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Last Will and Testament of

Laban LaRUE

From Guernsey County Probate Court Will Book 13 p. 338

Written 1889 October 23; recorded 1891 July 16

Transcribed and submitted by Denise Ervasti.

In view of the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, I Laban Larue of the County of Guernsey and State of Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament.

First I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.

Second I direct that all my property, both personal and real be divided in the following manner, My niece Emily Hetherington is to receive fifty dollars. The balance of my property to be divided into equal shares and distributed as follows:

Each of my nieces and nephews one full share, except Hamilton Larue who is to receive one full share less ($270.00) two hundred & seventy dollars- and Stephen Larue who is to receive one full share less ($300.00) three hundred dollars. Mrs. Sonora Larue to receive the share of S.R. Larue deceased.

Mary F. Weaver to have one full share and the rest of Martin Larues children one full share to be equally divided between them. One full share is to be equally divided between the children of my nephew Robert Larue deceased. Rosa B. Stults is to have one full share. Should any of the persons herein named die before this testament becomes of force I desire that the amounts herein named as comeing to them be equally divided between their children or nearst heirs.

To Maranda Stults in addition to her one full share I give all my household goods. She also to have the privelege of living in the house and to have the use of the orchard also pasture for two cows and one horse until such time as the land may be sold. In addition to the above Maranda Stults is to have all my rail road stock.

I hereby nominate and appoint J. B. Hartley of Quaker City and J.M. Johnson of Quaker City executors of this my last will and testament authorizing and empowering them to do and perform all things necessary for the proper execution of said will and the settlement of my estate. I desire that they sell the real estate to the best advantage either by public or private sale.

Hereby revoke all former wills made by me, I hereunto set my hand and seal the is 23 day of Oct 1889.

Signed and sealed and acknowledged by
the said Laban Larue as his last will and Laban Larue
testament in our presence and by us signed (his signature)
in his presence.

witness W.W. Dixon
witness W.C. Leonard

Will of Laban Larue
No. 6702
Civ. Doc. 5 No. 292
Filed 16 Jul 1891 and ordered for hearing on 30 Jul 1891.
First account Filed 27 Aug 1892 Journal 9 page 354, settled Oct 14,1892 Journal 9 page 399.
First distribution on Oct 12, 1893. Recorded in Vol 1 Page 147.
Second and final account filed on Mar 7, 1894 Journal 10 page 217.
Settled April 27, 1894 journal 10 page 257, recorded in Record of Accounts No. 14 page 157.
Final distribution on Dec 13, 1894, recorded in Vol 1 page 164.
Witnesses to the last will and testament were W.W. Dixon and W.C. Leonard.
Probate Judge was Nathan H. Barber.
Deputy Clerk was E.C. Riggs.
Executors were L.M. Johnson and J.B. Hartley, both of Quaker City.
Appraisors were Isaac P. Slute, Preston Weaver, and W.W.Dixon.
Sureties were Jno. R. Hall and J.P. Steele.

Executors bond executed in the presence of James Foreman and William Henderson.

Submitter's Comments:

The heirs named in the distributions in 1893 and 1894 were listed as:

  • Emily Hetherington [daughter of William Larue, eldest brother of Laban Larue];
  • Armintha Schmoyer, William Larue, Jasper Larue, Smith Larue, and Reason Larue [children of Laban's younger brother David];
  • Maranda Stults and Rosa B. Stults [daughter and granddaughter of David Larue];
  • John N. Dixon and Alvin Dixon [sons of Eliza Ellen (Larue) Dixon, another daughter of David Larue];
  • Rosa Dennon and Ora Dennon [daughters of Casaline (Larue) Dennon, another daughter of David Larue; Ora's guardian was given as H.C.Mead];
  • Frank L. Carnes [son of Mary (Larue) Carnes, daughter of Laban's brother James and his first wife, Melinda Dennison];
  • Franklin Larue, William Larue, Alta Teel, Eliza Lee, Nancy J. Sigman [all children of Laban's brother James and his second wife, Elizabeth Briggs];
  • Mary F. Weaver, Rosa Sanderson, Alta R. Black, and Lula Bonnell [daughters of Laban's nephew Martin Larue];
  • Howard C. Mitchell, Warren D. Mitchell, and Rollin M. Mitchell [sons of Marminia (Larue) Mitchell, another daughter of Martin Larue; their guardian was named as B. L. Mitchell who is most likely Marminia's husband Benjamin Lee Mitchell];
  • James Larue, Stephen Larue, Hamilton Larue, Laban Larue, John Stewart Larue, Judson J. Larue, Eli Larue, and Mary Melissa Larue [children of Laban's brother John];
  • Melissa "Mittie" Larue and Elmer Larue [children of Robert Larue, son of John Larue];
  • John L. Moss and Otha Moss [children of Elizabeth Larue, daughter of John Larue; she married Porter Moss, who was named as their guardian];
  • Sonora (Addudell) Larue [wife of Samuel R. Larue, nephew of Laban, who after Samuel's death married his nephew, John Ballard Larue];
  • William N. (or W.) Stewart and Elizabeth J. Stewart [children of Laban's sister Charity Larue who married John Stewart];
  • Armintha Stratton, Jeanette Daggy, Victoria Stewart Deming, and Mary J. Reisner [administrator given as C. P. Reisner], James W. aka William and George E. Murphy [guardian given as John H. Mahoney], and finally David Larue [all unknown relation].

The Stewart Line is pretty unexplored, as I lost them after the 1850 census in Guernsey County. I believe that the Murphy boys, the two Stewarts, Armintha Stratton, Jeanette Daggy, Victoria Stewart Deming, Mary J. Reisner all are down out of Laban's sister, Charity Larue, who married John Stewart in Guernsey County in 1823, and were still living in that county up to 1860. However, they were in Beaver Twp., which later became Noble county, and I still have not found them later than an 1860 dismissal by letter, from the Salem Baptist Church near Gibson Station. However, by the amounts paid to them and the order that they are presented in the papers, I have made these initial assumptions: Jeanette Daggy, Victoria Stewart Deming, and Mary J. Reisner are sisters, with the surnames above most likely their married names. And that the three of them are children of a niece or nephew of Laban. Armintha R. Stratton, is a child of a niece or nephew of Laban, with the two Murphy minors being HER nephews.


2001 October 18: First published here.

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