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Last Will and Testament of


From Guernsey County Probate Court Will Book

Written 1854 June 20; recorded 1866

Submitted by Sidney Weaver Quinn.

Know all men by these presents that I, Hans Weaver of Wills Township, Guernsey County and State of Ohio do publish this my last will and testament this twentieth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four in the manner following.

1st to my wife Susanne Weaver, I leave and bequest to her the upper or south room above the cellar and bedroom adjoining, all beds and bedding, to be at her disposal among her children: the use of one half of the milk cows during her life; two hundred lbs. of beef, two hundred lbs. of pork, 5 to 6 cent? of flour if she needs it, corn meal as much as she needs, as many eggs and chickens as she wants annually during her life, together with all the furniture in said room (except what may be hereafter exempted) wood or coal made ready for her fire as much as she requires; in short, she must be provided with everything necessary to make her comfortable during her life. If she is not satisfied with the above bequests, she can be provided for as the law directs. I also allow her 10 dollars a year for close, if she needs them.

2nd. To my son Robert Weaver, I bequeath the one thousand dollars I have in the Washington Bank; also the 750 dollars I have of Rail Road Stock in the Central Rail Road, a horse, saddle and bridal, his bed, boarding and washing in the house as he formerly had in times past, but if he withdraws himself to board any where else, it must be at his own expense,: moreover he may either work or go idle as he pleases, but cannot be paid for his labor but as William and him bargain for, the above bequests to be his forever, eighteen months after my decease.

3rd To my son John Weaver, I bequeath to him the land he now possessed in the south side of the creek, of which I bought of the heirs of Resin Hammond, also three pieces cut off this tract I now live on by the Rail Road on the south side of said road, I leave to him as long as himself and his heirs administrations or assigns shall keep unsold the first tract of the land I bought from the aforesaid heirs of Hammond. But when that is sold, the three pieces aforesaid shall revert back to the original tract and be bounded as formerly by the meander of the old creek.

4th Not being disposed to divide or cut off any of the original tract, except what I have given to my son John and heirs for a limited time, and knowing the estate will be encumbered with their mother and perhaps their sister Grace, in consideration of such, I leave and bequeath to my son William Weaver, the whole of my estate that I now live upon and possess at my decease, together with all and everything on the place as ? and being mine at my death. So to the house furniture let mother and Grace have all they can claim as their own, the desk I leave to William and the clock to Robert trusting it will be a long time when any such divisions will take place among you. The stove to be family property amongst you all. Again I prohibit William or any of his heirs, administrators or assigns from selling or otherwise disposing of or divesting any part of the estate I now bequeath to him for one hundred years after my decease, William may will the place undivided to whom he pleases at his decease. I herein request of William never to see James his brother want in his old days.

5th To my son James Weaver, I leave and bequeath five hundred dollars, paid when my executors think it prudent t o let him have it- if they think proper to withhold it, I would request it of them to put it to interest in some safe hand until he is in a condition to receive the capital.

6th to my son Edwin Weaver, I bequeath two hundred dollars, having already cost me much.

7th to my daughter Judith, I bequeath to herself two hundred dollars to be at her own disposal.

8th To my daughter Grace Weaver, I leave and bequeath to her 563 dollars, provided she never marries, but if some freak should induce her to marry the 563 dollars shall be void and of no effect as a bequest, as she as she will have still 437 dollars of notes of hand & rail road stock independent of me. But if she never marries she shall live with her mother, and at her mother’s death, she shall fall into all the bequests of her mother and enjoy the same during her natural life. To all my grandchildren named after my name I leave each of them 100 dollars. Now my son William, you are here put under great obligations. I trust and believe you will discharge them faithfully and by all means take care of your mother and Grace and allow them a sufficiency of tallow to keep them or her in candles, also plenty of soap to keep themselves clean, garden vegetables as much as they want.

Finally to leave this my will and testament properly and justly executed, I herein nominate John Frame, my brother-in-law, and my sons John and Robert Weaver, executors. In witness hereof, I have set my hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Hans Weaver

In presence of :
James Scott
Thomas Parry.


2001 October 4: First published.

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