Joseph Phillips
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Land Record- Joseph Philips of Clinton County, Ohio-1849

Record Number 286

Know all men by these presents that we John Wright and Susanah H. his wife of the County of Highland and State of Ohio for and in consideration of the Sum of Eighteen hundred and forty five dollars to us paid by Joseph Philips of the County of Clinton and State aforesaid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do hereby bargain Sell and convey unto the Said Joseph Philips his heirs and asigns forever the following real Estate Vis one hundred and twenty three acres of land lying and being in the County of Highland State of Ohio bounded & described as follows to wit beginning at a Stone in the road leading from Hillsborough to Xenia in the line of Dawson Fenners tract of 100 acres and comes to Joseph Wrights tract ________with said Joseph Wrights line N 72* 173 poles to a Stone near a white oak comes to said Jos Wright thence S 18 1/2 E 6 poles to a Stone Joseah Fosters comes thence with said Fosters line N 72* 45' E 150 poles to a Stone near a ranch.
George Milners corner thence S45 E47 poles with said Milners line to a Stone near a branch of Clear Creek in Elijah Johnsons line thence with said line S 72* 45' to 129 poles to a Stone Johnsons corner thence with another of said Johnsons lines South 18 1/2 E 30 poles to a Stone in Johnsons line and Joseph Fenners corner thence with said Fenners line S721/2 W 43.6 poles to a stone corner of the land bought by Thomas Wright of Ellicotts in Fenners line thence with Fenners line S 72 1/2 W 154 poles to a stone in the road leading from Hillsborough to Xenia and corner to Dawson Fenners land thence with said road which is Dawson Fenners line to the beginning containing one hundred and twenty three acres more or less a part of which is part original entry in the name of Thomas Threshby No2508 Toghther with all & singular the appurtenances tothe same belonging to have and to hold the same to the said Joseph Philips his heirs and asigns forever hereby covenanting that the Title so conveyed is clear free and unincumbered and that the said John Wright and Susanah H. his wife will warrant and forever defend the same against all claims whatsoever In Witness whereof the said John Wright and Susannah H. his wife hath hereunto set their hands & seals this 13th day of August in the year Eighteen hundred & forty nine.

Sealed & Delivered John Wright {Seal}

Susannah H. Wright {Seal}

In presence of
George Baxter
James Fenner

State of Ohio Highland County SS: Be it remembered that on the thirteenth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and forty nine before me the Subscriber a Justice of the peace personally came John Wright and Susanah H. His wife the grantors in the above conveyance and acknowledged the same to be therein voluntary act & deed for the ___ and purposes therein mentioned and the said Susannah wife of the said John Wright being examined by me separate and apart from her said husband and the contents of said deed being made known to her declared that she did voulntarily sign seal and acknowledge the same and that she is still satisfied therewith as her act & deed for the purposes therein mentioned In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 13th day of August Eighteen hundred & forty nine.

John K Raburn J.P. {Seal}

Received & Recorded Oct 26th 1849

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Margo Lurvey
October 21, 1998

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