First New Hampshire Cavalry Regiment Troop D Roster

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This is a work in progress (this is not a complete roster). If you are a researcher and have a Web page of anyone on this Roster and want a link on this page or have any information to add please eMail me with the information and the source.

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Name Submitter(s)

Harvey N. BAILEY, Private, promoted to corporal

Source #4

David M. BALLOU, Private

Source #4

Thomas BARNES/BARNS, Private

Source #4

Stephen BROCK, Jr., Pittsfield, b Nov, 1840, and died Pittsfield Sept 15, 1872. Enlisted in the spring of 1864 in the Second regiment, but for certain reasons was not mustered into service. He afterwards enlisted in Troop D, First New Hampshire cavalry, and was mustered into service July 25, 1864, and served with credit until the close of the war. Some of the officers in the army became petty tyrants and would abuse the men whenever they could, but the soldiers lost no opportunity to retaliate. A major of a certain regiment who was noted in this regard, rode out to a vidette post where Brock was stationed. As he sat on his horse he began to find fault with everything. While he was talking to the sergeant in charge, Brock went to a fire in the ground where the soldiers were roasting some sweet potatoes. Raking open the coals, he took a potato in the corner of his blouse, and going behind the major's horse tucked it under his tail. The way that horse hugged that hot potato with his caudal appendage and started down the road toward camp, would have surprised any one who saw it. In fact, the ride was equal to the one made by the famous "John Gilpin of London town."

Source #2

Brock men of New Hampshire

James DAILEY, Credited to Mason, Hillsborough; enlisted June 25, 1864.

Source #1

Henry DUNBAR, Private, enlisted June 22 1864, age 22; deserted Concord, NH Aug 8 1864.

Source #3

James EASTMAN, credited to Mason, Hillsborough; enlisted April 30, 1864.

Source #1

Joshua VOCE, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1


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