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"Marriage Records of Highland County, Ohio (1805-1880)"


Amanda and John LEAMON issued license Oct. 27, 1830 (OR)
Betsey m. William WOLLAM Dec. 7, 1837, by Lawrence Rose, J.P.
Catharine and John M. WOODDELL issued license Jan. 22, 1857 (OR)
Delilah J. m. Benjamin F. SMITH Oct. 18, 1866, by S. Weeks (OR)
Dolly Ann m. Peter WINKLE Aug. 27, 1848, by James Hetherington, J.P.
Elizabeth m. James G. THURMAN Nov. 24, 1819 (I)
Harriet m. Ambrose EMERY Apr. 21, 1825, by Joseph Woodrow, J.P.
Jemima Ann m. John Perry RUBLE May 27, 1858, by John Funk, J.P.
Lehann m. James Perry ROBERTS Dec. 31, 1873, by Jos. Gaymon, J.P.
Liddy m. Thomas McADAMS Mar. 22, 1809, by Enoch B. Smith
Louisa m. Greenbury B. STIVERS June 20, 1861, by Henry Surber, J.P.
Lousia E. m. James W. VAUGHN Oct. 25, 1868, by John Duvall. Bride's father, unnamed, consented. (OR)
Mary Jane m. William P. WOODRUFF Mar. 16, 1856, by William Pangburn
Mindia m. Arthur N. BUNN June 16, 1877, by John Rogers, J.P.
Polly Ann m. Wm. N. PULLIAM Nov. 9, 1865, by Henry Surber, J.P.
Rachel m. John WASSON Dec. 31, 1812, by James D. Scott, J.P.
Rachel m. Joseph WOODS Mar. 30, 1858, by A. Baker, M.G.
Rebecca m. James H. ARNETT Apr. 28, 1857, by Nath'l Huson


Benjamin m. Sarah Ann HUSSEY Aug. 23, 1858, by William Keys, J.P.
David m. Rebecca GIBLER Jan. 9, 1848, by David Thompson, Elder
Jacob m. Lucinda RUBLE Oct. 16, 1850, by James Hetherington, J.P.
Jesse m. Eliza MOORE Aug. 23, 1821, by S. McClure, J.P.
John m. Rachel REDKEY Oct. 2, 1810, by Isaac Pavey
John W. m. Harriet S. HIBBEN June 1, 1854, by J. McD. Mathews
John Milton m. Caroline COFFMAN Mar. 12, 1862, by Wm. P. Thompson, Elder
John A. m. Eveline KIBLER Sept. 20, 1874, by John B. Faris, M.G.
Joseph m. Nancy KEER Mar. 1, 1855, by John Funk, J.P.
Peter m. Susannah SMITTLE Apr. 27, 1837, by Lewis Lewis, J.P.
Richard m. Eliza Ellen POINTER June 18, 1861, by Henry Surber, J.P.
Richard m. Mary J. MITCHELL Sept. 7, 1865, by Henry Surber, J.P. (OR)
Thomas m. Sally POPE Sept. 9, 1813, by James Daniels, J.P.
William R. m. Sarah BORDEN Dec. 24, 1840, by Lawrence Rose, J.P.

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