Pastors of the

Chatham Center

Methodist Episcopal


Kindly Submitted by:

Jane Williams Wood

15 February 2004

These are the pastors who served the Church.  It is the same church as the Chatham Methodist but for some reason the Episcopal dropped from the name.

Rev. Julius Fallon                         1875-1877
Rev. P. F. Youlen                           1877-1878
Rev. F. G. Rainey                          1879-1880
Rev. M. M. Curry                            1881-1883
Rev. W. D. Hitchcock                    1884-1885
Rev. W. W. Foster                          1886-1888
Rev. W. Tator                                 1889-1891
Rev. E. Comstock                           1892-1893
Rev. G. H. C. Bain                           1894-1896
Rev. Thomas Monro 1897-1899
Rev. A. B. Potter                               1900-1902
Rev. E. J. McKernon  1903-deceased May 30,1905
Rev. E. M. Ten Broeck   supplied to November
Rev. J. H. E. Rickard                         1906