1986 Historical Atlas of Clark Co., WI

Contributed by Ken Wood.

Master Index

Edwards, Arthur Own Beaver Section 10 No. 2 Carol Wilfred Gardiner/Edna Kanska Arthur R./Sarah Howell Chris, Paula, Scott, Kevin, Tom   Baptist Both since 1977 Since 1982 Writes childrens stories, horse County Traffic Officer, Morgan Horses Rt. 1 Box 65 Loyal
Ellison, Roger J. Own Beaver Section 34 No. 3 Divorced   Dan/Viola Clemens Michael, Rickie, Denise, Elizabeth Army   Lifetime Since 1967   General farming, Dairy Rt. 1 Loyal
Elmer, Thomas F. Own Beaver Section 18 No. 2 Marlene Charles Kramer/Edna Severt Ernest/Bertha Franz Barbara (m Timothy Wendland) Air force Korea Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1985 Greenwood Milk Products Retired farmer, Landin Realty Rt. 3, Box 351 Greenwood
            Bruce (m Sherri Dorn)              
            Rhonda (m Allen Eskildsen)              
Elmhorst, Ronald L. Own Beaver Section 14 No. 1     Clarence/Helen Wegner     Lutheran Since 1974 Since 1974   Teaching 36 yrs General farming Holsteins Rt. 1 Loyal
Ely, Gordon P. Rent Beaver Section 30 No. 2 LaVonne Frank Harrison/Evylen Chapman Melvin/Marian Phillips Phillip (m Shirley Durst)   Alliance Church Both since 1983     General farming Guernsey Rt. 1 Greenwood
            Shirley (m Ronald Lehr)              
            Douglas (m Susan Christopherson)              
Englebretson, Bruce W. Own Beaver Section 5 No. 5 Shirley John Shilts/Bessie Cox William/Gladys Bostwick Richard (m Monica Kaduce)   Lutheran Both lifetime     Employed by David Loucks, farmer dairy Rt. 1, Box 114 Owen
            Rodney           General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Box 69, Unity
Erickson, Dennis Own Beaver Section 12 No. 4 Divorced   Marvin/Mary Fitz Tammy (m Lee Zappa) Daniel     Since 1975 Since 1975      
Erickson, Marvin R. (deceased) Own Beaver Section 13 No. 1 Mary Charles Fitz/Ethel Hooker Edward/Lucinda Bauge Dennis, Linda (m Harvey D. Heck) Air Force World War II Methodist Both since 1959 Since 1959     Rt. 1 Box 70, Unity
            Kathryn (m Donald Friday)              
            Marilyn (m Setzer)              
Ertl, Raymond R. Own Beaver Section 25 No. 4 Marie Charles Weiling/Isabelle Schweiger Edward/Emma Magalowsky Donna (m Ronald Heiting)   Lutheran Wife lifetime, Since 1916   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Loyal
            Ronald     Husband Since 1941        
Felenz, Robert Own Beaver Section 35 No. 6 Glenda Glen Rucker/Bernita Bottcher Sylvester/Irene Sloss Mark, Kristy, Amy, Robert, Scott   Catholic Wife since 1978     General farming Dairy, Nachurs Liquid Rt. 1, Box 200, Loyal
                  Husband lifetime     Fertilizer and Agri. S. C.  
Firnstahl, Lawrence P. Own Beaver Section 36 No. 1 Evelyn Henry Wichman/Louisa Richter Frank/Augusta Hertz Michelle (m Herbert Pierce), Patricia   Catholic Both lifetime Since 1919   Retired farmer Rt. 1, Loyal
Fischer, Donald Own Beaver Section 36 No. 6 Virginia Rest Unavailable                  
Fitzl, Richard L. Own Beaver Section 17 No. 4 Kathleen Emil Noah/Marianna Braun John/Margaret Johnson Richard Jr., Becki, Brian Army   Both since 1972   Parkway Inn General Farming Dairy Rt. 1, Box 48, Loyal
Fralick, Clay H. Own Beaver Section 20 No. 3 Katherine Kenneth Frakes/Loni Tiedka Clayton II/Diane McKnight Carrie, Clayton IV     Both since 1985 Since 1985   General farming Registered Hoilsteins, Arabians Rt. 1, Box 36, Loyal
Fravert, LeRoy D. Jr. Rent Beaver Section 36 No. 2 Linda Ralph Thomas/Ethel Severson LeRoy Sr./Bernice Schwarte LeRoy III, Laura   UCC Both lifetime   Thomas Auto Sales Thomas Auto Sales Rt. 1, Loyal
Gadke, Arnod Own Beaver Section 18 No. 5 Audrey Rest Unavailable                  
Gardner, Robert L. Own Beaver Section 18 No. 4 Delores Stanley Malaszuk/Rose Briski Harold/Jean Cook Jennifer, Jill, Jamie Army Catholic Both lifetime Since 1974   BO-DE J's Farm, General farming Dairy Rt. 3, Greenwood
Genteman, William H. Own Beaver Section 23 No. 4 Louise Tony Mayer/Georgia Gilles William/Mary Janciga David, Maryann (m Ronald Denzine) National Guard Catholic Both since 1946 Since 1967   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Loyal
            Daniel, Susan (m Kenneth Wienke)              
Greve, Herman H. Own Beaver Section 26 No. 4 Ruth Rudolph K. Schulting/Ethel Claypool Franz H./Angela Schulting Mary (m Gary Moore) Dutch Med Corp WW II Catholic Both since 1976 Since 1976 Neillsville Memorial Hospital General farming Hogs Rt. 1, Loyal
Grotjahn, Orville E. Own Beaver Section 13 No. 6 Mary Wesley Davis/Mary Geiger Carl/Leona Bucholz Michael, Ricky, Roger, Brenda, Patrick Army Lutrheran Both since 1977 Since 1977   OMBP Farm, General farming Registered Rt. 1, Box 76, Loyal
                        Holsteins, Omay Holsteins  
Guillaume, Paul A. Own Beaver Section 15 No. 4 Luella Former Husband Edward Milz Albert/Dorothy Sternitzky Sharon (m Paul Jirak), Patricia,   Catholic Wife since 1959 Since 1967   Milk hauler, Farmer, Dairy, Hogs Rt. 1, Box 80, Loyal
        Deceased   Duane Milz (m Karen Johnson),     Husband lifetime        
        Alfred Alberson/Emma Balk   Raymond Milz (m Connie Schmitt)              
            Nancy (m David Wucherpfenneg)              
            Beverly (m Steve Steines),              
            James Milz (m Nancy Schmitt deceased)              
            Dean Milz (m Julie Rowley)              
            Kenneth Milz (m Cindy), Timothy Milz (m              
            Donna Verhulst), Susan (m Floyd Cochran)              





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