Deposition of Ambrose Stalker

9 July 1766


The Massachusetts State Archives, The Felt Collection, Volume 8, Page 324

Transcribed by Susan Stalker Mulvey


The Deposition of Ambrose Stalker of Noble Town in the Province of New York of  Lawful age who deponent & saith on the Twenty Ninth Day of July Amo Domini 1766 he saw Mifters Walter Livingston & Robert Ransler1in company with a Number of Men which by their Drefs the Deponent supposed to belong to His Majesty’s Troops, armed with guns come up to his ye deponents house (he being at a small Distance from said House) that he heard said Ransler say said House must come down.  That he said Deponents wife asked Liberty to carry out her things, which she was allowed to do, that then he saw said men throw of the Top of said House and pull up ye chamber floor of said House, & throw it to the ground, that one of said Company throws2 down the oven of the said Deponent.  That he heard the said Ransler say that he the Deponent might rays his grain & cut his grass & that then said Deponent should go off & farther saith not.

                                                                                    [Signed] Ambros Stalker


Berkshire Fs:  Great Barrington August 19, 1766


                        This Ambrose Stalker signed to the foregoing Deposition appeared personally & being carefully examined & cautioned to testify the whole truth, made solemn Oath, that ye said Deposition is the Truth, the whole truth & nothing but the Truth.

                                                            [Signed] C [?] Elijah Dwight Justice Peace





1 Robert Van Rensselaer

2 This word I am not sure of






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