1986 Historical Atlas of Clark Co., WI

Contributed by Ken Wood.

Master Index

Hall, Robert (Deceased) Rent Beaver Section 28 No. 6 Magdalene Walter Westhoff/Regina Dipenbrook Dennis/Genevieve Rena (m James Kosik), Jason   Catholic Wife since 1947 Since 1947 Clark Co,. Health Care   Rt. 1, Loyal
Harder, Terry (Deceased) Own Beaver Section 28 No. 4 Judy Chester Pernsteiner/Clare Reihle Victor/Valeria Pruss Kelly, Anthony, Joshua Coast Guard Catholic Wife since 1955 Since 1981     Rt. 1, Box 136, Loyal
Haslow, Kirk R. Own Beaver Section 25 No. 3 Brenda Further Information Unavailable         Husband since 1974     General farming, Dairy Rt.1, Loyal
Haslow, Russell Own Beaver Setion 36 No. 4 Judy Further Information Unavailable                 Rt.1, Loyal
Herbert, Duane L. Own Beaver Section 13 No. 2 Susan Lester Safemaster/Eileen Edblom Leland/Verla Seefeld Karen, Danielle, Leslie   Lutheran Wife since 1972 Since 1972   Meyers Cheese, General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Loyal
                  Husband lifetime        
Herbert, Leland C. Own Beaver Section 13 No. 3 Verla Louis Seefeld/Winnifred Pickett Chester/Signe Johnson Terry (m Brenda), Richard (m Jean)   Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1960   Retired Rt. 1, Loyal
            Kristine (m Dean Swagger),              
            Duane (m Susan)              
Hederer, Randy H. Own Beaver Section 24 No. 7 Suzanne Roman Degenhardt/Nancy Hull Harold/Audrey Melander       Both lifetime Home since 1965 Marshfield Hospital Self-employed Herderer Trucking Rt. 1, Loyal
Hein, Paul A. Own Beaver Section 14 No. 1 Beverly William Roohr/Elizabeth Raeck Henry/ Ruth Butler Paul Jr. (m Geraldine Unitedt) Army WW II Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1958   Retired Rt. 1, Box 158, Owen
            Barbara (m Douglas Seefeld)              
            William (m Gail Sinclair), Scott              
Hendrickson, Arthur Own Beaver Section 19 No. 7 Mayvin George Poppe/Tillie Horn Oliver/Amy Pearson Ronald (m Karen Heil)   Church of Christ Both lifetime Since 1941   Retired Farmer Rt. 3, Greenwood
            Larry (m Mary Meehan), Randall              
Hendrickson, Randall Rent Beaver Section 19 No. 7     Arthur/Mayvin Poppe     Church of Christ Lifetime Since 1941   General farming Registered Holsteins Rt. 3, Greenwood
Hetchler, Donald C. Own Beaver Sectiuon 24 No. 1 Joan Further Information Unavailable               General farming Dairy  
Hinkemann, Herbert E. Own Beaver Section 35 No. 7 Marie William Diercks/Clara Zickert Herman/Elsie Schmidt Carol (m Steven Allar)   Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1947   Semi-retired General farming Dairy Rt., 1 Loyal
            Nancy (m Thomas Purcell)           Sells DeKalb deeds  
            Karen (m David Bloom)              
            Brenda (m William Wilcox), Harlan              
Hoffman, Karen Jo Own Beaver Section 12 No. 6   Further Information Unavailable       Catholic Since 1978   Land O' Lakes    
Hoffman, Walter H. Own Beaver Section 32 No. 2 Brother   Frank/Helen Haug   Army Korea Lutheran Both Since 1944 Since 1944   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Loyal
Hursh, Joseph K. Own Beaver Section 19 No. 2 Mary Martin Fox/Osaie Lied Joseph S./Leah Kilmer Mary, Joanna, Joseph, Esther, Ruth,   Mennonite Since 1975 Since 1981   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Bos 42, Loyal
            Eunice, Noah, David              
Jackson, Gregory R. Own Breaver Section 34 No. 5 Peggy Loren Holzinger/Shirley Johnson Robert/Julie Kosicek     Catholic Both since 1982 Since 1983 RN Clark Co. Nursing Service Vet Loyal Veterinary Service, Simmental Beef Rt. 1, Box 147, Loyal
                        Golden Retrivers  
Jasurda, Stephen M. Own Beaver Section 29 No. 2 Kathleen Verland Dux/Laura Noeldner Joseph/Beverly Peissig Josy, Lori   World Outreach Both lifetime Since 1981   Loyal Cheese Co. Rt. 1, Box 222, Greenwood
Johnson, Dean R. Own Beaver Section 30 No. 5 Suzanne Glenn Stewart/Rita Linder Delmond/Amber Nolan Nathaniel, Gretchen     Both lifetime Since 1918 Marshfield Clinic General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Box 235, Greenwood
Johnson, Delmond W. Own Beaver Section 29 No. 4 Amber Eugene Nolan/Verna Oswald John E./Annie Johnson Michael (m Shirley Santala)   Lutheran Husband lifetime Since 1979   Retired driver for Adult Development Services Rt. 1, Box 216, Greenwood
            Karen (m Duane Milz)     Wife since 1941     General farming  
            John, Dean (m Suzanne Stewart)              
Johnson, John E. Own Beaver Section 32 No. 3     Delmond/Amber Nelson     Lutheran Lifetime Since 1979   Wuethrich Creamery Rt. 1, Greenwood
Johnson, Michael W. Own Beaver Section 31 No. 1 Shirley Eugene Santala/Lucille Priberrnow Delmond/Amber Nelson Eric, Amy, Trent, Josh, Luke, Kallie National Guard Lutheran Both lifetime     School bus driver, General farming Registered Rt. 1, Box 212, Greenwood
Johnson, Russell C. (Deceased) Own Beaver, Section 22 No. 2 Elsie Ivor Asp/ Nellie Killman Carl/Ella Anderson Geraldine (m Elmer Nebola)   Lutheran Wife since 1926 Since 1920     Rt. 1, Box 89, Loyal
            Janet (m Ben Lanzreck)     Husband since 1923        
            Russell Jr. (m Janet Zawatski)              
            Beatrice (m Sydney Eluer)              
Jolivette, Harris Own Beaver Section 18 No. 3   Further Information Unavailable                  
Kaiser, Bernard Own Beaver Section 18 No. 1 Marie Tony Mayer/Georgia Gilles Frank/Maude Maxwell Dianne, John, Rita, Judy, Partrick, Monica   Catholic Wife lifetime        
            Joann, Cindy, Rita (m Kurt Potts)     Husband since 1950 Since 1952   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Loyal
Kath, Otis E. Own Beaver Section 10 No. 3 Arlyle William Sachse/Lena Kowalk Otto/Bertha Krabbenholft Dennis Schultz (m Dorothy Thedens) Army WW II Lutheran Wife since 1949 Since 1923   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Box 66, Loyal
            Diane Schultz (m Rick Harden)     Husband lifetime        
            Donna Schultz (m Barry Gunderson)              
Kirn, James M. Own Beaver Section 30 No. 3 Janel Charles Sada/Jeanette Wehrman Roger/Yvonne Jackson Jason   Catholic Both lifetime Since 1985   Smith's Feed Service Rt. 1, Greenwood
Klimpke, Clarence Rent Beaver Section 21 No. 4 Winnifred Further Information Unavailable               Retired  
Knecht, Rolland E. Own Beaver Section 2 No. 5 Vernetta Walter Laabs/Edna Borchert Edward/Selma Tresmer Kenneth, Robert (m Joan Schreiber)   Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1944   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Box 63, Unity
Kolasa, Martin A. Own Beaver Section 7 No. 4 Karolina Alois Koch/Klara Dausch Andrew/Edna Harper Martin Jr., Janice (m Richard Jancsak) Army Catholic Both since 1975 Since 1975   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Loyal
            Stephen, Roger, Linda, Andrew,              
            Katrina (m LeRoy Fitzmaurice)              
            Loretta, Jason, Matthew              
Kollmansberger, Danny L. Own Beaver Section 10 No. 5 Linda Pierce Owens/Carol Reinke Harold/Lorea Gardner Michael, Matthew, Melissa   Church of Christ Both lifetime Since 1974   General farming Dairy Sells Jacques Seeds Rt. 1, Loyal
Kollmansberger, Eddy F. Own Beaver Section 16 No. 1 Dianne Frank Wilke/Irene Lindner Harold/Lorea Gardner Jason, Chad, Brandi, Kelli   Catholic Both lifetime Since 1959   Soo Line Railroad Rt. 1, Loyal
Kollmansberger, Harold C. Own Beaver Section 16 No. 2 Lorea Floyd Gardner/Margaret Zuege Robert/Lena Remer Eddy (m Diane Wilkie)   Lutheran Wife lifetime Since 1958   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Box 108, Loyal
            Danny (m Linda Owens)     Husband since 1927        
            Jeffery (m Mary Sternweis), Greg              
Kollmansberger, Robert M. Own Beaver Section 16 No. 3 Shirley Ole Elstrom/Anna Molle Robert Sr./Magdalene Remen Rhonda, Renee (m Matthew Gast), Army Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1941   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Box 90, Loyal
            Kurt, Kevin, Regan              
Koski, Arvo J. Own Beaver Section 5 No. 2 Evelyn Ole Elstrom/Anna Molle Alexander/Edla Myllari William (m Carol Bell), Donna,   Lutheran Both since 1946 Since 1938 Retired from Clark Co. Hospital Retired from Soo Line Railroad Rt. 1, Loyal
            James (m Jean Lindgren)              
Kostlevy, Henry Own Beaver Section 15 No. 3 Dorothy H. A. Stuve/Mabel Stallard Charles/Stella Dushek Edward, William (m Marilyn Patzwald)   Protestant Both lifetime Since 1913   Self employed electrician Rt. 1, Loyal
            Frank (m Joanne Garthwaite)              





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