Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York

By Capt. Franklin Ellis60


        Valatie Lodge, No. 115, I. O. O. F., was instituted in 1847, with twenty charter members.  It now has eighty members, officered by Wm. P. Washburn, N. G.; Wm. H. Spencer, V. G.; and Wilson Miller, Sec.  The meetings are held in a comfortable lodge-room in Valatie.

    Hope Encampment, No. 66, of the same order, was instituted March 7, 1872, with seven members.  Thomas Cooke was elected the first C. P.; Frank Westfall, H. P.; H. W. Pulver, S. W.; and L. Harrison, Scribe.  There are at present fifteen members, whose meetings are held at Valatie.

    Valatie Lodge, No. 362, F. and A. M., received its charter June 22, 1855, and elected for its first officer Jesse O. Miller, J. W.  The lodge at present numbers sixty-five members, sixty-three of whom are Master Masons; and its officers are A. B. Gardinier, W. M.; A. W. Wynkoop, S. W.; A. H. Bullis, J. W.; D. Palmer, Sec.

    Kinderhook Chapter, R. a. M., No. 262, was instituted under a dispensation in 1872, and was charted February, 1873, with eleven members.  W. S. Hallenbeck was elected the first H. P.; James Green, K.; and John a. Van Bramer, Sec.  The membership at present numbers fifty-four, with Augustus W. Wynkoop, H. P.; Clavin Ackly, K.; and Jacob Cook, Sec.  The meetings of the chapter are held at Kinderhook village.

    Friendship Lodge, K. Of P., No. 95, was instituted March 27, 1873, with eighteen members.  At present there are twenty-seven.  The first officers were Sylvester Becker, C. C.; C. W. Davis, K. R. S.; and W. H. Pulver, M. of F.  The meetings are held at Valatie.

    Kinderhook Division, No. 164, Sons of Temperance, was instituted July 4, 1846.  For a number of years it was very flourishing, but it was discontinued ten years ago.

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