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Jacob Fishback

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Jacob Fishback's name is on a plaque located at the Highland County Court House in Hillsboro, OH.

He enlisted in Culpeper Co, VA Apr 14, 1779, served as a private in Cpt Wails' Co., Col. James Barbour's Virginia Reg't; re-enlisted spring of 1780, served until sometime in the spring of 1782, when he marched to Georgia in Col. Thomas Posey's Virginia Reg't, and served as a wagoner under Maj. Sam Finley, in Georgia and SC until the fall of 1783. In 1787 he married Hannah Huffman in Madison Co, VA, and they lived in Greenbirer Co., VA then moved to Highland Co., OH. He applied for and was granted a pension in 1819. He died Mar 30, 1826, and Hannah died Sep 15, 1839. They had a son John and a daughter Rosa or Rosannah. Rosannah never married but had a natural child name Mary Ann, still living in Highland Co., 1857. Hannah never applied for a window's pension, and in 1857 John applied to see if the arrears of what she was due could be paid to him as her survivor. This was unsuccessful. There was two depositions of interest in support of his claim. George Shoemaker said! he came from Rockingham Co., VA to Highland Co. in Nov 1816 and then became acquainted with the Fishbacks. Umphrey Huffman says that he moved from Virginia to Ohio between 40 and 50 yrs ago (when he was a teenager), that he "knowed" the Fishback's in Greenbrier Co., VA more than 50 years ago, and that the Fishbacks moved Highland Co., Ohio about forty yrs ago to "the neighborhood where I then and now live".

Source: "Harman Fishback, The Emigrant" by Reuben Dewitt Fishbback

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