Bearce/Clark Burial Ground

Rte. 129

Walpole, Lincoln County, Maine 04978


Directions: From route 1 in Damariscotta take a right onto rte. 130/129 for about 3 miles. Bare right onto rte. 129 and follow for about 6 miles. You will come to an intersection - go straight through and up a hill for about 1 mile. There is a farmhouse with a large red barn and boats in the field. Turn left onto dirt driveway just before the barn. Follow it to the end where you will find a log cabin. The landowner will tell you how to find the cemetery.


Submitted by Joyce Lucas on October 6, 2002.


Row 1 left to right


Ernest W.

Son of W. & I. Bearce

Died Nov. 13, 1893 A.E. 6 mos.



Bertha E.

Dau. of Wilbur & Ida Bearce

Died Oct. 20, 1899, A.E. 18 years

I shall both lay me down in peace and sleep for thou

Lord only makest me dwell in safety.




Chandler Bearce

Died Apr. 2, 1904, A.E. 88 yrs. 11 mos.

His toils are past, his work is done, he entered into rest.



Nancy J.

Wife of Chandler Bearce

Died Aug. 6, 1886 A.E. 63 yrs. 2 ms.

Quietly sleep beloved one. Rest from thy toils, thy labor is done.



Elizabeth J.

Dau. of Chandler and Nancy J. Bearce

Died Sept. 11, 1853(8?) Age 1 year 1 mos.



Edson (A?)

Son of Chandler and Nancy J. Bearce

Mar. 22, 1849 Age 7 mo. 20 days



Row 2 left to right


John Clark

Died 1851



Jane Clark

Died Mar. 11, 1863 A.E. 75 yrs. 9 mos.

The Lord is righteous in all his ways.



Alexander Clark

Died April 22, 1858 Age 68



Broken stone not legible sits beside that of Alexander Clark. Footstone reads J.A.



Row 3 left to right



Fieldstone marker (no apparent markings but appears to be a headstone)



Josiah Clark

Died Feb. 1, 1821 A.E. 85




Wife of Josiah Clark

Died Dec. 2(?) 1821 A.E. 82



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