FROM 1824 TO 1878




By Capt. Franklin Ellis210


     The following is a list of the most important town officers from the organization of the town to the present:

1824 William Murray William Elliott George I. Rossman
1825 ditto ditto ditto
1826 ditto Jacob Shafer Wm. M. Turner
1827 ditto Wm. T. Trafford Cornelius Williams
1828 Jacob Shafer ditto Peter Snyder
1829 William Murray ditto Calvin Williams
1830 ditto ditto Jacob A. Decker
1831 ditto Wilson Bates Tunis Race
1832 ditto Russel Everett ditto
1833 ditto Peter Decker Jacob A. Decker
1834 ditto ditto Cornelius Wolcott
1835 ditto ditto ditto
1836 ditto ditto William Yager
1837 William T. Trafford Horace Culver M. G. Van Deusen
1838 Abram Bain Ira Williams Thomas Groat
1839 ditto ditto Norman Brusie
1840 Horace Culver ditto Samuel Frayer
1841 Peter Decker Ransom Rogers Martin Holsapple
1842 ditto John D. Langdon Thomas Williams
1843 ditto ditto Jacob A. Decker
1844 Walter Shafer John A. Bain P. Van Debogart
1845 Chas. Van Deusen Orville H. Wilcox Isaac Davis
1846 ditto ditto Wm. T. Trafford
1847 ditto Martin Holsapple Cornelius Wolcott
1848 Calvin Williams Lee Chamberlain Charles A. Hoag
1849 ditto Gilbert Langdon Thomas Edwards
1850 John D. Langdon W. M. Van Benschoten Wm. T. Trafford
1851 John Miller ditto John H. Williams
1852 ditto Nelson Williams Ephraim Hawver
1853 David Rhoda ditto A. M. Ten Broeck
1854 ditto Freelin Van Deusen John S. Decker
1855 William M. Elton Nelson Williams Wm. Waldorph
1856 Wm. I. Holsapple P. G. Kisselbrack Abram Shultis
1857 Wm. M. Elton ditto Joseph G. Near
1858 ditto Lester Van Deusen Abram Wolcott
1859 Orville H. Wilcox ditto Jacob D. Snyder
1860 Peter S. Pulver Freelin Van Deusen P. Van Debogart
1861 ditto Norman A. Nooney George I. Rossman
1862 ditto M. Van Deusen Sylvester Turner
1863 Fyler D. Sweet ditto Levi Race
1864 John D. Langdon Nicholas Robison Jeremiah Decker
1865 ditto Robert E. Trafford Morgan Williams
1866 ditto Platt Rogers Milton Trafford
1867 ditto Porter Van Debogart Norman Brusie
1868 Wm. I. Holsapple Hoffman Sweet Dedrick Shultis
1869 ditto Gilbert Langdon Nelson Williams
1870 E. Van Benschoten Hoffman Sweet John Stang
1871 John D. Langdon Sidney Shufelt Isaac Oakley
1872 Hoffman Sweet Artemus Austin Wesley Burdick
1873 ditto Spencer T. Wolcott John I. Langdon
1874 ditto Jerry S. Miller Elisha W. Sweet
1875 Nicholas Robinson ditto Abram Decker
1876 ditto Almond Shufelt Seymour Decker
1877 John D. Langdon ditto Jacob G. Rossman
1878 Theo. Lampman W. Van Debogart Sylvester Turner