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Paul Riley Collection


Mr. Riley's family has generously given permission for his collection of historical &
genealogical data to be posted to the web.

The material has been stored at NSHS Library in Lincoln, NE where it fills 10 feet of shelf space.
Brenda Lawless Daniels worked with Mr. Riley in Hitchcock County. She is in charge of organizing and producing
the material for NEGenWeb with the cooperation of NSHS, Lincoln, NE.


Table of Contents
(beginning - expect expansion in the future!)
Index - 1885 NE Census for Hitchcock and Dundy Counties

Newspaper extracts -

Culbertson Sun - March 1, 1883 to August 30, 1884

Trenton Torpedo - January 23, 1886 to 6 May 1887

Miscellaneous News - various sources and dates, primarily NE with some KS

Other newspaper extracts will appear in the future:
      lookups are available until the files are on the net. Contact
David Gochenour
Culbertson Sentinal - July 1892
Trenton People's Sentinel, Feb 1896 - Aug 1896
Culbertson Hitchcock Co. Republican July 1890 - May 1892
Trenton Hitchcock Co. Republican, Aug - Nov. 1895
Trenton Leader, May 1898 - Nov 1902
Culbertson ERA, Oct 1895 - Dec. 1904
Culbertson Reveille, 6 Jan. 1888 - 14 Dec. 1888
Trenton Democrat, 10 Dec. 1886 - 21 Oct. 1887
Trenton Republican, 12 Feb 1904 - 3 March 1905
Trenton Torpedo, 15 July 1887 - 5 July 1889

OTHER DATA FILES - Additions will be posted from time to time. First box of Mr. Riley's material seems to include:
1880 Census & Land records for Webster County
1885 land records for Hitchcock County
Misc. land and census from late 1800's
Frontier land and census (1880)
Some land and census for Lincoln Co. 1870
Gazetteer - 1890 for southwest NE.
WWI draft registration
School reports
Woman's Club officers, Church club officers, Baseball teams, Lodge officers
WWII Draft Registration

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