Columbia County,

New York

  These pages are dedicated to the men from Columbia County, New York who served in The Civil War.  It is their stories, letters, and histories which will be presented here.

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Andrew Jackson Wilcox

Born: Stockbridge, Mass August 13, 1832

Married:  Hannah E. Stickles May 27, 1860

Children:              Edward H.

                                Frankie A.

                                George W.

                                Dollie E.

Enlisted: Chatham, NY October 3, 1862 


Assigned to  1st Battalion New York Sharp Shooters 8th company. 

Honorably discharged: July 10,1865 Washington, DC. 

Lived in Chatham for his remaining days


Contents of a letter written by Andrew:


Camp near Washington, DC.

                                                                                                                June 14,1865


War Department

                                                                                                                8th Company of 1st NYSS

Andrew J. Wilcox,

                                I am a private of the 8th company and have a family and there is only 12 of us and two commissioned Officers. We enlisted in October 62 got no bounty. The most of us are men of families and they are dependent on our small pay. Please do something for us.


Most respectfully yours

 A.J. Wilcox  8th Co. 1st NYSS


Submitted by: Albert Deluca March 2010


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