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Monday Evening
Sept. 24, 1888

My Dear F.

Yours of the 17th postmarked the 18th was three days coming to me--very good.

I write short letter now to say that your mother was to leave O. today & get to N. tomorrow, the train is due there at 1:55 so she may be here by tomorrow evening and perhaps will rest then & come next day. She has written to J. Sybolt-telling him when to look for her. He will be ready to bring her.

Sept 18. She sent 1400 lbs of frieght to the station at O. to come to N. It would be put on the cars the next day.-She worked hard.

Sept 19. She wrote me a long letter. Has written to Dr. Hayes and rec'd answer & chest-plaster. Has had no severe asthma for a week & the cough is better-the weather is very fine. Says she needs rest & will be glad to get home.

I expect to send this tomorrow (by Mrs. Wm. S.). Shall not seal it but enclose it to your mother at N.-so she can read it & add a word if she has time, & leave it to be mailed there.

Now Sir, we shall be busy moving to N.- immediately-& so you must not feel badly if you don't get a letter from home till this home is located in your own house at N.- Say Oct 4 or 5.

I wish to say several things to you but have not time now. Don't let the geology wags play a joke on you. There will be chances for it. Cinders from blacksmith's forge look like some volcanic cinders. Hand specimens of them can hardly be distinguished if skilfully chosen. I once had a piece called "volcanic sulpher" from vesuvius, and kept it very choice-One day I was examining it and discovered that one side of it was flat, then another side at right angles to it, was flat-as far as the mass was filled out toward a solid angle. then I quick found the point where the three planes met in a solid angle-like a corner of a broken brick. It was artificial cooled in a square box at N. manufactory! & I heaved it away. Examine some melted masses from the great fire of Chicago-or any furnaces & you will see what I mean. Make a little collection of such things and it will illustrate nature & settle some doubts as occasions occur. -If I have time next letter, I will continue this subject.

I have found a man to take a lease of the farm for next season-to come in when we leave.--Engaged two teams, three if necessary, to take goods to N. all in company. so to do the lifting without my helping.

No RR men along here for several days past, can't give any news about the R. R. along here. Your mother will see this.


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Shall we address to 209 Seventh St instead of care of Prof. E?

St {Ken} Everson's Sept 27

Dear Frank

I arrived in Neligh about four o'clock yesterday-3 hours late, {nearly}. I went to Mr. Sybolt's and found he was coming out {unreadable} day. I spent the night at {unreadable} Gregory's--very pleasantly. This letter did not get into the office, as you see, it will be sent tomorrow. Mr. S. will take me home after dinner. Your fathers was {unreadalbe} yesterday.


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