By Capt. Franklin Ellis47


    It is said that Kinderhook had a good system of domestic government several years before its formation into a district, March 22, 1772.  This was the first district formed in the present county of Columbia, antedating the other districts two days.  It was organized as a town March 7, 1788.  The first records were kept in Holland Dutch.  This book and the records extending to 1797 have been destroyed.  Those from 1844 to 1872 are also missing, necessitating, consequently, a brevity and incompleteness of this part of the history of the town.  Nothing can be learned concerning the early roads, schools, and town legislation.

    Fortunately, we have been able to compile a list of the names of the principal officers from 1787 to 1878.  These have been as follows:

1787 Cornelius Van Schaack Abraham Van Buren
1788 Evert Vosburgh ditto
1789 ditto ditto
1790 ditto ditto
1791 ditto ditto
1792 ditto ditto
1793 ditto ditto
1794 ditto ditto
1795 ditto ditto
1796 Dirck Gardenier ditto
1797 ditto James I. Van Alen
1798 ditto ditto
1799 Abram I. Van Vleck ditto
1800 ditto ditto
1801 ditto ditto
1802 John Van Alen Elihu Gridley
1803 ditto John a. Van Buren
1804 ditto Elihu Gridley
1805 ditto Francis Pruyn
1806 ditto ditto
1807 ditto Barent I. Goes, Jr.
1808 ditto ditto
1809 Abraham Van Vleck Benjamin Hilton
1810 ditto ditto
1811 ditto John L. Van Alen, Jr.
1812 ditto ditto
1813 ditto ditto
1814 Henry L. Van Dyck ditto
1815 ditto ditto
1816 ditto ditto
1817 ditto ditto
1818 ditto ditto
1819 ditto ditto
1820 ditto ditto
1821 John P. Beekman ditto
1822 ditto ditto
1823 ditto Samuel Hawley
1824 ditto ditto
1825 ditto Andrew Van Dyck
1826 ditto Samuel Hawley
1827 ditto ditto
1828 Peter H. Bain David Van Schaack
1829 ditto J. I. Pruyn
1830 ditto Barent Hoes
1831 Lucas Hoes ditto
1832 ditto Henry Flagler
1833 ditto James Sutherland, Jr.
1834 ditto ditto
1835 ditto Augustus Whiting
1836 ditto ditto
1837 Laurence Van Buren John Trimper
1838 ditto ditto
1839 ditto ditto
1840 ditto John H. Corning
1841 John Vanderpoel Leonard B. Flagelar
1842 ditto ditto
1843 Peter I. Hoes Peter Huyck
1844 Lucas Hoes ditto
1845 Laurence Van Buren ditto
1846 ditto J. W. Stickles
1847 Henry M. Niver ditto
1848 Henry Hoysradt John R. Beale
1849 Benajah Conant Jacob P. Miller
1850 Laurence Van Buren John W. Stickler
1851 ditto ditto
1852 Aaron Huyck Edwin Hoes
1853 Laurence Van Buren ditto
1854 Benajah Conant Howland Van Slyck
1855 ditto Edwin Hoes
1856 Henry M. Niver George Hoxsie
1857 Henry Snyder James Miller
1858 Abram I. Van Alen W. I. Merwin
1859 James C. Vosburgh John A. Van Bramer
1860 ditto Geo. W. Hoxsie
1861 Henry Dennis Peter H. Niver
1862 ditto ditto
1863 Alen Jacobia A. V. D. Whitbeck
1864 James Miller ditto
1865 ditto ditto
1866 Wm. J. Penoyer Walter Miller
1867 John a. Van Bramer ditto
1868 Charles W. Trimper ditto
1869 ditto A. De Meyer
1870 ditto ditto
1871 ditto Wilson Miller
1872 Ransom Gardenier George Reynolds
1873 John Snyder W. S. Hallenbeck
1874 Calvin Ackley ditto
1875 Charles W. Trimper Michael W. Lant
1876 ditto ditto

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