"Marriage Records of Highland County, Ohio "

Source: MARRIAGE RECORDS OF HIGHLAND COUNTY, OHIO 1805-1880, compiled by David N. McBride and Jane N. McBride, 1962.

Submitted by Marilyn Hill Mansouria,

HILL - Males

Berry m. Betsy Smalley Apr. 22, 1819 (I)

David H. m. Sarah M. Willett July 23, 1868, by J. Chambers. Ages vouched for by Wm. Willett. (OR)

Franklin A. m. Lida Carey Jan. 31, 1877, by Geo. W. Edgar.
George Julian m. Mary Emma Smith Dec. 4, 1872, by James W. Shoemaker.
George K. m. Anna Laura Powell Aug. 28, 1879, by W. J. McSurely.
George M. m. Rebecca Outz Nov. 27, 1879, by C. R. Green M.G.
Henry R. m. Lavinia Stroup Sept. 30, 1872, by P. Savage, J.P.
Hugh m. Betsy Keys Nov. 27, 1815, by Lewis Duckwall, P.G.
John W. m. Nancy E. Newell Aug. 8, 1861, by M. G. Baker.
John H. m. Jennie Cheek Oct. 16, 1878, by D. Callahan.
Joseph and Ellen Loyd issued license Jan. 26, 1836. (OR)
Joseph A. m. Sarah Jane Shoemaker Nov. 19, 1846, by Wm. M. McReynolds.
Joseph A. m. Sarah Jane Arthur Dec. 18, 1855, by Rev. W. Q. Shannon.
Joseph B. m. Isabelle I. Ellis Jan. 6, 1857, by Geo. C. Crum, M.G.
Joseph W. m. Marie C. Swearengen Nov. 7, 1867, by A. B. White, M.G. (OR)
Micajah L. m. Flora E. Bierce Dec. 27, 1858, by John W. Stone, M.G.
Richard, widower, m. Rebecca J. Kinner Nov. 26, 1868, by John Ballentine, J.P. (OR)
Robert m. Margaret Osborne Oct. 31, 1863, by John D. Wright, J.P. (OR)
Samuel K. m. Harriet K. Shoemaker Apr. 20, 1843, by Wm. M. McReynolds. (OR)
Samuel Lewis m. Lucinda E. Chaney, Jan. 26, 1869, by Isaac Neff.
Silas m. Elizabeth Wise Oct. 15, 1846, by Wm. M. McReynolds.

Stephen m. Ann Anderson Oct. 11, 1829, by Edmund Wade, J.P. Note by Marilyn: Stephen Hill, b. ca 1810, son of John Hill and Rebecca Semans, m. Anna Anderson, b. ca 1812 MD, daughter of James Anderson and Rachel Hopkins. Thomas Allen m. Hester F. Ross Apr. 20, 1870, by C. C. Bowers, M.G.

Walter m. Mary Gibbs Nov. 16, 1814, by Isiah Ross.
William, Jr. m. Polly Duckwall Jan. 1, 1812, by John Matthews, J.P.
William m. Elizabeth Lowman Apr. 24, 1830, by Lewis Duckwall, M.G.

William and Julia Ann Webster issued license May 18, 1848. Father of bride, Thomas Webster, states she is 18 years of age. Father of groom, James Hill, states groom is not 21 years of age, "but he has been free for the last four years and I have no control over him. . ."

William m. Elizabeth Scott July 8, 1851, by A. S. Rankin, M.G.
William K. m. Nancy E. Rogers Jan. 12, 1860, by M. G. Purkhiser.
William R. m. Nancy Tompkins Oct. 14, 1875, by Lucien Clark.

HILL - Females

Alice, Robert Kibler
Amelia, Lewis Watts
Ann, Abner Webster

Delila, Thomas L. Campbell Note by Marilyn: Delilah Hill, b. 14 Dec. 1833 in Highland Co. OH, daughter of Stephen Hill and Anna Anderson, m. 5 Feb. 1852 to Thomas L. Campbell, b. 4 August 1830, son of John Campbell.

Elizabeth, John Grady

Elizabeth, Peter Easter Note by Marilyn: Elizabeth Hill, b. ca 1804, daughter of John Hill and Rebecca Semans, m. 18 Nov. 1824 to Peter Easter b. 1797 KY.

Elizabeth, John Duckwall
Elizabaeth A., Gilbert H. Fouch
Elizabeth E., Charles Roads

Ellen, William Scott Note by Marilyn: Ellen/Eleanor Hill, b. ca 1811 OH, daughter of John Hill and Rebecca Semans, m. 11 Oct. 1829 to William F. Scott, b. 5 Jan. 1783 DE.

Emely Jane, James S. Carlisle
Hannah, Alexander McGarrough

Hannah B., Elmore Doggett Note by Marilyn: Hannah Beason Hill, b. ca 1800, daughter of John Hill and Rebecca Semans, m. Elmore Doggett on 30 May 1816.

Jane, Elsy S. White Note by Marilyn: Jane Hill, b. ca 1812, daughter of John Hill and Rebecca Semans, m. Ely S. White on 5 February 1833.

Jennie F., Royal LaTouche
Louisa, Louis Wessel
Margaret M., Mahlon Clark
Nancy, Andrew Keys
Nancy Ann (Mrs.), E. J. Campbell
Rachel, William Boyd
Sally, Charles Grady
Sarah, John Wesley Smith
Sarah, Samuel Keys
Susan, William Duckwall

(OR) = Original Records
M.G. = Minister of the Gospel
J.P. = Justice of the Peace

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