Highland Co., OH Marriages
Submitted by William Huffman
Groom Bride Date Clergy Page
William Sanford Huffman Nancy Larrick 12/15/1881 W.Y. Standforth J.P. 8
John W. Huffman Sarah Isadore Gall 12/6/1883 Abraham Hurst J.P. 15
JM Huffman Anna L. Wisecup 11/30/1893 FM Green Min. 52
Cary Huffman Almina Tucker 8/28/1895 S.D. Crothers M.G. 58
William Setty Emma Huffman 7/29/1896 I.W. Jarnigan Rev. 62
George Watt Elma Huffman 7/2/1898 Abraham Hurst J.P. 76

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