Columbia County,

New York

  These pages are dedicated to the men from Columbia County, New York who served in The Civil War.  It is their stories, letters, and histories which will be presented here.

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    List of Member of the Hudson Hancock Veterans Club, Organized Sept. 9th, 1880, with their Rank and Regiments in which they Served:


Amos H. Peabody, Serg't Major, 9th Co. ast N.Y. Sharp Shooters

John Nolan, Priv. Co. D, 76th Penn.

Alex. Firth, Priv. Co. K, 14th N. Y.

Cornelius McManamy, Corp. Co. G. 128th N. Y.

John Martin, Priv. Co. E, 91st N. Y.

Michael Guinan, Corp. Co. A, 128th N. Y.

Richard M. Mosley, Serg't Co. A. 159th N. Y.

H. L. Smith, M. D., Ass't Surgeon Sanitary Commission.

William Brown, Serg't Co. C, 2d N. Y. Cav.

Peter Scism, Priv. Co. B, 6th N. Y.

S. B. Cook, Priv. Co. H, 126th N. Y.

James Gooney, Priv. Co. C, 139th N. Y.

Peter Van Loan, Priv. Co. C. 26th, N. Y.

Jacob Sherman, Priv. Co. G, 159th N. Y.

Isaac Firth, Musician Co. A, 91st N. Y.

F. J. Cook, Corp. Co. E, 11th N. J.

Francis Hodes, 2d Lieut. Co. K, 128th N.Y.

Lewis H. George, Priv. Co. H. 91st N. Y.

Patrick Kilfoil, Priv. Co. D, 1st N. Y. H. A.

Joseph Sausbier, Priv. C. K. 127th N. Y.

William Parks, Priv. Co. D. 128th N. Y.

Henry Hasstrich, Priv. Co. C, 197th N. Y.

J. A. Hallenbeck, Priv. Co. G. 14th Brooklyn, N. Y.

Ed. L. Gaul, Lieut. Col. 159th N. Y.

Chas. R. George, Serg't, Co. A, 1st N. Y. Lincoln Cavalry

A. Brigham, Co. B, 1st Vt. Cav.

H. W. Race, Q. M. Serg't 7th H. A.

Chas. I. Winans, Priv. Co. A, 159th N. Y.

John Mettler, Priv. Co. G. 10th N. J.

Michael Flynn, Priv. Co. K. 128th N. Y.

John H. Kelts, Corp. Co. E, 91st N. Y.

Marshall Coons, 2d N. Y. Cav.

Martin J. Cooper, Priv. Co. H. 91st N. Y.

Wm. H. Spanburgh, Lieut. Co. C, 159th N. Y.

R. J. Smith, Serg't Co. A, 74th N. Y.

Chas. E. Sutherland, Priv. Co. K. 14th N. Y.

J. H. Coons, Priv. Co. C. 12th Cav.

David C. Patterson, Co. E, 49th Mass.

Garry Wallace, Priv. Co. I, 91st N. Y.

John Scott, Priv. Co. A, 11th Mass.

Wm. H. Scott, Musician Co. A, 159th N. Y.

John Reed, Priv. Co. A, 159th N. Y.

Robert V. Noble, 1st Serg't. Co. K. 2d N. H.

Wm. Anderson, 1st Serg't Co. E, 60th N. Y.

Albert Wheeler, Priv. Co. E. 159th N. Y.

James Moore, Priv. Co. A, 159th N. Y.

Jonas Patterson, Priv. Co. C. 159th N. Y.

M. O'Connor, Priv. Co. C, 43d N. Y.

W. R. Elting, Capt, Illinois Battery

Thomas Connor, private, Co. B, 3d N. Y.

Thos. Gaul, private, Co. B, 16th H. A. N. Y.

William H. Atwood, First Lieut, Co. E, 91st N. Y.

Joshua D. Harrington, 1st Sergeant, Co. A, 159 N. Y.

W. H. Goodwin, private, Co. G. 97 N. Y.

Albert S. Burdick, private, Co. G. 125 N. Y.

John Morgan, private, Co. A 159 N. Y.

J. H. Cripps, private, Co. D, 43 N. Y.

James Gallagher, private, Co. H, 91 N. Y.

Peter Sherman, private, Co. E, 91 N. Y.

Sylvester Salpaugh, private, Co I, 91 N. Y.

William Sherman, private, Co. I, 91 N. Y.

Elijah Jackson, private, 8th Co. 1 N. Y.  s. S.

Norris Fenton, private, Co A, 22 Ct.

James Garrett, private, Co I, 91 N. Y.

Thos. Akin, private, Co. A. 159 N. Y.

Charles P. Hoag, corporal, Co. A, 169 N. Y.

Spencer Helms, private, Co. C, 159 N. Y.

Harrison H. Miller, private, Co. C. 12th N. Y. cavalary

William Duntz, corporal Co I, 128 N. Y.

Robert J. Michaels, corporal Co. A, 1st N. Y. Lincoln Cavalry

Peter Coon, 1st Sergeant, Co. I 91 N. Y.

Fenton Cuddy, private, Co. K, 63 N. Y.

Henry Osborn, sergeant Co. A, 159 N. Y.

John Connor, private, co. C, 113 N. Y.

James O'Brien, private, Co. B. 12 N.Y.

Albert Cook, private, Co. I, 31 Mass.

John Brown, private, Co. I, 29 Conn.

Charles W. Lyon, Private, Co. A, 9th N. Y.

L. W. Bradley, Colonel, 64 N. Y.

J. H. Davis, private, Co. C, 10 N. J.

Peter Minkler, Co. M, 2 N. Y. cavalry

Henry Baker, private, Co. C, 1st N. Y. engineers

James W. Moon, private, Co. H. 21 N. Y.

John Downing, private, 15th N. Y. battery

Jacob West, captain, Co. H. 25 N. Y.

John Maney, sergeant, Co. K, 63 N. Y

John Burns, private, Co. E, 15 N. Y. E.


Source: Hudson Evening Register, Friday, September 10, 1880, column 4, found at

Transcribed by: Susan Mulvey, 18 February 2014


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