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Alexander McCRACKEN

Aged Citizen Entered His 90th Year on Sunday

Source: The Guernsey Times

Date: Circa 1904 November 22

Submitted by Andy Miller

The editor of the Guernsey Times and his wife had the honor and pleasure to dine with our life long friend Alexander McCracken on Sabbath at the home of his son-in-law and daughter, Capt. and Mrs. A.A. Taylor, being the 90th anniversary of the birthday of Mr. McCracken. He was born in the rude village of Cambridge, in a round log cabin that stood among the stumps on a lot near Wheeling Avenue and Ninth Street, November 22, 1814, the only son of William McCracken, who died in his 84th year, and grandson of Alexander McCracken, who lived to the middle of the fifth month of his 103rd year. He grew up to the age of about a dozen years on the farm where Northwood Cemetery is now located, and pulled the bellows in the blacksmith shop on the farm and later in the village for his father and for William Reed, whose face is in the famous picture of Perrys Victory on Lake Erie. He clerked in his fathers store for three years with J.K. Caldwell, who died last year in Zanesville aged 94. He became interested in a tannery with his uncle, John M. Allison, and followed that business for twenty odd years. Later he became engaged in banking and buying wool and tobacco and other business here in Cambridge. He went to Philadelphia in the early seventies, and for years pushed a commission house business with the vigor of a much younger man. He was afterwards interested with his son, J.S. McCracken in a furniture manufacturing business, and until four or five years ago, continued to assist about the establishment in many ways. He is here in Cambridge for the winter, in good health and spirits. Returning from church Sabbath, he told us the text was Watchman What of the Night, and commended on Pastor Edgars sermon on the evils of Mormonism, the Divorce Mill, and Intemperance. We renew our congratulations to Alexander McCracken and trust he may outlive the high mark of his grandfather at 103.


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