Miscellaneous Marriage Records

From the Rural Repository

[A Semi-monthly Journal]

Published in Hudson, Columbia County,

New York

Volume 23, Number 17

Saturday, May 1, 1847

[ult. = abbreviation for the Latin word "ultimo," which means "last."]

     In this city, on the 20th, ult. by the Rev. Dr. Grosman, Mr. John M. CROFTS to Miss Martha J., daughter of John CRAWFORD, Esq, of this city
     By the same, Mr. Jesse BIRD, to Miss Phebe SEELY, both of Saugerties, N. Y.
     In Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y., on the 6th ult. by the Rev. G. W. Howe, Mr. H. G. TRACY, of Oneonta, (formerly of Columbia Co.) to Miss M. E. COOKE, of  the former place.
     At Fulton, Oswego Co. N. Y. on the 4th ult. by the Rev. Mr. Hawes, Mr. George FOSTER to Miss Sarah M. McKAY, all of Fulton.
     At Canaan, on the 8th ult. by the Rev. Clifford Ames, of  New Jersey, Mr. George KING to Miss Harriet E. AMES, of the same place.
     At Waterloo, on the 15th, ult. by the Rev. Thomas Lape, Mr. Daniel HOFFMAN, of this city, to Miss Margaret, daughter of Frederick ROSSMAN, of Claverack.
     At Hinsdale, N. H. Jan. 9th, by Frederick Boyden Esq. Mr. Norman HINE, (member of the Junior Class, Amherst College, Mass.) of Onondaga, N. Y. to Miss Sarah R. ALBEE, of Amherst.

My hymen's car be drawn by doves,

Harnessed in silken chains,

And driven by the smiling loves,

While Norman holds the reins.

HEMENWAY/AKEN, Harrison HEMENWAY, born Nassau, Rensselaer county 27 October 1841 to Caroline (Carrie) AKEN born New York ca 1847 on 29 December 1868 by Quincy J. Collins, Methodist Episcopal church, Mellenville (Philmont).