraska, and after settling in Cumming (sic) county engaged in handling real estate for a number of years and continued in that line after coming to Scottsbluff in the fall of 1905, carrying it on very successfully until 1915, when he assumed the duties of postmaster. His management of the office here has been very satisfactory, notwithstanding a great increase in office business since he took charge.
   In 1879 Mr. Lane married Miss Martha Strohl, who was born in Ohio. They have had nine children, of whom the following are living: Mrs. George Elquist, who lives on a ranch near Torrington, Wyoming; J. Ray, in the real estate business at Scottsbluff; Mable, a bookkeeper and cashier for a large business firm at Scottsbluff; Guy, associated with his brother in the real estate business; and Mildred, a bookkeeper for the firm of McCreary Brothers. The family belongs to the Presbyterian church. Mr. Lane is a member of the Fraternal Union and the Modern Woodmen.

    SILAS G. ALLEN, M. D., one of the able and experienced medical men engaged in the practice of their profession at Scottsbluff, for any years has also been interested in farm production and now owns over seven hundred acres of fine irrigated land in Scottsbluff county. Dr. Allen was born in Shelby county, Iowa, April 6, 1874, the son of Daniel and Mary (Bothwell) Allen, the former was born in the state of New York and the latter in Jones county, Iowa. Their marriage took place in Illinois and from there they moved to Iowa early in the seventies. In earlier years the father was an engineer but later in life was a farmer in Iowa where he died in 1901. He was a Republican in politics and was an advanced Mason and a Shriner. Dr. Allen's mother resides at Harlan, Iowa, and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. Of the seven children of the family Dr. Allen was the second born, the others being as follows: Cora, the wife of Herbert Wilcox, a farmer near Tilden, Nebraska; George, a specialist in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat, in practice at Topeka, Kansas; Sadie, the wife of Thomas J. Newby, county treasurer, residing at Harlan, Iowa; Daisie, who lives with her mother at Harlan; Mamie, who lives in California; and Cleo, the wife of Dr. E. F. Zoerb, a physician and surgeon at Genoa, Nebraska.
   Silas G. Allen attended the public schools in Shelby county, Iowa and the Woodbine normal school. For some time after compIeting his education he engaged in teaching school, in the meanwhile preparing for a medical career, and in 1901 was graduated from the Nebraska State Medical college, at Omaha, at which time he had the honor of being class president. He remained at Omaha for one year as physician in the Methodist Episcopal Hospital, then settled at Clarkson, where he continued in successful practice for seventeen years. He owned land in that locality which he sold before coming to Scottsbluff in 1918. Since coming to the Panhandle the Doctor has invested heavily in irrigated land in this district, and now owns three farms.
   In 1904 Dr. Allen married Miss Louise Beran, a native daughter of Nebraska, and they have one daughter, Viola, who is in school. In politics Dr. Allen was reared in the Republican party and still adheres to its principles of patriotism and Americanism. While living at Clarkson he served on the

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