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Page 56, Liberty Twp. Hillsboro, Highland County, Ohio

MANKER, Jerry m Farmer 9000 6070 VA
FENNER, Henry 23 m Farm Hand OH
FENNER, Jane 19 f Housekeeper OH
FENNER, Rebecca 10 f OH

Page 31

MILLER, Mary 85 f Keeping House PA
ZINK, Jane 52 f Keeping House OH
ZINK, Fanny 16 f At Home OH

Page 71, Greenfield Twp, Madison, Highland County, Ohio

PHILLIPS, Thomas H. 44 m w Clergy Man 5000 200 OH
Rebecca 37 f w Keeping House OH
J.Howard 20 m w At School OH
Althea 14 f w At School OH
Lizzie 9 f w At School OH

PHILLIPS, Mary E. 33 f w Keeping House 200 OH
John W. 15 m w Farm Hand OH
Andrew 13 m w Farm Hand OH
? Lonora 11 f w OH
Sarah 9 f w OH
Albert 4 m w OH

Lurvey I. Margo

Dodson Township
page 59
PEAL, Thomas, 64, M, Dry goods merchant, 10000/1500, Pa.
Mary, 47, F, Keeping house, O.
John W., 28, M, Retail grocer, --/800, O.
Thomas F., 15, M, Works on farm, O.
Alice, 12, F, At school, O.
Emma, 9, F, At school, O.
ROSS, William, 7, M, At school, O.

page 61
PEAL, Samuel, 26, M, Farm laborer, 700/250, O.
Laura, 20, F, Keeping house, O.

Fairfield Township
page 768
PEAL, Turner, 59, M, B, Day laborer, 200/200, N.C.
Julia A., 45, F, M, Keeping house, O.
Minerva J., 22, F, B, At home, O.
Edward P., 16, M, B, Day laborer, O.
HAYS, James, 10, M, B, At home, O.
WEST, Laura, 3, F, B, At home, O.

page 86
PEALE, John, 46, M, B, Day laborer, --/100, N.C.
Martha J., 40, F, B, Keeping house, O.
Nelson, 23, M, B, Day laborer, O.
Joseph, 21, M, B, Works on farm, O.
Sally, 17, F, B, Asst. family, O.
James, 15, M, B, Works on farm, O.
Frank, 13, M, B, Works on farm, O.
Starley, 11, M, B, Works on farm, O.
Julia A., 12, F, B, At home, O.
John, 5, M, B, At home, O.
Cyrus, 7, M, B, At home, O.
Frederick, 1, M, B, At home, O.

Liberty Township
page 137
PEALE, John, 57, M, Farmer, 10000/2000, Pa.
Lydia, 47, F, Keeping house, Pa.
Samuel, 22, M, Farmer, O.
Ellen, 19, F, At home, O.
Henrietta, 16, F, At home, O.

Penn Township
page 303
PEAL, James A., 55, M, Farmer, 2400/854, Pa.
Emily, 45, F, Keeping house, O.
Albert, 21, M, Works on farm, O.
William A., 19, M, Works on farm, O.
Frances C., 13, F, At home, O.
Mary A., 11, F, At home, O.

pg 405 Union Twp(Dist 73) , Highland Co taken 5 Nov 1850
James A Peale 35 Chairmaker PA
Emily 25 OH
Granville P. 5
Albert M. 2
Avery Morris 36 Farmer
all the above were in a single dwelling.

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