Air FreshenerTo freshen the smell of your car, use a dryer sheet under the front seat
To freshen the air of your home, hang a dryer sheet in the closet, or place in a drawer.
Ash TraysTo keep the odors down, sprinkle a little baking soda in the bottom of the ashtray everytime you empty it
Burned Food in PansSprinkle baking soda over the burn, add a small amount of water and dish soap, bring to a boil. Let sit. Clean.;
try putting a dryer sheet in the pan, fill with water, let sit overnight, and sponge clean.
CarpetsTo remove stains from carpets, use shaving cream;
scatter baking soda on the carpets, and vacuum to remove odors;
spray a fine mist of vinegar over carpet prior to steam cleaning/shampooing it to help remove dirt
pencil marks
To remove crayola/pencil marks from walls, furniture, or clothing, use ™Goop or any mechanics handcleaner (™Goop will not stain clothing or carpets); will also work on some inks
FliesPlacing a dryer sheet just outside the entry door to your home may prevent flies from congregating and entering the house each time the door is opened.
Fogging Mirror and EyeglassesTo reduce fogging of mirrors or eyeglasses, clean them weekly with shaving cream.
GumTo remove gum from clothing, hair, carpets or furniture, use ™Goop, or any mechanics handcleaner (™Goop will not stain)
Ink on SkinTo remove ink from your skin, use a baby wipe.
Laundry Hamper OdersTo prevent orders in the laundry hamper, place a dryer sheet in the bottom of the hamper.
Misquito RepellentTie a dryer sheet, such as ™Bounce through a belt loop when outdoors during mosquito season.
Paint™Goop works wonders when you use it to remove paint from your hands or brushes; no need for paint thinners or cleaners, even for oil based paints
Pet HairUsing a dryer sheet, rub the area on the furniture or carpet, and it should collect all the hair that has been left behind.
Pictures> Wind a little masking tape around the center of the picture wire where it rests on the hanger. The wire will be less likely to slip, so your pictures will stay straight.
PlumbingFor clear running pipes, pour baking soda, then vinegar down drain; repeat weekly to maintain
Road TarUse ™Goop to remove road tar from your car
SawdustUse a dryer sheet to clean up sawdust after sawing or drilling.
Soap Scum on Shower DoorsClean the soap scum from shower doors using a used dryer sheet such as ™Bounce
Shoe and Sneaker OdersPlace a dryer sheet in the shoes or sneakers to keep the oders down.
Shower CleanerIn a 32 oz. spray bottle, pour in 8 oz. of rubbing alcohol then top it off with water. After each shower, spray the walls and shower curtain. You won't have to rinse.
Static Cling from PantyhoseRub pantyhose with a dampened dryer sheet.
Static Electricity from TV or Computer ScreenSince dryer sheets, such as ™Bounce, is designed to help eliminate static cling, wipe your television or computer screen with a used sheet of fabric softener to keep dust from resettling.
Static ShockCarry a used dryer sheet in the pocket of your coat to eleminate the static shock you receive when entering or exiting your car in the winter.
Storing SuitcasesTo prevent the musty order in stored suitcases, place a dryer sheet in the suitcase prior to storage.
Tangling ThreadTo keep thread from tangling, run the threaded needle through a dryer sheet before using.
Venetian BlindsTo help keep dust down on Venetian blinds, wipe with a dryer sheet.
Waste Basket OdersPlace a dryer sheet in the bottom of the waste basket each time you empty it, to prevent the orders that can form there.