Biography of David W. Gardenier


History of Columbia County, New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis

Published by Everts & Ensign

Philadelphia, PA



Page 234


      David W. Gardenier was born on the 17th of November, 1812, in Kinderhook, at the old family homestead, built in 1753 by his father's uncles.

     The place has remained in the family since the above date, and is one of the oldest family residences in the town,  It has stood the storms of a century and a quarter, and is still a good and substantial structure.

      Mr. Gardenier married in 1843 Miss Elizabeth A. Benedict, who died April 13, 1855, leaving two children,--Aaron B. Gardenier, an attorney and counselor at law, residing in Valatie, Columbia Co., N. Y., and Mary R. Gardenier.