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Reeves (Attachment to Reaves)

Highland Co., Ohio Marriages 1880-1900

REEVES, William E. married Julia NAYLOR May 30, 1894, 
by E.M. Reeves, M.G.(grandfather) 
	  s.o. Elijah B. & Amy (McDaniel) Reaves

REEVES, Elta m. Leo KING Dec. 25, 1898, 
by Elder W.D. Moore
	 d.o. Elijah B. & Amy(McDaniel) Reaves

REEVES, Martha Elizabeth m. Charles ROSER May 27, 1897, 
by Rev. E. D. Murch
	 d.o Elias Miller & Elizabeth(McConnell) Reaves

REEVES, David L. m. Mary Ann POWNALL Dec. 14, 1858 
by S. Steel, M.G.
	 s.o. George & Margaret(Lee) Reaves

REAVES, Elijah B. m. Amy E. McDANIEL May 10, 1868, 
by C.C. Bowers, M.G.
	 s.o. Elias Miller & Elizabeth(McCONNELL) Reaves

REAVES, Edna Jane m. Filay CHAPMAN April 10, 1877, 
by E. M. Reaves, M.G.(father)	
	  d.o. Elias Miller & Elizabeth(McCONNELL) Reaves

REEVES, Martha Emily m. Silas Wiatt ACHOR April 10, 1879 
by J.H. Middleton, father of groom, a
	 minor: Daniel ACHOR

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