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J. Harold Hamil

LetterNE of the best known marks whereby Adams County keeps alive its tradition of the Oregon Trail is the grave of Susan Hail, which is located in a lonely field near Kenesaw. Although her burial place attracts few visitors, it still holds a prized place in the pioneer lore of the county.
   The era of Susan Hail represents the first of two distinct episodes in the history of Adams County, beginning with the time it was first known by white men. Hers was the era of transient visitors, the passersby who came by the tens of thousands with never a thought of pausing.
   Susan died within a few hours after drinking from a well which had been poisoned by Indians. Her husband, aided by sympathetic fellow travelers, dug her grave at a lonely spot about midway between the point where the Oregon Trail angled from the winding valley of the Little Blue to the northwest, thence crossing a ridge of sandhills to find its way to the banks of the Platte and old Fort Kearny.
   Mrs. Hail died in 1854, according to those who saw her modest headstone before souvenir hunters had chipped it to bits. It is said that she was born in Missouri and that she was thirty-four years old when she died. Legend says that her grieving husband wheeled a stone all the way from the Missouri river in order that her grave might have a fitting marker.
   Visitors to the county started coming in 1830. They were most numerous during the height of the California gold rush. As many as fifty-five thousand persons passed over the route in a single year. The peak of travel over the Oregon Trail was reached in 1855, then there was a gradual decline in the number of westward-bound wagons and an abrupt end of the trail's use by overland travelers upon completion of the Union Pacific railroad in 1869.
   A word about the Oregon Trail: The line of the trail through Adams County follows the Little Blue for a few miles from the southwest, then wanders across the divide toward the valley of the Platte. The site of old Fort Kearny, a landmark on the trail, is a few miles west of the northwest corner of the county. Historians say the first travelers were men returning to eastern states after establishing a trading post at Astoria, Ore. These men traveled on foot and led one horse, it is told. First wagon wheels to go over the trail were those of Milton Sublette, who conducted a train of ten wagons from St. Louis to the Wind River Mountains in 1830.
   There was only a brief interval between the first episode in Adams County history -- the Oregon Trail occurrence -- and the beginning of the second, or the episode of permanent settlement. Hardly had the buffalo grass started to grow in the deep ruts of the trail when homesteaders began staking claims.
   Settlement came to Adams County with the westward advance of the Burlington and was given additional impetus with the arrival of a second railroad, the St. Joseph and Denver City, later called the St. Joseph and Grand Island and now owned by the Union Pacific.
   The county caught the full force of that great wave of westward migration and settlement which followed the Civil War. This is impressed upon one who studies the original land entries, showing that the twenty-four square-mile area was practically all taken up in the 1870-1880 decade. The great bulk of homestead land was filed on between 1870 and 1875.
   The arrival of the first two railroads had bearing on the history of Adams County beyond the part they played in giving settlers assurance they could ship in supplies and ship out their products.
   The Burlington, pressing westward from Lincoln, was laying out townsites at regular intervals. From Crete westward the towns were named in alphabetical order. There were Dorchester, Exeter, Fairmont, Grafton, Harvard, Inland, Juniata, Kenesaw and Lowell. The St. Joseph and Denver City was naming towns in the same manner. There were Alexandria, Belvidere, Carleton, Davenport, Edgar, Fairfield, Glenvil and Hastings.
   Hastings was in the original line of towns on the St. Joseph and Denver City, but it was not included in the Burlington's plan. As it turned out, Hastings came at the point the two railroads crossed. Juniata, nearer the center of the county, already had been designated in 1871 as the county seat, and was the scene of a boom in town lot sales. Juniata folk had reckoned that the St. Joseph and Denver City would choose to cross the Burlington at an established townsite, but the second railroad did otherwise. There it was, the crossing of the roads at a point seven miles east of Juniata and far-sighted individuals were saying that at that point would rise the dominant center of trade for Adams county. Walter Micklin, whose homestead lay at the junction of the rails, saw the opportunity late in 1872. Within a few months after the start of the Juniata boom, he was cutting his land into town lots.


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   A store, an elevator and other businesses soon were established at Hastings and the town, with the advantage of two railroads over one, soon outstripped Juniata. Hastings residents early began a clamor for removal of the county seat to their town, but Juniata defended her rights at the polls and in court until 1878, when a disputed election was ruled valid and Hastings men carted the county records home in triumph.
   By 1880 homesteaders of Adams County had dotted the prairie with their dwellings and lined it with the trails over which they traveled from farm to farm and from farm to town. The history of the county from that date is much like the history of other central counties.
   The 80's were days of great promise. Farmers prospered, land prices soared and Hastings boosters talked confidently of the time when the town's central location and booming trade would make it the logical choice as a successor to Omaha as the state's metropolis.
   Two street railway companies operated in competition. Town lots were, laid out over an area which at the end of 1939 had yet not been embraced by the city's boundaries.
   Then came the 90's and the twin plagues of drouth and grasshoppers. Farmers left their land and the eastward-bound caravans of canvas-topped wagons rivalled those of the westward migration which had swept settlers into Nebraska a score of years earlier.
   Cornice stones in Hastings' business district today tell the story of the 80's and the 90's. Of those which have escaped remodeling there are many with inscriptions of the period between 1880 and 1890, none which tells of construction between 1890 and 1900.
   Came the turn of the century, more rain and better crops. Winter wheat and alfalfa had been added to the products of farms which at the outset had been devoted almost exclusively to corn. The greater diversity of crops was an important factor in the recovery following the troubles of the 90's. New settlers replaced those who had left. Soon a war in Europe brought high prices and the greatest period of farm prosperity in the history of the county.
   Hastings made steady growth. New manufacturing enterprises sprang up. Wholesaling became a bigger and bigger factor in the business life of a city which served a far-flung agricultural territory in southwestern Nebraska and northern Kansas. Between 1920 and 1930 Hastings population growth was more than 30 percent. The 1930 census gave it as 15,495, more than half the total population of the county.
   Adams County, like most of Nebraska, encountered serious setbacks in the decade of the 1930's. Depression was followed by drouth and land values took a decided drop.
   But future historians may find reason to look back on the 1930's as an era of important contributions to the county. Adversity has bred many measures which promise lasting benefits. Irrigation, while not a reality at the close of the decade, won recognition as one of several means whereby the threat of drouth can be minimized. New crops were introduced and new methods of moisture preservation were put into practice. In many ways the farmers of Adams County at the close of 1939 were better fitted than ever before to meet the problems which history has demonstrated will be the problems of the region.
   A history of Adams County would be incomplete without reference to the towns of the county outside of Hastings.
   Juniata, mentioned earlier, is the oldest town, having been designated as county seat in 1871.
   Kenesaw, laid out in 1872, is the second largest. It is the trading center for the northwestern section of the county. Ayr was founded in 1878, Hansen in 1879. The building of the Kansas City and Omaha railroad across the southern part of the county in 1887 brought the founding that year of Pauline, Roseland and Holstein. The town of Prosser was founded in 1888 when the Missouri Pacific chose to end its branch line at the site about 14 miles northwest of Hastings.
   To list personalities prominent in the history of the county would be to carry this history far beyond the assigned length. But the first white settler demands mention. He was Mortimer "Wild Bill" Kress. Fittingly, he was a driver on the Oregon Trail before he settled in the vicinity of Pauline.
   The Oregon Trail has been all but obliterated. Along the path across Adams county are a few markers. These designate the lone grave of Susan Hail, stations of the Pony Express and favorite camp sites of the early travelers. Only in native pastures and at a few section lines can one see the overgrown ruts, which in places once marked a path as wide as a city block.
   The Oregon Trail was not a factor in the settlement of Adams County. Its travelers had eyes set on brighter beacons. Its lesson perhaps is that man's narrow vision cannot be trusted to evaluate a spot from superficial observation. For today on the level plains extending in either direction from the old trail in an area twenty-four miles square live some 27,000 persons. They live and prosper on a land that won no more than an impatient glance from hundreds of thousands who passed it by for questionable promises of riches across hundreds of miles of dangerous trails, riches which only a few ever realized.


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   ABBOTT, STANLEY H: Creamery Manager; b Minn April 12, 1892; s of E H Abbott-Janet Goudie; ed Sioux Falls S D HS; N D Agrl Coll; Alpha Zeta; m Elice Lundquist Dec 22, 1917 Canton S D; s Harry; d Virginia, Shirley; 1917-18 asst dairy commr of N D; 1919 asst market specialist in dairy products USDA, Washington D C & Chicago; 1920-22 cream buyer for Blue Valley Creamery Co, Louisville Ky; 1922 cream buyer at St Joseph Mo; 1923- mgr Blue Valley Creamery Co, Hastings; 1929- also mgr of Topaz Dairy, Hastings; C of C; Rotary; Presby Ch; hobby, genealogy; res 906 E 7th, Hastings.

   ADAMS, GEORGE JACOB: Investment Agent; b Fort Atkinson, Ia Aug 2, 1872; s of Charles Francis Adams-Margaret Emily Snider; ed Gates Coll, Neligh; m Ninete Elizabeth Forehand June 30, 1898 Omaha; s Charles Forehand; d Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs John R Russell), Jane Charlotte; 1894-99 dep treas & first elec clk of dist court Nance Co; 1899-1905 asst cash & cash First Natl Bank of Hooper; 1905-17 cash Pender State Bank, Thurston Co; 1917 org & mgr investments & securities dept Woods Bros Corp, Lincoln; 1918-34 opr investment & security firm; 1934-37 asst in receivership div, state banking dept, with hdqrs in Red Cloud; 1937- org, opr & secy-treas Provident Co of Hastings; C of C; SAR; AF&AM; First Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, reading; off 213 N Lincoln; res 727 Turner Ave, Hastings.

   ADDIE, JAMES E: Attorney; b Cresco, Ia Jan 15, 1875; s of John Addie-Christina Beveridge; ed S D Normal; Valparaiso Ind U, BA; Benjamin Harrison Sch of Law, Indianapolis, Ind, LLB 1904; Milton Coll Wis; m Ethel J Riggle 1907 Friend: 1904 supt of schs in N D; 1905-13 law prac, Friend; 1913-24 with late John M Ragan in law prac, Hastings, 1924- indep law prac; since 1913 atty for C&NW RR; past pres of Friend bd of edn; past Saline Co atty; past U S commr in Hastings; Adams Co Bar Assn, past pres; Neb St Bar Assn; KP, dep; DOKK, secy; BPOE 130; SA secy & treas; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, lodge work; off City Natl Bank Bldg; res 1010 N Lincoln, Hastings.

   AMOS, HARLAN R JR: Hatchery Owner; b Lincoln, Neb Nov 18, 1911; s of Harlan R Amos-Florence C Britting; ed U of N; m Kathleen J Hill May 7, 1928 Council Bluffs, Ia; s Harlan R III; d Shirley K; 1930-34 with Hill Hatchery, Lincoln; Aug 1933- owner & gen mgr Hastings branch Hill Hatchery, specializes in baby chicks, feed & poultry supplies; also raises turkeys; qualified in 1939 as US approved hatchery; Neb Poultry Improvement Assn, dir; AF&AM; Lions; C of C; AF&AM; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, aviation, fishing & hunting; off 119 N Lexington; res 1320 W 15th, Hastings.

   ANDERSON, CHARLES M: Manager Land Roller Co; b St Paul, Neb Aug 25, 1885; s of Mads Anderson-Johanna K Hansen; ed Howard Co; m Anna B Thorsen Aug 25, 1908 Cushing; s Vern C; 1908-12 farmed in Howard Co; 1912-21 ptr of father in Western Land Roller Co at Hastings, 1921- gen mgr; Assoc Industries of Neb; C of C; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, trap-shooting; off 1321 W 2nd; res 1019 N Burlington, Hastings.

   ANDERSON, HERBERT F: Physician & Surgeon; b Columbus, Neb July 15, 1902; s of Anders C Anderson-Ida Friedrich; ed Hastings Coll, BA cum laude 1924; mbr football, basketball & track teams; U of N, BSc 1928, MD 1930; Alpha Kappa Kappa; m Eugenia Clair Foote Aug 25, 1926 Hastings; s Jerry Herbert, Anders Timm; d Jean Clair, Shirley Joan; 1924-25 prin & athletic coach, Cambridge HS; interne at Hollywood Cal Hosp; 1930- with Foote Clinic of Hastings: chief of staff Mary Lanning Memorial Hosp since Sept 1938; Adams Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; Presby Ch; hobbies, gardening, golf, fishing & hunting; off Foote Bldg; res 1209 N Bellevue, Hastings.

   ARVANETTE, FLOYD H: Confectioner; b Fond-du-Lac Wis Jan 5, 1902; s of John Arvanette-Florence Wilson: ed Hastings; m Edith E Fisher Mar 22, 1926 Omaha; s Floyd H Jr; d Marylynne; emp by father in confectionery until 1920, at which time went into bus with brother; 1930 remodeled bldg & added cafe; donated old show cases to Hastings Museum; oprd first radio parts store in Hastings, customers built own radio sets; C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Shrine; BPOE; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, hunting & fishing, started coin collecting as child, began 1924 collecting Indian head pennies, now has more than 4,000; owner first comml broadcasting station in Hastings WLAG located in store, holds amateur & comml license; owned his first radio in 1919, still has set; father came to Hastings 1906 & estab first confectionery shop; off 100 N Hastings; res 422 W 12, Hastings.

   ARVANETTE, WILLIAM S: Confectioner; b Denver, Colo Nov 1, 1892; s of John Arvanette-Florence Wilson; ed Denver Colo; Fond-du-Lac Wis; Hastings HS; m Madge S Rauch Sept 14, 1915 Trumbull; d Joan M, Willa; 1906-19 with father in confectionery shop, mgr since 1919; remodeled store 1930; during World War June 1918-Jan 1919 in U S army with 20th provisional replacement machine gun batt; Amer Leg; C of C; AF&AM; RAM; Scot Rite 32 degree; Shrine; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; off 100 N Hastings Ave; res 418 W 12th, Hastings.

   AUGUSTIN, ARNOLD H: Implement Dealer; b Adams Co, Neb June 19, 1896 s of Rudolph W Augustin-Bertha Redman; ed Kenesaw HS; Hastings Bus Coll; m Inez Watson June 21, 1923 Doniphan; s Robert Dale; 1918-30 ptr of father in Ford Agcy; 1931- prop farm machinery co in Hastings; C of C; UCT; Luth Ch; Dem; father estab auto bus in Doniphan; off 518 W First; res 914 N Lincoln, Hastings.

   BAIRD, DORSEY O: Court Reporter; b Albion, Neb June 24, 1894; s of George M Baird-Laura Soward; ed Holdrege HS; U of N; Phi Gamma Delta; m Lulu Marie Wills June 1916 Holdrege; d Laurie Catherine, Jane Ann; 1912 editor Holdrege Progress; 1913 bus mgr Hastings Daily Republican; 1914 with Wettling & Tulleys, Lincoln; 1915- court reporter 10th judicial dist; past mbr Kiwanis; AF&AM; Shrine; Scot Rite; Episc Ch, vestryman & organist; Dem; hobby, music; off Courthouse; res 322 W 12th, Hastings.

   BATT, JACOB W: Vice President Furniture Co; b Hastings, Neb May 30, 1890; s of Conrad Batt-Mary Bauer; ed Hastings; m Emma Elizabeth Churchill Oct 3, 1915 Hastings; s Robert Gale; d Jeanette Ardis (Mrs Adolph Olsen); 1904-09 worked in groc; 1908-10 with Beatrice Creamery Co; 1910-18 emp by Stein Bros Furn Co as delivery boy, service man, later salesman, 1918- VP, 1922- gen mgr; C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite: Tehama Shrine; DOKK; KP; UCT; Hillside Golf Club; Chris Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; parents born in Russia, came to U S 1888 & settled in Hastings; off 450 W 2nd; res 1751 W 3rd, Hastings.

   BEAVERS, HARRY L: Grocer; b Carleton, Neb Feb 9, 1896; s of T E Beavers-Lyda ___; ed Nuckolls Co; m Marie Schlemer June 2, 1917 Geneva; s Robert Lee, Billie Bruce; 1913-17 farmed with father; 1917 during World War in U S army detention camp, Camp Funston, Fort Sam Houston, disch Mar 1919; 1919-22 with Mutual Oil Co, in Colo; 1922 owner & opr Beavers Transfer Co, Davenport; 1923 owner 4: opr cafe, Bruning; 1924-28 farmed in Fillmore Co; 1928-36 clk, later mgr Safeway Store, Hastings; 1936- owner & mgr of groc; mbr bd of edn; C of C, chmn of conv com; Amer Leg, past adjt; 40 & 8, chef de gare; mbr Hastings drum corps; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Shrine; Lions; Chris Ch; Dem; hobbies, sports & golf; res 728 N Lincoln, Hastings.

   BEECHER, GEORGE ALLEN: Bishop; b Monmouth, Ill Feb 3, 1868; s of Benjamin J Beecher-Mercy Ann Bolland; ed Kearney HS; U of N, 1886-89; Philadelphia Divinity Sch, 1889-1892, DD 1912; m Florence Idella George June 22, 1893 Racine Wis; s George Sanford (dec); Sanford Dent; d Pauline Helen (dec), Ruth Allen (Mrs Adrian R Brian), Mary (dec), Elizabeth Knox (Mrs Frederic A McNeil); 1882 came with parents to Neb; ordained deacon, Prot Episc Ch, at St Luke's Ch, Kearney, by the late Bishop Anson R Graves DD July 20, 1892; ordained to priesthood, June 18, 1893; consecrated bishop of the missionary dist of western Neb Nov 30, 1910 at Trinity Cathedral, Omaha; 1892-95 missionary, Sidney & adjacent territory; 1895-1903 rector, Ch of Our Savior, North Platte; 1903- 04 rector, St Lukes Ch, Kearney; 1904-10 dean of Trinity Cathedral, Omaha; 1910- bishop of missionary dist of western Neb; editor Western Neb Churchman; chaplain 5th regiment NNG, 1906-16; assoc with ofcls of Neb juvenile court past 30 years; chief of staff of clergy Episc Ch camp for boys 40 years; pres-elect Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hosp, Omaha; trustee of Brownell Hall; Amer Inst of Criminal Law & Criminology; Amer Prison Assn; Internatl Prison Commission; Neb Humane Soc, secy; past VP US Child Labor Commission; Neb Soc for Control of Cancer; Pine Ridge Hist Assn, pres; AF&AM 268, past master Platte Valley Lodge



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32, grand chaplain 20 years; KCCH, Omaha; Shrine; Neb Veteran Free Masons Assn; life mbr BPOE, past mbr exec coun 6th province; Rep; hobbles, horseback riding, hunting; res 919 N St Joseph Ave, Hastings.

   BEGHTOL, KARL D: Attorney; b Shenandoah, I (sic) Mar 21, 1876; s of James V Beghtol-Edith McCoy; ed Friend HS cum laude 1893; U of N, 1895-99, LLB cum laude 1908; 1905 district judge of moot court; Theta Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Phi; Beta Theta Pi; Theta Nu Upsilon; m Ena Brach Oct 12, 1910 Hastings; s Karl Jr; d Beatrice; 1893-94 rural sch tchr, Friend; 1894-95 Latin & history tchr, Neb Sch for the Blind Nebraska City; 1900 editor Friend Standard; summer 1901 substitute tchr State Industrial Sch for Boys, Kearney; 1901-03 prin Ogden Utah schs; 1902 awarded schoolmaster's professional life certificate; 1908 prin grade sch, Anaconda Mont; 1904 credit mgr & bkkpr for Anaconda Mont Copper Mining Co; 1908 adm to bar & prac law Seattle, Wash; 1909-12 with late John W James in law prac, Hastings; 1912- in indep prac; past municipal judge, Hastings; past candidate for Supreme Court Commission; pres Central Neb Millwork Co; Neb St Bar Assn; AF&AM; BPOE; Presby Ch; hobbies, foreign correspondence (majored in foreign languages), hunting, sports; off Strand Theater Bldg; res 747 N Lincoln, Hastings.

   BINDERUP, JACK: Interviewer; b Hastings, Neb June 4, 1910; s of A J Binderup-Emma S Stitcher; ed Hastings HS; m Helen 3 Regan Apr 2, 1934 Lincoln; 1928-29 with Lincoln Tele & Telegraph Co, hdqrs in Lincoln; 1929-30 traveled in Neb for Missouri Valley Pipe Line Co; 1931-34 with Binderup Hdw Co of Hastings; 1934- senior interviewer for state employment service, Hastings; dir Central Neb Pub Power & Irrigation Dist (Tri-County); Internatl Assn of Pub Employment services; Jr C of C, pres; Booster Club; YMCA; Uni Club, Lincoln; Tennis Club; BPOE; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, tennis, volley ball, golf & hunting; off Madgett Bldg; res 211 N Saunders, Hastings.

   BLACKLEDGE, LEWIS H: District Judge; b Monroe Co, O Jan 10, 1868; S of David Blackledge-Caroline Lewis; ed Neb; m Margaret Lawrence Sept 16, 1891 McCook (dec); s Allan D, Hobert L; d Gertrude (Mrs Floyd A Turnure) m Mathilda McClelland June 1923 Lincoln (dec); 1887 adm to bar; 1889 with J Byron Jennings in law prac, McCook; 1890-93 in law firm of House & Blackledge, Culbertson; 1893-99 indep law prac in Culbertson; 1899-1902 in law firm of Overman & Blackledge, Red Cloud; 1902-20 indep law prac in Red Cloud; 1920- judge of 10th judicial dist; Hitchcock Co atty 2 terms; Webster Co atty 2 terms; past mbr bar examining com of Neb; past mbr board of edn; Neb St Bar Assn; AF&AM, York Rite, Shrine; BPOE; Episc Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, golf; off Courthouse; res Bel-Air Apts, Hastings.

   1The Moot Court was estab primarily in the U of N law coll by Dean Roscoe Pound, later dean of Harvard U law sch. Purpose of this court was to give the student instruction in rules & customs of court procedure. Each student was at some time obliged to take a moot case from the lowest to the highest court; this enabled him in actual practice to state his cases better. The law college faculty supervised work of the courts & gave advice & instruction during progress of the trials

   BOHLKE, JOHN C: Mortician; b Marengo, Ill Mar 30, 1877; s of Henry Bohlke-Carrie Luhring; ed Neb; m Bertha Baugh; m Margaret Ling Dec 1931 Lincoln; s Boyd, Halsey; 1885-1922 farmed with father near Kenesaw; 1922-26 with Volland Undertaking Parlor, Hastings; 1925- owner & opr Kenesaw Funeral Home; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; C of C; AF&AM; Meth Ch, past trustee; Rep; hobby, agr; res Kenesaw.

   BOHLKE, WILLIAM HALSEY: County Judge; b Kenesaw, Neb March 17, 1903; s of John C Bohlke-Bertha Ann Baugh; ed Kenesaw; Hastings Bus Coll 1921; Hastings Coll, BA 1925; U of N, LLB, 1928; Cornell U, Ithaca, NY; Delta Theta Phi; m Ruth E Golgert Dec 17, 1932 Inland; 1921-22 steno for Bruckman & Paulson Law Firm, Hastings; 1929- Adams Co Judge; adm to prac in state & fed courts; Adams Co, Neb St Bar Assns; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Hillside Golf Club; Meth Ch; hobbiese (sic), hunting, golf & movies; off Courthouse; res 719 N California, Hastings.

   BORDEN, A W: Manager of Power Co; b Canning, Nova Scotia Canada Dec 18, 1880; s of Albert W Borden-Louise Woodbury; ed Prep Coll, Hertonville, Nova Scotia; m Julia Perris June 15, 1904 Woodhull Ill; s Ferris W, Robert W; 1899 clk East Chester Lighting Co Mt Vernon, N Y; 1900-04 chief clk & later supt of production, Galesburg Gas & Electric Co, Galesburg, Ill; 1904- mgr & dir Hastings Gas Co, Hastings; 1914-22 dir Grand Island Gas Co; dir Central Power & Gas Co: ch mbr & past pres Rotary; C of C, past pres; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32 degree; BPOE 139; sr warden St Marks Episc Ch; chmn of pro-cathedral com; Rep; hobbies, golf, fishing & hunting: off Central Power & Gas Co; res 918 N St Joseph, Hastings.

   BORLEY, H W: President of Transfer Co: b Hastings, Neb Feb 27, 1886; s of Harry B Borley-Henrietta Wallace; ed Hastings HS; Hastings Bus Coll; m Atha Adams Dec 1, 1909 Hastings; s Harry A, Wallace; d Helen (Mrs Robert Fenner), Harriett (Mrs Howard Koepke), Beth, Joan; 1905-08 with Adams Express Co; took largest money shipment thru Omaha to Denver for Adams Express Co; 1908- with father in transfer co estab 1878; 1915 added storage facilities & pur John Hoagland Co; pres of B&B Service Station Inc 1920; Neb Truckers Assn; C of C; AF&AM; BPOE; KP; FOE; Mayflower Soc; Presby Ch; hobbies, cards, checkers, golf, hunting; off 138 S Lincoln Ave; res 1014 Colorado, Hastings.

   BOSLAUGH, PAUL E: Attorney; b Mapleton, Ia, June 13, 1881; s of Jasper Boslaugh-Martha A McCleery; ed Castana, Ia; Coll of Law, Des Moines Ia; U of N, LLB 1903; m Ann V Herzog June 1, 1910 Harvard; s Leslie; d Genevieve E; adm to Neb bar June 1903; adm to prac in supreme court of Neb, U S dist court 1903; adm to prac in U S circuit court of appeals in 1920, U S supreme court in 1927; 1903-13 prac law in Clay Co; 1913-37 prac in Hastings firm of Stiner & Boslaugh; 1937- prac in firm of Stiner, Boslaugh & Stiner; represented state of Neb in John O'Connor estate case; mbr sch bd 12 years; Adams Co Bar Assn, past pres; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; C of C, past pres; Rotary, past pres; Hastings Country Club; Uni Club, Lincoln; AF&AM; KP, has held all offs; BPOE; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; off Clarke Bldg; res 1001 N Lincoln, Hastings.

   BOWMAN, MELVILLE L: Executive; b Galesburg, Ill Sept 16, 1885; s of Cyrus L Bowman-Emma Conkling; ed Hutchinson Kas; Corning Ia Acad; Ia St Coll, BSc 1905; Acacia; m Carrie B Drennan Oct 2, 1911 Corning, Ia; d (sic) Dexter, Marjorie; 1905-10 prof of farm crops, head of dept & head of farm crops experiment station, Ia St Coll; 1910-13 in agrl dept of William Galloway Co, Waterloo Ia; 1913-14 editor & majority owner of the Corn Magazine, Waterloo Ia; 1916-26 dlr in farm property & lands: mbr of Ia St sen 4 years; 1 year in special orgn work for Ia St Farm Bur Fedn; 1918-20 secy & mgr C of C, Waterloo Ia; 1926-28 dir of Ia Agcy, Farmers Union Life Ins Co, Des Moines Ia; 1929-30 with Standard Bridge Co of Omaha; 1931-33 supvr of oprns & land agt for the Fed Land Bank of Omaha; 1934-36 apptd by Gov Herring in chg of debt adjustment work for Ia, reapptd by fed govt as state farm debt adjustment supvr under the resettlement administration; 1936-39 chief of agrl div of the Central Neb Pub Power & Irrigation Dist; during World War was active in Liberty Bond drives, war stamp sales, etc; AF&AM, Ames Ia; Scot Rite & Shrine of Des Moines, Ia; Uni Club, Lincoln; Hillside Golf Club; Congl Ch; off Stitt Bldg; res 849 N St Joseph, Hastings.

   BRAND, AMOS R A: Funeral Director; b Osborn, Mo May 30, 1895; s of Henry H Brand-Margaret E Michael; ed Osborn Mo HS; Mo Wes, Cameron, Mo; m Elsie M Cramer June 8, 1920 Chillicothe, Mo; 1916 Mo rural tchr; during World War May 1917 enl in US army 137th field ambulance co, served 13 mos in AEF; 1919 with Internatl Harvester Co, Potter; 1920 with Frank Rose Mfg Co, Hastings; 1920-32 with funeral home in Hastings; 1932- owner & opr Brand Funeral Home; past comm Amer Leg, ch mbr in Osborn Mo, past service ofcr, bus mgr drum & bugle corps, mbr city coun; Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assn; Lions; AF&AM, past moster; Tehama Shrine, ofcr; past master KCCH; past patron OES; BPOE, past exalted ruler; KP; SA, mbr of advisory bd; Meth Ch, ofcl bd mbr; hobbies, hunting, fishing, golf; off& res 5th & Bellevue Ave, Hastings.

   BRANDES, FRANK H: Auto Dealer; b Fillmore Co, Neb May 19, 1882; s of August Detrich Brandes-Catharine Helms; ed Adams Co; m Mildred E Hilton Nov 30, 1905 Hastings (dec March 19, 1937); s Edwin R; d Ethel M (Mrs. Dean W Kuykendall); 1902-09 farmed in


in Nebraska


Adams Co, oprd threshing machine in Adams & Webster Cos; 1909-17 in firm of Jones & Brandes Co, farm impl dlrs, Hastings; 1911-14 in Jones & Brandes Auto Co, Studebaker & Dodge dirs; 1914- owner & opr F H Brandes Co, Dodge dlrs, later also Plymouth dlrs; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; C of C; AF&AM, Scot Rite, Shrine; BPOE; German Luth Ch; family mbrs of Presby Ch; hobbies, hunting & travel, has traveled extensively; parents born in Germany & settled in Fillmore Co, also farmed in Adams Co; off 929 W 2nd St, res 733 N Hastings Ave, Hastings.

   BRATT, MARY: Physician; b Arapahoe, Neb; d of R W Bratt-Daisy Clark; ed Arapahoe HS; KSTC; U of N, BA, MD 1925; Nu Sigma Phi; 1923-24 interne Omaha Meth Hosp; 1924-25 with St Joseph Meth Hosp; 1925-37 prac in Arapahoe & Beaver City; 1927- prac, Hastings; staff mbr of Mary Lanning Memorial Hosp; Adams Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; AAUW; B&PW, past mbr; hobby, keeping house; off 209-10 Gaston Bldg; res 1318 N Kansas Ave, Hastings.

   BRECKENRIDGE, WILLIAM J: Jeweler & Optometrist; b Chicago, Ill Feb 8, 1893; s of James M Breckenridge-Susan B Keag; ed Englewood HS, Chicago; Omaha Optical Inst 1911; Natl Extn Optometric Assn; Zella M McConnaughey June 22, 1920 Gibbon; 1911-14 jeweler & optometrist with father in Edgar, succeed father 1914-24; 1924- with Breck's Jewelry Store & Breckenridge Optical Co at Hastings, specialists in fitting & mfg spectacles; time inspector UP&C&NW RRs; 1914-16 city clk, Edgar; Neb St Jewelers Assn, past pres; Neb Assn of Optometrists; AF&AM, grand master, secy since 1920; RAM, past high priest; KT; R&SM, master; Scot Rite 321; KCCH; Tehama Shrine; Preby Ch; Rep; hobby, Masonic work; off 643 W 2nd; res 1614 W 5th, Hastings.

   BROOKE, MRS ALICE H: Optometrist; b Somerset, Ky Sept 22, 1866; d of Eli Baugh-Ann B Strunk; ed Ky & Neb; Lincoln Med Coll, OD 1899; m A H Brooke June 6, 1892 Hastings; s Donovan Albert, William Henry; settled with parents on Adams Co homestead 1882; rural sch tchr 8 years, in sod structure 4 years; 1899- optometrist in A H Brooke Drug Store, Hastings; 1914 org Sunnyside Home, pres of bd; bd of edn, past mbr; only woman in Hastings ever to serve on city coun; Neb St Optical Assn, secy & treas 3 years; ARC chmn home service dept; Humane Soc, mbr exec com; Woman's Club, ch mbr, chmn state com of pub health & welfare, att 8 natl convs as Neb del-at-large; Amer Leg aux, ch mbr, rehabilitation chmn; B&PW, VP 1938; NYA, mbr st bd, helped estab girls training home in Hastings; Congl Ch; Dem, del-at-large from Neb to Philadelphia 1936, mbr exec com of State Central Com; hobbies, politics, sivic (sic) & public welfare work; father soldier in Union Army 13th Ky cavalry; off 2nd & Hastings Ave; res 923 Hastings Ave, Hastings.

   BROOKING, ALBERT MUNSELL: Museum Director; b Macomb, Ill Jan 12, 1880; s of Lucian T Brooking-Jennie Munsell; ed Macomb Ill; Phelps Co; Northern Ill Coll of Optometry Chicago, 1900; m Bertha Foreman 1905 Grand Junction, Colo; m Katherine Schneider June 14, 1913 Toledo, O; d Eleanor (Mrs Larry Rutherford); 1890-1900 emp by father in elevator, Funk; 1901-03 with Charles Morgan, jewelry bus, Holdrege; 1903-04 cattle raiser, Holyoke, Colo; 1904-08 conductor for Pullman Co, Denver then Portland, Ore; 1908-09 prop grain bus, Sedan; 1909-11 prop grain elevator, Trumbull; 1911-26 in grain elevator, Inland; 1926 org Hastings Museum, 1926- dir; has grain ints Flickville & Inland; 1937 supvr of construction modern museum; has done much research & exploratory work in archeology & ornithology; in early life a big game hunter & traveler, added largest private collection of mounted birds in US to Hastings Museum 1926; this, with his Indian relics, mammals & fossils probably the largest museum display ever assembled by one man, he has willed to Hastings Museum; outstanding achievement was discovering fossil mammoth, new to science and one of largest ever found; with it was a stone arrowhead of Folsom type, first evidence that man roamed Neb plains when these huge beasts lived; he has also discovered at Dorchester, type of prehistoric buffalo whose horns had a spread of more than 6 ft; AF&AM; Scot Rite; sponsor Brooking Bird Club; Meth Ch, in ch of SS, orchestra & music past 20 years; hobby, museum bldg; off 1330 N Burlington Ave; res 622 E 7th, Hastings.

   BROWN, J W: Physician; b Lithopolis, O July 30, 1887; s of Charles L Brown-Sarah E Mosier; ed Atlantic, Ia HS; Northwestern U; U of Ia, MD; Phi Delta Theta; m Mary B Henderson Oct 25, 1907 Clearfield, Ia; s Charles, Richard; 1905 prac in Clearfield, Ia; 1916- prac, Hastings; Adams Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; KP, past mbr; AF&AM, 32o; Shrine; BPOE; FOE; Presby Ch; Rep; off Gaston Bldg; res 736 N Burlington Ave, Hastings.

   BRUCE, EDGAR F: Jeweler; b Harrisburg, Neb Apr 16, 1890; s of William Bruce-Lola Oliphant; ed Hastings; m Elizabeth Crisman Nov 19, 1913 Hastings; d Janice; 1906 driver for Adams Express Co; 1906-30 with O C Zinn, Jeweler; 1930- owner & mgr jewelry bus, Hastings; Neb St Jewelers Assn, pres 1939; Amer Natl Retail Jewelers Assn; Kiwanis, past dir; C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Shrine, asst rabban; BPOE; Presby Ch; Rep; off 127 N Hastings Ave; res 815 Bellevue, Hastings.

   BRUCKMAN, CHARLES EDWARD: Attorney; b Crown Point, Ind Mar 28, 1878; s of George Henry Bruckman-Esther Nichols; ed Adams Co; Grand Island Bus & Normal Coll; U of N, LLB 1903; m Blanche A Favinger Dec 27, 1903 Roseland; s Oren R; tchr in schs of Adams Co 3 years, prior to attending U of N; 1904-12 clk of dist court, Adams Co; 1912-14 ptr of John Snider in law firm, Hastings; 1914- 20 indep law prac; 1920-24 ptr of Lewis C Paulson in law prac; 1924-34 indep law prac; 1934- ptr of Lawrence S Dunmire in prac; 1916-30 city atty; owns land & property in Hastings, Adams & Nuckolls Co & Colo; atty for sch dist past 6 years; past mbr sch bd; bd of pub works, VP; Adams Co, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; C of C; Lions; BPOE; KP, IOOF; DOKK; Hillside Golf Club; hobbies, outdoor life; father came to Neb in 1880, settled on Tony Adams homestead; off Arndt Bldg; res 609 N Saunders Ave, Hastings.

   BURR, WALTER MOSHER: Retired; b Juniata, Neb Dec 30, 1875; s of Walter H Burr-Nettie Mosher; ed Juniata HS; Neb Wes; m Alvina Katzberg 1900 Prosser; s Edward A, Victor F, Richard G; d Norma (Mrs. E L Ruther), Elsie, Anita, Irene; served in Sp-Amer War, in Cuba 1 year, mbr Co K, 3rd Neb regiment under William Jennings Bryan short time; 1899-1926 farmed in Adams Co; still owns farm; 1927-35 mbr Neb legislature, chmn institution com;, past mbr sch bd; twp clk; mbr of village bd; Adams Co, Fair Assn, past dir; Juniata Co-op Grain & Livestock Assn, pres; Neb Co-op Elevator Assn; C of C; AF&AM, past master; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, wild life conservation & study of criminology; res Kenesaw.

   BUTLER, ALBERT M: Plumbing & Heating Engineer; b Beaver Dam, Wis Oct 8, 1905; s of Albert S Butler-Anna Dye; ed U of Wis; Alpha Gamma Rho, past secy & treas; m Laura B Stewart Sept, 16, 1929 Minden; s Albert; d Patricia Louise; 1927 traveling representative for Condensed Milk Corp of Wis, 1928 representative at Hastings; 1929- with Walter G Stewart in plumbing & heating co, 1939 ptr of Ralph Stewart; holds commission in NNG; C of C; Kiwanis; BSA, scoutmaster troop 124; Bapt Ch; Rep; hobbies, BSA & NNG work; res 715 N Denver Ave, Hastings.

   BYERS, CHARLES E: Manager Lumber Co; b Uniontown, Penn Apr 12, 1876; s of I S Byers-Sarah Jane Bute; ed Aurora HS; m Effie Marie Craft Jan 5, 1904 Aurora; s John Harold, Virgil Craft; d Helen Charlene; 1896-98 rural sch tchr, Hamilton Co; 1900-01 prin Stockham schs; 1901-02 Hamilton Co dep treas; 1902-04 emp in P M Green Lbr Co, Aurora; 1904-08 mgr Byers Lbr Co, Alma, part owner until 1914; 1908-14 org & mgr Byers Lbr Co at Edison; 1913- gen mgr Byers Lbr Co, Hastings; 1916- owner & opr Byers Lbr Co, at Glenvil; 1917 estab yard at Prosser; 1918 estab yards at Flagler, Siebert & Arriba, Colo; 1919 estab yards at Juniata, Roseland & Ayr; 1919- dir Hastings Natl Bank; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn, past pres; Hastings Armory Co, pres; Rotary; C of C, past dir; AF&AM; Scot Rite; BPOE; Royal Highlanders, ch mbr; Chris Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; off 101 S Hastings Ave; res 1011 N Denver, Hastings.

   BYERS, MRS EFFIE MARIE: Homemaker; b Oskaloosa, Ia Nov 16, 1883; d of George P Craft-Mary Frances Pike; ed Aurora HS; m Charles E Byers Jan 4, 1904 Aurora; s J Harold, Virgil Craft; d Helen Charlene; 1899-1904 tchr in Hamilton Co schs, Aurora schs & in Wyo; 1904-08 lived in Alma; 1908-14 lived in Minden, pres Womans Club; 1914- resident of Hastings; mbr Neb House of Representatives, special session 1935; active in charity work for crippled children, helped send many to clinics; chmn of ladies div of Crippled Children Clinic in Hastings Apr 6, 1939; 65 children examined by specialists from all over Neb; Hastings Womans Club, pres; Adams Co Federated Womans Club, pres; Del-



Who's Who

phian Soc, past pres; PEO; OES; Presby Ch; Dem, vice chmn Adams Co Central Com, past mbr State Central Com, del to natl conv in 1928 & 1932; parents homesteaded in Hamilton Co 1890; res 1011 N Denver, Hastings.

   CAMERON A F: Wholesale Coal Dealer; b Mason City, Ia Oct 9, 1885; s of William W Cameron-Anna Field; ed Chester; U of Colo; m Alma King Mar 1912 Nelson; s Wayne Field, Don King; 1905-09 with C W Hull Portland Cement Co, Amarillo Tex; 1915 with Oakdale Coal Co, Denver; 1916-20 mgr branch off Aztec Coal Co, Hastings; 1920- whol distributor of coal & coke in Hastings: Amer Wholesale Coal Distributors Assn; Kiwanis, past mbr; C of C, chm of traffic com; AF&AM, 32o; BPOE, gov; KCCH; Episc Ch, mbr Cathedral bd; Rep; mother (dec 1931) was noted painter in oils & sculptor, designed panels for Womans Bldg in First Worlds Fair; hobby, fishing; off Anderson Bldg; res 1131 N St Joseph, Hastings.

   CANADAY, RALPH O: Attorney; b Minden, Neb Apr 4, 1891; s of J S Canaday-Mary Jane Winters; ed Minden HS; U of N, BA 1915, LLB 1918; Phi Alpha Delta; m Violet P Newmann Nov 27, 1919 Bridgeport; s Raymond S, Ralph O Jr; d Shirley Rae; 1909-11 tchr, Kearney Co; 1917 adm to bar, US dist court & circuit court of appeals; 1919-31 prac law with William Ritchie at Bridgeport; 1931- prac in firm Tibbits, Canaday & Hewitt, Hastings; 1936- atty for Central Neb Pub Power & Irrigation Dist; mbr sch bd of Bridgeport 7 years; mbr city coun 2 terms; during World War served 9 mos in US army, commd 2nd lt, 88th inf, 19th div; Adams Co, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; Lions; C of C; grand master 1933 AF&AM; Scot Rite; KP; Dem, off Stitt Bldg; res 733 N Hastings Ave, Hastings.

   CARSON, WILLIAM A: Pharmacist; b Holstein, Neb Mar 28, 1906; s of W T Carson-Jennie E Larsen; ed Hastings HS; Hastings Coll; Creighton U, PhG; Kappa Psi; m Louise P Brown June 19, 1929 Hastings; s William Grant; 1928 pharm for Brooke Drug Co of Hastings; 1933- owner & opr drug store, Kenesaw; chmn of village bd; Neb Pharm Assn; C of C; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, photography; res Kenesaw.

   CIRKSENA, FRANK H: Store Manager; b Stout, Ia Aug 27, 1902; s of John W Cirksena-Jennie A Saltzer; ed Sioux Falls S D Coll, BA 1928, mbr track & football teams; m Mary G Martini July 3, 1930 Sioux Falls, S D; s William John, d Mary Jane; 1928-29 prin HS, Lakeview S D; 1929 acct, John Morrell & Co at Sioux Falls, S D; 1930 with Gamble stores Mitchell S D; 1931- mgr of Gamble Stores at Hastings; Lions; C of C; KP; Rep; hobbies, hunting & fishing; off 820 W 2nd; res 734 N Bellevue, Hastings.

   CLARKE, DONALD W: Investment Broker; b Detroit, Mich Jan 20, 1911; s of William W Clarke-Alla Van Epps; ed Detroit Mich HS; Allegheny Coll, Meadville, Penn, BA 1933; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; m Helen B Hopkins Oct 12, 1935 Pittsburg Penn; 1933-34 reporter for Dun & Bradstreet, Detroit Mich; 1935- executor of Clarke est & opr gen investment co; Rotary, secy; C of C, dir; Uni Club; Presby Ch; Rep; father is comml artist; lived in Neb until 20 years of age then settled in Detroit; off Clarke Buchanan Bldg; res 1124 N Lincoln Ave, Hastings.

   COLFER, JOHN ARTHUR: Dentist; b McCook, Neb Oct 19, 1884; s of Thomas Colfer-Anna C Comers; ed McCook; Creighton Prep; Creighton U, DDS 1908; m Millicent G Elbert Oct 20, 1913 McCook; s James A, Joseph L; d Margaret C, Anna Marie; Mary T; 1903-05 price clk CB&Q RR, McCook; 1908-13 prac in McCook; 1913-16 dentist, Chadron; 1916- prac in Hastings; Adams Co Dental Soc, past VP; Neb St & ADA; C of C, dir; Hastings Country Club; past grand knight KC; BPOE, trustee: Cath Ch; hobby, golf; off 215 N Lincoln Ave; res 845 N Kansas Ave, Hastings.

   CONWAY, JAMES D: Attorney; b Adams Co, Ia Oct 2, 1903; s of Matt Conway-Mary Clarke; ed Des Moines Ia Cath Acad; Columbia Coll, Dubuque Ia; Creighton U, LLB, 1926; Delta Theta Phi; 1925-26 active in basketball & was pres Pan-Hellenic Coun; m Harriett Youngson Aug 16, 1934 Minden; d Carolyn, Catheryn; 1926 adm to bar in all state & fed courts; 1926- prac law in Hastings; 1935-39 city atty; 1936-39 U S conciliation commr & referee; Adams Co & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C, pres 1939; pres Jr C of C 1928; Hillside Golf Club; BPOE; Cath Ch; Dem; off Arndt Bldg; res 1135 N Burlington Ave, Hastings.

   CREIGHTON, JOHN WALLIS: College President; b Creighton, Mo Jan 16, 1882; s of Marcus Anthony Creighton-Mary Adella Wallis; ed Westminster Coll, Fulton Mo, BA 1904; U of Mo, PhD 1917; Kappa Alpha: m Lois Jameson Sept 14, 1910 Bakersfield, Cal; s John Wallis, Robert Jameson, Joseph Riggs; d Mildred (Mrs Frank M Barry), Ruth; 1907 Presby missionary to China; 1908-15 prin boys boarding sch Yeung Kong, China; 1917-28 prin True Light middle sch for girls, Canton, China; 1928-34 prof of missions & comparative religion, Wooster Coll, Wooster O; 1934- pres Hastings Coll; 1923-28 dir Hackett Med Coll & Union Theological Coll, Canton China; 1926-28 dir Canton Hosp; 1923-25 pres Amer Assn of South China; 1925-28 chmn ednl com, Coun of Presby Missions in China; Amer Oriental Soc; AAUP; Rotary, past dir; Wooster O Rotary, past pres; AF&AM, at Canton China under Brit control; Dem; off Hastings Coll; res 202 E 9th, Hastings.

   CRONKLETON, GEORGE G: Attorney; b Dunlap, Ia Mar 14, 1876; s of Ezra J Cronkleton-Julia O'Hare; ed Dunlap, Ia HS; m Anna Morrow Nov 25, 1913 Scottsbluff; 1892-98 dep P M at Dunlap Ia; 1898-99 dep auditor of Harrison Co, Ia; 1900-05 asst cash First Natl Bank Dunlap Ia; 1905-06 cash First Natl Bank, Ritzville Wash; 1906-09 groc, Council Bluffs Ia; 1909-10 asst cash Noble Lane & Noble Bank, Lander, Wyo,: 1910-12 cash Henry State Bank, Henry; 1912-22 cash First Natl Bank, Bayard; 1912- 22 U S commr for western Neb; 1922-38 receiver of natl banks in Neb; 1938- prac law, Hastings; city clk 5 years, Dunlap Ia; 6 years city clerk at Bayard; 4 years mbr Bayard sch bd; influential in locating sugar factory at Bayard; during World War helped in sale of Liberty Bonds; Adams Co, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; KC; BPOE; Cath Ch; Rep; off Gaston Bldg; res 1130 W 5th, Hastings.

   CROSSON, RAYMOND L: City Clerk; b Arrowsmith, Ill Dec 26, 1886; s of Martin J Crosson-Ida M Edward; ed Trumbull HS; m Bertha Moore Oct 28, 1908 Hall Co; s Raymond L Jr; d Mildred L (Mrs. Paul W Bohlke), Marjorie E (Mrs Albert W Hoppe); 1903-08 opr threshing machines in Adams, Hall, Clay & Hamilton Cos; 1909-13 mgr Farmers Grain & Supply Co elevator at Farmer; 1913-15 owner & mgr of credit & collection agcy; 1913-15 constable; 1915-27 chief of police except time in army on Mexican border & in World War; 1927-35 sheriff, Adams Co; 1935- city clk; 1906 priv & ch mbr NNG, promoted to corp, sgt & first sgt, 1909 to 2nd lt, Co D of 2nd inf, 1st lt 1910, capt 1912; commd maj of 5th Neb inf 1915 & served in Mexican border uprising; during World War commd maj of 134th inf, O/S 1918-19, 1922-25 inspector gen of NNG, recommd maj 134th inf, ret 1927; 1918 grad small arms firing sch, Camp Perry 0, received certificate as instr & expert rifleman; Amer Leg, adjt; C of C; BPOE, leading knight; KP; AF&AM; Scot Rite, Shrine; First Chris Ch; Rep; hobby, mil work; off City Water & Light Bldg; res 1130 W 3rd, Hastings.

   CROW, WALTER M: Attorney; b Faversham England Nov 18, 1875; s of James Crow-Mary A Overy: ed Hastings HS, studied law in off of John C Stevens in Hastings; adm to bar in 1900, adm to prac in all state & fed courts; m Julia Holm Nov 6, 1918 Lincoln (dec May 6, 1921); 1885 came to U S then to Hastings; 1900- prac law in Hastings; 1921-29 Adams Co atty; Adams Co, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; KP; BPOE; Dem; hobbies, golf, hunting & fishing; off City Natl Bank Bldg; res 519 E 3rd, Hastings.

   CROWLEY, JAMES FRANCIS: Attorney; b Ottumwa, Ia Apr 9, 1879; s of Jerome Crowley-Agnes Carney; ed Hastings HS; St. Marys Coll, St Marys Kas; m M Blanch Cantwell June 10, 1914, Hastings; s John J, James F; d Mary Helen; 1901 adm to Neb bar; 1901- prac law, Hastings; past Adams Co judge: J P 30 years; past police judge; Adams Co Bar Assn, past pres; Neb St Bar Assn; dist chmn BSA; BPOE: past dist dep KC; mbr finance com of Cath Ch; Rep; hobby, BSA work; off Cameron Bldg; res 618 N Bellvue, Hastings.

   CUDA, EDWARD ANDREW: Store Manager; b Seward Co, Neb Apr 27. 1905; s of William Cuda-Elizebeth Gaskill; ed Seward Co; m Leona May Macoy Dec 31, 1928 Lexington: d Nancy Lee, Janice Lou; 1925-26 shoe salesman Hershberger & Dupin Dept Store; Seward; 1926-27 shoe salesman Ben Simons, Lincoln; 1927-28 shoe salesman Rudge & Guenzel Dept Store, Lincoln; 1928-29 traveling salesman for R J Reynolds Tobacco Co in Neb, 6 mo traveling salesman for Iten Biscuit Co in Minn; 1929-36 salesman for Twidale Shoe Co, Hastings; 1936- mgr Bucks Booterie, Hastings; Jr C of C, dir;


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