A Collection of Highland Photos.
From Bea Tritch :-)

#1 Three Boys: John Wilbur Sprinkle, Walter Lee Sprinkle and William Verner Sprinkle, sons of Thomas Jefferson Sprinkle and Louella Frances Moberly.

#2 Harriet Foreman Moberly, daughter of John and Nellie Foreman, born 20 Aug, 1823, died 17 Apr 1904, married William A. Moberly, 2 Jan 1844.

#3 Harriet Foreman Moberly

#4 Pictured on the right is Harriet Foreman Moberly. On the left is said to be her daughter Louella Frances Moberly (Sprinkle), taken about the time of her marriage in 1880. Louella would have been 15 years old and her mother would have been aged 57.

#5 William A. Moberly, son of John Moberly and Elizabeth Fenner. Born 24 Oct 1815, died 10 Jun 1897, married to Harriet Foreman Moberly 2 Jan 1844.

#6 William A. Moberly

#7 Thomas Jefferson Sprinkle, son of Samuel S. Sprinkle and Christine Ann Fisher, born 22 Sep 1859, died 13 Mar 1936, married 9 Dec 1880 to Louella Frances Moberly, dau of William A. Moberly and Harriet Foreman Moberly born 22 Oct 1865, died 10 July 1946.

#8 Delilah Moberly, dau of William A. Moberly and Harriet Foreman Moberly, b 7 May 1827, died 4 Jun 1865, married 28 Jan 1847 to Newton P Foster

#9 Newton P Foster, b 17 Aug 1825, married Delilah Moberly 28 Jan 1847.

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