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"1870 Census Highland County, Ohio"

Liberty Township

page 140

GLASCOCK, Henry, 23, M, Hardware merch't, 5300/2800, O.
Lydia, 20, F, Keeping house, Mo.
Joseph, 3/12, M, At home, O.
ROBERTS, Ellen, 15, F, M, Servant, O.

page 149

GLASCOCK, Noah, 69, M, Farmer, 8000/1000, Va.
Nancy, 67, F, Keeping house, Va.
Martha, 26, F, At home, O.
DOGGETT, Frank, 16, M, At school, O.
William, 13, M, At school, O.
GLASCOCK, Seth, 57, M, Laborer, Va.

page 166

GLASCOCK, George, 56, M, D.G. merchant, 8000/2700, Va.
Ophelia, 44, F, Keeping house, O.
Margaret E., 19, F, Helps ma, O.
Rufus E., 15, M, At school, O.
CASEY, Mary, 17, F, Servant, O.

GLASCOCK, Benj., 47, M, D.G. merchant, 7500/250, Va.
Catharine, 40, F, Keeping house, O.
Charles O., 15, M, At school, O.
Sallie K., 14, F, At school, O.
Seth T., 11, M, At school, O.
John W., 6, M, At school, O.

page 168

GLASCOCK, Abden, 50, M, Sadler, Va.
Jane, 50, F, Keeping house, 1800/--, Va.

GLASCOCK, Joseph, 63, M, Real estate assessor, 12000/1700, Va.
Alcinda, 53, F, Keeping house, Va.
Frank, 18, M, Helps pa, Va.
Albert, 24, M, Hardware mercht, --/3000, Va.
CALDWELL, Mary, 24, F, Servant, Ire.

New Market Township

page 257

GLASCOCK, Fanny, 59, F, Keeping house, 6200/1200, Pa.
Eli, 36, M, Farmer hand, O.
Sarah, 30, F, Helps ma, O.

White Oak Township

page 362

GLASCOCK, Israel, 33, M, Laborer, --/100, O.
Barbara, 32, F, Keeping house, O.
Sarah, 8, F, At home, O.
Emma, 7, F, At home, O.
Susan, 5, F, At home, O.
William, 3, M, At home, O.
Evaline, 1, F, At home, O.

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