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LetterEWARD County is a part of the vast domain extending from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border, from the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains, purchased by the United States from France in 1803. The territory embraced 827,987 square miles or nearly as much territory as was contained in the entire United States before this Louisiana purchase. The price paid was $15,500,000.
   In 1939 the valuation of Seward County alone, as determined by the assessors, was $29,992,447, or nearly twice that involved in the entire Louisiana purchase of which Seward County contains but 574 square miles. At the time of the purchase and for many, years afterward, that part of the territory west of the Missouri river was known as the Great American desert. What a vast transformation has taken place in the span of 137 years since the original purchase was made--in point of population, in development and in resources!
   A territorial form of government was set up for that part of the purchase now known as Nebraska in 1855, and that same year, by an act of the territorial legislature approved by the governor on March 6, 1855, the county of Greene was established. The boundary extended twenty-four miles from the west line of Cass and Lancaster Counties, and from the north boundary of what is now Saline County on the south to the Platte river. Another act of the assembly, approved Jan. 26, 1856, however, created the county of Butler out of the north part of Greene County, and by still another act approved Jan. 3, 1862, Greene County disappeared from the map and the county of Seward made its appearance. The original name was given the county in honor of a senator from Missouri, but when trouble broke out between the states, the Missouri senator cast his lot with the confederacy and became a general in its army. The name was then changed to honor the secretary of state in the cabinet of President Lincoln, William H. Seward.
   In the fall of 1858, three years after Greene County had been established, and four years before the name was changed to Seward, the first permanent settler established a residence within its boundaries. Daniel Morgan was the name of this pioneer, and he and his three sons, William, Thomas and Lewis, located a home in what is now J precinct. Here he lived for twenty years, or until his death in 1878. Other settlers followed the Morgans into Greene County, and when the federal census was taken in 1860 it showed a total population of sixteen persons. By 1870 the Civil War had been fought, and following its close, settlers, for the most part veterans of the war, poured into this western country and the more desirable homestead lands were soon taken. The name of the county had been changed to Seward in the meantime, and the population swelled from 16 to 2,953. The 1930 census showed a population of 15,938.
   In October, 1865, ten years after the territory had been organized and two years before statehood, an election was called for the purpose of establishing organized government in the county. Prior to this election Seward County had been attached to Lancaster for judicial purposes and the election was called by the commissioners of that county. These officers were chosen, the first to serve in Seward County: William J. Imlay of Seward, William J. Thompson of Beaver Crossing, and H. W. Parker of Camden, county commissioners; Thomas West, county clerk; C. J. Niehardt, county treasurer; W. E. Chapin, sheriff; J. L. Davison, probate judge.
   The county commissioners, after their selection in 1865 and 1866, met in the homes of the officers at various points in the county. An effort had been made, however, to designate Camden as the county seat, but without success. Camden (now only a memory) was at the point on the Blue river, in the southeast corner of the county, where a crossing had been developed and quite a settlement had sprung up. Thousands of immigrants, starting with the gold rush in 1849, poured over this old trail. The same route later became known as the Steam Wagon Road.
   The second point of importance to develop in those early days was West Mills, located on the West Blue river, so named for Thomas West who, with his son, Thomas West, Jr., and Orian Johnson, established this settlement in June, 1859. In 1864 he erected the first saw and grist mill in the county.
   School district No. 1 was established in the Camden community in 1866, and Thomas Graham was the first teacher. A school was also established in a small log building on the claim of E. L. Clark, near the present townsite of Beaver Crossing that same year, with Miss Agnes Henderson as teacher. There seems to be no official record as to which school actually held the first session, although the records establish district No. 1 as being the first organized school. Graham, its teacher, became the first county superintendent, having been appointed


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by the commissioners at a session held April 6, 1869. At the same session D. C. McKillip was appointed the first county attorney, with authority to procure the necessary books for the district and probate courts. McKillip had previously served as the deputy county treasurer.
   Although the first general election was held in the county in October of 1865, an election had been held in the same month of 1864, when David Imlay was chosen a member of the territorial legislative assembly. Seven votes were cast at that election, the voters being R. T. Gale, at whose homestead just east of the present city of Seward the election was held, J. L. Davison, David Imlay, Job Reynolds, William Imlay, Joseph Imlay and D. P. Imlay. A wagon box served as a polling place and Fred Woolley held a cigar box into which the ballots were put. W. W. Cox, the county historian, is accredited with having arranged this election. He had attended a meeting in Lancaster County a short time before and had formulated an agreement whereby one of the representatives from that county should be chosen from Seward County.
   The official survey of the lands in Seward County commenced in July of 1856, and continued on through 1857 and to Sept. 28, 1858. Thomas Graham was a member of the surveying party, and in a diary kept by him it is recorded that he and his party visited Section 34 of 35, Town 10, Range 3, on July 13, 1858. In 1868 Lewis Moffitt, the founder of Seward, employed Graham to survey the townsite, although a settlement had been located there some years before.
   A long, long trail has been traveled since those early days in the county's history. Schools were established throughout the county, churches were built, roads were made, bridges were constructed, the railways came, and settlements grew into towns.
   The settlers who came in the sixties and seventies were largely veterans of the Civil War. In the two wars since that period Seward County has rendered its bit of service. In the war with Spain in 1898 it furnished a cavalry troop under the command of Capt. J. H. Culver, and many members of the three regiments of volunteers which went from Nebraska. During the participation of the United States in the World War in 1917-18, 549 Seward County men enlisted. Twenty-six of them never returned.
   Seward County has furnished four citizens who have served as elective state officers. Edmund C. Carns served as lieutenant governor from 1879 to 1883; William Leese served as attorney general from 1885 to 1891; Hon. T. L. Norval served as a member of the state supreme court from 1890 to 1902, and the writer was state auditor from 1915 to 1919. Judge H. D. Landis also served as a member of the board of regents of the state university from 1915 to 1929, and has served on the district bench since 1925. J. J. Thomas of Seward was a member of the Federal Reserve Board at Washington from 1933 to 1936.
    There have been periods of adversity, as well as periods of prosperity, in the eighty-one years since the first permanent residence was established in the county. There have been drouths and insect pests to harrass and discourage the people; there have been periods of abundance in turn. Irrespective of whether the seasons have been favorable or otherwise, the farmers have prepared the soil and sowed the seed for the next crop, their faith in the future unabated, their courage undaunted.

   ALDERSON, DONALD M: Physician & Surgeon; b Chambers, Neb June 24, 1908; s of Thomas E Alderson-Anna Kiltz; ed Chambers; O'Neill HS 1926; U of N, BSc 1933, MD 1934; Omega Beta Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; m Golda Camblin Sept 9, 1932 Lincoln; s Donald M Jr; d Mary Ann; 1934 interne St Lukes Hosp, Denver; 1936 camp phys 9 mos CCC, Grand Junction Colo; 1985-37 supt Mt Airy Sanitarium in Denver; 1937 came to Milford, took over Dr H Wertman prac; mbr vol fire dept; 1st lt MORC; secy Seward Co Med Soc; Colo Neurological Soc; Neb St & AMA: C of C; IOOF; chmn Milford ARC; hobbies, golf, tennis, photography; off & res Milford.

   BARTH, CHARLES F: Attorney; b Olivet, S D Dec 27, 1885; s of Fredrick W Barth-Lydia Baumgart: ed Olivet S D; Fremont Normal 1906; U of S D, BA 1910, LLB 1913; U of Chicago; m Lena B Schmidt May 26, 1914 Friend; d Marian; 1901-04 sch tchr in S D & N D; 1906-07 sch tchr, Trent S D; 1914 adm to S D & Neb bars; 1913-17 ptr in firm of Barth & Busse in Friend; 1913 city atty, Friend; 1917-19 Saline Co atty: 1919- ptr in firm of McKillip & Barth, Seward; 1935-36 city atty;1936 mgr Gov Cochran's campaign; Neb St Bar Assn; C of C; AF&AM; Rotary: Congl Ch; Dem, vice-chmn Neb St Central Com; off McKillip Bldg; res 626 N 6th, Seward.

   BAUER, GEORG JR: County Supervisor; b Louisa Co, Ia Jan 11, 1872; s of Georg Bauer-Katherine Frosch; ed Seward Co; m Mary Pleines Apr 18, 1895 Seward; s Georg H, Edward C; d Katherine (Mrs D Banzhoff), Anna (Mrs Albert Gake), Minnie (Mrs Ernest Augustin); 1920- Seward Co supvr dist 6, oldest supvr in co: 1908-20 Goehner twp bd; mbr sch bd 36 years; village clk 7 years; Goehner twp assessor 2 terms; has farm ints; Evang Ch; Rep; hobby. bldg roads; res Goehner.

   BECKORD, MARTIN R: Hatchery Owner; b Utica, Neb Oct 28, 1889; s of Fritz Beckord-Minna Wulfenkuhler; ed Utica HS 1906; U of N 1908; LBC 1909; m Mabel L Christie June 12, 1912 Chicago; s Wendell R, George M, Robert C; d Jean Francis; June 17, 1908 passenger on Lusitania to Europe, retd Oct 1908; 1909-16 with father in coal & grain bus, Utica; 1916-18 with First Natl Bank, Utica; 1918-30 ptr in A J White ins bus, Beckford & White Land Co; 1930-34 receiver of failed banks, Neb state banking dept Res Bank of Omaha; 1930- owner & opr Beckord's Hatchery, specializes in raising turkeys; past mbr sch bd; past mbr twp bd; past mbr village bd; Past Pres Seward Co Agrl Soc; Internatl & Baby Chick Assn; Amer Poultry Assn; C of C: AF&AM; RAM; Scot Rite IV; hobbies, fishIng, hunting; res Utica.

   BEECHER, MRS JENNIE MUIR: Retired: b Waukesha Co, Wis Jan 26, 1861; d of Alexander Muir-Margaret Crawford; ed Fillmore Co; m Ernest E Beecher Oct 31, 1877 Exeter (dec 1932); s Earl R; d Edith (Mrs 0 S Hunkins); came to Cordova 1892; OES; ch mbr RNA, past del to several state convs; Womans Club, Beaver Crossing; United Presby Ch; Rep; husband with C&NW RR 30 years; res Cordova.

   BEK, ARTHUR CARL: Bank Cashier; b Seward Co, Neb Apr 14, 1892; s of Paul W Bek-Ida Wulf; ed Luth Parochial HS; Concordia Tchrs Coll; m Emma M Miesner Jan 5, 19830 Seward; 1910-18 clk in various groc stores, Seward; 1919-20 stock room mgr, Ford Garage; 1920-29 owner Bek Cigar store; 1929- with Cattle Natl Bank, 1931- cash; mbr city coun 8 years, chmn light & water dept;


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past dir C of C, past chmn finance com; past adjt & past comm Amer Leg, service ofcr 17 years; Seward Co soldiers & sailors relief com; secy Seward Golf Club; VP Seward Amusement Assn; treas Seward Co Agrl Assn; secy of finance Luth Ch; Rep; off Cattle Natl Bank; res 633 N 7th, Seward.

   BEK, PAUL H: Attorney; b Seward Co, Neb Aug 26, 1894; s of Paul W Bek-Ida S Wulf; ed Concordia Normal HS; Concordia Tchrs Coll 1912; U of Ia: U of N, LLB 1935; Phi Alpha Delta., 1912-18 tchr Kalispell Mont; 1918-19 during World War enl in US army, 16 mos with AEF in Siberia, Co K 31st Inf, disch San Francisco Dec 30, 1919; 1920 retd to Seward; 1921-33 Seward Co judge; 1935- with Stanley A Matzke in Seward: 1936- city atty: Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; secy C of C; past comm Amer Leg; past pres Rotary; Golf Club: Magazine Club; past chmn ARC 10 years; Luth Ch; hobby, photography; off Protective Fire Ins Bldg; res East Hillcrest Drive, Seward.

   BELDEN, ROY P: Dentist; b Princeton, Ill June 10, 1878; s of Wilber E Belden-Fannie Blood; ed Fullerton, Omaha Dental Coll, DDS 1903; Internatl Sch of Orthodontia, Kansas City Mo 1926; m Mabel L Sheely 1908 (dec 1911); m Gertrude A Newton July 28, 1913 Pleasant Dale; d Mary M (Mrs H K Muth), Lela F, Ruth M; 1900-01 with Dr W R Clark, Seward: 1903 prac 10 mos at Talmage; 1904 prac in Seward; past mbr city coun; Central Dist Dental Soc, past pres, past secy & ch mbr; Neb St & ADA; C of C; Magazine Club; past pres YMCA; AF&AM; Scot Rite; trustee & elder Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, horseback riding, tennis, outdoor sports; off Riggert Bldg; res 216 E Seward, Seward.

   BERNECKER, BERTHA DOROTHEA: Homemaker; b Seward, Neb Feb 10, 1882; d of Herman Bernecker-Fredaika S Geotc; with father keeping house since 1916; once collected pencils, now makes hobby of collecting buttons, corresponds with others who have same pastime; exchanges home made baskets for buttons of which she has collected 8000 in 1 year, hopes to complete button map of Neb soon, each co to consist of buttons of different color; res Seward.

   BERNECKER, HERMAN SR: Farmer; b Saxton, Weimar Germany Apr 13, 1852; s of Rudolph Bernecker-Elizabeth Schultze; ed Germany; m Fredaika S Geotc Nov 18, 1876 Seward (dec 1916); s Albert H; d Emma (dec 1883), Minnia, (dec 1883), Elma, (Mrs C Feigion), Bertha; 1860 with father came from Germany; father in cooper trade with Reeders' Brewery in Dunleath Ill, now East Dubuque; 1860-66 with father made beer kegs; 1873 moved to Seward Co, now lives on land pur by father at that time; 1915 built home from trees on farm; farmed with son Albert until 1929; 1929- son farms part of land indep; has been carp, stonemason, blacksmith & butcher; 1876-33 treas sch bd; past road overseer; past town clk 6 years; past twp assessor 9 years; pres, past treas, past VP & past dir Farmers Mutual Ins CO; past mbr ARC; ch mbr Luth Ch; hobbies, ins work & sch welfare; res RFD 2, Seward.

   BLANKENSHIP, WILHELMINA A: Grocer; b Seward Co. Neb Sept. 28, 1878; d of Nicholas Wullenwaber-Johannah Peters; ed Seward HS; m William A Blankenship Sept 1, 1902 Seward; 1897 bkkpr for father in N Wullenwaber & Son Impl Co; 1897-1901 clk in Schweer Dry Goods & Clothing Store in which husband held an interest; 1902-08 husband & Will Schweer estab gen merc store in Greeley, 1918 he estab groc store at Seward, added meat market in 1936 & oprd until death Mar 26, 1938; Mrs Blankenship bkkpr in store since 1918, opr groc & meat market since husband's death; off 118 S 5th; res 240 E Seward Ave, Seward.

   BREDEKAMP, MRS EMMA R: Librarian: b Nebraska City, Neb; d of Henry E Bachler-Genevieve Zimmerer, ed Nebraska City HS, U of Wyo; m Henry F Bredekamp July 30, 1923 Brainerd, Minn; sch tchr Nebraska City 15 years, & in Sheridan Wyo, 3 years; 1920 came to Seward; Jan 1 1927 librarian, city lib; Fin de Siecle Club; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, lib work; res 403 S 4th, Seward.

   BULLER, ANTHONY L: Farmer; b Chatsworth, Ill Apr 16, 1875; s of Wendelin Buller-Matilda Reinfort; ed Seward Co; m Margaret Leif Feb 16, 1898 Colon (dec Jan 20, 1919); s Leo W, Burdett H, Arnold T, Lawrence W; 1885 came to Utica with father farmed & oprd blacksmith shop 5 mi NE of Utica; 1898 farmer near Utica, on farm which father gave sons; pur brother's int, owner of farm; 1929- breeder of Percheron horses, also breeder Shorthorn cattle & Hampshire hogs; Farmers Elevator Co; Cath Ch; res RFD 1, Utica.

   CAMPBELL, CHARLES H: Seed Dealer; b Tamora, Neb Dec 22, 1895; s of Henry Campbell-Jennie M Slonecker; ed Seward HS; m Nettie N Johnston Apr 17, 1918 Lincoln; s Paul H; 1915-17 with Adams Express Co: 1917 during World War enl in U S army & served O/S sgt Co L 355th Inf 89th div, disch Camp Funston Kas June 1919; 1919-38 with Campbell's Seed House, Seward; 1932- in real est bus; 1938- with brother Walter R pur father's int in Campbell's Seed Co; also has int in Hand & Campbell Gas Station; asst chief vol fire dept, will receive 25 year medal in 1940; chmn bd of edn; past mbr city coun; dir Equitable B & L Assn; pres Neb Seed Dlrs Assn; Western Seed Dlrs Assn; past pres C of C, chmn finance com; Rotary; AF&AM; Amer Leg; Golf Club; Meth Ch; hobby, real est; off 236 S 5th; res 326 S 5th, Seward.

   CAMPBELL, HENRY: Merchant; b Logan Co, Ill Aug 22, 1898; s of Albert Campbell-Lucy Shubert; ed Logan Co Ill; m Jennie M Slonecker Nov 6, 1890 Seward Co (dec 1938); s Edgar E, Charles H, Albert D, Walter R, Harry L; d Hazel (Mrs A L Archer), Mabel (Mrs A Pickrel), Anna (Mrs C Evans), Nellie M (Mrs T Renick); 1882-1913 farmed, Seward Co; 1913-38 owned & oprd Campbell's Seed Store; 1938 sold bus to sons Walter & Charles; 1938- maintains seed investments; past mbr city coun; past pres sch bd; past mayor; C of C; MWA; RNA; Amer Yeoman; Rep; hobby, travel; res 1104 Main, Seward.

   CARDWELL, LLOYD R: Professional Football Player; b Republic City, Kas Apr 19, 1913; s of William Cardwell-Winnie Jewett; ed Kas, Tex & Neb; Seward HS 1933; U of N 1987; Sigma Chi; N Club; m Elizabeth K Hoerner July 7, 1938 Seward; 1937 played professional football with Detroit Lions; played 1938 with Chevrolet Motors, Buffalo, played all-professional game in Los Angeles Cal; 1939 again with Detroit Lions; hobbies, athletics, coaching; res Seward.

   CARR, JAMES W: Physician & Surgeon; b Marion, Ind Jan 20, 1908; s of John W Carr-Dora E Parson; ed Greentown Ind 1921; Westinghouse Tech; U of Pittsburgh; Purdue U; Ind U; U of N, BSc 1929, MD 1981; Alpha Kappa Kappa; m Grace E Cain Dec 24, 1932 Omaha; s James W Jr; d Jo-Ann; 1931-32 interne St Luke's Hosp, Duluth Minn; 1932-37 prac in Ulysses; 1934 six mos surgical work at Cascade Hosp in Wash; 1937- ptr of Dr Sandusky in Seward Hosp; Seward Co & Sixth Dist Med Socs; Neb St & AMA; C of C; Magazine Club; Meth Ch: hobbies, medical work, hunting; off Seward Hosp; res 120 Main.

   CATTLE, ROBERT T: Bank President; b Seward, Neb July 5, 1889; s of Walter Cattle-Bessie Turner; ed priv sch Racine, Wis; U of N, LLB 1911; m Mercedes Brown June 19, 1912 Kansas City, Mo; s Robert T Jr, John W, Walter; d Sarah F, Dorothy A; 1911- with State Bank of Neb estab 1872, pur 1876 by grandfather John Cattle Sr, in family since; 1889 father placed in chg of bank upon retirement of grandfather; 1931 after father's death became pres & and is also mgr of farm ints; Neb & Amer Bankers Assns; C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite, Lincoln; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, feeding cattle & hogs; off Cattle Natl Bank; res Hillcrest Ave, Seward.

   CHAIN, ALBERT B: Retired; b Seward, Neb Apr 25, 1885; s of Jacob M Chain-Amelia Simms; ed York HS 1906; U of N 1910; Phi Kappa Pal; m Abby E Hall Dec 31, 1918 York; s John H; d Virginia H, Priscilla F; 1910-13 homesteaded in Tripp Co S D, first tchr in Ideal twp; 1910-11 dealt in real est & helped open Mellett & Todd Cos S D; 1911-12 held int in State Bank of Winner S D; 1913-16 with W H Moore furn & undertaking establishment, Seward; 1915 pur establishment, changed name to A B Chain Furn & Undertaking & oprd bus until 1928; July 1 1928 sold furn dept to Walter Gass & opened first exclusive funeral parlor under name Chain & Wood, & oprd until 1939; 1939- ret; 1916 introduced first auto hearse into Seward CO; past pres sch bd 2 terms; mbr vol fire dept; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; Seward Golf Club; Meth Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res 231 E Seward, Seward.

   CHRISTIAN, CARL W: Mayor; b Cordova, Neb Apr 23, 1906; s of Hans C Christian-Meta Thomsen; ed Cordova HS; m Dorothy Vogt June 14, 1929 Marysville Kas; s Richard D; d Carol Lee; 1922-82 owner Chevrolet garage, Beaver Crossing; 1932- has farm & livestock ints; 1933- mayor; Rep; hobby, sports, hunting; res Beaver Crossing.



Who's Who

   COCHRANE, JOHN: Editor & Publisher; b Northern Ireland; s of John Cochrane-Martha Henry; ed Ireland; U of N 1921-24; m Helen Danzing June 16, 1926 Fullerton; 1914 came from Ireland to Lincoln; 1914-16 worked for city of Lincoln; 1916-17 learned printing trade in Spotlight Printing Shop, Lincoln; 1917 during World War enl in US army, disch Camp Dodge Ia 1919; 1919-21 with Lincoln Journal; 1924-26 emp by various newspapers; 1926-27 advertising mgr Garden City Kas Telegram; 1927- editor & publisher Milford Review; NPA; C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Amer Leg; hobbies, fishing, hunting, photography; off & res Milford.

   COLMAN, BERTRAND R: Farmer; b Seward Co, Neb Feb 28, 1875; s of Amos Colman-Mary Poisall; ed Seward Co; m Effie V Hoover Oct 31, 1900 Seward; d Nina Beryl; 1896-97 worked on various farms in Neb, Wash & Mo, cowboy in Mont, worker in Kas packing house; 1897-99 farmed in Seward Co: 1899- farming father's homestead; Farmers Union; past pastor AF&AM; 32o Scot Rite; RAM; Sesostris Shrine; past mbr WOW; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res RFD 1, Bee.

   CURRY, JOHN F: Clothier; b Girardville, Penn Sept 25, 1878; s of Anthony Thomas Curry-Mary A Durkin; ed Vail Ia; Denison Ia Normal & Bus Coll; m Emma A Besse Jan 14, 1920 Davenport Ia; 1905-08 with brother Thomas J in Curry Bros clothing store, Seward; 1908-11 oprd Curry Bros indep: 1911- with younger brother William A, owns Curry Bros Clothing Store, opr indep; 1916- also owner Columbus store, now oprd by brother; during World War helped org ARC in 11 towns in Seward Co, 11 years treas; past city clk, past mbr welfare bd; Natl Assn of Retail Clothiers; C of C; Rotary; Seward Golf Club; Cath Ch; hobby, comm welfare; off 526 Seward; res 214 Moffitt, Seward,

   DEARING, ROSE MARIAN: Publisher; b Francesville, Ind 1868; d of Moses Dearing-Emma Gordon; Spencer Ind HS; Normal Sch, Winamac Ind; m Elmer Betzer Oct 22, 1891 Logansport Ind; m William Dearing Aug 6, 1929 Le Mars Ia; has edited & published Blue Valley Blade for 40 years, husband E E Betzer job printer; Nebraska Writers Guild; mbr Margaret Holmes ch American Revolution; WRC; Comm Club; Royal Neighbors; Congl Ch; hobby, travel, traveled in Holland, Switzerland & Belgium; spent much time in Juneau Alaska; res 304 Main St, Seward.

   DeOGNY, PAUL A: Physician & Surgeon; b Nebraska City, Neb Sept 8, 1877; s of Charles A DeOgny-Susan Rapp; ed Lincoln HS; Cincinnati Eclectic Med Coll, MD 1909: m Lida Pearl Nethers Nov 1, 1902 Benton Kas; d Lucile Aileen (Mrs Harold C Pauley); 1901 lic by med bd of Kas; 1909- prac in Milford; surg for CB&Q RR; mbr Neb St bd of examiners in med; during Sp-Amer War mbr 3rd Neb vol inf Co A; Amer Assn of Railway Surgs; pres Seward Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Natl Coun on Med Edn; past pres Neb St Eclectic Med Assn; past pres Amer Eclectic Med Assn; C of C; Uni Club, Lincoln; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Shrine; Bapt Ch; hobby, books, boys; off & res Milford.

   DIERS, LOUIS HENRY: County Treasurer; b Seward, Neb Sept 16, 1875; s of Herman Diers-Annie C Shulte; ed Walther Coll, St Louis Mo 1891; Lincoln Med Coll, MD 1897; grad work, Coll of Phys & Surgs, Chicago 1897-98; m Blanch Foster Gordon June 9, 1908 Logansport Ind; s Karl Gordon; d Muriel Ann; 1897-98 interne Cook Co Hosp, Chicago; 1898-1901 prac Seward, ret because of ill health; 1901-14 with brother, Diers Brothers Merc Store; 1914-30 farmed near Seward; 193O Seward Co treas; 1897-1914 chief vol fire dept; past mayor, past Seward Co commr, Vast twp clk & assessor; served in NNG as first lt in med corps; past chmn roads com & past dir C of C; AF&AM: York Rite; RAM; hobbies, horses, flowers; off Courthouse; res 332 S Columbia, Seward.

   DOHRMANN, DIEDRICH JOHN: County Sheriff; b Hanover, Germany Jan 5, 1883; s of Claus Dohrmann-Adelheit Richiters; ed Hanover Germany; m Anna Suellwold May 30, 1910 Seward; s Adolph C, Elmer H, Elton G; 1897-1906 carp in Hanover Germany; 1904-06 in army service in Germany; 1906 came from Germany to Seward; 1906- in bldg & gen contracting bus, drove first nail in courthouse in Seward; 1930 foreman in bldg of school house & HS in Staplehurst; 1939- Seward Co sheriff; 1913 treas twp bd; 1918-32 treas of sch bd; 1916-38 chief vol fire dept; Neb Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; Neb St Vol Firemens-Assn; C of C; Evang Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing, football, basketball; off Courthouse; res 213 S 8th, Seward.

   DOTY, CHARLES W: Physician & Surgeon; b Darlington, Wis June 10, 1861; s of George Doty-Elizabeth ___; ed Darlington Wis; Rush Med Coll, Chicago, MD 1888; m Jane Caroline Schreiter June 4, 1891 Darlington Wis; s David Albert; d Helen S (Mrs R E Schutt); 1882-88 with Dr H W Hewit in drug bus, Friend; 1895 prac med at Cordova also estab Doty Drug Co; 1895- prac, Beaver Crossing also oprd drug store 6 years; past Seward Co coroner, past U S pension examiner, past mbr village bd; 1917-19 state senator; helped org Seward County Tele Co; during World War food administrator & chmn 4-Min Men, Beaver Crossing; Neb St & AMA; C of C; AF&AM, RAM; Scot Rite; IOOF; Dem; Mrs Doty is mbr Woman's Club, active in Meth Ch & recd 3 stripes for ARC service; hobby, comm welfare work; off & res Beaver Crossing.

   DOUTY, EMMA MYRTLE: Teacher; Seward, Neb; d of Oliver Douty-Lydia Haney; ed Seward HS; U Of N; Neb Wes, BSc 1932; teacher Seward Co rural schs several years, tchr at Bee 2 years; primary tchr many years; NSTA; past VP Fin De Siecle Club; PEO; RNA; hobbies, reading; res 517 First, Seward.

   DOWDING, WILLIAM A: Postal Clerk; b Seward, Neb Jan 19, 1888; s of James A Dowding-Emma S Roberts; ed Seward HS 1907; m Edna Thompson June 18, 1913 Albion; s James C, William T, John A; 1907-09 asst clk in off of Seward Co clk; 1909-10 Seward Co dep assessor; 1910-12 emp by Seward Co to copy numerical indexes; 1912-14 with CB&Q RR, Omaha; 1914-16 with Metropolitan Life Ins Co, Omaha; 1916-17 with Harrison Nursery Co, York; 1917- with U S postal service; mbr vol fire dept; past secy sch bd; chmn first aid & life saving branch of Seward Co ARC, swimming instr; dir, past pres municipal band; C of C; AF&AM; York Rite, RAM; Sesostris Shrine; hobbies, swimming, BSA work; res 941 N 7th, Seward.

   DUNTEN, WESLEY LOUIS: Editor & Publisher; b Pleasant Dale, Neb Sept 26, 1878; s of Alexander Bird Dunten-Frances N Ristmacher; ed Seward Co; PSTC; U of N, BA 1916; m Madge T Sloan Aug 18, 1920 Lewiston; s Caryl Wesley Lindy; d Thora Mathilda; played in 1st basketball game PSTC, N A Bengtson mgr; asst in physics to Prof Herbert Brownell in PSTC & U of N; tchr HS math & science; supt of schs in Dallas S D, Doniphan, Odell, Dodge & Lewiston consolidated schs in Neb; publisher News-Journal, Fullerton; supt schs in Nance Co, taught rural schs in Webster, Thayer & Seward Cos; with 18 other pupils & tchr spent night of 1888 blizzard in school house dist 66 Seward Co; Lions, Fullerton; past secy AF&AM, Fullerton, secy Beaver Crossing; KP, Fullerton; Meth Ch; hobbies, writing, comm. welfare; off Times; res Beaver Crossing.

   DURKEE, N E: Clergyman; b Greeley, Neb Oct 24, 1896; s of John Fredrick Durkee-Narvonia Caswell; ed Tabor, Ia HS 1919; m Grace Shippy Oct 5, 1921 Tabor Ia; s Elbert M; d Eleanor G; 1919-21 in printing off at Tabor, Ia; 1922-23 in evangelistic work in Kas & other states; 1924-33 missionary to Africa; 1933-34 pastor Hurley, SD; 1934- pastor Mennonite Ch, Milford; pres Milford Ministerial Assn; hobbies, chickens, printing; res Milford.

   EBERS, HERMAN W: Farmer; b Seward Co, Neb Dec 13, 1896; s of Carl J Ebers-Emma L Sonneman: ed Seward Co; Sweeney Auto Sch, Kansas City Mo; m Meta E Wurst Nov 26, 1919 Seward Co; Merle W, Ralph L; d Janet L, Virginia E; 1919- farmer near Seward; past pres Seward Co Farm Bur; Grange; 1928- dir & past pres Seward Co Agrl Assn: Farmers Union; Red Polled Cattle Club of Amer; Amer Poland China Record Assn; Standard Poland China Record Assn; Neb Poultry Improvement Assn; dir Neb Crop Growers Assn; dir Farmers Union Co-op Oil Co of Milford; chmn bd of stewards, Salem Meth Ch, pres S E dist Sundays schools of Seward Co, pres Seward Co Coun of Churches since 1937; Rep; hobby, livestock; res RFD Seward.

   FIGARD, SILAS: City Treasurer; b Seward Co, Neb May, 19, 1869; s of David H Figard-Amy Anderson; ed Seward Co; m Blanche Holland May 19, 1909 Seward; s Paul H: d Isabel; 1886-90 Seward Co dept treas under father; 1890 bkkpr for Butler Brothers in Custer Co & 4 mos with Capitol Natl Bank of Seward; 1891-94 asst cash First Natl Bank, Seward; 1893-94 city treas; 1895-97 held various jobs in Seward Co courthouse; 1897-1900 with Chicago Talking Machine Co; 1901-07 mbr of Seward Dry Goods & Millinery Co; 1907 with Seward Co assessor, A E Baker sev-


in Nebraska


eral mos; 1908-10 asst cash Jones Natl Bank; 1911-33 with Seward Co assessor, 0 E Bernecker; 1933- city treas; 1936- treas sch dist; dir Jones Natl Bank; Meth Ch, chmn of bd; Rep; hobby, walking; off City Hall; res 746 N 2nd, Seward.

   FLOTO, ALBERT CLAUS: District Manager Light & Power Co; b Griswold, Ia Oct 19, 1899; s of Charles Floto-Margaret Katherine Ritz; ed Griswold Ia HS 1918; Ia St Coll, Ames BE 1923; Triangle; m Leona Marie Baughman June 29, 1922 Griswold Ia; d Barbara Joanna; 1917-18 with Red Oak Gas & Electric Co, Griswold Ia; 1918 enl in US army during World War, trained at Ames, Ia, disch spring of 1919; 1919 summer with Ia Service Co, Griswold Ia; 1919-23 worked in Iowa City foundry while in coll; 1923-24 asst plant mgr Automatic Tele Co, Chicago; 1924-25 with Continental Gas & Electric Co, Omaha; 1925-28 dist supt of oprn in York for Neb Gas & Elec Co; 1928- dist mgr Ia-Neb Light & Power Co in Seward; past pres C of C; past pres Rotary; Amer Leg: Seward Golf Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, bldg improvements, outdoor sports; off 149 S 6th; res 525 N Columbia Ave, Seward.

   FOSLER, IRA G: Machinist & Designer; b Davis, Ill Dec 2, 1871; s of George Fosler-Helen Wilke; ed Seward Co; U of N; m Maude A Anderson Sept 4, 1899 Chicago; d Grace Irene; 1876 with father came to Seward Co; 1896-97 with Chicago Talking Machine Co Chicago; 1898-99 with Amer Graphaphone Co, Chicago; 1899-1901 indep designer of various parts for phonograph & patents; 1901-03 with Sterion Copper, Brass & Bronze Co in Chicago; 1903-07 designed & built marine motors for Charles Dickenson, VP of Albert Dickenson Seed Co; 1907-30 designer & mfr in Chicago; 1930- toolmaker, designer for Hughes Bros of Seward, has patented Serge & Pine-Tree milkers; Rep; hobbies, photography, electric & scientific experiments, television experiments, clockmaking; off Hughes Bros; res 103 Main, Seward.

   FOUTS, KENNETH CLAY: Agricultural Extension Agent; b Diller, Neb Mar 12, 1892; s of Jesse William Fouts-Elizabeth Jane Madden; ed Diller HS, Beatrice HS 1911; U of N, BSc 1915; summer session U of Ill 1916; m Jessie Margaret Bridenbaugh Jan 1, 1919 Dakota City; s Neil 0; d Marjorie M, Ruth E; 1915-18 sch tchr & coach: Elk Point S D HS; 1917 enl in U S army Aug 19 at Fort Logan Colo, disch Hazelhurst Field Mineola L I Mar 11, 1919, 1st lt AS; 1919-26 Cuming Co agrl agt, West Point; 1926-27 York Co agrl agt, York; 1927- Seward Co agrl agt, Seward; sponsor local, dist & state 4-H clubs, promoted the camp in Seward; mbr sch bd; past pres & secy Neb Assn of Co Agrl Agents; C of C, chmn agrl com; AF&AM, Diller; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine at Lincoln; Amer Leg, past comm; Prot; hobbies, football, letter man U of N, livestock; off Courthouse; res 706 N 3rd, Seward.

   FRANKLIN, ULYSSES HENRY: Police Judge & Justice of Peace; b Tippecanoe, Ind Dec 26, 1864; s of Henry H Franklin-Elizabeth Shigley; ed Ind; m Bertha E Pembleton Oct 5, 1892 York; s Meurice W; 1880-84 worked on farms in Ia & Neb; 1884-88 & 1890-92 in ins & real est bus with Jasper Huffman in York; 1888-89 fireman CB&Q RR, Creston Ia; in Sioux-Indian War 1890-91; 1892-1918 ptr of Henry Vanderhof in ins & real est bus, Seward; 1918-34 Seward Co atty; 1935- police judge & J P; past mbr C of C; past mbr Magazine Club; IOOF, mbr 40 years; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, steam engineering; off Courthouse; res 231 N 3rd, Seward.

   GAKE, LYMAN GEORGE: Postmaster; Seward Co, Neb Aug 10, 1876; s of Henry Gake-Amelia Lauber; ed Milford; Lincoln; Lincoln Normal; m Edna Eager Sept 12, 1906 Beaver Crossing; d Lois (Mrs H N Jessen); 1905-31 in banking bus, Beaver Crossing; 1931- P M Beaver Crossing; past mbr sch bd. past mbr town bd; Neb League of Dist P M's; C of C; IOOF; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, hunting; res Beaver Crossing.

   GARD, MRS RUTH PRATT: Homemaker; b Beaver Crossing, Neb Oct 30, 1900; d of Otis E Pratt-Anna Klein; ed Beaver Crossing HS 1917; U of N 1920; Home Economics Club; m Alvin J Gard Jan 26, 1921 Omaha; s John, Gene, Don, Ray; 1920 sch tchr in Utica; 1921- homemaker; 1938-39 pres home economics div Organized Agr; 1936-37 VP; 1939- secy Seward Co Farm Bur; Merry Mixers Club; US Club; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, reading & homework; res RFD 2 Beaver Crossing.

   GASS, WALTER S: Furniture Dealer: b Columbus, Neb Oct 10, 1897; s of Samuel Gass-Anna Hofer; ed Columbus HS; 1916 U of N, BSc 1922; Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Tau; m Elizabeth Louise Ridell June 24, 1924 Columbus; s Walter Fredrick; d Rosemary, Elizabeth; 1918-19 served in US army O/S 7 mos during World War, corp 167th coast guard arty: 1922-23 with furn dept, Rudge & Guenzel, Lincoln; 1923-28 with Henry Gass & Co, Columbus; 1928- owner & opr Gass Furn Co, Seward; past dir C of C; Amer Leg; Congl Ch; hobbies, trees, hunting; res Hillcrest Drive, Seward.

   GEESEN, EDWARD J: Co-owner Cleaning Establishment; b Seward, Neb Apr 4, 1896; s of J F Geesen-Gertrude Antonette Scheibel; ed Seward HS 1914; U of N, 1916-17; Sigma Chi; capt tennis team, 1917 state singles champion; N Club; m Ruth Ashby Sept 15, 1919 St Joseph Mo; s John Sherman, Edward Ashby, Richard Fritz; d Patricia Ruth; 1914-17 owner & opr Seward Suitatorium, a cleaning establishment; consolidated bus with father's while in U S army service; 1919- ptr of father; during World War 1917 enl in U S army 6th Neb inf, disch Jan 1919, Camp Devens Mass, 2nd lt Co L of field arty; opr 10,000 A ranch at Limon, Colo; past comm Amer Leg; C of C; pres Rotary; major in NNG, comm of 3rd batt 134th inf; Cath Ch: Dem; hobbies, NNG work; off 641 Seward; res 140 E Seward, Seward.

   GEESEN, JOHN F: Tailor; b Grand Duke, Oldenburg, Germany Oct 17, 1863; s of Ahlrich Geesen-Gesina Bolmer; ed Germany; m Antonia Scheibel Sept 3, 1889 Omaha; s Edward J, Leonard G; d Clara (Mrs E R Green), Marie (Mrs B Pearley), Josephine Margaret (Mrs Sten Halverson, (dec 1933) (sic); 1880-84 learned tailor trade in Germany; 1884-85 with Mr Geisler in Sterling Ill; 1885-86 in tailoring bus in Omaha; 1887-89 with M Berdolt & Son, Seward; 1889- owner tailoring bus, added cleaning bus in 1917, laundry in 1928; pres Seward Equitable B & L Assn; mbr city coun & sch bd 15 years; mbr vol fire dept; past mbr Rotary; C of C; bd mbr Greenwood Cemetery Assn; mbr Welfare Soc 40 years; Cath Ch, trustee 50 years; hobby, travel; off 600 Seward; res 340 Seward, Seward.

   GEIS, JOHN J: Farmer; b Portsmouth, 0 Dec 26, 1871; s of Jacob Geis-Mary Karl; ed 0; Neb; m Pearl Root 1904 Beaver Crossing (dec Feb 22, 1922); m Mary Bresnaham 1924 Beaver Crossing; s Clifford C, Lewis L; d Velma (Mrs Herbert Cast); 1905- farmer on home farm, Seward Co; past mbr sch bd; KC; Cath; Dem: res Beaver Crossing.

   GEIS, LOUIS CARL: Farmer; b Portsmouth, 0 Feb 20, 1885: s of Jacob Geis-Mary Karl; ed Seward Co; m Matilda Orth Feb 18, 1914 Beaver Crossing; s Carl J, Paul C, Neil F; d Mary C, Rita M, Rose Ella; prior to 1914 farmed with father; 1914- indep farmer; pres Seward Co Rural Pub Power Dist; secy-treas, auditor Farmers Co-op Oil Co; secy Beaver Crossing Co-op Credit Bank; secy-treas Farmers Co-op Grain Co; treas sch dist 78, father & son treas 50 consecutive years: Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, mechanics & dancing; res Beaver Crossing.

   GILLAN, ROSS E: Merchant; b Cordova, Neb July 8, 1898; s of John A Gillan-Lucy A Campion; ed Seward HS 1917; U of N 1919; m Hazel B Iler June 8, 1921 Columbus; s Wayne D, John A, Robert E; d Jean C; 1917-19 during World War enl in US army, at Albion in Co L 6th Neb inf 34th div, 109th supply train Co F sgt 1st class, O/S 9 mos, disch June 1919 Camp Dodge Ia.; 1920 with Martz Construction Co, Seward; 1920-34 with Hughes Bros Construction Co; 1934 pur J P Crouse Co, McCormick-Deering dlrs, changed name to Gillan Impl Co; 1934- opr Gillan Impl Co; mbr vol fire dept 19 years, 12 years trustee; past mbr sch bd; Midwest Farm impl Dlrs Assn; dir C of C, past mbr budget com; past mbr Rotary; AF&AM, RAM; past mbr Seward Golf Club; past comm & ch mbr Amer Leg; chmn & bd mbr BSA com; Congl Ch; hobbies, golf, bridge, sports; Rep; off 121 S 7th; res 533 N 6th, Seward.

   GOODDELL, RALPH M: Manager Grain Co; b Reinbeck, Ia Oct 5, 1891; s of Gaylord Gooddell-Olive M Kern; ed Tama Ia HS; m Blanche Jensen 1910 Manning Ia (dec 1937); d Leone (dec 1938); 1906-10 with C&NW RR; 1910-12 with Neb-la Grain Co, Omaha: 1912- mgr Neb-la Grain Co, Staplehurst; dir sch bd 3 years; mbr town bd since 1916; during World War active in ARC; AF&AM; OES; Scot Rite; Presby Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Staplehurst.

   GRABEN, CHARLES H: Merchant; b Seward, Neb. Sept 2, 1902; s of Herman H Graben-Christine Frahm; ed Seward HS 1920; m Gladys Wood Oct 7, 1938 Seward; 1920-24 with



Who's Who

Daylight Groc & Bakery, Seward; 1924-29 with Lee Nelson Electric Co; 1929- owner & opr Charles Graben Electrical Appliance Co; mbr vol fire dept; dir C of C; past master AF&AM; RAM; past VP Seward Amusement Assn; hobbies, swimming & ice skating; off N 5th; res 405 N 2nd, Seward.

   GRAFF, JOHN FRANKLIN: Clothier; b Bedford, Ia Nov 1, 1876; s of John Graff-Anna Mary Yenni; ed Bedford Ia, m Ethel Hess June 9, 1903 Lincoln; s Jack Conrad; 1894-96 with Max Goodman Clothing Store, Bedford Ia; 1896-98 with John Beachamp Clothing Store, Bedford Ia; 1898-1905 with brother Harry in clothing bus at Seward; 1905-29 ptr of brother, 1929-31 indep owner & opr; 1931- son Jack ptr in bus; VP Seward Equitable B & L Assn; past mbr vol fire dept, recd 25 year medal; past mbr sch bd; Allied Clothiers Inc; C of C; ch mbr AF&AM; RAM, hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 510 Seward, Seward.

   GRAHAM, MRS EDWARD F: Homemaker; b Utica, Neb Nov 5, 1900; d of Henry Langenheim-Nettie White; ed Seward Co; m Edward F Graham May 12, 1920 David City; d Gwendolyn; 1919-20 with Seward Tele Co; 1920- homemaker; 1933- correspondent for Blue Valley Blade & also for Independent; 500 Club; Presby Ch, ladies aid soc; hobby, travel; res Staplehurst.

   GREENWOOD, MRS RUTH D: Commercial Teacher; b Seward, Neb Jan 31, 1891; d of Shields Nunemaker-Ida Dewing; ed Seward HS; U of N; KSTC; VanSant Sch of Bus Omaha, 1918-19; m William J Greenwood June 12, 1915 Seward (dec 1918); d Harrietbelle; 1909-11 tchr, Seward Co; 1911-15 tchr in Cordova; 1919-20 steno in off of Seward Co agt in Seward, 2 mos steno for Standard Oil Co of Omaha; 1920- comml tchr Seward HS; NSTA; Natl Comml Tchrs Fedn; PEO; DAR; Fin de Siecle Club; Presby Ch; hobby, SS work; parents were pioneers of Seward Co; res 29 Jackson Ave, Seward.

   GROTS, WILLIAM C: Elevator Manager; b Garland, Neb June 22, 1890; s of William Grote-Clara Gruber; ed Garland HS; Trenton Mo Auction Sch 1918; m: Marie J Koch July 20, 1918 Garland; 1908-18 with Germantown State Bank; 1918-38 auctioneer; 1919-25 farmed; 1925-38 mgr Germantown Farmers Grain Co elevator; put mayor & chmn of town bd; mbr vol fire dept; AF&AM; German Congl Ch, Seward; hobbies, baseball & sports; Mrs Grots past mgr Garland Tele Co 12 years; off Farmers Elevator; res Garland.

   GUMBEL, FRANK C: Manager Grain & Implement Co; b Iroquis Co, Ill May 27, 1862; s of Ernest W H Gumbel-Angelika Nuhn; ed Warsaw Ill HS 1878; m Minnie Hans Dec 16, 1886 Seward; d Hilda (Mrs C B Martz), Agnes (Mrs Rex Aman); 1881-84 clk for Halbower & Schaefer Groc, Warsaw Ill; 1884-89 with Louis Meyers Impl, Coal & Grain Co at Garland, 1889-1900 emp in branch store in Bee; 1900- mgr Louis Meyers Impl, Grain & Coal Co in Garland; 1927-36 correspondent for Minder & Sons farm newspaper, Havelock; past mbr village bd, past supvr & past J P; notary public since 1913; MWA; Congl Ch; hobby, reading; off & res Garland.

   HAASE, KARL L: Dean of Music; b Chicago, Ill Sept 28, 1871; s of J N Haase-Loulse Deneke; ed Chicago; Addison Ill HS; Chicago Coll of Music 1890; Addison Ill Normal 1891; Wis Conservatory of Music 1905; Amer Conservatory of Music 1915; Amer Guild of Organists 1919, assoc grad, fellowship grad 1921; 1921 fellow, Amer Guild of Organists, N Y; m Anna Meyer July 21, 1896 Portage Wis (dec); s Erich 0; d Magdalene (Mrs W D Zimmermann); 1891-98 tchr Portage, Wis; 1898-1905 prin sch in Milwaukee & music tchr in Concordia Coll; 1906- dean of music at Concordia Coll, Seward; mbr pub relations com of Concordia Coll; Amer Guild of Organists; St John's Ch, mbr hymn book com, choir dir & organist since 1906; hobby mechanics; off Concordia Coll; res 266 Faculty Lane, Seward.

   HANSEN, J H: Hardware Dealer; b Flensburg, Germany Sept 13, 1886; s of Jes Hansen-Maria Lund; ed Flensburg, Germany; m Clara Morberg Sept 7, 1910 Milford; s Burdette, Gerald; d Berdean; came from Germany to Raymond & learned blacksmith trade; 1906-10 worked for Runnalls in Milford; 1910-20 owner & opr blacksmith shop; 1920-24 farmed & oprd blacksmith shop at Broadwater; 1924 moved to Merino, Colo emp by Sterling Lbr & Investment Co until 1915; retd to Milford & with son opened hdw store; first donor for OLD road through Milford; chief vol fire dept 4 years; mbr sch bd 6 years; C of C; AF&AM; Evang Ch; Rep; res Milford.

   HANSON, JOHN P: Garage Owner & Farmer; b Seward Co, Neb Feb 19, 1895; s of Niels P Hanson-Christine Andersen; ed Utica HS; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines Ia 1912; m Bernice M Snowden Oct 27, 1931 Kingman Kas; 1912-14 farmed with father; 1914- opr garage in Utica; mbr town bd; C of C; AF&AM; past comm Amer Leg; during World War 1917 enl in Co H 355th inf, disch Apr 3, 1919 Camp Funston; res Utica.

   HARTRUM, JAKE A: Garage Owner; b New Jersey Apr 4, 1875; s of Christesion C Hartrum-Rachel Philholder; ed New Jersey; m Effa Wood Oct 22, 1901 Utica; 1886-90 farmed in New Jersey; 1890-91 with Tailors Iron Works; 1891-98 with W G Huffman Lbr Co; 1898-1908 learned harness trade under brother D J in Utica; 1908-09 with Paul Herpolsheimer Impl Co, Seward; 1909-14 with S R Ainstine impl bus, Tamora; 1914-20 salesman for Paul Herpolsheimer Impl Co, Seward; 1920-21 with Craige & White Auto Co; 1921-36 opr Buick agcy, Seward; 1934- opr Oldsmobile agcy; C of C; MWA; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, travel, fishing; off 218 S 5th; res 424 N 7th, Seward.

   HAWKINS, HERBERT RAYMOND: Store Manager; b Jefferson Co, Ill Nov 16, 1904; s of Ira William Hawkins-Laura Wimberly; ed Mt Vernon Ill HS 1925; m Eleanor Brozka Dec 19, 1927 New Cumberland W Va; d Vivian L; 1925-32 traveling salesman in Ohio & W Va for Collingbourne Mills of Elgin Ill; 1929-32 traveling salesman in Lincoln territory; 1932-33 with Safeway Stores in Superior & Wahoo; 1933- Safeway Store, Seward; pres Jr C of C; past com mbr Sr C of C; Seward Golf Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, short story writing, winner of contest; off 123 S 6th; res 8th & Moffitt, Seward.

   HENTZEN, JULIUS CARL THEODORE: Retired; b Westphalia, Germany July 16, 1868; s of Julius Hentzen-Anna Wachter; ed buerger sch in Germany; m Emma Meierbarthold Feb 15, 1894 Seward; s Arthur J G; d Clara M, Agnes (Mrs V Freese); Oct 1884 came from Germany to Minier Ill; 1884-87 farmed at Minier Ill; 1888-1912 farmed near Goehner; 1912-15 ptr in Seward Grain & Livestock Co; 1915-21 ptr in Imig, Graff & Hentzen Grain & Feed Elevator; 1916-26 owner & opr City Meat Market; 1926- ret, raises poultry; past mbr sch bd; past mbr city coun; past mbr C of C; Sons of Hermann; Evang Ch; hobby, raising poultry; res 406 S Columbia, Seward.

   HERPOLSHEIMER, PAUL: Auto Dealer; b Indianapolis, Ind Feb 14, 1866; s of Charles Herpolsheimer-Augusta Sass; ed Grand Rapids Mich HS 1880; m Mary Ficke June 5, 1895 Pleasant Dale; s Walter, Paul Jr, Carl (dec 1911), Herbert F, Arthur, Robert; d Alma (Mrs R Kassebaum), Louise; came with father from Mich to Lincoln, 1880-81 cash boy in store of uncle H Herpolshelmer, Lincoln: 1881-92 farmed near Denton; 1892-94 clk in H Herpolsheimer Co, Lincoln; 1894- owner & opr impl bus in Seward, 1908 added autos & garage; past mbr C of C; Luth Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 702 Seward; res 311 N Columbia, Seward.

   HILDEBRAND, DANIEL MUNROE: Executive & Stockman; b Morganton, N C Feb 22, 1880; s of Miles P Hildebrand-Delia E Smith; ed Morganton N C; U of N; m Victoria A Hedden Mar 16, 1905 Seward; s Paul H, Victor D; d Helen B (Mrs V R Hershberger); 1892-98 clk in store, Morganton N C; 1898-99 with CB&Q RR learned teleg at Burwell; 1899-1902 teleg opr CB&Q RR in Ravenna; 1902-05 cash for CB&Q RR, Seward; 1905-09 ticket agt, Omaha; 1909-10 with F D Weed, Omaha in ins & real est bus; 1910- engaged in real est, ins, livestock & farm management, Seward; 1923- pres & dir Protective Fire Ins Co, Seward; 1929- field man & farm mgr Midwest Life Ins CO, VP 1930; pres Amer Natl Livestock Assn, Kansas City Mo; vice-chmn & dir Natl Livestock & Meat Bd; past dir Fed Res Bank, Omaha; past chmn sch bd; past pres C of C; during World War served as Seward Co food administrator, mbr coun of defense, 4-min man; life mbr ARC; hobbies, raising livestock & turkeys; off 640 Seward; res ill Seward, Seward.

   HILLE, FERDINAND CARL: Physician & Surgeon; b Norfolk, Neb Feb 24, 1906; s of Adolph Hille-Bertha Wolschelager; ed Norfolk HS 1924; U of N, MD 1931; Omega Beta Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; m Josephine Kreizinger June 14, 1930 Omaha; s of Donald James; 1932- prac, Beaver


in Nebraska


Crossing; mbr sch bd; Seward Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; C of C: Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, baseball, basketball; off & res Beaver Crossing.

   HORN, HENRY L: Farmer; b Waukesha, Wis Sept 28, 1848; s of Henry Horn-Mary Ann Kay; ed Wis; m Margaret Kerr Oct 8, 1868 Delafield Wis; d Mary E (Mrs 0 E Rhodes), Jane (Mrs Cyrus Coker); came to Neb in 1870 & farmed in York Co until 1904; 1904- ret; during Civil War with Co K 48th Wis vol inf; GAR; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, pictures; res Beaver Crossing.

   HOUCHEN, PAUL C: Dentist; b Beaver Crossing, Neb May 24, 1899; s of Henry A Houchen-May Belle McKane; ed Beaver Crossing HS 1917; U of N, DDS 1922; Delta Sigma Delta; m Elizabeth Pearle Bye 1928 Central City; s Francis Edward; while in HS emp in printing off of Beaver Crossing Times, after graduation with J H Eller & Co; 1922- dentist, Beaver Crossing; past secy bd of edn; past mbr city coun; 1938-39 dental ofcr Mo-Kas dist CCC: capt ORC, US army; ROA; during World War enl Oct 17, 1918 in U of N SATC, disch Dec 1918; Amer Leg; 4th Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; IOOF; Chris Ch, deacon, SS supt; Rep; hobby, gardening; parents acquired land NE of Beaver Crossing 1882, came from Ind to Neb 1887, father tchr & farmer; res Beaver Crossing.

   HUGHES, BEN H: Manufacturer; b Seward, Neb Jan 1, 1898; s of John Morse Hughes-Maude Aura; ed Seward HS; Chicago Technical Coll; m Carrie R McGrew Jan 1, 1918 Seward; s Ben Albert; d Emily Jean, Lois, Rebecca; 1916-18 with father in carp shop, Seward; 1918-20 architect; 1920- with brothers John R & H Burr in mfg bus; 1921 John R left the firm & in 1925 Ted R Hughes joined as jr ptr; mbr vol fire dept 23 years; Lincoln Engrs Club; C of C; Rotary; AF&AM; RAM; Seward Golf Club; Rep; off 13-14 Jackson Ave; res 429 N 7th Seward.

   IMIG, EDWIN P: Grocer; b Seward, Neb Sept 25, 1900; s of Jacob Imig-Anna Graff: ed Seward HS 1919; m Verne W Kilpatrick Oct 19, 1921 Seward (dec 1927); s Richard W, Donald E; d Mary Ann, Barbara Jean; 1919-21 on father's farm near Seward: 1922-33 ptr of father in Imig Food Service, owner since 1933: Seward Equitable B & L Assn; mbr vol fire dept; C of C; Rotary; AF&AM, RAM; Seward Golf Club; Evang Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf & fishing; off 129 S 6th; res 231 Seward, Seward.

   JENSEN, ERNEST: Manager Grain Co; b Lincoln, Neb Jan 18, 1890; s of Lewis Jensen-Marie Johnson; ed York Co; Seward Co; m Gertrude Jensen, N D (dec 1921); s Chester V, Leeland S; d Naoma B; m Christina Knudsen Mar 19, 1924 Council Bluffs, Ia: s Norman H; farmed with father near Cordova until 1911; 1911 ptr of T H Nielsen in Beatrice Creamery Co at Cordova, later pur int of ptr & oprd bus 7 mos; 1912-14 farm hand in N D; 1914-21 farmed near Cordova; 1921-24 carp, mechanic & mason; 1924-27 helper for T C Peterson in Farmers Co-op Grain Co, 1927- treas & mgr: new elevator built in 1934; 1929 instrumental in establishing Cordova municipal light plant on paying basis; clk, treas, past chmn of village bd, light commr; Comm Club; Luth Ch; Dem; bobby, collecting pipes; off Farmers Co-op Grain Co; res Cordova.

   JENSEN, LEWIS: Retired; b Moen Island, Denmark April 18, 1857; s of James P Christiansen-Anna Christina Olsen; ed Denmark; m Marie Johnsen Jan 8, 1884 Lincoln; s Henry, Billy, Walter, Pete;. d Anna (Mrs Otto Nielsen), Bertha Marie; 1878, 1880 farmed in Ill; 1880-81 carp at Friend; 1881-91 carp at Lincoln; 1891-1919 farmed near Cordova; 1919- ret; 1906 made trip to Denmark; Luth Ch; Dem; hobby, gardening; res, Cordova.

   JOHANNES, WILLIAM J: County Clerk: b Able, Neb June 27, 1895; s of Frank Johannes-Antonia Virgl: ed Able; Midland Coll; m Agnes Krenk Oct 17, 1921 Lincoln; s Donald Lee; 1914-17 sch tchr in Seward Co; 1918-19 in U S army during World War & stationed at Camp Funston; 1919-21 farmed in Seward Co: 1921-28 sch tchr in Seward Co; 1923-26 in gen mdse store in Bee, sold store 1926; 1925-31 bkkpr, Farmers Elevator; 1931-33 with Neb St banking dept; 1933 apptd mbr AAA Wheat Program & Corn-Hog Program; 1935- Seward Co clk & register of deeds; 1923-34 village clk, 1926-34 JP, 1928-34 treas sch bd, Bee; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; C of C; Amer Leg, adjt in 1937; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off Courthouse; res 530 N 5th, Seward.

   JONES, ERWIN ARTHUR: County Attorney; b Seward, Neb May 4, 1903; s of John W Jones-Rosa M Wergin; ed Seward HS 1922; U of N, BA 1926, LLB 1928; Delta Theta Phi; m Madeline Kellerman July 81, 1929 St Louis Mo; s Erwin Arthur Jr; d Jacqueline Ruth; 1928-35 city atty; 1929-38 with Norval Brothers law firm; 1933-35 with Thomas & Vail law firm; 1935- Seward Co atty & coroner; mbr bd of control Concordia Tchrs Coll; capt NNG Co M 134th Inf; Neb St Bar Assn; C of C, dir: Rotary, dir; Luth Ch, mbr Internatl exec bd Walther League; hobby, NNG work; off Courthouse; res 416 Hillcrest, Drive, Seward.

   JORGENSEN, VALDEMAR: Clergyman; b Tyler, Minn Aug 12, 1892; s of Rasmus Jorgensen-Ane Kirstine Jonasen; ed Tyler Minn; U of Minn Sch of Agr 1911; Luth Bible Inst, St Paul Minn 1926; Trinity Theological Seminary, Blair 1930; m Louise D Kading Sept 4, 1932 Casey Ia; s Donald C Hein, Roger L Hein, Phillip E Hein, Juan R Hein, Russell W Jorgensen, Darrell N Jorgensen; d Virginia L Hein, Norma W Jorgensen; 1911-12 farm mgr in Olivia Minn for Hein Bros, Bankers; 1912-25 farmer at Casey Ia; 1925-26 farm hand near Harlan Ia; 1927-29 taught in parochial sch & supplied pulpit for James C Lund in Underwood Ia; taught parochial sch in Council Bluffs Ia while supplying pulpit of Rev J P Magnussen; 1930 ordained into ministry by the United Danish Evang Luth Ch at annual conv in Cedar Falls Ia; 1930- pastor in Cordova; 1936-39 chmn village bd; during World War enl 1918 Guthrie Center Ia, disch sgt 162nd depot brigade Camp- Dodge Ia 1919; past comm Amer Leg; hobby, mechanics; res Cordova.

   KINGSLEY, RICHARD H: Hotel Manager; b Omaha, Neb Nov 29, 1902; s of Welch A Kingsley-Mabel Hume; ed Norfolk HS 1921; Omaha Bus Coll 1924; 1922-36 with father in Windsor Hotel, since father's death 1936 mgr of hotel; 1924-25 with Imig Groc, Seward; 1925-26 with W R Smith Livestock Commission Co in Omaha; 1927-28 in sheep bus in Moberly, Mo; 1928-29 in sheep bus in Seward; 1938 candidate for unicameral legislature; past mbr NNG; mbr city coun, chmn bldgs & grounds com, chmn streets & alleys com; C of C; past secy of YMCA; Congl Ch, chmn music & entertainment com; Rep; hobbies, chemistry as applied to agr; res Windsor Hotel, Seward.

   KLEM, CHRIS: Farmer; b Pierceville, Ill Feb 11, 1868; s of John Klem-Mary Guinther; ed Pierceville Ill; farmed in Ill with father until 1888; 1888- farmer in Seward Co; Seward Co commr 1 term; dir Lincoln Tele & Teleg Co; dir PCA, 8th dist; Neb rehabilitation program; Dem; res Seward.

   KOLTERMAN, FREDRICK AUGUST: Merchant; b Millard, Neb Nov. 24, 1883; s of John Carl Fredrick Kolterman-Anna Gertrude Kennenbley; ed Blair & Milford; m Hulda Marie Prochnow Nov 10, 1918 Seward; s Donald Carl; d Eleanor Marie; 1903-05 with brother C F oprd Buckeye Roller Mill in Blair; 1905-08 rancher in Atkinson; 1908-09 with Nye-Schneider Elevator & Lbr Co, Fairfax S D; 1909-14 homesteaded Colome, S D; 1914-15 with brother C F in Blair; 1915- Burke Racket Store in Seward, changed name to Kolterman Variety Store & 1923 to Koltermans 5c to $1.00 store, 1936 changed name to Ben Franklin Store; mbr vol fire dept 23 years; past mbr town coun; Fedn of Neb Retailers; dir C of C; past mbr Rotary; Golf Club; St Johns Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; off 600 Block; res 140 Lincoln, Seward.

   KUHL, ISADORE N: Theater Owner; b Earling, Ia Aug 22, 1896; s of Peter Kuhl-Louisa Wattier; ed Defiance Ia HS 1914; Omaha Bus Coll 1915; m Tres C Heithoff May 12, 1924 Templeton Ia; s Stan L; 1915-16 with CB&Q RR, Council Bluffs Ia; 1916-18 with Albers Commission Co; 1918-20 with Rothschild Grain Co, Omaha; 1920-26 with F J Kuhl & N C Loehr gen merc store in Irwin Ia; 1925- 28 cost acct & off mgr of Super-Craft Garment Co & Omaha Hat Factory, Omaha; 1928- owner & mgr Rivoli Theater, Seward; 1930 built Lyric Theater & is owner & opr; 1918 during World War in US AS, enl Fort Omaha 52nd balloon corps, disch Dec 11, 1918 Camp Morris Va; Ia-Neb Motion Picture Theater owners Assn; C of C; Rotary; Golf Club; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off & res 533 Main, Seward.


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