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"Marriage Records of Highland County, Ohio (1805-1880)"


Catharine m. Phelix SHAW Nov. 20, 1828, by John Ross
Catharine and Winfield BEEKLAM issued license Feb. 18, 1868 (OR)
Eliza Jane m. William R. ROADS May 12, 1872, by Benjamin Glascock, M.G.
Eveline m. Benj. Frank (BRITTENHAMER? BRITTENGAM?) Mar. 10, 1875, by Isaac West, J.P. Benj. Frank on license, Frank on return.
Harriet Amanda m. Jonathan Isaiah POWLESS Aug. 2. 1871, by J.H. Garman, M.G.
Lodie m. Joseph W. FORAERE Jan. 29, 1880, by M.P. Zink, M.G. (OR)
Malinda m. John F. RANSHE Apr. 27, 1871, by John Rogers, J.P.
Margaret m. James DEMOSS Apr. 10, 1828, by William Miller, J.P.
Martha m. Brice B. EDGINGTON Sept. 29, 1857, by M.J. Manker, J.P.
Mary Ann m. David BOYD Oct. 24, 1869, by B.F. Pulliam, J.P.
Mary C. m. John SMITH July 29, 1866, by J.T. Miller, J.P. Brother of bride, Geo. W., vouched for her age. (OR)
Mary Catherine m. Judah H. WINKLE Dec. 23, 1879, by C.P. Helsly, J.P.
Nancy Ann m. Eli WINKLE Aug. 31, 1873, by B.F. Pulliam, J.P.
Priscilla Ann m. Robert HUSTON Aug. 8, 1872, by S.F. Hull, M.G.
Ragina m. Jacob WINKLE July 14, 1841, by Henry Surber, J.P.
Sarah m. James SUFFRON Nov. 9, 1854, by Addison Hite, J.P.


David m. Martha HUFF Apr. 28, 1842, by Nathan Pulliam
George m. Eliza WOODS Sept. 28, 1852, by William Miller, J.P.
George m. Ann PUCKETT Feb. 23, 1865, Uriah Milburn, V.D.M. (OR)
Geo. W. m. Mary CORBIN Apr. 18, 1867, by J.I. Miller, J.P. (OR)
John m. Rebecca BLAIR Oct. 15, 1863, by Samuel Holmes, J.P. (OR)
Joseph Henry m. Mary Jane WOOD June 17, 1855, by John Parks, J.P.
Thomas M. m. Zenetta STALEY Oct. 8, 1871, by Wash. Doggett, J.P.
William m. Sarah C. SWAYNE Mar. 8, 1870, by Eden McKeehan, J.P.

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