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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Nuckolls County
Produced by Vicky Drake and Loreta J Walker (nee Coe).


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Nelson, the county seat, is pleasantly located in the south slope of the valley of Elk Creek, near the geographical center of the county. In 1873, the vote on the location of the county seat was taken, and resulted in favor of Nelson.

The town site was on the land owned by C. N. Wheeler, of Peoria, Ill., and was named in honor of that gentleman.

The place is without a railroad, and a poor prospect of receiving one soon. The nearest railroad point is Superior, about twelve miles south. There is a prospect of the Central Branch of the Union Pacific now running to Hardy will be extended on through Nuckolls County, and it is most probable that it will strike Nelson. Should it go east about thirteen miles to Elkton, which is a rival point, with nearly equal prospects, it would be a great misfortune for the place.

Efforts have been made to incorporate the town, but, owing to a majority element that are opposed to saloons, the efforts have been unsuccessful. The fear that a saloon would be opened under a license causes the temperance element to object to incorporating.

The people are energetic, intellectual and progressive. They take deep interest in education; they have good schools. The first school was taught in 1875. In the winter of 1877, a $1,700 schoolhouse was destroyed by fire. The present building cost about $2,000.

Nelson and the surrounding community are widely known as more than ordinarily religious, which, perhaps, is due as much to the fact that they are largely advocates of temperance, as to their religious organizations, of which there are four--Baptist, Christian, Presbyterian and Methodist.


The Baptists were organized by Elder Yeeser, in 1878. They have a membership of about twenty; but have at present no regular pastor nor church edifice.

The Christian or Church of Christ, meeting at Nelson, was organized January 31, 1878. Their membership is about forty. They have the only church edifice in the town, which is used by other denominations three-fourths of the time. The church and parsonage are valued at about $1,800. The first pastor was Elder Hopwood, who was succeeded by their present pastor, Rev. William Sumpter.

The Presbyterian was organized in May, 1878, by Rev. J. H. Reynard. The denomination holders services once a month in the Christian Church. They number about thirty-five members. Rev. Penny, a Presbyterian minister, preached the first sermon in Nelson.

The Methodists were organized by Rev. C. C. Censer, in 1879. The class was small at first, but they have been able to sustain their part on the circuit, and now number about twenty-five. They have no church building. Each denomination has the use of the Christian Church one Sunday in each month. They have a Union Sabbath school.

The leading and official paper of the county has been published at Nelson. The Elktonian, started in 1872, was the first paper in the county--printed in Lincoln and issued in Elkton, an aspirant for the county seat.

The Southwestern Chronicle and the Inter-Ocean were established at Nelson in 1875, but were of a few days, and, we judge, were full of trouble, as they were soon removed to Clay County and became the Fairfield News.

The Nuckolls County Herald, published at Nelson, was established in 1877 by H. A. Day, but was soon after purchased by W. O. Ellis, who has continued to ably edit and issue every week since a better paper than the small population could have expected. For the first year, it was neutral in politics, as started by Mr. Day, but since has been thoroughly Republican.

A post of the Grand Army of the Republic was organized in Nelson May 11, 1878. It now numbers about forty soldiers. Springer Galley is the Post Commandant, and J. Ritterbush, Adjutant.

Nelson Lodge, No. 77, I. O. O. F., was instituted September 22, 1879. Together with the Masons, they occupy a large and well-furnished hall. Officers--W. C. Overman, N. G.; J. P. Hammond, V. G.; E. W. Imlar, Sec.; P. C. Morehead, Treas.; J. M. Crandal, W.; W. A. Burgstresser, C.; A. Fickes, R. S. N. G.; R. M. Gourley, L. S. N. G.; C. R. Stoner, R. S. V. G; A. Sterns, I. G.

Nelson Lodge, No. 77, A., F. & A. M.--The society was instituted in the fall of 1879. Officers--J. Ritterbush, W. M.; R. Hollingsworth, S. W.; H. A. Stokes, J. W.; E. H. Dowland, Sec.; J. Van Valin, Treas.; E. S. Gibson, C.; G. A. Gibson, S. D.; H. S. Moss, J. D.; O. B. Tinkham, S. S.; J. Higgins, J. S.

The Independent Order of Good Templars was organized in the spring of 1879. They have done much good in creating the strong public spirit against the traffic in liquor, and it is principally due to them that they have never had a saloon in Nelson. Officers--H. M. James, W. C. T.; Maggie Ellis, W. C. S.; Mrs. E. H. Dowland, T. C.; Mrs. A. Edwards, C.; Mrs. V. D. L. Parker, W. V. T.; H. H. Williams, L. D. and Treas.; Henry Corbett, M.; Mrs. M. S. Schermerhorn, L. S. G.

The town has not developed correspondingly with the surrounding country, but is gradually improving. The trade in general merchandise is excellent, considering its position midway between two flourishing railroad towns, namely, Superior, and Edgar, in Clay County. There are several good store buildings, two large hotels and a church. The county jail, costing $10,000 is a very ornamental structure, occupying the highest point of ground in the town site. There is space left on the same block for a court house, which, if correspondingly as large, commodious and ornamental, will greatly enhance the appearance of the town. The streets are broad, and are being ornamented by shade trees. Adjoining the town site is one of the finest elm groves to be found in Southern Nebraska. The people are energetic, progressive and honorable, taking great interest in education and moral movements. If the town secures a railroad soon, its excellent class of people, and pleasant and profitable location in the center of a large, fertile district, will make it a desirable business town.


I. N. ATKINSON, attorney, real estate and farmer, was born in Hawkins County, Tenn., in 1829. In 1838, his parents moved to Jefferson County, Ill., where he remained until 1845, when he went to Iowa, locating in Van Buren County, In 1849, commenced reading law, but at the end of two years the gold excitement in California drew him with its fine promises to that State, where he remained three years. He then returned to Iowa, and bought a large tract of timber land and a sawmill in Henry County, and remained in the lumbering business until 1856, then sold out; engaged in the mercantile business until 1860, when he again took up his law study. Going into Missouri in the winter of 1860-1861, working the northern part of the State for Stephen A. Douglas during the Presidential campaign, and was admitted to the bar in 1861, and in 1862, commenced the practice of law. During the winter of 1860-1861, engaged in a joint discussion with Judge Wood, of Sullivan County, Mo., on the Rights of the South to Secede. The discussion lasted two days and nights, and from that time Mr. Atchison was spotted as a Northern Abolitionist, and was warned to leave the State if he wished to save his life, but he did not scare. He joined the Forty-second State Militia, serving as Orderly Sergeant in Company A. During the time he was away from home, some of his enemies burned his household goods, and a library valued at $500, he having sent his family to Iowa while he was in the service. He then entered in farming in Hardin County, Iowa, remaining there until 1864. In 1868, settled in Nebraska, and located at Lincoln, and kept the second hotel built there, then called the Midland Pacific. The following year went to Ashland, Saunders County, and engaged in the grocery business. His son attended to his interests in the store while he attended to his law practice. In 1872, went to Kansas, taking contracts with Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé Railroad, building twenty miles of the road. In 1874, sold his interest at Ashland, and located at Nelson, Neb., and began the practice of law; lived in the first house built in the place. In the spring of 1879, located on a farm adjoining the town site, and has been engaged in stock-raising to some extent, also dealing in real estate in connection with his practice; organized the first Sabbath school at this point, and served as County Judge in 1875, by appointment and has been one of the active men in the place to take a hold of anything which would help build up the town; was married in 1855, in Lee County, Iowa, to Miss Melvina Clark. They have five children--Mary J., James B., H. K., F. P. and Flora. He is a member of Nelson Lodge, No. 77, I. O. O. F., and active member of the Baptist Church; was chairman of the convention which was called to decide whether Missouri should secede or not.

J. A. BARBER, music dealer, was born in Jersey Co., Ill., in 1855, remaining there about twenty years. Learned the cooper trade while there, and worked at it a short time, when he turned his attention to music, and was traveling through the country giving instruction to bands. In 1881, came to Nebraska, and located at Nuckolls County. From there, went to Superior and gave lessons to the band at that place, and in September, gave instruction to the Nelson Cornet Band, at that place, and became a member of the same. The band comprises eleven pieces, with Mr. French, as leader; Mr. Ficks, as President; Mr. S. A. Lapp, as Secretary; Mr. Fogel, Treasurer. Mr. Barber is engaged in dealing in musical instruments of all kinds, and sheet music, instruction books and extras, and is agent for the Davis Sewing Machine. He was married in 1876, to Miss Grace Frey, of Illinois.

W. A. BERGSTRESSER, attorney, was born in Snyder County, Penn., in 1854. In 1865, he, with his parents, moved to Iowa, locating in Shelby County. At the age of eighteen, commenced teaching school. In 1876, commenced reading law. Was admitted to the bar in Iowa in 1878. Was engaged in the practice of law in Iowa until the spring of 1879, when he moved to Nelson, Nuckolls County. Has had a good practice during the time he has been here. Has taken an active part in politics, and is a wide-awake business young man.

D. W. BARKER, attorney, was born in Van Buren Co., Iowa, in 1853, remaining there about ten or eleven years, going from there to Red Oak, and remained there until 1873. In 1869, commenced reading law, and was admitted to the bar in 1872, and came to Nebraska in 1873. The first year in Nebraska, lived on a farm in Elkhorn Precinct, where he practiced law. The entry business was all done in that precinct at that time. The following year, came to Nelson, and has been engaged in his law practice since. Was the first attorney to locate in the county, and has worked up a good business. Was married in 1875, at Nelson, Neb., to Miss Mary Myfield. They have two children, viz.: Joseph and Willie. Is a member of Nelson Lodge, No. 77, A., F. & A. M. Is the attorney for the Board of Commissioners on Insurance of this county.

J. M. CAMPBELL, farmer, was born in Mercer County, Ind., 1845. At the age of seventeen, went to Iowa, locating in Clarke County, where he engaged in farming, and remained there until 1871. In 1863, enlisted in the Thirty-ninth Iowa Infantry, serving until the close of the war. In 1871, came to Nebraska, and located in Nuckolls County, and took a homestead in Section 6, Town 3, Range 6, of one hundred and sixty acres. Since added one hundred acres, and has one hundred and fifty acres under the plow, and has planted some timber and put in other improvements, and is raising some stock. Was eighteen miles from Post-office and forty miles from a store, when he first settled here in 1867. Was married at Osceola, Iowa, to Miss Alice Farley. They have four children, viz.: Clarence, Willie, Fanny and Eva. Is a member of the Christian Church.

HON. J. M. COOK, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Ox Bow, was born in Schuyler County, Ill. In 1839, when two years of age, his parents moved to Ohio, remaining there about ten years. His parents then returned to Illinois, and he was put into a dry goods house to work five years, but at the end of three years was taken sick and had to give it up; he then went to Iowa and settled in Clarke County, while the county was new. In 1862, enlisted in the Thirty-ninth Iowa Infantry, serving three years. After returning from the army, took a course at Bryant & Stratton's College at Chicago, after which he settled in Wapello County, Iowa, remaining there five years, and was employed as foreman in the wood work department of the plow factory. In 1871, came to Nebraska and took a homestead on Section 6, Town 3, Range 6, Nuckolls County The first three years, in company with Mr. Nesbitt, worked at contracting and building; since then, has engaged in farming, having added 200 acres to his homestead, making a farm of 360 acres, which is mostly improved, and has handled and raised stock for a number of years. He keeps from twenty-five to thirty cows, and from 180 to 200 head of hogs. When he settled here, he was eighteen miles from a post office, and forty miles from a mill or store. Mr. C. has taken an active interest in the politics of the county, and was elected to the State Legislature in 1879. Was married, in 1859, to Margaret Farley, of Clarke County, Iowa. They have four children--Frank F., Cliff R., Grace E. and J. M. Hugh. He is a member of the Christian Church.

E. H. DOWLAND, merchant, was born in Washington County, Wis., in 1850, and was raised on a farm. In 1868, he went to Michigan, and was employed in a store for Mr. Ludington, of the city of Milwaukee, working for this man two years. Then was employed by the Danaher & Melendy Lumber Company as salesman in their store for seven years, in the same town. In 1877, he came to Nebraska, and located at Nelson, Nuckolls Co. Was employed by J. Ritterbush as salesman in his store, remaining until 1879, when he was taken into the business as partner. The trade, since he has been with the firm, has increased 200 per cent in the county. Was married, in 1872, to Miss H. Brayman, of Horicon, Wis. They have one child, Ethel. He is a member of Nelson Lodge, No. 77, A., F. & A. M., also of Edgar Chapter, No. 22, R. A. M. Is Treasurer of School Board at present.

W. O. ELLIS, the subject of this sketch, was born in Oswego County, N. Y., in August, 1824. With only a common school education, he has made a success of journalism. He entered that excellent place of learning, the printer's office, when twelve years of age, and has, for the most of his life since, been connected with it and its first neighbor, the editor's sanctum. Was connected with the Mt. Vernon (Ohio) Banner during the Mexican war. Established the Mattoon (Ill.) Journal in 1866. It is still one of the leading papers of that place. In the fall of 1873, he came West and established Saline County (Neb.) News, which he conducted for three years, when he removed to Nelson and established the Nuckolls County Herald, the official paper of the county, which he still ably edits.

THOMAS FICKES, merchant hardware, was born in Bedford County, Penn., in 1849, and was raised on a farm. Since 1877, came to Nebraska and located at Nelson, Nuckolls County, and worked at the carpenter's trade until 1878. He bought a lot and put up a building 40x46, with two store rooms. In 1880, bought a stock and filled one of the rooms, the other was leased to the post office. The building is the largest and best located in the place; also handled farm machinery in connection with his store. His trade has grown very fast, his sales having increased over 100 percent in two years. He was one of the Incorporators of the Nebraska Central Railroad.

O. A. FOLLMER, real-estate dealer, was born in Montour County, Penn., in 1840. He entered the Franklin and Marshal College in 1856, and remained one year; in 1859, he returned and graduated in 1862. For one year after graduating, he was Principal of an academy. He then went to Wisconsin, remaining there until the spring of 1864, and from there he went to Centralia, Ill., and employed in the Superintendent's office of the Chicago Division of the Illinois Central Railroad, remaining there until 1869; then to Red Oak, Iowa, and, in company with his brother and D. W. Montgomery, engaged in the mercantile business. In 1870, sold out and went to Mississippi and there the next four years was engaged in cotton growing; thence to Nuckolls County, Neb., and taught school until about 1878, when he went into company once more with his brother and Mr. Montgomery, this time in the real estate business at Nelson. In December, 1881, bought out the business and took in partnership E. D. Hobbs, and is still in the business. They are agents for the proprietor of Nelson town site, and deal extensively in wild and improved lands. Mr. F. is considered one of the best business men in the county; is also agent for William Scully, of London, England, who has a tract of 40,000 acres of land in this county. Was married in 1868, at Centralia, Ill., to Miss Hobbs. They have three children--Florence May, Josie Della and Mary Vesta. Was Deputy County Treasurer in 1878-79.

M. L. FOGEL, County Treasurer, was born in Monroe County, Ohio, in 1855, remaining there until 1877, when his father, two sisters and other members of the family came to Nebraska, and located at Superior, Nuckolls County. Mr. F. engaged in the grocery and hardware trade at that point, and, in the fall of 1879, was elected County Treasurer, and was re-elected in 1881. Was married in 1879, at Hastings, Neb., to Miss Prudence A. Gorby. They have two children--Nomie and Paul. He is a member of the Nelson Lodge, No. 77., A., F. & A. M., and Vice President of the bank of Nelson.

R. M. GOURLAY, merchant and Postmaster, was born in Washington County, N. Y., in 1849. In 1869, he emigrated to Illinois, locating in Ogle County, where he remained until the following year, when he settled in Nebraska, locating in Cass County, taking a homestead and lived on it until 1875. From there he went to Nuckolls County, and went to farming on Sec. 27, Town 3, Range 7, and followed this business until 1880, when he was appointed Postmaster at Nelson and moved there and put in a stock of groceries and drugs. At the end of the year he sold out the drugs and put in crockery, and took his brother in the business with him, moving in the large building and increasing their stock. They have a light, pleasant store room, 20x46, and their trade has increased about 100 per cent since he has been there. Has also been engaged in raising hogs, handling cattle and stock. Was married in 1875, to Miss Elizabeth Newlon. They have two children--Edith and Clyde. Is a member of Nelson Lodge, No 77, I. O. O. F.

S. L. HALL, farmer and stock-raiser, Nelson, was born in Putnam County, Ind., in 1844; emigrated to Iowa in 1851, where he remained until 1862, when he enlisted in the Third Missouri Cavalry, serving three years. In 1865, he went to Des Moines, where he was farming until 1872, when he came to Nebraska and homesteaded a farm on Section 4, Town 3, Range 6; remained at this place two years, and then bought an eighty-acre farm, two miles from Nelson, with a stream of water flowing through the place, and has improved it with all kinds of fruits, and has 5,000 forest trees planted; also has a vineyard, and is extensively engaged in stock-raising. Was married, in 1867, to Miss Mary Kelly, of Iowa. They have five children--William, James, Laura, Frederick and Grace. He is a member of the G. H. Thomas Post, No. 15, G. A. R.

J. P. HAMMOND, County Clerk and Clerk of the District Court, was born in Harrison County, Ohio, in 1844; in 1864, he enlisted in Company A, One Hundred and Thirty-sixth National Guards, serving 100 days. Then enlisted in Company H, Twenty-fifth Ohio Infantry, serving one year, remaining in Ohio until 1870, when he came to Nebraska and located in Nuckolls County and entered land on Section 1, Town 4, Range 5. Has 220 acres improved, and was engaged in farming until the fall of 1879, when he was elected County Clerk and was Clerk of the District Court ex officio. Was re-elected in the fall of 1881, and is now in his second term.

ROBERT HOLLINGWORTH, retired farmer, was born in Melbourne, Derbyshire, England, in 1829. In 1845, went to sea on board an American ship, and was sailing eight years in the merchants' and whaling business. In 1861, shipped in the United States navy on board the Susquehanna as Paymaster's steward, and from there went in the ship Brandywine as Paymaster's Clerk, serving four years in all. From there went to Boston, but was sick for nearly two years; was then employed in the post office department, and later, as carrier, until 1871, when he came to Nebraska, locating in Nuckolls County, taking a homestead on Section 17, Town 3, Range 5, living there until 1879, when he went to Nelson, and has engaged in the insurance business; has a small farm to look after in the county. There were but two settlers in the precinct where he took his land. He was married, in 1854, to Miss Louisa C. Ireland. They have four children--Frank, Thomas, Grace, Myra. He lost his wife in 1868; was married again, in 1875, in Jefferson County, Neb., to Martha C. Turney, born in Wayne County, Mich. They have one child--Emma Yates. Mr. H. has been Engrossing Clerk and Clerk of the Ways and Means Committee during the last six years of the Legislature. He is a member of the Nelson Lodge, No. 77, A., F. & A. M.

O. V. INGERSOLL, butcher, was born in Medina County, Ohio, in 1836; in 1845 went to East Cleveland and went into Rose & Bros.' large meat market, where he learned the butcher's trade, remaining there most of the time up to 1868, when he went to Iowa, locating at Waterloo, and opened a market at that place and remained there about ten years; was also engaged in farming a part of the time. In 1878, he came to Nebraska and located in Nelson and opened a market and built up a good trade, the trade having grown about 100 per cent. In 1863, he was married in Cleveland, Ohio. He belongs to Company H, First Nebraska National Guards.

A. W. McREYNOLDS, merchant and County Surveyor, Nelson, was born in Martin County, Ind., in 1854. About 1857, went to Iowa with his parents, locating in Ringgold County, and was brought up on a farm until seventeen years of age, teaching a few terms of school during the winters. In 1876, took a business course, including telegraphy, at the Burlington Business College, graduating in 1877, and taught school one year, then came to Nebraska and bought a farm in Nuckolls County which he has improved, working his place summers and teaching winters; has taught five terms in Nuckolls County. Was elected County Surveyor the next year after coming to Nebraska, and holds the office at the present time. In December, 1881, in company with Mr. Moorhead, bought a lot in Nelson and put up a building, 18x30, and put in a fine stock of drugs, and has worked up a good trade during the time he has been here, with prospects of the trade increasing as the town grows.

THEODORE J. MOELLE, Deputy County Clerk, was born in Westphalia, Germany, in 1841. Took an eight-years course at the gymnasium at Arnsberg, Germany, and when he finished, he took a course at the Mining College; was then employed as Overseer and Paymaster in the mines. Obtained discharge of army in 1865, emigrated to America and located in Indiana, where he remained one year; from there went to Grand Rapids, Mich., remaining there one year; thence to Chicago, where he was employed as a teacher for two years. In 1868, went to Indiana, and was married to Miss Elizabeth Blimm. From there, went to Keokuk, Iowa, and thence to St. Louis, where he was engaged in teaching for three years. From there, went to Chicago, and taught school there until 1877, when he came to Nebraska and settled in Nuckolls County, and bought the first railroad land in the county, on Section 33, Town 4, Range 8; lived in the place two and a half years, and was Postmaster of Beachamville Post Office while there; then bought property in Nelson, and was about to start a paper, but sold his interest after three months' trial, and was appointed Deputy County Clerk by James P. Hammond. Mr. Moelle is a representative German, and has been the means of bring some sixty or seventy families into the county. They have five children--Charles, Frank, Minnie, Ottilia and Ferdinand.

P. C. MOORHEAD, Sheriff, was born in Wood County, Ohio, in 1848, and was raised on a farm. In 1864, enlisted in Company G, One Hundred and Thirty-third Ohio Infantry, serving four months. In 1867, went to Michigan and entered some land in Montcalm County, and engaged in the lumber business, remaining there four years; thence to Iowa, and, in 1871, came to Nebraska, locating in Nuckolls County, taking a homestead on Section 6, Town 4, Range 7, living there and improving his place a number of years; has been in the stock business more or less all the time he has been in the State; was elected Sheriff in the fall of 1881; in January, 1882, went in company with W. McReynolds and put up a building and put in a stock of drugs. Is a member of Nelson Lodge, NO. 77, I. O. O. F.

J. RITTERBUSH, merchant, was born in Prussia in 1847. In 1852, his parents emigrated to America and settled near Madison, Wis., where they remained until 1858. From there they moved to Illinois. In 1862, the subject of this sketch wanted to go into the army, but, being only fifteen years of age, his parents would not consent, so he went back to Wisconsin, and enlisted in Company G, Twenty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry, serving about three years; was wounded at the battle of Champion Hill, and was laid up nearly one year. After receiving his discharge, in 1865, returned to Illinois, and engaged in the grocery business for the next three years. In 1868, took a two-years course in Rutlege & Davidson Business College, at Petersburgh, Ill.; graduated in the spring of 1870, then came to Nebraska and located in Clay County, taking a homestead there in the spring of 1872; put in the first stock of goods at Edgar, Clay County, in 1874; came to Nelson and put in the first stock of goods in Nuckolls County. The trade has increased about 400 per cent since he has been here. In 1877, was elected County Clerk and Clerk of District Court, serving one term. Has a farm on Section 35, lying next to the village, and is raising hogs and stock. Has been agent for the Corbin Banking Company, of New York City, for several years. Is a member of G. H. Thomas Post, G. A. R., No. 15; Captain of Company H., First Nebraska National Guards; is a member of Nelson Lodge, No. 77, A., F. & A. M., and Master of the same, and belongs to Edgar Chapter; was Deputy Sheriff in 1875, and is one of the enterprising men of the place.

THOMAS L. SELBY, farmer and stock-raiser, Nelson, was born in Fairfield County, Ohio. About 1856-57, his parents moved to Peoria, Ill., where he remained until 1879. His father was extensively engaged in the manufacture of a corn planter, and Thomas had a contract with his father to put up planters, for a number of years previous to coming to Nebraska, in the spring of 1879, and bought a farm on Section 20, Town 3, Range 6, consisting of two hundred and forty acres, in Nelson Precinct, three miles from the town of Nelson, and has the farm improved, with the exception of a few acres. Has good buildings, and engaged in the stock business, the first year raising cattle, but soon changed and confined himself to raising hogs. Has about two hundred to dispose of annually. Also does some buying and shipping, besides. Was married in 1873, at Peoria, Ill., to Miss Snyder, of that place. They have two children, Jennie and James. Mr. S. is a man of enterprise, and is building up a good business in stock.

J. N. SHANK, furniture dealer, was born in Shelby County, Ind., 1839. In 1844, moved to Howard County, where he remained about fourteen years. Thence to Iowa, and located at Red Oak, Montgomery County, and was in the furniture business until 1873. From there, settled in Nuckolls County, Neb., and put up the first building in Nelson. In 1875, went in to Wyoming Territory, remaining there two and a half years. Thence to Wahoo, Neb., remaining there about six months. Thence back to Nelson, and opened a furniture store, putting in the first stock of furniture in Nelson. The trade has grown 100 per cent in two years. Was married in 1864, at Red Oak, Iowa, to Miss H. C. Tracy, of that place. They have six children, viz.: Fredrick, Willett, Minnie, Harry, Martha and Jennie.

H. A. STOKES, M. D., physician and surgeon, was born in Greene County, New York, 1829, living there until 1850. 1847, commenced reading medicine until about 1850. Thence to Evansville, Ind. and read with Dr. Bacon, and then with Prof. W. H. Byford, now of Rush Medical College of Chicago. Then took a course at Evansville Medical College, graduating in 1854. Then took a special course at Jefferson Medical College, New York, and a special course at the University Medical College, New York city. He also took a partial course at Williams College, New York. In 1854, commenced practice in White County, Ill., and then in Wayne County, remaining there until 1856. Then went to New York City, where he remained until 1857, when he was employed by Col. Pratt and J. Gould, of Gouldsboro, Luzerne Co., Penn., to do their practice for their help in their tannery, at that place. Received $1,500 per year and all he could make outside. Was there one year. Roomed with J. Gould. From there, went to St. Johns, Benton Co., Mich., remaining there until 1864. From there went to Kankakee County, Ill, remaining there four years. In 1878, came to Nebraska and located in Nelson, Nuckolls County, and was the only physician in the place for some time. Was married in 1862, at Marshal, Mich., to Miss C. A. Amsley, daughter of Col. Amsley, of that place. They have two children--Milford T. and Lela E. Is a member of the Nelson Lodge, No. 77, A., F. & A. M., and was one of the charter members and is Jr. Warden. Is a member of the State Medical Society of Illinois.

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