By Capt. Franklin Ellis50



    In the early settlement of the town many private burial-grounds were formed, and some were not wisely located with reference to future use, many becoming neglected.  In the village of Kinderhook was formerly a place of interment near where the centre of business now is.  This was removed to a more favorable place in the western part of the village in the summer of 1817.  Two acres of well-drained ground were secured and placed in charge of the consistory of the Reformed church, which is yet the controlling body of the cemetery.  In 1844, and at subsequent periods, additions were made to the grounds, until the cemetery now possesses fair proportions.  It is pretty well improved, contains some fine monuments and vaults, and, on account of the illustrious dead who repose in this quiet spot, attracts considerable attention.  Here are the sepultures of Martin Van Buren, who died July 24, 1862, and of many members of his family, and the graves of the noted Peter Van Schaack, Francis Silvester, Dr. John Vanderpoel, the Rev. Peter S. Wynkoop, and others of equal eminence.

    The Valatie cemetery is north of that village, on the road to Niverville.  It is a plain though attractive spot, containing several acres of well-drained ground.  The Valatie cemetery association was formed Sept. 3, 1851, with eighteen members, who chose as trustees Reuben Dedinck, James Miller, Simon J. Milham, Michael J. Niver, Peter Kingman, and Peter Hoes.  Their successors have since controlled the above cemetery.

    Prospect Hill cemetery is within the corporate limits of Valatie, and is naturally one of the finest cemeteries in the county.  It contains twenty-eight acres of beautifully located ground, which have been improved to a considerable extent by a skillful landscapist.  There are many fine monuments and a good receiving-vault.

    The trustees selected by the association, formed Sept. 27, 1852, were William P. Rathbone, Orin Carpenter, Peter W. Pulver, William Van Buren, Charles B. Osborne, John Rodgers, Jeremiah Carpenter, Samuel Hanna, and Benajah Conant.

    At present Charles Wild is president of the association, and Justus W. Bebee secretary.

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