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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Saline County
Produced by Alice Vosika.


Location and Physical Features | Primitive Occupants
The First Settler | Indian Depredations | Pioneer Events


County Seat Contest | Burning of the Jail | Court House
Legislative Representation | Statistical | The Press
Criminal | Schools | Railroads
Crete:   Early History | Doane College | Religious

Crete (cont.):   Schools | Crete Public Library | The Press
Secret Orders | Business Interests
Manufacturing Interests | Opera House
Crete (cont.):   Biographical Sketches
Crete (cont.):   Biographical Sketches [cont.]

Wilber:   Early History | Banks | Manufactories | Schools
Religious | Secret Societies | The Press
Biographical Sketches


Wilber:   Biographical Sketches [cont.]
South Fork Precinct. [Biographical Sketch]

DeWitt:   Local Matters | Biographical Sketches
PART 10:

Dorchester:   Early History | Local Matters
Biographical Sketches

PART 11:

Friend:   Early History | Banks -- Schools and Churches
Societies | Newspaper | Biographical Sketches
Pleasant Hill:   Biographical Sketches
Swan City | Western | Atlanta Precinct [Biographical Sketch]

List of Illustrations in Saline County Chapter



W. L. HAYES, firm of Meyer & Hayes, groceries, boots and shoes; annual sales $30,000 to $35,000. Mr. Hayes was born in Lycoming County, Penn., in 1860. He then went to Williamsport in 1863, where he lived up to 1878, when he came to Nebraska, where he worked on a farm two years, and in 1881, in company with L. H. Meyer bought out S. H. Kymer. Mr. Meyer dying in November, 1881, his brother took his interest and continues with Mr. Hayes. They are young and have worked up a good trade.

FRED HERMAN, dealer in general merchandise. Business established in 1874 by S. J. Herman & Co. Mr. Herman bought the business November 1, 1880, put up a new brick building, moved into it in September, 1881. Size 25x75. Carried about $12,000 stock. Average monthly sales, $2,200. Settled in Nebraska in 1864. Settled in Saline County in 1870, living there on a farm with his father, John Herman. In 1876 worked in the store for his brothers and also worked in the insurance business eighteen months with the German Insurance Company of Freeport. Was married in 1879, at Wilber, to Miss Millie Schuessler. They have one son, born in 1879.

S. J. HERMAN, Deputy County Clerk, Saline County, was born in Bohemia, Austria in 1841. In 1854 emigrated to America and located in Manitowoc County, Wis. In 1861 enlisted in the Fifth Wisconsin Infantry, serving two years. After coming out of the army located at Chicago where he followed the machinist trade. Was also in Cincinnati and other points until he finally settled in Carroll County, Ill., and put up a machine shop and in 1874 was burned out and came to Nebraska, locating in Crete, and opened a store of general merchandise, which business he followed until 1881 when he sold out and closed out his interest to his brother. In the fall of 1880 was elected to the State Legislature from Saline County for a term of two years. In June, 1882, was appointed Deputy County Clerk of Saline County. Was married in 1871 at Racine, Wis., to Miss Mary Stunsky. They have four children. Mr. H. belongs to the following societies: Blue Valley Lodge of Wilber, A., F. & A. M., the Bohemian Society, C. S. P. S., No. 24, of which he is Grand Master of Nebraska, of Hooker Post, G. A. R., No. 51, of Wilber, of which he is Post Commander, and of the I. O. O. F.

CAPT. J. S. HUNT, farmer and speculator, settled in Nebraska in 1862, locating on Section 27, Town 6, Range 4 East, taking the first homestead in the town. There were only two or three taken in the county. Was born in Pennsylvania, in Fayette County, in 1821. In 1837 moved to Ohio. In 1846 enlisted in the Third Ohio Infantry, going to Mexico under General Taylor. Was in the Mexican war thirteen months. In 1852 moved to Benton County, Iowa, where he remained until 1861. Was the first volunteer in the county during the late war and raised a company and took command of it as captain and was assigned to the Fifth Iowa Infantry. When he had been in seven months was captured, with two of his companions, by bushwhackers near Booneville and they were taken about nine miles. While their captors were making arrangements to shoot them Mr. Hunt broke and ran, under a sharp fire, but did not receive a shot, but he was injured for life by falling over a rock and was obliged to resign and go home, where he was sick nearly one year. Mr. Hunt has never received any pension, though well deserving of it. At the time he raised his company they lay from April until June before receiving marching orders and the men were boarded at the hotels and Capt. Hunt footed most of the bills and also helped pay for the first uniforms and has never been compensated to this day. In 1842 was married, his wife dying in 1873. In 1880 was married to Miss Mary E. Monroe, of Kansas. Has four children, Catherine N., George A, Adelaide, and Harry G. Is a member of the Masonic order, Blue and Chapter Lodge of Lincoln, Neb. Also G. A. R., Harker Post, No. 64. Was elected first Probate Judge of Saline County, and was also member of the legislature when the county was young. Was one of the committee on Ben Butler's great trial.

J. H. JAMES, dealer in agricultural implements. Established in 1875. Annual sales about $20,000 per year. Has a branch store at DeWitt. Settled in Nebraska in 1873. Was engaged in milling on Turkey Creek up to 1875. Was born in Virginia in 1840. In 1862 emigrated to Springfield, Ill., where he engaged in the milling business and remained there about eleven years. In 1866, at Springfield, Ill., he was married to Miss Mary E. Waugh of that city. They have three children, Arthur, born April, 1868, Willie, July, 1871. Lelia, July, 1873.

B. F. JONES, M. D., druggist; was born in Lee County, Iowa, in 1854, where he remained until 1874, coming to Nebraska; located at West Salem, where he remained two years, reading medicine and teaching; coming to Wilber, he opened a drug store in 1876. Graduated in 1878. Is a member of the Masonic Order, Blue Valley Lodge, No. 64; also member of Wilber Lodge, No. 1652, K. of H. Married in 1881, at Wilber, to Miss Nellie Schearer, of Wilber.

EDWARD C. KELLOGG, Wilber, real estate and collection agent; was born in Madison, Wis., and moved from that city to Crete in 1876. In 1878 located in Wilber, and was appointed Deputy County Clerk by C. H. Slocum. Was married in Wilber, Neb., November 23, 1879, to a daughter of W. C. Henry; they have one child. Mr. K. belongs to the Wilber Lodge, No. 1652, K. of H. and has been Financial Reporter since the organization of the same. Previous to coming to this State, Mr. K. was Deputy Clerk of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin for six years. He has the only complete set of abstract books in Saline County. He is a hard worker and merits success.

J. T. LANE, Sheriff of Saline County, farmer and stock raiser, was born at Columbus, Ohio, in 1838; in 1850 moved to Fulton County, Ill.; in 1854 removed to Keokuk County, Iowa, where he engaged in farming. In 1869 settled in Nebraska, locating on a homestead on Section 20, Township 8, Range 4, East, remaining on it until 1875, when he sold out re-buying it in 1878, and again selling it in 1881, and purchased a farm on Section 17, township 7, Range 3, East. Has been engaged in stock raising since he has been in the State. Was elected Sheriff in 1881, taking office in June, 1882; held some minor offices previous to this. August, 1862, enlisted at South Eagle, Iowa, in the Thirty-third Iowa Infantry; was Sergeant in Company H.; was mustered out in August 1865; was sick and has never got over the effect, and receives pension. In 1860, at Iowa City, was married to Miss Mary E. Yorick, of that place; they have four sons--H. V., born 1852; Byron C., 1866; Archy D., 1869; M. L., 1873.

JAMES LEDWICH, Clerk of District Court, Wilber, was born in Vermont, in 1845; but he was raised in New York State, spending his boyhood days near Lake Champlain. In 1861, at Plattsburg, N. Y., enlisted in the Ninety-sixth New York Infantry, serving out his term of enlistment, received his discharge in February, 1865; was in all the battles of his regiment, some eighteen engagements in all, passing through without receiving a scratch. At the close of the war went to Louisville, Ky., and graduated at Bryant & Stratton's commercial college. From 1867 to 1873, traveling through the South as general agent of the Singer and Howe Sewing Machine Companies, with headquarters at New Orleans; going to Avoca, Iowa, in 1873, where he studied law, and in 1876 and 1877 attended the Iowa Law College, graduating in 1877; and the following year settled in Wilber, Saline Co., Neb.

WILLIAM LEEPER, livery, Wilber, was born in Ohio in 1846, in Guernsey County, coming with his parents to Jefferson County, Iowa, in 1855; in 1868, went to Nevada, where he remained until 1876; went back to Iowa, and in 1877 went to the Black Hills and through the West, settling in Saline County, Neb., in 1879 buying out a Mr. Stearns, who was in the livery business. In October, 1881, Mr. Legg bought a share in the business; they are doing a good business and use about twelve horses.

C. B. McGREGOR, barber and hair dresser, and dealer in cigars and tobacco, Wilber, Neb., was born in Maryland, August 2, 1856, and attended school there. He removed to Martinburg, W. Va., in 1860, and remained there until 1864, when he went to Nebraska City, Neb., where he attended school and started his trade. He remained there until 1867, then went to Baltimore City, Md., working there at his trade until 1873, when he went to Grafton, W. Va., and worked at his trade the remainder of that year, or about ten months, and then started westward to Nebraska, visiting all the cities and towns between there and Lincoln, Neb. He arrived at Lincoln February 19, 1875, and remained there until the fall of the same year, then visited the State of Kansas for a few months, and then to St. Joseph, Mo. January 1, 1876, he worked at his trade in the Pacific Hotel. He was married August 13, 1876, to Miss Mary M. Winck of that place. They have three daughters--Laura E., born May 31, 1877; Hester A., born April 4, 1879, and Miney M., born March 23, 1882. On August 17, 1879, he returned to Lincoln, Neb., and worked at his trade until April 13, 1880, then to Wilber, Neb., and then added cigars and tobacco to his business. May 2, 1882, Mr. McG. was burned out, losing nearly all he had, but immediately resumed business again.

A. G. MALLAT, senior member of the firm of A. G. Mallat & Co., general merchandise. Business was established by J. B. Edson & Co. in 1879. Mr. M. was born in Humpolec, Bohemia, in 1851; in 1871 came to America, and settled in Grant County, Wis., where he remained about six months, then went to Chicago and remained there about eighteen months. In the fall of 1873 he went with his cousin, John Rosicky, (now proprietor of the Bohemian paper, Pokrok Zapadu), to Wilber, Neb., where he was employed as a clerk for several years. In 1879 he went in partnership with J. B. Edson, and in 1882 bought out Mr. Edson and became senior partner of this firm. He is a member of the Bohemian Benevolent Society C. S. P. S., No. 29, of Wilber.


WILLIAM H. MANN, of the firm of Mann & Harvey, proprietors of the Wilber Mills, Wilber, was born in Watertown, N. Y., in 1833, learning the milling business, and at the age of twenty-two moved to Sterling, Ill., and followed the milling business for thirteen years. In 1869 he moved to Johnson County, Neb., and bought and laid out the town of Sterling, naming it after his Illinois home, Sterling. Mr. M. built the flouring mill, hotel and several dwellings, and after the advent of the A. & N. R. R. erected an elevator. It was mainly through the efforts of Mr. Mann that the town secured the railroad. At the present time Mr. M. owns the majority of town lots in that thriving town, and he is justly proud of the title of "Father of Sterling, Neb." In 1874 he bought the water power on the Blue River, near the present site of Wilber, and, in connection with C. D. Wilber, built the Wilber Flouring Mills. On the completion of the mills Mr. Wilber sold his interest to James Harvey, and the mills have been run as Wilber Mills, Mann & Harvey, proprietors. Mr. M. was married in Hennepin, Ill., to Miss Abbie G. Turner. They have one child, a son. Is Worshipful Master of Blue Valley Lodge, No. 64, A., F. & A. M. Mr. Mann has always eschewed politics, despite the efforts of his fellow-citizens to thrust the honors of office upon him.

C. W. MEEKER, attorney at law, P. O. Wilber, was born in Covington, Ind., in November, 1853. Moved to Illinois, Kansas, Iowa and Washington Territory, living a short time in each State. In 1866, located in Ottumwa, Iowa, and in 1874, attended the Wesleyan University at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and graduated from that institution in 1876. Read law with Wilson & Bell, while at Mt. Pleasant, and was admitted to the bar in the same year. Came to this State, and located in Wilber in 1877. Was married to Miss Mollie E. Hines, at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, in June, 1877. They have two children--daughters.

J. A. PADDOCK, physician and surgeon, was born in Bureau County, Ill,, where he read medicine. In 1874, went to New York City, and entered Bellevue Hospital Medical College, from which institution he graduated in 1874, coming to Nebraska the same year, and locating at Wilber. He commenced the practice of medicine. Was married to Miss M. H. Stull, of Wilber, in 1879. Is a member of Blue Valley Lodge, No. 64. A., F. & A. M. Was elected Coroner of Saline County, in 1875, and has since been twice re-elected. Is at present one of the Commissioners of Insanity, and also United States Pension Examiner for Saline County. Mr. Paddock, although a young man, is one of the best read physicians in Saline County.

B. C. PARKER, M. D., physician and surgeon, P. O. Wilber, was born in Cayuga County, N. Y., in 1819, moving with his parents to Cortland County soon after, remaining there until 1837, when he went to Indiana, and taught school three years. In 1840, returned to Pittsburgh, Pa., and taught in the public schools for nine years. From 1849 to 1851 was devoted to the finishing of a medical course, begun some years previous. From 1852 to 1859 was located near Madison, Wis. where he was practicing medicine, then engaged in farming for a number of years. Settled in Nemaha County, Neb., near Howard, remaining there until 1876, when he removed to Plattsmouth, and thence to Wilber, in 1879, where he has opened an office. Was married to Miss Julia Keech, of Madison. They have five sons--James W., Edward M., Charles B., W. S. and Braman C. Is a member of the United Brethren Church.

H. COLE, Postmaster at Wilber, was appointed to the position in 1880, superseding Henry Clark, who had been Postmaster since the establishing of the office in 1873. The old post office, Blue Island, was abolished, Sanford Harrod, Postmaster. Mr. C. was born in Cayuga County N. Y., in 1844, where he remained until 1862, and was engaged in railroading until 1864, when he enlisted in the Ninth Illinois Cavalry, serving until the close of the war. In the spring of 1866, Mr. C. came to this State, taking a contract for grading on the U. P. R. R. Then spent a year in Oregon and Colorado. In 1871, settled in Saline County, buying a farm on Sections 10 and 11, Town 6, Range 4, East, having engaged in farming up to the time of his appointment as Postmaster. Is a member of the K. of H. Was married to Miss Amelia Allen, of Ashland, Neb., in 1871. They have four children--Ida, ten years old; Carrie, eight years; David, four years; Minnie, six months. Mr. C. is a very popular man, and as Postmaster, is the right man in the right place.

F. V. SHABATA, firm of A. G. Mallat & Co., was born in Iowa, in 1857. In 1871, settled in Saline County, Neb., remaining on a farm for several years, and attending the college at Crete up to 1880. Is a graduate of Bryant & Stratton Business College, of Davenport, Iowa, where he took a commercial course in 1881. Was employed by J. B. Edson & Co., remaining four months. This was previous to going to Davenport. Came back and bought a share in the business. A. G. Mallat & Co.; carry about $10,000 stock, and average sales amount to $38,000 or $40,000 per annum. They have the largest share of the Bohemian trade.

H. B. SIMPSON, firm of Coonen & Simpson, boots, shoes, and clothing, was born in Illinois in 1857, where he remained until 1859, going then to Dixon; then went to Pennsylvania, where he remained six years; from there to Mendota, LaSalle Co., Ill., where he remained until 1879, when he came to Wilber, and engaged in the butchery business with Mr. Coonen, until they sold out and went into the present business. Is a member of Blue Valley Lodge, No. 64, A., F. & A. M. Was married, in 1881, to Miss Eva Stuart, of Crete.

JOHN F. SPIRK, Wilber, Treasurer of Saline County, was born in Merklin, Bohemia, in 1857, where he lived until thirteen years of age, coming to America in 1870, settling in Dayton, Ohio, living with an elder brother and attending school. In the following year went to Chicago, where he learned the printer's trade, and also attended school a short time. In 1874, came to Nebraska, locating at Crete; there worked in the office of the Saline County Post, until 1878. In that year he attended the Bryant & Stratton Business College, graduating from that institution, and was appointed Deputy County Treasurer, under Mr. C. Duras, holding the position until January, 1882, when he took possession of the Treasurer's office, having been elected in the fall of 1879 to that office. Is a member of the C. S. P. S., a Bohemian Benevolent Society, No. 29, Wilber, Neb. In 1879, was married to Miss Anna Schuessler, of Wilber, and have one daughter, Lillie. Mr. S., although a young man, holds one of the most responsible offices in the county, and is a very popular man.

D. R. TRIPP, butcher, Wilber, was born in Whiteside County, Ill,, in 1848; settled in Nebraska in 1859, locating in Richardson County; from there went to Kansas, but crops failing, was obliged to leave the State, and came back to Nebraska and located in Nemaha County, where he was engaged in farming for a number of years. Thence to Gage County, remaining two years; and locating in Wilber in 1869, and ran a livery stable some time. In 1877, was elected Marshal of Wilber; held until 1880. Was foreman of a gang of men and teams grading on the B. & M. R. R. two years. In 1880, opened a meat market, in company with Mr. Cole. Enlisted in 1863, at Brownville, Neb., and was in the service thirteen months; was in Company E. Second Nebraska Cavalry. Is a member of Wilber Lodge, No. 1652, K. of H. Was married, in 1876, at Wilber, to Miss Mattie Alley. They have three children--Nyness, Leona and Eva.

J. N. VAN DUYN, Assistant Deputy County Clerk, was born in Ohio, in 1845. In 1855, went with his parents to Davis County, Iowa, where he remained until 1861, when he enlisted in Company I, Fourteenth Iowa Infantry, as Sergeant, and was mustered out, August, 1865; returning to Davis County, remaining one year there; was employed as clerk and cashier by Mr. Fitzgerald, a contractor on the B. & M. R. R. remaining with him six years in Iowa and Nebraska, and in 1869 took a homestead near Pleasant Hill, Saline County, and remained one more with Mr. Fitzgerald on the B. & M. R. R. in Nebraska; then bought a farm near Pleasant Hill, and engaged in stock raising and farming until 1873, when he was appointed by the County Commissioners to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff of Saline County, September, 1873, holding the office until June, 1874, when he was appointed Deputy County Clerk, under L. R. Grinz. Mr. Grinz resigned the office six weeks prior to the end of the term, and Mr. Van Duyn was appointed to fill his unexpired term. Then, in 1876, was appointed Clerk of the District Court, which he held until it was made elective, in 1880; and again, in 1882, was appointed Deputy County Clerk, under Begler. In the fall of 1870, was married to Miss Luca A. Dawson, of Pleasant Hill, Saline Co., Neb. They have five children. Mr. Van Duyn is a member of Blue Valley Lodge, No. 64. A., F. & A. M.

PETER WALDROF, firm of Waldrof Bros., hardware. Business established in 1877; capital $6,000; size of building 22x60; warehouse, 24x30 and 20x24; average cash sales, 1882, $75 per day. Peter was born in LaSalle County, Ill., 1857. At the age of sixteen he went to Chicago and learned the carriage-maker's trade, remaining a little over two years; going from there to Monroe, remaining eighteen months, coming from there to Nebraska in 1877. In 1880 was married at Wilber to Olive Flora.

WILLIAM WALDORF, hardware merchant. He was born in Germany in 1852. Coming to America with his parents the same year, settling in LaSalle County, Ill., where he remained until 1871, when removing to Whiteside County, Ill., working at the tinner's trade, which he had learned in LaSalle County previous to going to Whiteside County. In 1871 settled in Otoe County, Neb., and commenced business with H. M. Hurd, handling hardware, which they carried on until 1874, when he bought out Mr. Hurd and continued until 1878, selling out to H. Larson; then came to Wilber and engaged with his brother Peter in the hardware business, under the firm name of Waldrof Bros. In 1877 was married to Hattie Donavan, of Syracuse, Otoe Co., Neb. Have two children, Lillie and Jennie. Mr. W. is a member of K. of H. Wilber Lodge, 1652; also a member of Nebraska Mutual Benefit Society, No. 611.

A. G. WILBER, dealer in farm machinery, and farmer, Wilber. Was born in Auburn, Ohio, in 1845, remaining there until 1861, when he enlisted in the Forty-first Ohio Infantry, and was discharged in 1862, for disability and was employed in the Quartermaster's Department at Nashville for four years. In 1866 he went to Chicago, where he engaged in the commission business until 1873, when he settled in Nebraska, locating at Wilber, when there was but one business house, and put up an elevator and handled grain, farm machinery and general merchandise; in 1875 sold out his stock of goods and elevator and turned his attention to machinery and purchased a considerable tract of land. Has 1,000 acres, with about 700 acres improved. Has lately moved on his farm, near Wilber, and will devote a part of his attention to raising stock. Was married in 1872 at Chicago to Miss Julia McCollum. They have three children--George, Annie R. and Willie. Mr. W. is a member of the Masonic Order.

JOHN ZWONECHEK, firm Zwonechek Bros., hardware. Store building, 24x75--two stories; carry about a $6,000 stock of goods, and sales $30,000 to $35,000. Started the business in the spring of 1878 with $2,000 stock, and were burned out in 1881, and put up a new brick, which they now occupy--they own the building. John was born in Austrian Bohemia, 1855, coming to America ten years later, settling in Iowa, where he remained until 1874 and was engaged in farming. Coming to Wilber he was employed by Harry Clark as clerk, after which he was engaged in farming two years and then engaged in his present business. Was married in 1877 to Miss Annie Hvnek, of Wilber. Have two children--Bertha and Annie.


W. H. STORMS, was born in Orleans County, N. Y., in 1839; came to Nebraska in 1871, and homesteaded on Section 10, Town 5, Range 2 East, in South Fork Precinct, Saline County, living there since that time. In 1864, Mr. Storms went to Michigan, and located at Kalamazoo, where he was engaged in selling nursery stock. In 1866, he married Miss Elizabeth King, of same place. Four children have been born to them--D. W., now aged fifteen years; Dora A., aged thirteen years; A. J.; aged ten years, and Mabel L., aged six years. Since coming to this State, Mr. Storms has been engaged in teaching school and farming. In 1873, Mr. Storms was elected to the office of Sheriff of Saline County, and served one term, and in 1881, was elected County Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Storms is a member of Crete Lodge, No. 37. A., F. & A. M., and is a consistent member of the Methodist Protestant Church. He is an old settler, and has well earned all the honors given him by his fellow-citizens.

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