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N. C. Abbott

LetterEWlS and Clark, whom President Thomas Jefferson employed to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase in 1804, are among the first white men on record to view the present Otoe County. In the latter part of July, 1804, the expedition led by these two men passed up the Missouri along the present Otoe County shore in three large boats. They camped not far from the present site of Nebraska City on July 18, and two days later passed the mouth of the Weeping Water creek. In 1806 after traveling to the Pacific, the Lewis and Clark expedition returned over the same route.
   When settlers began going west a little less than a half century later, what is now Otoe County stood at a strategic point, and gained prominence as a natural stepping off place toward the land of the setting sun, the California gold fields, the Mormons' haven.
   Nebraska City's position as starting point for the great west brought in a rough element with its first settlement. Saloons, dance halls and gambling houses were operated freely and the early day preachers had a hard time influencing the lower element which clung to the minority of persons with higher ideals who intended to carve out a home in this wild land.
   Nebraska Coast by Clyde Bryon Davis, a novel which is just off the press, describes the hardships of pioneers in these early days and reflects how religion was pushed into the background.
   The better element of society soon predominated, however, and the church, the minister, and religion gained recognition. Various denominations became represented widely over the county, and were not long in building churches.
   The federal government early established a military post in Otoe County for the protection of the settlers there. It was named Fort Kearny, a name which figures prominently in accounts of Nebraska's history. This post was established near the river in 1846, but when the Mexican War and discovery of gold in California occurred, it was moved farther to the west into south central Nebraska. The block house, however, stood in Nebraska City until 1880, being used as a cow barn for several years. In 1938 a replica of it was erected only 100 feet from the site of the original. It will be used as a museum and meeting place for clubs.
   One of the most prominent Otoe County characters in the period before the organization of Nebraska was "Colonel" John Boulware, a robust pioneer. He plied a ferry across the turbulent Missouri at Nebraska City. He operated the ferry from 1846 to 1849, when he became storekeeper at Fort Kearny after the soldiers were withdrawn. Three years later he was the Table Creek postmaster, and in 1854 acted as one of the incorporators of Nebraska City. He was elected to the second Nebraska territorial legislature and during the financial panic of 1857 wits credited with saving the Platte Valley bank. Whether his military title was earned or assumed was never learned.
   When the panic of 1857 began, St. Louis merchants placed all their notes in the hands of one person for collection. Most obligations of the Nebraska banks were made up of these notes, for St. Louis was the city in which nearly all Nebraska transactions were conducted. This St. Louis gentleman went by steamer first to Douglas County and when he left, the banks in Florence, Omaha and Bellevue all closed their doors. Friends of the Platte Valley bank in Nebraska City knew they would need a delay if their bank were to be saved, but the collector was expected at any moment. When the whistle of his steamer was heard, the bank was locked, the president and cashier vanished.
   The St. Louis gentleman approached the bank building with a pair of saddle bags over his arm, to find George W. Sroat awaiting him. In response to the stranger's inquiries, Sroat didn't know where the bank's officers were, or when the institution would again open. Frustrated at the moment, the stranger departed for Brownville, saying he would return the next day by stage.
   During the night, John Boulware, although he personally disliked S. F. Nuckolls, the bank president, loaned the bank $10,000 in gold. Others contributed lesser amounts, and by the regular opening time the bank was prepared.
   The stage came and with it the stranger, saddle bags and all. Joshua Garside, the cashier, told him the bank had been trying to recall its notes and would be only too glad to pay his requests. Taken aback at the piles of gold on the bank counter, the stranger didn't know what to do. Finally, he looked at the heavy metal, at his saddle bags, and remarked the gold was very heavy, his journey would be long and, finally, if the bank had the money he guessed he didn't want it.




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The borrowed money was all returned, and that afternoon a demand for $2,000 in cash would have broken the bank. The Platte Valley Bank was the only one of six Nebraska financial institutions to survive this panic.
   The Territory of Nebraska was organized in 1854. Gov. Francis Burt died two days after taking the oath of office on October 16. Acting Gov. Francis B. Cuming then took over the task of setting up the territory's subdivisions. The eight counties he named were Burt, Washington, Cass, Richardson, Dodge, Douglas, Forney and Pierce. Forney later was changed to Nemaha; the original Pierce became Otoe County, and some years later Pierce was adopted as the name for a county in northeastern Nebraska. All these first counties except Dodge bordered on the Missouri river.
   The first Otoe County seat was designated as Table Creek, which later became Nebraska City. The seat of county government has never moved from there. The first election was held Dec, 12, 1854, and on the balloting for congressmen, J. Sterling Morton commented in a letter as follows:

    "Mr. Giddings resided then, as now, in Savannah, Mo.; Mr. Chapman was a citizen of Ohio, and never gained a residence in Nebraska; while Mr. Johnson was a denizen of Council Bluffs, Iowa. But there were not to exceed twenty-five domiciles in Pierce County at that time, nor more than fifty beds, it was always a mystery--except to Col. John Boulware and family, who then kept a ferry across the Missouri river--where the two hundred and eight patriots who exercised freemen's rights on that suspicious dawn in Otoe of the science of self-government, and the noble art of electioneering, came from."

   Despite this irregularity, however, Napoleon Bonaparte Giddings became Otoe County's representative in the national congress.
    At an election of county officers held in March, 1855, the following were chosen: N. S. Harding, George W. Bailey and John L. Armstrong, commissioners; Thomas Donahoo, sheriff; Miles W. Brown, probate judge; C. C. Hail, register of deeds; William D. Gage, treasurer.
   After a decade of conducting public business in rented buildings, county officers moved into their new courthouse in the fall of 1865. Located on one of the finest squares in the state, the building was erected at a cost of $22,500, and an additional $3,500 was spent landscaping the square.
   The Otoe County Bar Association some years later placed pictures of all the district judges in the probate court room. Four pictures of probate judges could not be found. Otherwise these photographs follow an unbroken succession.
   J. Sterling Morton was the most distinguished citizen of Otoe County and one of two Nebraskans whose statues have been placed in the Hall of Fame in Washington.
   As a pioneer, J. Sterling Morton was a lawyer, writer, historian, editor, orator, farmer, agronomist, horticulturist, breeder of fine stock, founder of a national holiday, state legislator, secretary of the territory, acting governor of the territory, secretary in the cabinet of the president and builder of a home which is now a state park. He began his career in Nebraska, however, as a writer. He had practiced writing in his father's print shop in Monroe, at his home in Detroit and at college in Ann Arbor, Mich.
   Shortly after J. Sterling's arrival in Bellevue, he accepted the invitation of Thomas Morton, no relative, to go to Nebraska City as editor and reporter for a small weekly. The two men put out their paper in the old Fort Kearny block house, while Indians pressed swart faces through port holes to watch the white man and his iron machine that would write. This paper is the oldest in continuous publication in the state. It is now known. as the Nebraska City News-Press.
   Otoe County has been a central transportation point for the departure of overland traffic since before its existence as a governmental unit. From old Fort Kearny scores of motley caravans began their westward journey many years before the Civil War. Oxen and covered wagon, mules and cowboys were in those trains which carried flour and sugar into the wild lands beyond.
   In 1862 Nebraska City was the testing ground of one of the first automobiles. On July 12 of that year "Brown's Steam Wagon" was unloaded from the little river boat, West Wind. This steam propelled vehicle was invented by Joseph R. Brown of Minnesota, and was to be used for freighting between Nebraska City and Denver. It had been built for Brown in New York City for about $9,000.
   The machine was a clumsy contrivance, with an upright boiler and four engines of ten horsepower each. The drawing wheels, which resembled the engines used today by threshing crews, were ten feet in diameter and had an eighteen inch tread. The engine weighed several tons. On July 22, 1862, it went puffing and panting up the main street of the little village and, turning westward after a few blocks, passed only a hundred yards north of Arbor Lodge. Seven miles out of town, however, the machine stopped, and was there abandoned. Two years later, however, steam was generated in it and it moved under its own power, the chief attraction in a Fourth of July parade. Many years afterward it was junked. The engine was put to use in the local gas works.
   A drawing of this automobile hangs today in the Nebraska City Burlington depot. The picture was made from a pencil sketch found among the effects of Brown after he was killed in an Indian raid at New Ulm, Minn., in 1862.
   Almost forty years after Brown's steam wagon had snorted up Central avenue, a second automobile


Footnote: email message 5/21/2007
   My husband and I are biographers of Joseph R. Brown, he of "Steam Wagon" fame. There is one paragraph on your Who's Who in Nebraska Otoe County page that contains some misinformation about Brown, that you might wish to have corrected. The paragraph (on page 854) reads:

   "A drawing of this automobile hangs today in the Nebraska City Burlington depot. The picture was made from a pencil sketch found among the effects of Brown after he was killed in an Indian raid at New Ulm, Minn., in 1862."

   I'm not sure what picture is in the depot, but I believe there is a painting of the machine in the courthouse. There is also a photograph, which is attached to this email. No drawings (unfortunately) were found in Brown's effects. Most of his papers were burned in the 1862 Indian uprising in Minnesota. Brown, however, was not killed in the Indian War. At the time of the New Ulm raid he was on his way to Nebraska City from New York with parts for the steam wagon. When he heard of the Indian war he immediately left for Minnesota. His family was captured, but were all released safely at Camp Release in September 1862. Brown lived on until 1870 and died in New York City while working on a new model of the steamwagon. Drawings of that machine (his third) are available at the State Historical Society in Lincoln.

   Byron Oldham at the Old Freighters Museum can, I am sure, supply you with more information re: Brown and Sterling Morton and the steam machine.

   Your site has a lot of interesting information. ...

   We are currently working on a second volume about J. R. Brown and his transportation "empire," his relationships with people in Otoe County and the idea of steam on the prairies.
    Thanks for your attention to this.
          Nancy Goodman
          Stillwater, Minnesota


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traveled the same route, causing near panic among the people along the sidewalk. It was a Locomobile of the type 2, demonstrator style, only fifty of which were built, and was owned by William Hayward. In appearance it resembled a buckboard more than a modem auto, but it worked. The driver and his one passenger sat directly above the boiler, which carried 250 pounds of steam pressure.
   When Ed Gregg drove this steamer to Plattsmouth in 1902, he was greeted by a bigger crowd than had greeted Bryan during the 1896 frenzy. The 26 mile trip was made in five and a half hours. This, the first horseless carriage, is still owned by H. S. Villers of Tecumseh, and was exhibited in a Nebraska City parade more than twenty years ago.
   The first high school west of the Missouri river was set up in Nebraska City in 1865. To construct the building, $15,000 in bonds were issued, and J. Sterling Morton bought all except $2,000 of them. The ladies of the city also held a festival, and raised $1,100. The building was completed in a year, at a total cost of $31,000.
   Another early Otoe County school was the Episcopal institution in Nebraska City. Today the public school system is supplemented by a Catholic parochial school for boys and girls.
   Nebraska City is also the home of the state school for the blind, founded by Samuel Bacon, who was blind. It offers full educational opportunity to visually handicapped boys and girls from the lowest grade through high school. The accepted academic subjects. are taught, in addition to intensive training in music and industrial subjects, such as basketry, broom making, weaving, chair caning, piano tuning, manual work, typing and the modern form of Braille. Special courses are given in various branches of domestic science for girls. All students' expenses are borne by the state, under the direction of the board of control. He established other such schools in Illinois and Iowa.

   ABBOTT, NED CULBERTSON: Superintendent of School for Blind; b Fremont, Neb Mar 9, 1874; s of Luther J Abbott-Clara F Culbertson; ed Fremont HS 1892; U of N, BA 1896, LLB 1900, MA 1918; m Lillian Newbranch June 19, 1901 Lincoln; s Lea; d Clara Louise (Mrs Frederick Ware), Grace Osie (Mrs Donald A MacKinnon), Annabel (Mrs William L Wilson); 1896-98 tchr Neb Sch for the Blind, Nebraska City; 1898-1900 reader in sub-dept of pub speaking, U of N during legal course; 1900 adm to Neb bar; 1900 news reporter, Fremont Herald; 1900-01 prin, Humboldt HS; 1901-04 Mr & Mrs Abbott were instrs in US schs in Moro Province, (Mindanao Island), PI; Mr Abbott also dealt in curios & was P M 2 years, org first native normal sch Zamboanga Island; 1904-05 English tchr Lincoln HS; 1905-09 supt of Tekamah schs; 1904-09 lecturer in Neb; 1909-11 supt of Neb Sch for the Blind under Gov Ashton C Shallenberger; 1911-13 supt of Plattsmouth schs; 1913- supt of Neb Sch for the Blind, by first ofcl act of Gov John H Morehead; designed Nebraska City slogan "Plant Trees"; chmn numerous Neb Arbor Day celebrations; chmn of Morton Centennial Celebration 1932; 1939 presided at meetings in the lodge; author; Biography of J Sterling Morton; Lincoln, Name & Place, study of the use of name over the world; wrote numerous articles on J Sterling Morton; 9 or 10 articles on evolution of calendar; has written & lectured on life in the Orient; has published many articles in leading newspapers & given lectures on Neb history during past 40 years; author of biography, Hitchcock; Publisher & Statesman; holder of Nebraska City comm service award; 1938-39 agt for Mark Morton in pur of Clarence Payne collection of hist items, now on display; July 1939 made first survey of all material left by J Sterling Morton, & consisting of from 60,000 to 75,000 letters covering half a century; 1891 while in HS, enl in Co E 1st Neb inf, to quell last uprising of Sioux Indians near Chadron, youngest man to enl for regular service; Lincoln Optimist Club, hon mbr; Nebraska City C of C, past VP; U of N Alumni Assn, past pres, past VP, past dir; Neb State Bar Assn; Neb St Hist Soc, mbr exec bd, past pres 2 terms; NS&D of Neb, past pres 2 terms; SAR, twice pres Neb ch; BPOE, past exalted ruler; Founder & ch pres Nebraska City Rotary; Dem, 1908 candidate for Neb St supt of schs; off & res Neb Sch for Blind, 824 10th Ave, Nebraska City.

   ABBOTT, MRS LILLIAN NEWBRANCH: Homemaker; b Mt Pleasant, Ia Dec 14, 1876; d of O P Newbranch-Louisa Rapp; ed U of N 1899; Phi Beta Kappa; m Ned Culbertson Abbott June 19, 1901 Lincoln; s Lea Abbott; d Clara Louise (Mrs Frederick Ware), Grace (Mrs Donald MacKinnon), Annabel (Mrs W L Wilson); 1899-1901 tchr, Randolph schs; 1901- homemaker; 1901-04 instr US native schs in Cottabato & Zamboango, Moro Province PI; co-author of primary textbooks in gen use for teaching English in Philippine Islands many years; matron Neb Sch for the Blind, Nebraska City 10 years; Nebraska City Country Club; Episc Ch; Dem; hobby, bridge; father of Mrs Abbott prominent in mining in Colo, later resident of Lincoln; res Neb Sch for the Blind, Nebraska City.

   ANDERSON, GEORGE MARTINE: Farmer & Stockman; b Otoe Co, Neb Aug 23, 1878; s of James N Anderson-Nancy Hale; ed Otoe Co; m Hattie F James Jan 15, 1902 Otoe Co; s Charles N; d Grace H (Mrs Harry H Moller); 1893-1902 on farm with father; 1902- farmer & stockman near Dunbar; dir Dunbar sch bd 17 years; helped install the only HS storm cellar in Neb, said to be only one in US; past treas Otoe Co AAA; during World War food administrator & govt bond bd mbr Delaware pct, mbr Otoe Co draft bd & coun of defense; MWA; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; Rep, pct committeeman many years; parents came to Neb & settled in Otoe Co 1856; res Dunbar.

   ANDREWS, MRS CHARLES C: Homemaker, b Des Moines, Ia Mar 3, 1865; d of Daniel McKay-Elizabeth Deyo; ed Ia; m Charles C Andrews Oct 10, 1889 Burr (dec); s Charles Clifton; d Ora May (Mrs C E Barrett); 1889- homemaker, lived in Syracuse 35 years; Yeoman; Bapt Ch; hobbies, flowers & gardening; Mr Andrews b near Syracuse N Y 1853; aided in development of Syracuse & comm; held several positions of trust; res Syracuse.

   ARENDS, JOHN HERMAN: Farmer; b Madison Co, Ill Aug 26, 1855; s of Rieke Arends-Halka Maria Teten; no public schs in this section when family settled, later att few short terms, 1 term Nebraska City HS; m Elizabeth Kastens Nov 4, 1880 Talmage (dec 1898); s Richard F; d Mamie (Mrs Chris Bischoff), Dora (Mrs William Starner, dec), Leta (Mrs George Neeman), Alma (dec), Lillie (Mrs Emit Teten, dec), Irene (Mrs Elmer Meyer); came with family from Ill 1859, settled on farm, which he still owns & occupies at Talmage; lived in log cabin until 1872 when first section of present brick home was built near large camp ground of Otoe Indians; recalls time when 60 to 70 Indians were on grounds begging for bacon; has been prominent Otoe Co farmer, Shorthorn cattle raiser, hog raiser 60 years; dir & pres Bank of Talmage 58 years; owner Talmage Lbr Co 30 years; holds medal as 50 year banker of Neb; has voted 62 times in same Otoe Co dist; 25 years mbr sch bd dist 1; Luth Ch; Rep, several times chmn Otoe Co Central Com; hobby, travel; res Talmage.



Who's Who

   ASHTON, WILLIAM SHERMAN: Grocer; b Otoe Co, Neb Aug 29, 1866; s of Tolbert Ashton-Angeline Cramer; ed Otoe Co; m Belle Stooker June 20, 1894 Otoe Co; s Bert, Edgar, Paul, Ralph, William; d Ruth (Mrs E C Cliftston), Helen (dec); family came to Neb 1857; 1882-86 farmed with father in Otoe Co; 1886-1928 farmed indep Otoe Co; 1928-30 wrote life ins, Dunbar; 1930- owner & opr Ashton Groc, Dunbar; 30 years moderator sch bd; village bd; Otoe Co Commr 2nd dist; AF&AM, past master; Scot Rite; MWA; WOW; Rep; off Ashton Groc; res Dunbar.

   BALTENSPERGER, EDWARD CARL: Farmer; b Fremont Co, Ia Mar 20, 1873; s of Jacob J Baltensperger-Anna Schindler; ed Otoe Co; Doane Coll; m Caroline Baltensberger Oct 26, 1912 Nebraska City; s Daniel E, Carl P, Paul F, John J; d Regula H, Anna Marie, Maxine E, Edith I, Winifred (dec), Lucille (dec); 1889-1938 farmed near Nebraska City; 1903-13 with brother, owner & opr 160 A farm; 1918 owner & opr 160 A farm originally owned by George F Lee, Otoe Co pioneer; house one of few octagon structures in midwest; opr 400 A land; mbr sch bd 12 years; Camp Creek Congl Ch, SS supt, treas, secy, deacon; Rep; hobbies, blooded livestock, soil conservation, reading; res Nebraska City.

   BARSTLER, ARTHUR HERMAN: Postmaster; b Otoe Co, Neb Jan 20, 1882; s of Michael Barstler-Jennie Tangemann; ed Burr & Talmage; LBC 1901; m Hazel B Holliday Nov 11, 1926 Syracuse; d Gwendolyn Rae; 1897 left sch to aid father in merc bus, Burr; 1907-11 ptr of father in merc bus, Stella; 1911- 15 mgr Cut-Rate Merc Co, Hamburg Ia; 1915-17 traveling salesman for Wheeler-Motter Whol Co, St Joseph Mo; 1919-26 Otoe Co dep clk; 1927-36 Otoe Co clk & assessor; 1936- P M, Nebraska City; 1917-18 during World War in USN wireless service; past vice-comm, past adjt Amer Leg post 8, ch mbr Nebraska City post; past scoutmaster Amer Leg BSA troop 5 years; past pres Neb Assn of Co Assessors; mbr Neb ch Natl Assn of PMs; C of C; past exalted ruler BPOE; AF&AM; KT; past worthy patron OES; First Presby Ch, trustee; formerly active in Dem party; hobby, sports; off P O; res 1601 1st Corso, Nebraska City.

   BARTA, JAMES DANIEL: Elevator Manager; b Butler Co, Neb July 10, 1900; s of Joseph F Barta-Antonia Koutnik; ed Linwood HS 1917; Midland Coll, 1919; m Florence L Gardener Oct 22, 1927 Wayne; d Lila Ann, Lois Blanche; 1920-27 bkkpr City Natl Bank, David City; 1927-28 helped father farm, Butler Co; 1928- mgr Farmers Co-op Elevator, Paul; Farmers Union; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Paul.

   BARTELS, GERD HENRY: Retired; b Martfeld, Hanover Province, Germany Feb 24, 1865; s of William Bartels-Anna Henneke; ed Germany; m Anna Bormann April 13, 1887 New York City; s William H; d Anna M, Elsie V, Anna Kate Lena; 1883 came to New York City; 1894 came to Otoe Co; 1884-85 worked for Henry Meyer in coal bus, New York City; 1885-94 opr coal bus New York City, 1887 added ice bus; 1895-1916 owner & opr farm, Otoe Co; 1916 ret; mbr sch bd 2 years; treas Luth Memorial Ch 18 years; hobby, reading; res Syracuse.

   BARTLING, EDWARD DIETRICH: Seed Dealer; b Nebraska City, Neb Mar 29, 1882; s of Herman H BartIing-Friederike W Gaede; ed Nebraska City; 1893-97 carrier Nebraska City News-Press; 1897-98 worked in news off, Nebraska City; 1892-1905 with father in grain & groc bus, Nebraska City; 1911- owner & opr Edward Bartling Seed Co, Nebraska City; bldg originally erected in 1870 for factory mfr prairie breaking plows, later portion of bldg used as school & still later used as street car barn by father who built & oprd horse-drawn street car line, 1888-1905, at father's death was apptd pres, at that time youngest pres of car line in US; car line oprd until 1909; owner & promoter John Brown Cave; Evang Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, flowers, sports; off 1500 Central; res 120 S 16th, Nebraska City.

   BARTLING, FRANK AUGUST: Seed Dealer; b Nebraska City, Neb Oct 23, 1885; s of Herman H Bartling-Friederike Gaede; ed Nebraska City HS 1904; m Emma F Johnson June 10, 1914 Nebraska City; d Elizabeth J, Katherine M; 1904 in grain bus Nebraska City, except for years in public service; 1920-24 city commr of finance; 1924-36 P M, Nebraska City; vol fire dept, 26 years secy; mbr Neb St Vol Firemens Assn; Neb St Hist Soc; active many years in First Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, local hist research; res 108 S 16th, Nebraska City.

   BARTLING, HENRY HERMAN: Insurance Agent; b Nebraska City, Neb Aug 22, 1877; s of Herman H Bartling-Friederike Gaede; ed Nebraska City HS; Nebraska City Bus Coll; m Clara M Oetgen June 12, 1907 St Louis MO; s Ralph O; 1897-1903 with father in Bartling Grain Co; 1903-05 worked for CB&Q RR; 1905-17 owner & mgr groc store, Nebraska City; 1917-32 representative Neb Indemnity Ins Co; 1932- representative of Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co, Otoe Co; 1911-15 state sen representing Otoe & Cass Cos; chief Nebraska City fire dept 1911-17; C of C, ch mbr; AF&AM, past master; BPOE 1049, ch mbr; Presby Ch; Rep; chmn Otoe Co Central Com 1934-35; res Nebraska City.

   BASSETT, JOHN WILLIAM SR: Retired; b Cleveland, O Dec 10, 1847; s of John Bassett-Ann Beaney; ed Bedford O HS 1865; m Martha Ann Silver Jan 17, 1867, Rochester Penn; s William C, John W Jr; d Lillie Mae (dec), Mary Ethel (Mrs O M Sasseen), Nannie Bell (dec); 1860-67 worked on various Ohio farms; 1867-82 farmed in Ohio; 1882-1903, farmed near Unadilla; 1903- ret; past mbr sch & village bds; Meth Ch, past SS supt, secy, treas; hobby, has kept diary since day Abraham Lincoln was assassinated; res Unadilla.

   SAUER, ALBIN WILLIAM: Clergyman; b Defiance, O Aug 16, 1900; s of Joseph Bauer-Olympia Emmert. ed St Joseph Coll, Rensselaer Ind; St Charles Seminary, Carthagena, O; 1929 asst pastor St Stephens Parish, Cleveland O; 1929-33 asst pastor St Josephs Parish, Wapakoneta O; 1933-34 administrator St Martins Ch, Huff N D; 1934-35 asst pastor St Boniface Parish, Williamsport Penn; 1935 St Patricks Cathedral, Harrisburg Penn; 1936-38 pastor St Mary of the Woods Parish, McQuady Ky; 1938- pastor St Mary Catholic Parish, Nebraska City, hobbies, hunting, fishing; res 514 1st Ave, Nebraska City.

   BEEZLEY, ROY ALLEN: Merchant; b Nursery Hill1, Neb Dec 6, 1890; s of W G Beezley-Clara E Weldon; ed Syracuse HS; m Lillie Duncan Jan 1914 Mannford Okla; d Helen (Mrs Orville Elliott), Margaret; 1904-20 emp in Hass & Pohlman Gen Mdse, Syracuse; 1920-25 emp in oil fields, Drumright Okla; 1925-37 mgr radio & Electrolux dept, Newton, Campbell & Brown Store, Drumright Okla; emp by city of Drumright as sanitary dept head; 1938- owner & opr ready-to-wear shop, Syracuse; past mbr vol fire dept; past mbr Syracuse band; Business Mens Assn; AF&AM; MWA; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, race horses; off & res Syracuse.

   1Nursery Hill now Syracuse.

   BEILMAN, EWALD ALOYSIUS: Baker; b Bevergern Westphalia, Germany Jan 24, 1888; s of Frank Bellman-Ann Schruender; ed 6 years in Germany; St Benedicts Parochial Sch, Nebraska City; St Benedicts Coll Atchison Kas 1903-05; m Rosa Sand Oct 8, 1923 Council Bluffs, Ia; s Ewald A Jr, Robert F, Mark Emil; d Thelma Louise, Martha Mary; 1900 came with relative to US, then to Nebraska City; 1904 did special work on Otoe Co records; 1905 in warehouse Sargeant & Rice Groc Co, Nebraska City; 1906-11 mgr rental dept Howard & Brown Real Est Co, also penmanship tchr in Carter Bus Coll, Joplin Mo; 1911-18 traveling & gen salesman, Armour Packing Co; 1913-18 traveling salesman at Winfield & Wellington, Kas for H J Heinz Co; 1918-20 traveling salesman at Wichita Kas for Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co; 1920- owner & opr Theodore Weber Bakery, Nebraska City; past VP Neb Master Bakers Assn; past dir C of C; BPOE; FOE; Dem, candidate for Otoe Co commr & city coun; St Mary's Cath Ch, past trustee 6 years; hobby, penmanship; off & res 115% S 7th, Nebraska City.

   BERTHOLD, GUSTAV ERWIN: Florist; b Reinsberg, Saxony, Germany Jan 27, 1879; s of Lulies Berthold-Bertha Eulitc; ed Germany; m Christina Guthals Mar 20, 1912 Nebraska City; s Otto, Arthur, Walter, Erwin Jr; d Flora (dec); 1897-98 worked in Denmark; 1898-1900 emp in England; 1900 emp in France; 1901 came to Amer; 1901-03 worked in greenhouse, Riverton N J; 1903-04 florist, Richmond Ind; 1904-09 florist in Heller Bros Greenhouse, Newcastle Ind; 1909- owner & opr greenhouse in Nebraska City; FTDA; Neb St Florists Soc; C of C, past dir; FOE; BPOE; WOW; Sons of Hermann; hobby, hunting; off 202 6th; res 7th & 2nd Corso, Nebraska City.

   BISCHOF, HARRY ALOYSIUS: Hardware Dealer, b Nebraska City, Neb Jan 29, 1900; s of William Bischof-Matilda Pelha; ed Nebraska City HS; m Helen Gardner Sept 10, 1924 Nebraska City; s Harry L, Phillip A. Thomas R; d Mary B, Madeline C; m Eleanora Gardner Oct 6, 1938; 1917- ptr brother in Bischof Hdw Store, Nebraska City; co in same family 72 years, said to be oldest hdw co in Neb; during World War in SATC,


in Nebraska


Peru; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; C of C; Cath Ch, trustee; Rep; hobby, home decorating; off 701 Central; res 513 S 11th Corso, Nebraska City.

   BLOOMINGDALE, ROZELL WOLCOTT: Farmer; b Otoe Co, Neb June 11, 1879; s of Alderman Bloomingdale-Jane Wolcott; ed Lincoln HS 1894-97; U of N, 1898-1900; m Mary Leona Wallace Dec 7, 1909 Villisca Ia; s Richard, Dean; d Mary; 1900-09 emp in SD, Neb, Kas, Okla; 1909- farmed in Otoe Co; 1935-39 Otoe Co commr, 1st dist; 1918-35 secy Farmers Co-op Elevator, Paul; past dir Farmers Coop Elevator, Julian; past dir & secy Farmers Oil Co, Nebraska City; 1934 mbr Otoe Co Corn-Hog Program; FOE; Dem; hobbies; travel, reading; family came from Alabama N Y to Otoe Co 1868; res Nebraska City.

   BREHM, CHARLES PETER: Retired; b Lee Co, Ia July 2, 1860; s of Wilhelm Brehm-Elizabeth Yotter; ed Lee Co Ia; m Wilhelmina Doerman Apr 24, 1884 Otoe Co, (dec 1937); s Walter W, Frank O; d Eda E, Louise A, Caroline M (Mrs L Wellsandt), Leona W (Mrs C Grotrian); 1884- owner & opr farm in Johnson Co; mbr of sch bd, dist 29 approximately 30 years; road overseer dist 1, Johnson Co; past dir & pres Cook Natl Farm Loan Assn; Farmers Union; Evang Ch, of Osage, past dir; hobby, raising stock; res Talmage.

   BRISCOE, JARVIS ELMER: Retired; b Delaware Co, N Y July 9, 1866; s of Abijah Briscoe-Polly Mulnex; ed 3 mos sch; m Minnie W Siemens Feb 15, 1886 Otoe Co; s Bryan Allen; d Bertha (Mrs F S Brown); came to Neb 1878; helped build RR grades between Holdrege, Oxford, St Paul, North Loup, Grand Island; 1885-1901 farmed near Douglas; 1885-1936 int in cattle feeding, gen stock raising; 1901-11 oprd livery stable, Douglas; 1910-11 owner & opr Briscoe Gen Store, Douglas; 1935- ret; past constable; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Douglas.

   BROWN, CHARLES EUGENE: Osteopath; b Wymore, Neb Aug 24, 1906; s of John I Brown-Myrtle A Morell; ed Wymore HS 1920-24; Kirksville Coll of Osteopathy, Kirksville Mo, DO 1930; m Hazel Smith Oct, 1933 Leonard Mo; 1930- osteopath, Nebraska City; Neb Osteopathic Assn, chmn legislative com, past chmn student recruiting com; Amer Osteopathic Assn; C of C; past dir Rotary; AF&AM; Chris Ch; hobby, boating; res 1702 2nd Ave, Nebraska City.

   BRYAN, CORNELIUS E: Livestock Dealer; b Noble Co, O Aug 2, 1879; s of Asberry Bryan-Mary Ayers; ed Otoe Co; m Lena Buehler Oct 3, 1899 Nebraska City; s Garnet; d Fern (Mrs Harold Frans), Myrl (Mrs Edward Hemphill); m Clara G Fox Dec 19, 1927 Pasadena Cal; came to Neb in early 1880's; 1893-96 roll hand, Tudor Iron Works, St Louis Mo; 1896-98 clk & city salesman for Paddock, Hawley Iron Co, St Louis; 1898-1902 emp in Nebraska City; 1902-10 in hay bus, also bought & sold horses; 1910- livestock dlr, farmer, Nebraska City; 1918- auctioneer; with L J Hall oprd 1st comm sale in this part of country, managed sales Bryan & Hall Sales Pavilion 5 years; dir & auctioneer Nebraska City Sales Pavilion Co; past treas & moderator sch bd; C of C; AOUW; Meth Ch; hobbies, sports, reading; res Nebraska City.

   BUTT, HENRY ALBERT: Bank Cashier; b Hanover, Germany Jan 13, 1862; s of Henry Butt-Anna Borchers; ed Hanover Germany; Elliott Bus Coll, Burlington Ia; m Katie Woods May 1887 Weston Mo (dec); m Alta D Dunn Sept 1915 Nebraska City (dec); s Cooper H, William A; foster d Freda (Mrs Paul Naeve); came to Amer 1878; 1879-80 clk in F W Rodenbrock Groc, Nebraska City; 1880-83 clk in H H Bartling Gen Store; 1883-88 bkkpr First Natl Bank, Syracuse; 1888- org & cash, Bank of Unadilla reorg 1922, named First Natl Bank of Unadilla; mbr village bd 30 years, several times chmn; mbr sch bd 30 years; Neb Bankers Assn; AF&AM, recd Jordan bronze medal 1939 for being oldest mbr; Luth Ch; hobby, history; res Unadilla.

   CALMELET, MRS ALEXANDER: Homemaker; b North Brookfield, N Y June 9, 1872; d of Eli S Johnson-Esther Livonia Mason; ed Otoe Co; m Alexander Calmelet Oct 19, 1893 Otoe Co; 1893- homemaker; AF&AM 33; Rep; parents came to Otoe CO 1882; husband came to Amer in 1866, ent jewelry bus, Nebraska City; res 1215 2nd Corso, Nebraska City.

   CARLTON, HORACE REED SR: Retired; b Nebraska City, Neb Sept 8, 1870; s of Joseph Carlton-Mary Pepin; ed Nebraska City HS; m Anna E Harrison Aug 1, 1902 Nebraska City; s Horace Reed Jr; d Mary Ellen (Mrs Ralph Baker); 1889-1935 US mail service in Nebraska City, in practically every branch until retirement 1935; once knew first name of each Nebraska City resident; past noble grand IOOF; WOW; Pathfinders; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, outdoor sports; parents English, came to Nebraska City 1854; father veterinarian; res 1119 4th Ave, Nebraska City.

   CARNEY, WILLIAM EVERETT: Carpenter & Tinner; b Bedford, Penn June 30, 1866; s of Simon Stuckey Carney-Elizabeth Mills; ed Fillmore Co; Christian Brothers Bus Coll St Joseph Mo; embalming course in O; m Minnie Cummins June 14, 1899 Talmage; d Edna (Mrs Leo A Chandler); 1885-88 learned tinners trade under Samuel Carney, Sutton; 1888-91 tinner for Frank Stanton, Clay Center; 1891-99 ptr of Frank Stanton, hdw & furn dlr, mortician of Clay Center; 1899-1908 owner & opr Carney Hdw, Furn & Mortuary, Talmage; 1908- carp, furnace & tin worker; past mbr sch bd; past mbr vol fire dept; Meth Ch, past SS supt, past elder; hobbies, fruit, gardening, mother was in Ford Theater when Booth shot Lincoln, father in Civil War; res Talmage.

   CARSON, HENRY WILLIAM: Retired; b Nebraska City, Neb July 5, 1871; s of Frank Carson-Emma E Balm; ed Nebraska City; m Renna Myers Sept 30, 1903 Nebraska City (dec 1937); s O Ralph; 1888-90 with MoP RR, Nebraska City; 1890-1937 in CB&Q RR service, 1890-92 platform & off service, 1892-93 freight brakeman, 1893-1937 conductor; ORC; 1915-16 master AF&AM, secy 12 years, grand tyler; high priest RAM; KT; since retirement has traveled more extensively than any similar ofcr, in behalf of Masonic work; between June 1937-June 1939 att 25 annual grand lodge convocations in all parts of US; English Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, Masonry, baseball; paternal grandfather Samuel Carson, brother of Kit Carson, located with family in Nebraska 1850; res 510 5th Corso, Nebraska City.

   CATRON, JAMES HENRY: Banker; b Nebraska City, Neb Mar 2, 1872; s of James Henry Catron-Medora Ewing; ed Nebraska City HS; Drury Coll, Springfield Mo; m Ruth McCuaig June 25, 1914 Nebraska City; 1884-1904 with father who founded Farmers Bank in Nebraska City in 1884; 1890- with Bank of Palmyra, 1890-1902 active cash, later pres; assumed active management Farmers Bank, advisory capacity in 1904, pres since 1914; 1899-1914 ptr in Bradley, Catron & Co, whol groc; 1915-24 pres bank of Hickman; 1907-28 founder & ofcr Bank of Roca; owner farms in Otoe, Cass, Lancaster, Johnson, Custer, Morrill & Scotts Bluff Cos; owner 100 A apple orchard planted in 1923, original orchard planted by father in 1880 near Nebraska City; recipient comm service award from Nebraska City Rotary; Neb Bankers Assn, past group pres; Amer Bankers Assn; C of C; Rotary, ch mbr, treas; Presby Ch; conservative Dem; hobby, apple orchard; off Farmers Bank; res 10th & 1st Corso, Nebraska City.

   CHARLTON, CHARLES PERCY: Physician; b Fillmore Co, Neb Feb 12 1887; s of Charles Charlton-Waitie Thurlow; ed Lincoln HS 1905; U of N; Cotner Coll; U of Valparaiso, Chicago, MD 1913; Phi Chi; m Edna Monota Harrell Mar 26, 1924 Des Moines; 1913-15 prac med in Bennet; 1915-16 prac in Burchard; 1916 assumed prac of brother after his death, Palmyra; during World War in med dept of US army, unassigned; Amer Leg, past comm; 20 years city health examiner; sch examiner; offered first free diphtheria immunization program for sch children in Neb; Otoe Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Sesostris Shrine; Meth Ch, trustee; Dem, pct committeeman several years; hobby, travel; res Palmyra.

   COPENHAVER, MRS TOM WESLEY: Homemaker; b Butler Co, Kas May 2, 1877; d of Brantley H Davis-Katherine Linch; ed Syracuse HS 1896; m Tom Wesley Copenhaver May 31, 1897 Otoe Co; s Brantley, Lloyd, Ralph; d Irene (Mrs Keith Stooker), Mildred (Mrs Sim Davis), Alice (Mrs Merlin Balfour), Virginia (Mrs Dale McWilliams), Eunice Ellen, Elaine Helen (Mrs Lorenz Steinhoff); 1896-97 tchr Otoe Co; 1897- homemaker; 1933- opr Hillsdale Farm, early landmark; ch mbr Otoe Co Agrl Assn, org 1928; Otoe 4-H Girls Clubs, leader 18 years, supt; Women's Project Club, Co chmn; NFWC; Farm Bureau, committeewoman; Meth Ch, past SS supt; Rep, clk Osage pct many years; hobby, reading; parents came by covered wagon from Kas to Otoe Co, 1881; res Syracuse.

   COULTER, VICTOR YOUNG: Dentist; b Wymore, Neb July 10, 1893; s of George W Coulter-Idella Young; ed Wymore HS 1911; Neb Wes 1912;



Who's Who

Lincoln Dental Coll, DDS 1916; Delta Sigma Delta; Acacia; m Barbara Baird Oct 2, 1926 Lincoln; s Victor Y Jr, George Wallis; 1916-17 & 1922-26 indep dental prac in Lincoln; 1919-22 prac with Dr M O Fraser; 1926-32 prac with Dr D T Hill, Syracuse; 1932- prac indep; during World War, 1st lt dental corps 33rd div, assigned to 124th field arty, tsfrd to 122nd field arty, 1 year O/S, in service 21 mos, disch as capt; Amer Leg post 100, past comm, past co comm, vice-comm of 12th dist, mbr jr baseball com, representative of 12th dist BSA com,; BSA chmn of local com, scoutmaster 7 years; NNG, maj 1920-26; Neb St & ADA; Business Mens Assn; Country Club; Meth Ch; Dem, committeeman for S Syracuse pct; hobbies, golf & fishing; res Syracuse.

   DAMMAST, CARL DONALD: Clothier; b Clay Center, Kas June 14, 1885; s of C W F Dammast-Jennie W Huntress; ed Clay Center Kas HS; Ruskin Coll, Trenton Mo; m Georgia M Grover Mar 31, 1909 Onaga Kas; s Donald Carl; d Lenore (Mrs C H Ludington), Phyllis; emp in clothing store at Clay Center Kas while in HS, 1907 ptr in same firm; 1907- int in 14 clothing stores in Neb, Kas, Ia & Mo; 1923 owner & opr Dammast Clothing Co. Nebraska City; since 1933 son ptr in bus; past mbr city coun, pres 3 terms in Kas; 2 terms pres Neb Retail Clothiers Assn, 4 years state dir; C of C, chmn retail trade com, past dir; 1931- chmn finance com Arbor Lodge dist BSA; an org & served in all offs of Pottawatomie Co Kas Fair 10 years; Country Club; BPOE; AF&AM; past mbr Abdallah Shrine, Leavenworth Kas; Rep; hobbies, golf, baseball, football; off 806 Central Avenue; res 1224 2nd Ave, Nebraska City.

   DAVIS, STEPHEN PEARL: Farmer; b Butler Co, Kas Feb 13, 1873; s of Brantley H Davis-Katie Elizabeth Linch; ed Syracuse HS 1894; m Theresa Olga Bengtson July 25, 1906 Page (dec); s John N, Stephen A, Robert, Bruce Howard; d Ruth (Mrs Roscoe Hill), Mary Ann (Mrs Harold Holloway), Beth; m Clara Bengtson Jan 12, 1938 Omaha; 1882 came from Kas to Neb; 1894-1900 tchr Otoe Co; 1900 farmer & stockraiser neat Syracuse; owner & opr threshing machine in & near Syracuse 40 years; an org of Otoe Co Fair Assn in 1929, dir several years; an org consolidated sch dist 10, past dir 20 years; an org Syracuse Sales Pavilion, past dir; Soil Conservation Com, past Otoe Co dir, committeeman; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, turkey raising, reading; res Syracuse.

   DeJARNETTE, MAJOR BERTRAND: Chiropractor & Author; b La Monte, Mo Dec 23, 1899; s of William Monroe DeJarnette-Maude Estelle Hainline; ed Waverly; U of N, Coll of Agr; Neb Chiropractic Coll 1924; m Minnie Lanore Reiner Oct 14, 1925 University Place; d Bobbe Deslys; appr tool & die maker 4 years at General Motors plant; 1924-25 chiropractor, Lincoln; 1925- chiropractor, Nebraska City; 1926 founded Sacro-Occipital Research Soc, internatl orgn with branches in prin cities & countries of world; prominent in US for research in anesthesia; author; Spinal Distortions, 1935-37; Reflex Pain, 1933-34; Chiropractice First Aid; Lower Back Pain; Pressure Technique; Sacro-Iliac Technique; Technique & Prac of Bloodless Surgery, and others; publisher of Sacro-Occipital Research Bulletin & Sacro-Occipital Technic Bulletin; inventor co-axial disc spectrum selector used in color therapy & photography, also of posture measuring devices; Neb & Natl Chiropractic Assns; Meth; Indep; hobbies, hunting, deep-sea fishing; off 800 Central Ave; res 723 S 9th, Nebraska city.

   DeLONG, ALTON HARRISON: County Agricultural Agent; b Greeley Co, Neb May 20, 1887, s of Bernard DeLong-Hannah Griffin; ed Hartington HS 1909; U of N, BSc 1914; Phi Delta Chi, Phi Delta Kappa; m Jessiebelle Hamilton June 14, 1917 Wahoo; s Dale A; d Doris J, Phyllis A, Jean Carol; 1905-09 emp by Dr Charles D Chandler, Hartington; 1906-10 with US P O in Hartington; 1909-10 asst P M; 1914-16 tchr, Wahoo HS; 1916-18 tchr, Watertown S D HS; 1918- Otoe Co agrl agt; has been longer in one co than any agrl agt in Neb; mbr sch bd 12 years; Neb Assn of Co Agrl Agts; Business Mens Assn; AF&AM, past master; Meth Ch, elder; hobbies, golf, sports; res Syracuse.

   DeLONG, ELSIE: Homemaker; b Syracuse, Neb Apr 16, 1885; d of Gipson DeLong-Marian Page; ed Syracuse HS; lifelong resident of Syracuse; Womans Club; WCTU, Otoe Co secy; Ladies of the GAR; Federated Ch, active in all womens orgns; Indep; father enl in Union Army Co K 3rd Ill cavalry, 3 years & 3 mos in service, in nearly all major campaigns in West & South, homesteaded near Nursery Hill, now Syracuse 1866; prominent Syracuse bus man many years; res, Syracuse.

   DIERKS, JOHN MERTON: Attorney; b Bliss, Neb Nov 6, 1902, s of Merton Henry Dierks-Letha Lula Glassburn; ed Ewing HS; U of N, 13A 1923; Harvard U, LLB 1926; Phi Gamma Delta; m Mary Antoinette Mullen Aug 21, 1926 Lincoln; s John Merton II, Robert Owen, Jerry Patrick; d Mary Antoinette; 1926 adm to Neb & Mo bars; 1927- prac in Nebraska City; 1927-31 Otoe Co Judge, resigned 1931 to become law ptr of Paul Jessen in Nebraska City; dir Nebraska City Natl Bank; secy Nebraska City pub lib bd; Otoe Co, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; past pres C of C; BPOE, past trustee; Country Club; Rep; hobby, hunting; off 705 1/2 Central Ave; res 318 N 16th, Nebraska City.

   DUNBAR, JOHN ALEXANDER: Auto Dealer; b Otoe CO, Neb Nov 6, 1858; s of John Dunbar-Ann Elizabeth Watson; ed Otoe Co; Dunbar; 1879-1907 farmed in Otoe Co; 1907-27 ret & lived in Dunbar; 1927 auto dlr; Dunbar Co-op Credit Assn, dir since 1934; Seventh-day Adventist Ch, past trustee; hobbies, reading, travel, nature study; parents came to Neb 1856 & settled in Otoe Co, town of Dunbar named in honor of John Dunbar Sr; res Dunbar.

   DUNBAR, THOMAS EMMONS: Attorney; b Council Bluffs, Ia June 3, 1892; s of Pete E Dunbar-Elizabeth Ellen McCoy; ed Council Bluffs Ia; Bellevue Acad 1913; Creighton U, LLB 1917; Delta Theta Phi; m Ruth Flynn Aug 8, 1921 Omaha; s Thomas E Jr, John Peter, Gene Francis; d Ruth; 1917 prac law with Crowfoot Scott & Fraser in Omaha; 1919-21 prac in Newcastle Wyo; 1921-22 prac with Gurley, Fish & West, Omaha; 1922- prac in Nebraska City; dur World War civilian inspector quartermaster, arty corps, US army; 1929-32 city atty; Otoe Co Bar Assn, secy & treas 1923-29, pres 1936-37; Neb St Bar Assn, past mbr advisory coun, chmn membership com 1937, mbr com on inquiry 2nd judicial dist, 1938-39; C of C, past dir; BPOE, past exalted ruler; hobbies, boats, fishing; off 1000 Central Ave; res 1414 1st Ave, Nebraska City.

   EDMONDS, WILLIAM: Physician; b Fredonia, N Y Feb. 1, 1875; s of Richard Edmonds-Rebecca Kattle; ed Fredonia N Y Normal; Jefferson Med Sch, Philadelphia, MD 1900; Polyclinic, Philadelphia; m Mary Martha MacVean Apr 4, 1904 Chicago; d Mary R (Mrs George Mayer), Edith E (Mrs Merle Hasselbalca); 1900-02 prac med, Hazelton Penn; 1902-04 prac, Erie Penn; 1904-17 & 1919-34 prac, Nebraska City; 1934 phys of CCC; MORC, US army res ofcr in central states; mbr Nebraska City health bd several times,during World War served 2 years in US army; Amer Leg post 8; AF&AM; Scot Rite; KT; IOOF; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, collecting Indian relics, history; off 717 1/2 Central Ave; res 420 1st. Ave, Nebraska City.

   EDMONDSON, TONY: Druggist; b Rose Hill, Va Dec 30, 1878; s of Henry Edmondson-Elizabeth Allen; ed Kenesaw HS 1898; m Nellie May Apr 10, 1904 Juniata; d Mary G (Mrs Harlan Egge), Ruth L; 1898-1900 mgr Pickard Drug Co, Holstein; 1900-03 ptr of Wallace Rose in drug co, Holstein; 1903-23 owner & opr drug store, Friend; 1923-33 traveled for Van Sickle Paint & Glass Co, Lincoln, also oprd paint & glass store in Nebraska City; 1933- owner & opr Edmondson Drug store, Nebraska City; mbr Friend sch bd 3 years; Neb St Pharm Assn; Amer Pharm Assn; Rotary, C of C; Neb City Country Club, past dir; 1912 pres Neb St Tennis Assn; AF&AM; BPOE; Dem; hobbies, sports, hunting; winner of cups in both tennis & golf; backer of golf tourneys Nebraska City Country Club; off 709 Central Ave; res 321 N 13th, Nebraska City.

   EICHER, GEORGE CHARLES: Vice-President of Milling Co; b Toledo, O Mar 17, 1891; s of Charles Eicher-Grace Harkey; ad Toledo O HS 1909; m Lena Cook 1920 Toledo O, in Alice Schroeder 1928 Toledo O; step s Grove; step d Irene; 1909-26 appr with Conkey Mills in Toledo O; 1926- VP Conkey Mills, state of Neb; mbr dock bd, Nebraska City; AF&AM, counselor; BPOE; Amer Feed Mfrs Assn; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, reading; off Conkey Mills; res 301 N 11th, Nebraska City.

   EKBERG, HARRY KENNETH: Merchant; b Holdrege, Neb Oct 29, 1909; s of H W Ekberg-Edna Brown; ed Holdrege; Western Mil Acad, Alton Ill 1928; Barnes Bus Coll, Denver, 1930; m Ardythe Gasaway June 27, 1927 Phillipsburg Kas; 1930-34 with Brown-Ekberg Co, Julesburg Colo & Fullerton; 1934-35 owner of shoe dept in Cleveland Store, Nebraska City; 1935- ptr of Jack Schwartz in E & S Bootery; C of C; past dir Jr C of C; First Presby Ch; hobby, travel; off


in Nebraska


821 Central Avenue; res 212 N 10th, Nebraska City.

   EPLEY, P ALBERT: Railway Agent; b Carmi, Ill Feb 10, 1885; s of John Epley-Evelyn Tuggle; ed Ill; ICS, Scranton Penn; m Susie Hargrave July 3, 1909, White Co Ill (dec); s Gerald G; Albert D; d Twildi; m Marie Trook Oct 3, 1934 Papillion; step d Virginia Trook; 1905-08 in US army 85th CAC, recd HS edn while in army, QM sgt; 1909-11 teleg opr, Pawnee City; 1911-28 teleg opr, Humboldt; 1928-29 CB&Q RR station agt, Adams; 1929- station agt, Syracuse; during World War in OTC, Fort Snelling Minn; Amer Leg, past comm; secy sch bd 4 years, Syracuse; secy Humboldt sch bd 15 years; Lions; Business Mens Assn; AF&AM; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, travel and hunting; res Syracuse.

   FAIRHEAD, JAMES WALLACE: Retired; b Union, Neb June 11, 1874; s of James Tyrell Fairhead-Elizabeth Bandon; ed Nebraska City HS 1892; Episc Acad 1895; m Urseba E Pratt June 15, 1904 Nebraska City; s Spencer J; d Eloise E (Mrs Kenneth Russell); 1895-96 bkkpr Otoe Co Natl Bank, Nebraska City; 1896-1935 with First Natl Bank of Syracuse; 1935- ret; opr Aetna Ins Agcy many years, at time of retirement recd letters of hon recognition from company; Syracuse mayor several years; treas village bd 30 years; secy sch bd 10 years; Episc Ch, secy 4 years; Rep; hobby, civic affairs; res Syracuse.

   FASSBENDER, LEO JOHN: Mortician; b Plattsmouth, Neb Nov 5, 1895; s of John Fassbender-Elizabeth Laudenschlager; ed Nebraska City HS 1910-13; Creighton Bus Coll 1922; Worsham Sch of Embalming, Chicago 1923; m Bertha Koeppel Feb 20, 1924, Omaha; s Charles; 1924- owner mortuary, Nebraska City; during World War in USN 1918-19, USS Ex, training ship on Great Lakes; Amer Leg post 8, ch mbr; C of C; FOE; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, movies; off & res 1721 Ist Ave, Nebraska City.

   FINKE, ERNEST CARL: Electrical Appliance Dealer; b Otoe Co, Neb Feb 17, 1899; s of Henry Finke-Mary Rieke; ed Otoe Co; m Hazel Fern Shafer Nov 15, 1921 Syracuse; d Cora Lee; 1922- owner electric appliance & contracting shop, Syracuse; mbr village coun 6 years, park & bldg chmn; Business Mens Assn, pres; Syracuse Blue Bird Softball Assn, pres 1937; Syracuse Sportsmen's Club, past pres; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, baseball; res Syracuse.

   FOLEY, WATTS MAHER: Jeweler & Optometrist; b Elsberry, Mo July 17, 1891; s of Erie Randolph Foley-Frances Bell; ed Elsberry Mo HS 1907; St Louis Watchmaking Sch 1909; Needles Optical Sch 1924; Omega Delta; m Helen Katherine Vennemann Oct 22, 1929 Nebraska City; 1909-10 jeweler with John Simonoski, St Louis; 1910-24 with Charles Foley in Nebraska City; 1924- owner jewelry & optical co, Nebraska City; during World War in 381st inf, 83rd div, O/S 7 mos, in service 12 mos; Amer Leg post 8; Natl Retail Jewelsr (sic) Assn; Neb St Jewelers Assn; Neb St & Amer Optical Assns; C of C, dir; Country Club; off 718 Central Ave; res 1221 Ist Ave, Nebraska City.

   FRANZ, RUE H: Lumber Dealer; b Union, Neb Nov 17, 1891; s of Robert H Franz-Jenny Fitch; ed Plattsmouth HS 1912; m Bessie Kendall Apr 26, 1916 Nebraska City; d Ruan; 1912-20 emp in gen store, Union; 1920-28 farmed in Cass Co; 1928- mgr Syracuse Fuel & Lbr Co; past mbr city coun, chmn 2 years; mbr dist 12 sch bd, Cass Co 8 years; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Business Mens Assn; Lions; AF&AM; Bapt Ch; hobby, reading; off & res Syracuse.

   FRERICHS, ERNEST F: Farmer; b Otoe Co, Neb Oct 26, 1900; s of John Frerichs-Mary Louise Ritter; ed Talmage HS 1916-17; 1917-31 farmed with father near Talmage; 1931- indep opr home farm; Fairview Comm Club, past pres & secy; Farmers Union; St Paul Luth Ch, deacon 5 years; Rep; hobbies, quality livestock, purebred hogs; grandparents came from Edwardsville Ill to Neb 1865, settled on farm; grandfather, Rev Josiah Ritter helped build St Paul Luth Ch, pastor many years; res Talmage.

   FRERICHS, RAYMOND: Attorney; b Talmage, Neb May 10, 1911; s of Theodore Frerichs-Anna M Bischoff; ed Talmage HS; U of N, BA 1932, LLB 1934; Pershing Rifles; Sigma Nu, past comm; Phi Delta Phi; m Genevieve Drake June 1936 Steele City; 1934 adm to Neb bar, prac with Tyler & Peterson in Nebraska City; 1935- jr ptr Tyler & Frerichs, bonded abstracters; 1st lt ofcrs res corps; Otoe Co & Neb St Bar Assns; Jr C of C, pres 1938-39; C of C, past recording secy; Country Club; Presby Ch; Rep; Otoe Co Y R Club, past pres 4 years; Neb Y R Club, past secy; father cash Bank of Talmage nearly 40 years; off 109 S 9th, res 1406 Ist Corso, Nebraska City.

   FULLRIEDE, FLORENZ HENRY: Grocer; b Auglaize Co, O Mar 12, 1863; s of Carl Fullriede-Anna Brockmann; ed Auglaize Co, O; m Hattie Cook Meadville May 10, 1894 Nebraska City; s Mark Carl; d Hazel M; 1886-1919 emp in Emil H Buhlmann Groc Store, Nebraska City; 1919- owner groc store; ch mbr Nebraska City C of C, once known as bd of trade; Nebraska City Fed B & L Assn, ch mbr; First Luth Ch, past trustee 20 years; Rep; hobby gardening; off 808 7th; res 503 N 16th, Nebraska City.

   FULLRIEDE, MARK CARL: Assistant Bank Cashier; b Nebraska City, Neb Oct 22, 1900; s of Florenz Fullriede-Hattie Meadville; ed Nebraska City HS 1918; m Zora Hursh June 20, 1925 Superior; d Patricia A, Janet N; 1918- with Farmers Bank, Nebraska City; Commonwealth Savings & Loan Assn, treas & dir; AF&AM; First Luth Ch, coun mbr; Rep; hobbies, flowers, gardening; off Farmers Bank; res 1501 3rd Ave, Nebraska City.

   FUNKE, CARL FRIEDRICH: Tire & Battery Dealer; b Burscheid, Rhein Province, Germany Sept 23, 1872; s of Albrecht Funke-Emma Busch; ed Germany; U of N 1891-1893; m Josephine Mattes Sept 15, 1905 Nebraska City; s Paul Lewis (dec), Robert Francis; 1890 came from Germany to Neb, settled in Lincoln; 1893-1906 with uncle, Carl Funke in whol bus Lincoln; 1906-17 mgr Otoe Brewing Co, Nebraska City; 1920- opr tire & battery bus; C of C; Sons of Hermann, secy & past pres; FOE; Cath Ch, past trustee; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 1200 Central Ave; res 1204 6th Corso, Nebraska City.

   GAMBONI, C A: Auto Dealer; b Julian, Neb Mar 23, 1905; s of Frank Gamboni-Mariatte Bernard; ed Nebraska City HS; U of N, BA 1928; m Jean McLaughlin July 5, 1928 Portland Ore; 1928-36 owner & mgr Julian Auto Co, Julian; 1936- owner and gen mgr Gambont Motors, Chrysler & Plymouth dlrs, Nebraska City; Amer Auto Assn, authorized service station; C of C; Rotary; BPOE; Country Club; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing, travel; father grad U of Switzerland at 16 years of age, came to Neb in 1886, early day tchr in Knox Co, read & spoke 7 languages, prominent Julian farmer many years; off 1204 Central Ave; res 318 N 14th, Nebraska City.

   GANGEL, JOSEPH WILLIAM: Oil Dealer; b Kansas City, Mo Aug 25, 1900; s of Frank Gangel-Dorothy Schwartz; ed Kansas City MO; Central Coll, Kansas City Mo; m Jane L Wilson April 25, 1925, Omaha; s William J, Robert L; 1919-24 traveled in western Kas for Sinclair Oil Co, res Kansas City; 1924-27 traveled over US as gen auditor for Sinclair Oil Co, res Chicago; 1927-29 sales mgr in eastern half of Neb for Sinclair Oil Co, Omaha; 1929- owner & gen mgr Gangel Oil Co, Nebraska City; Rotary, pres 1934; C of C, pres; BPOE; Cath Ch; Rep; off 521 S 11th; res 1718 Central Ave, Nebraska City.

   GASKILL, JOHN EDWARD: Merchant; b Waverly, Neb Sept 13, 1879; s of George W Gaskill-Johanna Hurley; ed Waverly & Lincoln; m Mamie N Beard Sept 18, 1901 Broken Bow; s Forest D; d Louise (Mrs Edwin Moran), Eunice F (Mrs Kenneth L Miller); 1898-1903 traveling piano salesman for Crancer & Curtice Music Co, Lincoln; 1903-05 mgr Ross P Curtice Co, music store, Nebraska City; 1905- owner Gaskill Music Co; C of C; Otoe Co & Neb St Hist Socs; MWA; WOW; Royal Highlanders; First Presby Ch, past trustee, Rep; hobbies, establishing pioneer museum, consisting of musical instruments, Indian artifacts & objects pertaining to Otoe Co history; off 804 Central Ave; res 1715 N 10th, Nebraska City.

   GATELY, STEPHEN RAYMOND: Barber; b Gretna, Neb Dec 8, 1893; s of James Gately-Catherina Melia; ed Gretna HS 1911; Moler Barber Coll, Omaha; m Emma Seelhoff Apr 7, 1920 Lincoln; s Harold Stephen; 1913-15 barber, Griswold Ia; 1916-17 emp in Superior; 1919-20 emp in Syracuse; 1920- owner & opr barber shop, Syracuse; ptr of brother in Gately Mfg Co 1925-32; 1932- secy Gately Mfg Co, Syracuse; during World War in 35th div, 140th inf Co D, O/S 1 year, 14 mos in. service; Amer Leg, past comm; Jr Amer Leg Baseball, com mbr, Business Mens Assn; comm BSA work in Syracuse & past chmn of coun 2 Years; Cath Ch; hobby, sports; res Syracuse.


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