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"Marriage Records of Highland County, Ohio (1805-1880)"


Alexander m. Catharine THOMPSON Oct. 29, 1827, by A.B. Gilliland
Avery m. Lydia JACKSON Mar. 3, 1853, by Jas. Clark, Elder Ch. of Christ
Benjamin F. m. Lydia M. McPHERSON Sept. 25, 1879, by H.D. Green, M.G.
Daniel and Judith HIPPLE issued license Feb. 3, 1823 (OR)
David m. Nancy COOPER (no date). Marriage in index in year 1819.
David m. Charlotte Ann HOLMES Oct. 12, 1862, by Jon. Williams, J.P.
David Henry m. Sarah E. SCAMMAHORN Apr. 15, 1869, by Rev. P.P. Wolf
David m. Amanda KLINE Apr. 22, 1879, by D. Callahan
George m. May EMERY Mar. 24, 1844, by Edward Estil, M.G. (OR)
George m. Martha Ann FISHBACK Oct. 3, 1844, by S. Steel, M.G.
Isaac m. Milly JOHNSON Dec. 10, 1828, by Augustus Brown, J.P.
Isaiah m. Catharine TRIMBLE (no date) by Samuel Hodge. License issued
Mar. 19, 1822.
James m. Jane GUSTIN Jan. 4, 1827, by W. Hughey, J.P.
John m. Elizabeth WALKER Apr. 1, 1830, by Andrew Smith, J.P.
Jonathan m. Nancy BOONE Sept. 25, 1851, by John Eckman, Mayor,
Greenfield, O.
Jorden and Mariam NEWBY issued license Sept. 5, 1844 (OR)
Richard m. Nancy NEWBY Oct. 29, 1843, by John Stevenson, J.P.
William M. Sarah BERNARD Jan. 13, 1820 (I)
William A. m. Ruth Ann EASTER Mar. 13, 1853, by Wm. M. McReynolds, M.G.
Wm. m. Clarissa D. WINTER Feb. 16, 1860, by W.D. Moore
Wm. m. Virginia CAMPBELL, widow, Dec. 14, 1865, by Geo. W. Sellers, J.P.
Ages vouched for by bride's uncle, unnamed. (OR)

Catharine m. Salmon TEMPLIN July 2, 1810, by Isaac Pavey
Charlotte m. Churchwell ALDERMAN Nov. 23, 1865, by E.H Field, M.G. (OR)
Desire A. m. Nathan TROTH Nov. 16, 1858, by J.M. Gatch, M.G.
Eunice m. Francis M. MURPHY Aug. 16, 1862, by H. Stokes, M.G., M.E. Ch.
Hester Ann m. Amos SMITH Feb. 1, 1844, by Jacob Laymon, M.G.
Juliett m. Horatio EVANS Feb. 9, 1836, by J.W. Eastman. Groom states he
is a resident of Fairfield Co., O.
Louisa m. Benjamin ELLIOTT Dec. 16, 1855, by Thomas Major, Elder
Lucinda and John H. SPENCE issued license Apr. 17, 1822 (OR)
Lucy m. Thomas L. ACHOR May 22, 1877, by W.J. McSurely
Martha m. Samuel SMITH Dec. 6, 1855, by N. Pearce, J.P.
Mary m. John H. BRECKENRIDGE Sept. 13, 1868, by Rev. J. Powell (OR)
Mary Ann m. Joseph SANDERS Feb. 1, 1844, by Jacob Laymon, M.G.
Mary Ann m. John S. CAMPBELL Jan. 25, 1854, by Wm. P. Hughey, J.P.
Bride's father: John Morris. Bride resides in Centerfield, O. (This is
one of my CAMPBELL relatives.)
Mary Ann m. Moses MILNER Dec. 30, 1849, by Rees Larkin, J.P.
Mary (J? I?) m. Asa WINTER Mar. 21, 1867, by Wm. M. McReynolds (OR)
Nancy m. Adam SLONAKER Jan. 8, 1851, by Wm. M. McReynolds, M.G.
Nancy m. Josiah ROSS Mar. 27, 1823, by S.H. Brown, J.P.
Sally and Philip BEEMER issued license Sept. 27, 1833 (OR)
Sarah Ann m. Isaac BENNETT Aug. 11, 1842, by Wm. M. McReynolds
Tamor Ann m. John ALLEN Sept. 1, 1874, by D. Callahan

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