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SPEER, Abraham Scott (23 April 1814 - 29 September 1892)

Submitted by: Ralston David

Abraham Scott Speer was born on the old homestead on the Zane's Trace, about six miles west of Cambridge in Adams Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, on the 23rd of April, 1814 to Stuart Speer and Jane Stuart, the second child (five sons and three daughters). He married Mary (Polly) McKinney on 11 February 1836 who was the daughter of John McKinney and Mary Wilson, living four miles west of the Speer family along the Zane's Trace (they had made their home there in the wilderness in 1804), she was born 20 April 1813 (or 1818). He died on 29 September 1836 and was buried in the Crooked Creek Cemetery. Mary McKinney died on 14 October 1891 and is also buried in the Crooked Creek Cemetery.1,2

Abraham Scott Speer and Mary McKinney had eight children, six sons and two daughters:3

  • John Stuart, b. 25 November 1836 in Adams Twp., Guernsey County, Ohio, d. 28 September 1928, m. (1) 22 September 1868 to Mattie A. Drennen of Northfield, Ohio (one child), d. 11 February 1871, (2) 14 May 1872 to Agnes M. Robinson of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, d. 5 March 1873, (3) 2 June 1874 to Amanda A. Dunlop of Washington County, Pennsylvania (2 children)
  • William Scott, b. 11 April 1839, d. 27 July 1925, m. (1) 6 March 1866 to Anna Wilson of Guernsey County, Ohio, (2) 13 October 1874 to Julia Henderson of Washington County, Pennsylvania.
  • Matthew Wilson, b. 10 December 1840, d. 26 January 1928, m. 15 August 1867 to Elizabeth Mchaffery of Adams Township, Guernsey County, Ohio.
  • Henry, b. 4 January 1843, d. 29 August 1864 from wound during the battle of Atlanta, Georgia in Civil War on 22 July 1864.
  • Newton Wolverton, b. 7 May 1846, d. 29 April 1853.
  • James Findley, b. 20 May 1848, d. 1 March 1935, m. 29 August 1880 to Mattie Emily Forray of Mifflin, Pennsylvania.
  • Anna Margaret, b. 17 October 1850, d. 29 April 1937, m. 12 March 1873 to James Andrew Lorimer of Muskingham County, Ohio.
  • Ella Mary (Mary Ellen), b. 30 October 1855, d. 3 August 1936, unmarried.

The married life of Abraham and Mary Speer was spent in Adams Township, on or in their homestead located in Section 22, Twp 2, Rng 4, Adams Township, Guernsey County, Ohio. The homestead property consisted of 156 acres of land.4 The plat map of 1870 for Guernsey County, Westland Township, immediately south of Adams Township, shows a 100 acre property with the name A.S. Spear and a residence indicated, located off a road at a point about one-forth mile north of the National Road (Zane's Trace), a distance of about 1.5 miles west of Cassell.6

The 1850 Federal population census shows the following data for the family:5
  • A.S. Speer, age 36, Male, Occupation Farming, real estate value = $3,000, born in Ohio.
  • Mary, 37, F
  • Jno. J., 13, M
  • Wm. S., 11, M
  • Matthew W., 9, M
  • Henry, 7, M
  • Newton, 4, M
  • James F., 2, M
  • Alcinda O. Cherry, 7, F

Appearing in an obituary published by a Presbyterian newsletter:

"Resolution of Respect. - Resolution of the session of the United Presbyterian congregation of Cambridge, Ohio, on the death of Abraham Scott Speer.

Abraham Scott Speer has fallen asleep in Jesus. God has said in his word, "The righteous shall be held in everlasting remembrance." so we, with whom for over a quarter century, he worked and labored in our church court, desire to express and place on record some memorial thoughts of one we have so long known and revered, and while we will very greatly miss his kind and considerate words of wisdom and counsel, yet it is pleasant to be able to truthfully testify to some of his Christian virtues, and to have the assurance that he has gone from the Church militant to the Church triumphant.

After a life of over three-score years and ten, we do not know of a page or line in the book of his life that we would wish to blot out, for we do not know of a blot or stain on his character.

At the age of 22 years he married Mary McKinney, who about one year ago preceded him to that home of many mansions. For over a half of a century that had walked and worked together, and reared a family of Christian children; one son, John S. Speer, D.D., being a minister in our Church. Born and reared in Guernsey county, where he always lived, his life an open book, and while his modest and retiring disposition was such, that he never sought or desired a place of prominence, either in the church or state, yet his ability and sterling honesty placed him in such esteem among his neighbors and friends, that for many years he was the conservator of the peace within his township, and without his asking he was twice called upon to fill the office of commissioner of his county.

As a ruling elder, which office in our own and neighboring congregation he filled for so many years, he was always kind, pleasant, and courteous, yet firm in the discharge of every duty, and his calm voice of wise and loving counsel will be sadly missed, and difficult to supply. But after a long, busy and useful life of good deeds, like a ripe sheaf, he has been called home, and the recollections of holy and upright life will remain as a sweet savor, which we trust may be an incentive to us to emulate his many virtues, and strive to live so that our end, like his, may be peace, and that we may, when the Master calls us, be ready to depart and be with Him, who hath loved us and given himself for us. To the bereaved family, and especially to his loving daughter, Ella, who ministered with such loving and tender care to both father and mother, and who will feel the loss so keenly, and now be left so lonely, we extend our sympathy and earnest prayers. John Hammond, S.B. Clark, W.S. Heade.

Committee of session of United Presbyterian Church of Cambridge, Ohio.

Appearing in The Guernsey Times of Cambridge, Ohio on Thursday 6 October 1892, page three:

  • "After Seventy-Eight Years in Guernsey County, He Has Gone Home.
  • Abraham Scott Speer was born April 23, 1814, in Guernsey county, Ohio, on the farm on which his father, one of the earliest pioneers, settled in 1808, and grew to manhood amid such surroundings and advantages as that early day presented. February 11, 1836, he and miss Mary McKinney were married and commenced their joint life, which was to last nearly fifty-six years, on the farm adjoining the above. It was then nearly unbroken forest, and its present state of cultivation is the result of the labors done and directed by him. To this couple were born eight children, as follows: John S., a U.P. minister, of Canonsburg, Pa., William S., a farmer, near Olathe, Kan., Matthew W., a farmer in Nebraska, Henry, who lost his life in the war of the rebellion, Newton, who died at the age of seven, James F., a farmer in Kansas, Anna M., wife of Jas. A. Lorimer, in Kansas, and Ella M., who remained at home to care for and nurse her parents in their last illness. These parents gave their four eldest sons to the service of their country, enduring all the sorrow and suspense of their absence and anxiety for their welfare, and mourning the loss of the one whom the cruel sword claimed as a victim. The subject of this sketch was not a partisan in politics and never sought an office. He served as justice of the peace for fifteen or twenty years. He was elected a member of the first board of commissioners of Guernsey county under the new constitution, having been nominated without his solicitation or even his knowledge. To this office he was reelected in the same way. He was anti-slavery in the early agitation of that question. He was a temperance man and practiced total abstinence all his life, even when it cost him sneers and taunts of the large majority. From early manhood he was a member of what is now the United Presbyterian church, for many years a ruling elder in the congregation of Lebanon. For thirty years he occupied the same position in the congregation of Cambridge, remaining in that relation until his death. He was strictly just and upright in all his dealings with his fellow men, often selected as a peacemaker between parties at variance. He was regarded as honorable in all respects so that in business transactions, banks as well as individuals, were in the habit of taking his name to his obligation without bond or endorsements. His end was peace. Fully ready to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. Earth had lost all attractions for him. For many months he was only waiting and longing for the end to come. The message to him was received as an invitation to "come up higher" into the presence of the King, where we do not doubt he wears the unspotted robes of immortality.
  • To the above just tribute to our aged departed friend by special correspondent, we would only add that he had celebrated his golden wedding five years before his long-life partner died, in October, 1891. He had returned just four weeks before from a visit with his son, in Pennsylvania, and was immediately taken down. Rev. Dr. McFarland, of Cambridge, his pastor, conducted the funeral at New Concord last Friday. Elders, Dr. S.B. Clark, W.S. Heade and W.T. Young, also of this place, attended the funeral. The New Concord pastors assisting were Dr. Paul, Rev. Faris Brown, and Rev. Mr. Farris. Rev. John S. Speer, D.D., son of the deceased, made very impressive and touching remarks. Of the other children there were only present W.S. and Ella, with a grandson, Dr. H.N. Speer, of Canonsburg, Pa.
  • Source:
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    6. Guernsey county, Ohio; 1850 Federal Population Census, Guernsey County Genealogical Society, Cambridge, Ohio, January 1991; Microfilm Roll No. 684, page 381, Adams Township, Family No. 7.

SPEER, Stuart (8 February 1783 - 20 March 1850)

Submitted by: Ralston David

Stuart Speer was born in Adams County (was then York County), Pennsylvania on 8 February 1783 to Robert Speer and Jane "Agnes" Stuart, the eighth child (seven sons and one daughter). Most likely he was born on the 192 acre land parcel, surveyed by Archebald McClean 10 April 1774, owned by his father, located mostly within the Manor of Maske on the west boundry of the present Freedom Township (originaly platted as Hamiltonban Township), approximately six miles southwest of Gettysburg, on Bullfrog Road. He married in 1806 Jane McClean Scott who was born September 1787 to Abraham Scott and Margaret McClean. He died 20 March 1850 in Guernsey County, Ohio. His wife died on March 1866 in Guernsey County, Ohio.

Stuart Speer and Jane McClean Scott had eight children, five sons and three daughters:

  • Margaret McClean, b. 18 February 1809, d. 2 September 1884, m. 18 June 1829 to Matthew Mitchell.
  • Elizabeth, b. 10 November 1809, d. 1876, m. 1829 to James Findley.
  • Alexander, b. 10 December 1811, d. 5 January 1892, m. to Mary Jane Speer.
  • Abraham Scott, b. 23 April 1814, d. 29 September 1892, m. 11 February 1836 to Mary McKinney.
  • John Stuart, b. 6 January 1817, d. 16 June 1890, m. to Mary J. Comin.
  • William, b. 1 December 1818, d. 25 February 1899, m. 18 February 1841 to Anna Jane McKinney, b. 1820.
  • Robert, b. 17 May 1823, d. 10 June 1894, m. 21 February 1845 to Mary McDonald.
  • Nancy Jane, b. 22 December 1825, d. 1914, m. to Robert Comin.

Stuart and his wife Jane moved to Ohio the Spring of 1808 and setteled on the land along Zane's Trace in Section 22, Twp 2, Rng 4 of currently Adams Township, Guernsey County. Stuart and Jane were among the first settlers in Adams Township (formerly parts of Knox and Westland Townships in Muskingam County), keeping a tavern/hotel, which was regularly patronized, as early as 1808 on Zane's Trace, and near the Pike Consolidated School. He also operated a water mill to grind grain and saw timber, located on Crooked Creek near Cassell's Station (located on the B & O Railraod and shown as Cassell on Route US 22 & 40 on current highway maps).2,3 The land parcel, in Section 22, was acquired through the Zanesville Land Office (under the Act of May 10, 1800, modified by an Act in 1804).

Stuart Speer was a member of the first Guernsey County grand jury, impaneled on 27 August 1810.2 Stuart Speer, as one of the three Associate Judges, served a term from 1829-1834.2,8

When the War of 1812 began, Stuart Speer enlisted in the company of Captain Simon Beymer as a 1st Lieutenant, serving for the three month term from 20 August to 12 November.4 The Company included three officers, four sergeants, four corporals and 42 privates.

Stuart was one of the leaders for organization of the Whigs of Adams Township on May 1840.2

Stuart purchased several parcels of land in the Cambridge, Ohio area, some of them were:

  • NE 1/4 of Section 22, Twp. 2, Rng. 4, from the Zanesville Land Office on November 1807.4 The Patent received was issued to Stewart Speer of Adams County, Pennsylvania on the 10th of November 1807, signed by President Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, Secretary of State. The purchase is recorded in Book 1, Zanesville Military District, Ohio. The purchase provided for 160 acres at the rate of $2.00/acre, given four years to pay and discounted 8% if payed at the time of bid. The sale shows payment of $80 on 12 January 1807 (amount of the first installment) and payment in full of $182.40 on 12 January 1807, the balance provided by the discount; $12.80 @ year 2, $19.20 @ year 3, and $25.60 @ year 4; for a total of $320.00.
  • SW 1/4 of Section 19, Twp. 2, Rng. 4 in Muskingum County, Ohio, from the Military District sold by the Zanesville Land Office on 12 December 1815.5 Ledger book for purchase on 16 December 1807 at a cost of $320.00 plus $6.05 interest on 1 January 1813 and $25.20 on 14 December 1814 plus expenses of sale of $5.00 (total of $356.25). Payments made were a deposit on 16 December 1807 of $16.00, residue of first instalment made 19 January 1808 was $64.00, totaling $80.00; 16 December 1809 payment made in cash of $80.00; 7 December 1810 a payment made in cash $79.82 (less $0.18 interest for early payment); 1 January 1813 a payment was made of $26.00; 14 December 1814 a payment of the balance plus interest was made of $90.25 (total of $356.25).6

Taxes were assessed to Stewart Speer for 1814 for land in Section 22, Twp. 2, Rng. 4 in Adams Township of Guernsey County as reported on 7 March 1814 by Commissioners James Dillon and Lloyd Talbot.7

  • Stuart Speer left a will which was recorded in Guernsey County, Ohio. -- "Be it remembered that at the March Term Anno Domini Eighteen hundred and fifty of the Court of Commom Pleas in and for the County of Guernsey in the State of Ohio held above in the Court house within and for the County of Guernsey aforesaid, on the twenty sixth(?) day of March in the said Month, the last will of Stuart Spear deceased, being brought into court for probate Samuel McConkey (...?)of the Inheriting (...?) of the ammended last will and Testament of Stuart Spear deceased appeared in open court in the 26th day of the March AC 1850 and being (...?) upon his solumn oath saith he saw the Testator at the time of signing, said will was of sound mind and memory of full age and not under any restraint, at the same time and place came William Woodburn the other witnesing writing to said will and being (...?) upon his oath said that he saw the Testator sign said will that he signed said will as a witness thereto in the presence and at the request of the Testator that said Testator at the time of the signing said will was of sound mind and memory fo full age and not under any restraint; which said will (...?) then (..?) to wit; In the name of God, (...?). I Stuart Spear of the County of Guernsey in the State of Ohio being in perfect health of body and of sound and (...?), mind memory and understanding, thanks to the almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that it is to say first, it is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be dullypaid, second I give desire and bequeath to my bloved wife Jane Spear in lieu of her dower Two Thousand dollars her rooms with the kitchen in my Manchen home, all my beds and bedding houshold aboad and kitchen furniture we have, saddle and bridle an dmy cow to be at her disposal except the rooms(?) and kitchen; third I give and devise to my son William Spear my home farm on which I now live that is the North east quarter of section 2 of township two in range four with as much of the south east quarter of section Twenty two of township two and Range four as lies West of the graded road and south of the Turnpike by the meyander of Peters Creek to Peters creek bridge on the turnpike thence along the turnpike with the lines of John Suneafrank(?) Thence North along th line of the Sunafrank until a stone, Thence North 70o west 30 perches to (a line?), Thence N 89o West 13 parches and 17 links to a stone, Thence N 27o East 89 Parches and 16 links to a stone in the West line of the North East quarter of section 22 of Township two and range four to his heirs and assigns forever. Fourth I give and devise to my son Robert the farm on which he now lives as it was surveyed and layed off by Charles Carvell(?) County Surveyor in July 1843 to his heirs and assigns forever. Fifth I order and direct my Executors to sell my mill property and all the land attached to it being a part of the southwest quarter of section twenty two of township two range four and if it sell for fifteen hundred dollars I give and devise to my Daugh(ters) Margaret M. Mitchel five hundred dollares, Also to my Daughter Elisa finley five hundred dollars, Also to my daughter Nancy Jane Coman five hundred dollars(;) if it shall not sell for fifteen hundred dollars I direct(?) that the proceeds be egually divided amongst my three Daughters aforesaid(;) if it should sell for more than fifteen hundred dollars I direct that the amount whatever it may be above fifteen hundred dollars to be didvided equally between my daughters and sons Margaret M. Mitchel; Elisa Finley, Alexander Spear, Abraham S. Spear, John S. Spear, William Spear, Robert Spear, Nancy Jane Coman. Sixth I do order that all of my Farming utensile wagon carriage to be put to sale by my executor and the proceeds to be divieded equally amongst my eight children as follows to wit Margaret M Mitchel one eight part, Elisa Finley one eight part, Alexander Spear one eight part, William Spear one eight part, Robert Spear one eight part and Nancy J. Coman one eight part. Seventh I (?) and appoint Abraham S. Spear and William Spear my Executors of this my will and testement, given under my hand and seal this nineteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty signed and sealed and delivered the presents of

Stuart Spear (signature)8

Samuel M. Conkey(signature)

William Woodburn(signature)

?I certify that the foregoing testimony of Samuel M. McConkey and William Woodburn was taken in open Court this 27th day of March AD 1850; and that said will was approved of by the Court and ordered to be (...?) together with the testamony taken to from the same.

Atest(?) Gean M Swan(?) Clerk Court


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Zanesville Military District ledger book, p 956; United States Department of Interior, Buereau of Land Management, Springfield, Virginia
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; copy on microfilm at the Guernsey County Public Library, Cambridge, Ohio.

PHILIPS , David (1786 - 1838)
McWILLIAMS, Elizabeth (1794 - 1848)

Submitted by: David Phillips

The above people are my Great Great Great Grandparents. The following information is some data I have gathered that documents some of their vital statistics.

Davidâs parents were Evan Philips (born abt 1760 in Maryland (unproved), died before January 1824 in Belmont County, Ohio) and Jane Unknown (died before June 1825 in Belmont County, Ohio). He was born 22 October, 1786 probably in Ohio County, West Virginia (Virginia frontier at the time) and died in 1838 in Guernsey County, Ohio. Davidâs birth date is based upon Bible records that I have placed on the Belmont County, Ohio GENWEB Biography/Bible records page. His death date is based upon two sources. First the book ãPioneer Cemeteries of Guernsey County, Ohioä found in the Guernsey County, Ohio Genealogy Society states that he (as well as Elizabeth and a daughter Jane ) are buried in the Senecaville Cemetery, Richland Township, Guernsey County, Ohio. The Headstone (which I have not seen) states David Philips 1786 1838; Elizabeth Philips 1794 1848; Jane Philips 1818 1839. Second at the Guernsey County Courthouse I found the following under the Probate/Guardianship Documents (the actual documents are supposedly at the Guernsey County Genealogy Society, but when I checked there, they were not organized and I could not find them): Probate Vol A, Page 324 David Philips deceased by April 1839.

Elizabethâs parents were George McWilliams (born about 1764 in Scotland, died unknown supposedly in Guernsey County) and Margaret McCoy (born in Ireland also died unknown). Her birth and death dates are documented above.

David and Elizabeth were married 7 October, 1813 in Belmont County, Ohio per Belmont County, Ohio Marriage Book B, Page 60. An interesting aside is that Davidâs twin brother, Enoch married Elizabethâs sister, Hannah.

The following Land Deed documents David and Elizabethâs heirs (Children). I suspect that it is executed because Elizabeth is in ill health (she died in 1848) to settle up Davidâs estate. The daughters-in-law mentioned are Barbary (Barbara ?) Razor and Nancy Brothers. It is found in Deed Record Book W, Pages 403/404, Guernsey County, Cambridge, Ohio:

Know all men by these presents that we Elizabeth Phillips, widow of David Phillips decd, Enoch Phillips and Barbary Phillips, his wife, Evan Phillips and Nancy Phillips, his wife, Nathan Winnet and Elizabeth, his wife of Wright Township, Guernsey County, Ohio and Edward Carson & Margaret, his wife and John J Dullon & Hannah, his wife of Morgan County and state aforesaid heirs in law of David Phillips aforesaid decd late of Guernsey and state aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred and forty eight dollars and forty-nine cents to us in hand paid by Israel Hafer of Morgan County, Ohio, the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge and are therewith content and satisfied, have granted, bargained, sold, aliened and conveyed and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell, alien and convey unto the said Israel Hafer his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land situate in Guernsey County, Ohio being Lot No twenty-eight, Section No three, township One and Range One United States Military land, To have & To Hold the said premises with all the appurtenances and privileges to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the said Israel Hafer his heirs and assigns forever. And the said Elizabeth Phillips, Enoch Phillips & Barbary Phillips, his wife, Evan Phillips & Nancy, his wife, Nathan Winnet & Elizabeth, his wife, Edward Carson & Margaret, his wife and John J Dullon and Hannah, his wife for themselves, their heirs and Assigns that they are lawfully seized of the said premises, that the premises are free and clear from all encumbrances whatsoever except William Phillips (this is David Philipsâ brother that also lived in Guernsey County and apparently had loaned Elizabeth some money on the land. Following this document is another Land Deed in which William Philips and his wife Priscilla sold their rights to this property to Isreal Hafer for six hundred fifty dollars and fifty-one cents) and that they will forever Warrant and defend the same with the appurtenances unto the said Isreal Hafer his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whomever except William Phillips aforesaid. In Testimony Whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 1st day of April AD 1848.

 Executed in presence of 

 Wm Jackman 

 Elizabeth X Phillips

 Theo Jackman 

 Enoch Phillips

 Clo Hethrington 

 Barbary X Phillips

 James Sayer 

 Nathan Winnet

 Elizabeth Winnet

 Evan Phillips

 Nancy Phillips

 E B Carson

 Margaret Carson

 John J Dullon

 Hannah Dullon

 The State of Ohio

 Guernsey County

Before me Wm Jackman a Justice of the Peace in and for the said County personally appeared the within Elizabeth Phillips, Enoch Phillips and Barbary his wife, Evan Phillips and Nancy his wife, Nathan Winnet and Elizabeth his wife, Edward Carson and Margaret his wife, John J Dullon and Hannah his wife and severally acknowledged the signing and sealing of the foregoing deed to be their voluntary act and deed and the said Barbary Phillips, Nancy Phillips, Elizabeth Winnet, Margaret Carson and Hannah Dullon being examined by me separate and apart from their said husbands and the contents of said instrument made known to them by me they then declared that they did voluntarily sign seal and acknowledge the same and that they are still satisfied therewith.

 Given under my hand and seal this first day of April in the year of our 

 Lord one thousand eight hundred & forty eight 

 Wm Jackman J P 

 of Richl Tp

 Entered for record May 15, 1849

 and recorded May 15, 1849

 Albert Chas Armer 



Submitted by: Janet Farrington Brown

535 Boswell Ave., Crete, Ne. 68333 Feb. 19, 1997

HUGH Fordyce b. 1527 Drumasole, Co. Antrim, Ireland. m. July 3, 1552. (Hugh or possibly his father had left Ireland and went to Scotland, probably Ayshire.) (Conyngham Coll. 69)

Mary CONYNGHAM b. Kilbirnie, Co. Ayr, Scotland d/o Patrick CONYNGHAM

?1 Mary 4,17,1553 m. Alexander Reed of Donegal - issue

?2 Sarah 2,14,1554 sine prole

?3 MARTIN 2,20,1557

?4 Hugh 1,24,1558 m. Margaret McGill d/o Patrick McGill - issue

?5 John 12,24,1559 m. Abigail Kirk


MARTIN 2, 20,1557 m. March 21, 1599

Sarah BRYSON of Clough Co., Antrim (Clough Records 11.5)

?1 Martin 5,12,1600

?2 John July 2,1602, m. Sept. 9,1632 Hannah, d/o John KERR (Kerr and Carr Gen'ty Ireland)

?3 SAMUEL May 19,1602


SAMUEL May 19, 1602 m. Oct. 1, 1631

Abigail GALLGHER d/o William GALLGHER (Gallagher) a very numerous family of Colies Donegal, Mayo, Sligo, Londonberry and Ulster, Province generally. (Geneal. Of the principal Families in County Antrim, 89)

?1 Samuel July 6, 1632 - issue

?2 Abigail Dec. 1,1638

?3 William May 21, 1640 sine prole

?4 JOHN Nov. 8, 1643

?5 James Feb.10, 1646 - issue

It was during Samuel's time that the first blow was openly leveled at the permanence and prosperity of Presbyterians in Ulster Province in the year 1631, when Blair and Livingston were suspended from the exercises of their ministerial functions, and from that period may be dated the systematic opposition to the brethern, which ultimately terminated in their forcible expulsion from the Kingdom, when even the Fordyces had to remove to another country to find peace.

?In 1635, the entire country was pronounced duly forfeited to the crown, patents to land were subjected to rigorous examination, and many had to take out new patents; among the latter was Samuel Fordyce, who was fined 200 pounds. (McLeland Papers, b. 39 (89?)



JOHN Nov. 8, 1643 m. April 7, 1663

Mary BANE d/o Hugh BANE whose son Hugh emigrated to Washington Co., Pa. in 17?? With Samuel and children (Banes Geneal.. 472)

?1 Mary Jan 7, 1669 m. Sam. Souter

?2 John April 2, 1672 m. Hannah

?3 Hugh Dec 14, 1675 m. Abigail Souter

?4 PETER May 8, 1680





PETER May 8, 1680 Amroy Antrim m. (Issue of Peter and Mary France)

(1) Mary FRANCE Aug. 1700, Ulster Province

(2) Elizabeth HUGHES

(3) Hanna BRECJ---

?1 HUGH Sept 18, 1701

?2 John May 3, 1704. Went to Cask (Gask?), Perthshire, Scotland. There another family of this name, The Fordyce of Cask and Culsh resided and marr. dau. of James Taylor.

??John June 4, 1734 (four years younger than Geo III) m. Elizabeth Stanton and resided at Pe/arrsburgh, Nova Scotia, settling at Farnham Province of Quebec, having several children of whom Stanton Fordyce settled in McClean Co., Ill. (John, Jr. went out for armful of wood - reference?)

?3 James Jan. 21, 1706, migrated from Scotland with brother John.

Note: James may have been the one to marry Eliz. Stanton, not John Jr; Stanton may have been s/o James)


HUGH Sept. 18, 1701, m. Jan. 4, 1732

Amelia Souter HERVEY d/o Samuel Hervey and Amelia Souter (Souter Collection, ??? Missc.A. 52)

?1 SAMUEL Oct. 17, 1734 Amroy Antrim, Ulster Province, Ireland or near Aberdeen, Scotland

?2 Boy: died at sea immigrating to America

?3 Boy: settled in New Jersey, had property - issue



SAMUEL Oct, 17, 1734 m. Feb.4, 1755 d. bef Dec. 14, 1825, Greene Cty., Pa

Elizabeth HUGGINS of Clough Antrim whose brother William emigrated in 1775 to Washington Co., Pa.

?1 James Nov. 8, 1756

?2 Catherine Aug. 23, 1757

?3 Mary June 7, 1758

?4 Elizabeth June 7, 1758

?5 William March 22, 1759

?6 Abraham Jan. 3, 176? m Mary - Capt. John Miller's Militial Co., Wash. Cty., Pa

?7 Samuel Dec. 1, 1760

?8 Abigail Sept. 7, 1761

?9 Jacob Nov. 16, 1763/72 - made will Sept. 2, 1859 m. Elizabeth Guthrie

??3Jacob, Jr. m. Rachel Orndoff d/o William Orndoff from Shenandoah Valley, Va.

Will April 20, 1880 names sons, Jesse and S.R ., grandson Horace Cole, gd Orpha Cole, daughters Martha Wells, Nancy Cole w/o John, Eliz. Watson w/o Geo., gd Mary V. Remley. Jacob Jr. had son Archibald Guthrie

??1 Solomon 1799 m 1822 Catherine Crouse; 2 Sarah Leonard

??2 Archibald 1897 m. Mary Leonard; 2 Eliz. Simmons

??4 John Wesley Feb. 14, 1812 - probably died young

10 John Sept. 16, 1775-1848 m. Elizabeth Gerard gd/o Rev. John Corbly, Green Cty. Pa

??1 Justus

??2 Samuel

??3 James Harvey

??4 Corbey

5 John 1808 m. Mary Houseman (Businessman in Chicago; son, Samuel Wesley St. Louis millionaire)

11 ISSAC Jan. 2/3, 1766 - [Capt. Basil Bowells Co., Fayette Co. Militia 1790-1800]?

?Samuel had 200 acres in March 3, 1798, Commonwealth of Pa., in Washington County. Various tracts of land - one called Morris in Franklin Twp., Greene County on Hargus Creek, fork of Ten Mile Creek in Franklin Twp. (Rolls Office, Patent Book #46-166; land records Green Cty., IV,102)

Note: Fordyce, Pa. was named after Samuel and #7 John.

Will of Samuel, Nov. 7, 1822: Children James, Caty, Mary, William, Eliz., Samuel $150 to be divided equally; Abigail $3.00; Abraham $160 to be paid to him if he should lose the land I gave him on the waters of Ten Mile Creek by any adverse claim after my death; Jacob undivided half of the land on Ten Mile Creek where said Jacob now lives provided he pay Legatees above named the sum of $150 in a reasonable time; William wearing apparel; daughters Mary and Eliz. bedding and household furniture. Rest of estate to be given to younger children. Witnesses by Justus G. b. 1801and James Hervey Fordyce b. 1804, sons of John Fordyce. Will Book III, p. 76, #847. (Will found McCleland Collect. XXI, 163)

Other land records: Abraham, March 4, 1785 380 acres in Wash. Cty.; Abraham paid in 1781 Supply Tax on 250 acres, 2 horses, 3 sheep, value 39 of Amwell Twp. Wash. Cty, Pa (Archives III, XXVI, 557) Abraham was a Ranger on the Frontier appearing in a list of soldiers who served in 1778-1783 and received payment for services.

John Fordyce (#10) b. Sept. 17, 1775 at Morris Cty., N.J. m. Elizabeth Gerard, d/o Justus and Rachal Corbly Gerard, d/o John Corbly, a preacher b. ? 25, 1733 and emigrated to Va. and from there to western Pa. There is a story about John Corbly when, as a preacher, on the way to church at the Fort one Sunday, noticed they had forgotten his Bible. "Since they were near to the Fort, Eliz. and the children continued on their way while Rev. Corbly returned home to get the Bible. In his absence his wife and children were attacked by a small band of Indians. The son who had been in the lead of the little group started running towards the fort for help. The Indian braves tried to catch him but his dog turned on them and forced them back. Eliz. was killed and scalped and the little daughter she carried in her arms was also murdered. One of the twin daughters hid herself in a hollow tree. The other was scalped and left for dead. The little girl in hiding, thinking the indians had left, came out into the opening where she was attacked and scalped by an indian and left for dead. Rev. Corbly arrived at the scend a few moments before the men from the fort. He was unarmed and tried to find a piece of wood to use against the attackers. Before he was able to find anything, as it all happened so fast two indians saw him and he was forced to flee towards the fort, where he ran into the party his small son had brought. The indians were driven off, and they retrieved the body of Eliz., she had been thrown across the back of an indian's horse and her shirt had been ripped from her dress.

The twins recovered from their wounds, however from time to time, one of the sisters would would reopen. Rev. Corbly kept taking her to the Doctors but they were unable to do anything for her. When this daughter was 21 she was engaged and was to be married within a few days when the wound again reopened and she died. The other sister lived to be 60 years old and had 8 children. She used to arrange her hair so it would cover the scars where she had been scalped. This story of the Corbly Massacare is found in the book "The Life and Times of Rev. John Corbly " by Miss Nannie L. Fordyce.


ISSAC Jan. 3, 1766 - Aug. 25, 1840 m. 8,28, 1792 Susanna Jennings near Morristown, Fayette Cty., Pa.


m. 2 Rebecca Squires - no children

1SUSANNA JENNINGS 4,6,1772 - 7,17,1831

2 Sarah Jennings 7,22,1763 - Essex County, N.J.

3 Henry 2,20,1765 - 1827 near Morristown, N.J.

4 Hezekiah 4,6,1768 - 8,30,1773

5 Jonathan 5,14,1769-1808 m. Elizabeth Stevenson

6 Jacob 3,22,1775 m. Mary Morgan

[After Zebulon's death, ca 1776, the family ca 1785-1790 moved to Fayette Cty. Pa. Henry Jennings kept Jenning's Ferry located near ? Fayette, Cty. Pa. Susanna left 10 pounds by father, Zebulon.]

Children of Issac and Susanna Jennings Fordyce:

?1 Samuel - 1796 m. Gilpah Coney

?2 John May 23, 1804 m. (1) L. Pains, (2) M. Brown - 4 children per marriage

?3. David Davidson July 23,1806 -1887 m. Margaret Flister - 8 children [names available)

?4 BARNET [Barnett William] Dec. 15, 1808 Brownsville, Pa. - 3,30,1866 buried in Winterset, Guernsey Cty., Ohio m. Winchester (Winterset) 5,12,1836

?5 Joanna 7,13,1793 m. Thomas Crago - 9 children

?6 Elizabeth 10,8,1794 m. S. Craig - 8 children

?7 Sarah 3,19,1799 m. James Crago 12,25,1798 - 8 children [have names available]

?8 Catherine 9,3,1802 m. P. Myer - 7 children

?9 Mary 8,8,1811 m. Rev. Mackey - 8 children

10 Rhoda 8,18,1814 m. T.F. Corey - 8 children



Barnet [Barnett William] 12,15,1908-1866 [Farmer]

Margaret (Mary) SHIPMAN March 3, 1813 Pa. - Nov. 13,1893 Milnersville, Guernsey Cty., Ohio

?1 John Shipman 2,15,1837 m. Hannah Allen 7,28,1836 - 12,19,1873 m. 2, issue

??Granville 9,4,1858 m. Effie Kimball

??Mary Alice 4,10,1864

??George B. 4,30,1867

??Anna Leola 7,3,1870

??Frank 7,3,1870

?2 Jennie 7,5,1838 m. William Richards

?3 SUSANNA ELIZABETH 2,21,1840 Tuscarawas Cty., Ohio - 12,25,1915 Clarksburg, Mo.

?4 Jacob S. June 3, 1843

?5 Margaret Anne 12,7, 1845

?6 Issac Louis 4,26,1850

?7 Mary d. 1,2,1865

?8 Josephine d. 1,29,1870

?9 Zilpah m. William George

10 Sarah Ogden m. Issac Burson


1850 Ohio Census: Guernsey County

D.D. 42 Pa. (Farmer)

Margaret 37 Pa.

Jonathan 13 Ohio

Jane 12

Susannah 10

Mary E. 9

Jacob S. 7

Margaret A. 5

Gilpah 2

Issac L. 9/12

[This Census does not necessarily agree with above records, i.e., but correct. (JFB}





SUSANNA ELIZABETH 2,21,1840-12,25,1915 m. 10,11,1866 Winchester, Ohio

JOHN (B -Blank) STEWART Feb. 16, 1838 Guernsey Cty., Ohio - March 17, Clarksburg, Mo.

?1 Margaret Jane Jul. 23, 1867 - 1868

?2 Ruth July 9, 1869 - 11,31,1951 California, Mo. m. J.S. Robertson

?3 William Burton Aug. 1870 - 1871

?4 MARY JANE July 15, 1873 Clarksburg Mo. - 12,2, 1951 California, Mo.

?5 Lizzie E. Aug. 12, 1878 m. George Black

?6 David Fordyce Sept. 2, 1881 - July 12, 1889



MARY JANE STEWART m. 12, 27, 1884 Clarksburg

OWEN PRICE FARRINGTON 11,23,1868 near Fayette, Howard Cty., Mo. - 11,27, 1949 Alliance, Ne. buried Clarksburg, Masonic Cemetery, Mo. s/o Dan Wallace and Mildred Elizabeth Burch Farrington

1 Dan Stewart Oct. 1,1896 Clarksburg - Dec. 10, 1953. m Helen M. Moore - no issue. Buried Alliance, Ne.

2 Owen Price July 29, 1905 Clarksburg, Mo. m Helen Lucile Montgomery




This information has been compiled from various memos, lists, documents - few of which agree on dates, so it is not to be taken totally literally. Any corrections, additions would be gratefully received.

SPAID Family

Submitted by: Betty Wallar

The following is the Spaid family Genealogy as researched and written in the book "The Spaid Family in America", author Abrahan Thompsom Secrest. Published privately November 1920, Columbus, Ohio. I feel the family tree up to approximately 1920 is probably quite accurate. Although George Nicholas Spaht left Germany to fight for England in the Civil war I have been unable to find any documentation on him verifying this. He changed his name from Spaht to Spaid in the U.S. and the German spelling of the name Spaht was probably Spaeht which when pronounced sounds like eight. The history of George Nicholas Spaht as reported by family members states that in 1776 he was abducted while on his way to school in Cassel Germany by soldiers of Grand Duke Feiedrick II, and sold to King George of England for service in the colonies He was captured Christmas eve 1776 at Trenton, New Jersey when Gen. Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Eve and surprised the celebrating Germans He was sent to a prison camp at Winchester Va. in 1777. Imprisonment seemed to be only nominal as George (now) Spaid married Elizabeth Cale (Kale), also of German descent in 1782. They lived in Hampshire Co. Va. from 1782 until their move to Ohio in 1819. Nine children were born to George and Elizabeth Spaid. They were John, Frederick, Mary, Elizabeth. Michael, Christina, Nancy, and Richard who died at the age of 11. All the children established homes of their own as they became of age.John, Fred and Christina married and made their home in Virgina the rest of their life. Elizabeth, Mary, and Michael married in Va. and later moved to Ohio in 1819, accompanied by their parents and siblings William and Nancy. Four Spaid families established their homes, four farms in a row, at the junction of the Seneca and Buffalo forks of Wills creek. They owned four farms in a row. Mary married George Hellyer and they lived on the most Eastern farm, next to them lived Elizabeth and Henry Secrest, Michael Spaid married Margaret Godlove, and the fourth farm belonged to Michael Spaid who married Elizabeth Secrest. A few years later Nancy Spaid moved to Ohio, married William Frye and located up the Buffalo Fork about three miles from the rest. Each family lived in a log house in the woods and their parents George and Elizabeth lived on Michaels farm in a log hut. In June 1881 Elizabeth Cale Spaid died. George then married Barbara Albin. The original Spaid family conisted of parents and children as follows: George Nicholas Spaid born Germany Dec.22, 1759, died in Ohio June 15,1833 Elizabeth Cale, born in Virginia 1759 and died in Ohio in June 1821. Children are: John Spaid b. 7/19/1783; d. 3/2/1862; Frederick Spaid b. 12/3/1785:d. 1/28/1872; ElizabethSpaid b. 7/23/1790.


Submitted by: Tom Everett


The names of John's parents have not been discovered. We know that John EVERETT was born on July 18, 1800, but information about his birthplace is inconsistent.

The 1850 Census from the National Archives indicate that John Everett was born in New York, while the 1860 Census lists his birthplace New Jersey. Yet other accounts have his birthplace in England, or while onboard a ship. Actually John could have been born before arriving here and his birth wasn't recorded until after arrival. Therefore John could have listed that place as his birthplace on the census records. There is no explanation for why the 1860 Census lists the birthplace as New Jersey. Census data & other sources list Birthplaces: New York & New Jersey. Could part of New Jersey have been carved out of what was formerly known as New York? Obviously this issue will require further research.

Little is known about John Everett's early life between 1800-1826, but we do know he was a farmer and lived in Guernsey County, Ohio.

[HISTORICAL NOTE] Guernsey County was created by act March 1, 1810. It was named for the English Channel Island of the same name. Cambridge is the county seat of Guernsey County. 1826: On April 18, 1826, when John was twenty-five years old and living in Guernsey Co., Ohio he met and married Sarah Anne SMITH.

According an account of this event from one family member: "When John was in his early twenties he married a lady by the name of Anna Smith from Pennsylvania. Her parents were quite wealthy, did not approve of the marriage, and refused to have anything to do with their daughter afterwards."

A story handed down from my Father, Lee Bert Everett recalled: "John may have lived in NJ, NY or PA, before he married Annie." A 1938 Death Certificate of their son Martin S. Everett, lists his father John's Birthplace: "Unknown" Country: "England." The source for the information was listed as Anna Everett, 301 Allcutt, Bonner Springs, Kansas, January 20, 1938.

The Pennsylvania origin for John's wife "Annie" is also listed in Clara Heath's records: "Anne lived in PA." However, Annie Everett's 1887 Obituary in the Ironton (OH) Register listed Annie's birthdate and birthplace as: "April 12, 1807, in Guernsey Co., Ohio." [NOTE: Family records indicate April 8, 1808 as Annie's birthdate.] According to her Obituary, "Annie" was 17 years old when she and John married.

Five children were born while John and Annie lived in Guernsey County, Ohio. Their first son, James Smith was born on April 1, 1827, followed on March 20, 1829 by John Ross, then Hannah Garett on December 22, 1830, and David Little on December 20, 1832. Although the birthplace of Elizabeth Archer (born March 9, 1834) is uncertain, it is assumed Elizabeth was also born while John and Annie lived in Guernsey County.

Sometime between 1834 and 1836, John and Annie Everett moved to Salem Township in Washington County, Ohio. Washington County is located in the southeast corner of Ohio near the Ohio River. Presently, I have not located the exact location of Salem Township. Marietta, Ohio appears to be the largest town in Washington County.

[HISTORICAL NOTE] Washington County was named after George Washington. The largest city is Marietta, located at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers. Marietta was the first permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory.

A group of New England army veterans, led by Rufus Putnam, established the first permanent settlement north of the Ohio River at Marietta. The Indian mounds within the city attest to the fact that Marietta has been an important community for centuries. The original 47 pioneers of the Ohio Company arrived in Marietta from New England by flatboat on April 7, 1788.

Seven more Everett children were born in Washington County, Ohio:

William Snider was born in Bonton, Ohio on June 24, 1836, [Note: The location of the village named "Bonton" has not been found.] Catherine Sophia born on October 19, 1838, Mary Anne born on October 19, 1840, Martin Smith born on June 19, 1843, Thomas Mulnix born September 7, 1845, Ancil born May 29, 1847, Celeste and (Salista) born May 4, 1849. 1850: The earliest record of John Everett located thus far was found in the Census of 1850 when John was 49 years old.

1850 CENSUS RECORD: Salem Township, Washington County, Ohio.
Census taken September 10, 1850.
John Everett 49, born New York, farmer.
Anne 42, his wife, born Pennsylvania.
David 17, farmer, born Ohio.
Elizabeth 16, born Ohio.
Mary A. 9, born Ohio.
Martin 6, born Ohio.
Thomas 4, born Ohio.
Ansel 2, born Ohio.
Salista 1, born Ohio.
Hannah 19 mos., born Ohio.

1851: In 1851 Thomas' parents John and Anne and the five children still living at home, moved to a farm in Windsor Township, in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Lawrence County is located at the extreme Southern tip of the state. Their farm was somewhere between the towns of Ironton and Scotts Town [also spelled Scottstown and Scottown]. This land, like their farm in Washington County was also close to the Ohio River. Just across the river was Huntington, WVA.

The thirteenth and last child of John and Annie Everett was George Everett, born May 13, 1851.

A July 9, 1887 Newspaper article in the Ironton (OH) Register reported the Everett's moved to Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio about 1857, however the birth record of George Everett indicates they were living there when George was born in 1851.


Peter Wakefield was the first to settle near present day Scottown. He built the first gristmill in 1827, and was the first justice of the peace. Among the earliest arrivals were Nathaniel Burcham, Thomas Singer, Lewis Singer, Benjamin Wakefield. Edward Monahan, Jacob Fudge, Anthony Clark, Henry Neff, Jacob Neff, Abraham Neff, Charles Earles, John Walls, John Jones and Bill Reeves.
The first sermon was preached in 1812 on Wolf Creek, section 36. Basil Lewis the minister of the first church society, Baptist, organized in the same place in 1814. It was in 1842 that the first Sunday-school was organized and held in private home near Scottown.

The year 1815 saw the first public school begin, built of logs, puncheon seats and dirt floor. By 1887 there were fourteen frame school-houses and 800 scholars. Township schools were replaced by two masonry structures on State Route 217-one on Venison Ham Creek and the other near Scottown. High school instructions were begun at Scottown in 1920 by Frank Wiseman. Cecil and Wayne Jones taught the first session at Windsor, with Iva Pinkerman. Mabie Murdock. and Fred Watrous the first to graduate. The new Windsor High School was completed in 1927 and continued until 1961 when consolidated in the Symmes Valley School District.

Post offices are Scottown and Willow Wood, which is located at Linnville.
The Census Records of 1860 indicates John and Anne and five of their children were still living in Windsor Township in Lawrence County, Ohio.
1860 CENSUS RECORD: Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio.
Census taken August 21,1860.
John Everett 59, farmer, born New Jersey. Can read and write. Value of Real Estate $1600, Personal property $500. Anne 52, his wife, born Pennsylvania.
Martin 16,
Thomas 14,
Ansel 13,
Cellestey 11,
George 9,
All children attended school.

Same township, living next door:
David Everett 27, peddler, born Ohio. Value of Real Estate $300, Personal property $200.
Jane L. 20, his wife, born Ohio.
Edward R. Age 1 month, born Ohio.

Also same township, living next door:
William White 40, farmer, born Ohio. Value of Real Estate $150, Personal property $300.
Mary Ann 36, his wife, born Ohio.
William B., 15, born Ohio.
Eliza 12, [Martin's wife] born Ohio.
Mary J., 4 months, born Ohio.

1870: No record of John Everett was found in the 1870 Census for Ohio. It can be safe to assume John died in Lawrence County OH, between 1861 and 1869 and was probably buried in Lawrence County, Ohio.

1887: On May 22, 1887 John's wife, SARAH ANNE (ANNIE) SMITH died in Lawrence County, Ohio at the age of 79. It is a reasonable assumption she was buried in Lawrence County, Ohio also.

SOURCE: NEWSPAPER ARTICLE: Ironton Register, July 9, 1887.
"EVERETT, MRS. ANNIE, [I.R. JUN. 09, 1887] Died May 22, 1887, of (disease?) of the stomach and of the arteries. She was born April 12, 1807, Guernsey Co., Ohio. At the age of 17 she was united in marriage to John Everett. Eleven children were born to them; six boys and five girls, of whom six are now living. Nearly 30 years ago, they moved to Lawrence County, where her husband died. For nearly a year she resided with her only living daughter, Mrs. J. W. Miller, [Mary Anne Everett wife of Joseph Warren Miller] Delaware, Ohio."

My father, Lee Bert Everett, frequently referred to his Everett family as "Pennsylvania Dutch." He did not explain exactly what that meant by this; although I felt he meant it to describe a certain "stubbornness" and "determination" he believed was a common trait in Everett behavior.

SOURCE: Clara Heath's Records. "John Everett was born on July 18, 1800, somewhere in England. It is believed John Everett came to this country when he was 6 months old. (Jan. 1801?) One story handed down, says John was born onboard a ship while it was coming to America from Holland. Another family story claimed John was a 2nd or 3rd cousin of Edward Everett the orator, who is said to have traced the Everett family back 400 years to where one of them was an officer in the war between England and Scotland."

SOURCE: Genealogy Records of Roy T. Everett. "John Everett was born on July 18, 1800 in New Jersey [NOT England]. He married Sarah Ann Smith in Guernsey Co., Ohio on April 18, 1826."

SOURCE: 1850 Census, Salem Twp., Washington Co., OH, Sept.10, 1850. Lists John, Age 49; born New York; Occupation, Farmer.

SOURCE: 1860 Census, Windsor Twp., Lawrence Co., OH. Lists John, Age 59; born New Jersey; Occupation, Farmer. 1860 Census makes further note that John "Can read and write." 1860 Census also lists the value of John's Real Estate as $1600 and his Personal Property $500.

SOURCE: 1938 Death Certificate, Martin S. Everett son of John Everett. Lists John Everett's Birthplace: Unknown. Country: England. "Informant" listed as Anna Everett, 301 Allcutt, Bonner Springs, KS. Certificate filed on January 20, 1938.

SOURCE: Lawrence County, Ohio Web Page: Re: Windsor Twp.; LawCo Landing;