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"Marriage Records of Highland County, Ohio "

Ambrose, Henry C.  married  
Anna Bennett 
Feb 16, 1869

Ambrose, James M. married 
Delena Kibler 
Apr 21, 1853

Ambrose, John  married 
Jane H. Scott, 
June 12 1856

Ambrose, Joseph W.   married 
Julia E. Holmes, 
July 23, 1863

Ambrose, Lewis  married 
Sarah Strain, 
Nov 17 1852

Ambrose, Lewis  married 
Harriet Cooper 
Jan 27, 1857

Ambrose, William married 
Rachel Kibler, 
Nov 22, 1832

Ambrose, William married 
Mrs. Nancy H. Dilts Inskeep 
Aug 19, 1875

Ambrose, Catharine married 
Samuel Ridings, 
June 12, 1834

Ambrose, Catharine married 
William H. Glenn, 
Oct 17, 1850

Ambrose, Catherine R. married 
Jacob Bennet , 
Jan 4, 1870

Ambrose, Christina married 
John Sonner, 
June 27, 1822

Ambrose, Elizabeth "Betsy" married 
David P. Inskeep, 
Sept 12, 1817

Ambrose, Susannah married 
Hugh Mahaffey, 
May 29, 1828

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