Biography of David Crego


History of Columbia County, New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis

Published by Everts & Ensign

Philadelphia, PA



Pages  252 & 253


        Along with the history of the Van Burens, Hogebooms, Vanderpoels, and hosts of other statesmen, judges, and professional celebrities of Columbia county, it is fitting that some of the real representatives of the people should be noticed,--that the men upon whose shoulders the burdens and responsibilities of this great republic chiefly rest should be assigned their proper place in these annals. And of these we may mention David Crego, of Claverack. He was the son of David Crego, who was born in Columbia county, and was married to Miss Susannah Poultney. They reared a family of nine children, named as follows: Polly, William, Fanny, Betsey, Thankful, Zubah, Clarissa, Emeline, and David.

     David Crego, Sr., lived to the advanced age of ninety-five years. Mrs. Susannah Crego died in 1848, at the age of seventy-one. After her death, Mr. Crego, Sr., was married to Mrs. Landrus; there were no children by this marriage. She also died several years before his decease.

     David Crego, Jr., was born in the town of Lebanon, on the 19th day of January, 1813; soon after his birth the family removed to Hillsdale, where they remained seventeen years; they then sold out, and removed to Chatham Four Corners. David attended the common schools, and assisted [p. 253] in the labors of the farm until several years after he became of age. At the age of twenty-two, in 1834, he was united in marriage to Miss Sarah Briggs, of Dutchess county. In 1834 he sold out in Chatham, and purchased a farm of two hundred and twenty-five acres in the town of Claverack,--beautifully situated about one mile south of Claverack village, which has ever since been his home.

     Mrs. Crego died in 1851, at the age of thirty-six years, and two years later Mr. Crego filled the vacancy in his household by choosing another companion,--Miss Anna H. Sackett, of Dutchess county.

     By his first wife he has two sons, Walton O. and George W., who are both married; and by his second wife he has two children, Charles S. and Sarah B., both at home with the parents.

     Mr. Crego is a good farmer, and his farm is widely known as one of the most fertile and productive in the Claverack valley. He pays much attention to the breeding of fine cows, principally of the Alderney blood. Mr. Crego is a man of solid character, temperate in his habits, affable and courteous in his demeanor, honorable in his dealings, land enjoys and deserves the confidence and esteem of all. We call the particular attention of the reader to the fine view of his farm-house in another part of this work.