Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York

By Capt. Franklin Ellis49


        It is claimed that the town of Kinderhook has produced more eminent public men than any other town in the country.  The appended list gives the names of its citizens who have attained prominent national, State and county positions:

    The offices of president of the United States, vice-president, United States senator, secretary of state, minister to England, governor of New york, attorney-general of New York, member of the University, were all held by Martin Van Buren.

    Members of Congress from this town have been Peter Silvester, John P. Van Ness, Aaron Vanderpoel, Charles L. Beale.

    Of State Senators, Kinderhook has furnished Peter Silvester, Martin Van Buren, John P. Beekman, Wm. H. Tobey.

    Members of the Assembly.--Peter Silvester, Dirck Gardenier, James Brebner, Peter I. Vosburgh, James I. Van Alen, James Vanderpoel, John L. Van Alen, Jr., Peter Van Vleck, Barent Van Buren, Aaron Vanderpoel, Julius Wilcoxson, John S. Vosburgh, Wm. H. Tobey, Lucas Hoes, George Van Santwood, Adam A. Hoysradt, Samuel W. Carpenter, Alonzo H. Farrar.

    Delegate to adopt United States Constitution.--Peter Van Ness.

    Member of the Council of Appointment.--Peter Van Ness.

    Presidential Electors.--Lucas Hoes, Laurence Van Buren, Charles L. Beale, David Van Schaack.


First Judges.--Peter Van Ness, Julius Wilcoxson.

Judges.--Peter Silvester, Peter Van Ness, William P. Van Ness, David Ludlow, Lawrence M. Goes, Richard I. Goes, James Vanderpoel, Julius Wilcoxson.

Justices of Sessions.--John C. Sweet, Wm. Kip, Henry M. Niver, Jr., William Kip, John C. Sweet.

Surrogates.--Wm. W. Van Ness, James I. Van Alen, James Vanderpoel, Wm. H. Tobey.

District Attorneys.--Julius Wilcoxson, Francis Silvester, Gershom Bulkley.

Sheriff.--Barent Vanderpoel.

County Clerk.--Abraham B. Vanderpoel

County Superintendents of the Poor.--Henry P. Mesick, William R. Mesick, Cyrus Groat, Sylvester Becker, Norman Van Bramer, Ephraim Kendall

    The citizens of this town who have held minor offices are too numerous to be mentioned her.

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