1986 Historical Atlas of Clark Co., WI

Contributed by Ken Wood.

Master Index

Leheue, Sara Own Beaver Section 1 No. 5   Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 1 Unity
Lichte, Gerhardt F. Own Beaver Section 7 No. 6 Ella William Tischur/Louise Huebrich Adolph/Pauline Swilling Bertha Bowdion, Edward (deceased) (m   Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1938   Retired farmer Rt. 3, Box 331, Greenwood
            Catherine), Margaret Hillert, Allen (m              
Lightner, Lloyd Own Beaver Section 16 No. 4 Laurel Further Informaytion Unavailable                 Rt. 1, Loyal
Loerlscher, Wilfred Own Beaver Section 16 No. 6 Maragaret John Paur/Anna Widmer Herman/Lena Lindenschmidt Gary (m SusanWalter)   Lutheran Both since 1951 Since 1957   Retired Rt. 1, Box 111, Loyal
            Donna (m Paul Roemer              
Loos, Charles D. Own Beaver Section 27 No. 1 Julie Dale Lindekugel/Janice Alexander John/Marie Braun Tara, Trisha, Jared   Catholic Wife lifetime        
                  Husband since 1959 Since 1976 self-employed self-employed Rt. 1, Loyal
Loos, Sandra Rent Beaver Section 27 No. 2     John/Marie Braun     Catholic Lifetime Since 1960 General farming   Rt. 1, Loyal
                      Registered Holsteins    
Loos, William Own Beaver Section 10 No. 8 Divorced   John/Marie Braun Kimberly, Stacie, Josie     Since 1983 Since 1983   N & R Inc. Self-employed K-Korners Rt. 1, Loyal
Luber, Allen Own Beaver Section 27 No. 5 Mavis George Otto/Mathilda Dallman August/Clara Pauls Barbara (m Everett Sherman), Keith, Air Force WW II Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1915 American Legion General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Loyal
            Carol (m Harvey Bombach), Jeffery              
Malinowski, Edward I. Own Beaver Section 34 No. 1 Theresa Peter Brionczyk/Mary Charles/Vera Syzmanski Norine (m Scott Ellington), Navy WW II Catholic Both since 1946 Since 1946   Retired Rt. 1, Box 132, Loyal
            Gerald (m Denise Degenhart)              
            Joyce (m James Smith), Mark              
Malm, Robert E. Own Beaver Section 29 No. 1 Sally Kirk Anstine/Ethel Pratt Harold/Alma Vogtman Mitchel, Mark, Mindy National Guard Baptist Both since 1981 Since 1981   General farming Dairy Sells Shur Gro Fertilizer Rt. 1, Loyal
Martin, Hiram G. Own Beaver Section 33 No. 5 Lenore George Hytry/Caroline Daul George/Cora Roggenbeaur Ronald (m Cathy), Eugene, David, Air Force WW II Catholic Both since 1955 Since 1955 Clark County Hospital Semi-retired General farming Diary Rt. 1, Loyal
            Rosalind, Paul, Theresa, Carol,              
            Sheila, Tom, John, Marie              
Martin, Nathaniel E. Own Beaver Section 24 No. 3 Faye Moses Miller/Barbara Miller Nelson/Dorothy Eby Loretta, Marilyn, Nelson,   Mennonite Both since 1981 Since 1984   General farming Dairy, equipment repair Rt. 1, Box 188, Loyal
McNeely, John G. Rent Beaver Section 16 No. 5     Ray/Erna Pernseiner       Lifetime     Construction worker Rt. 1, Loyal
Metcalf, Stanley Rent Beaver Section 33 No. 4 Janet Frank Wolf/Mildred Ray/Dorothy Miller Amy, Lola Marines Korea Catholic Wife lifetime       Rt. 1, Loyal
                  Husband since 1960        
Meyer, Allen G. Own Beaver Seection 22 No. 3 Diane Donald Frey/Mathilda Pankratz Alfred/Odelia Burr Michael, Amy, Julie, Sam   Catholic Wife since 1967 Since 1967   General farming Dairy, Hogs Not Given
                  Husband since 1946        
Milke, Carl L. Own Beaver Section 12 No. 2 Doris John Poppy/Elsie Carson August/Bertha Tetzlaff Kathy Resler (m Jack Shore)   Lutheran Both since 1974 Since 1974   retired Rt.1, Box 71, Unity
            Dorothy Resler (m James Kittle)              
            Anthony Resler              
Milz, Dean F. Own Beaver Section 21 No. 1 Julie Daryl Rowley/Delores Kowatz Edward/Luella Albertson Robert, Thomas, Melissa   Catholic Wife lifetime        
                  Husband since 1959 Since 1978 T-R-G Loyal General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Loyal
Milz, Duane E. Own Beaver Section 16 No. 7 Karen Delmond Johnson/Amber Nolan Edward/Luella Albertson Kristine, Julie, Jeffery, Brian   Catholic Wife lifetime Since 1959 Retired LPN General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Loyal
                  Husband since 1959        
Molle, Milton H. Own Beaver Section 32 No. 1 Jean Walter Ebert/Norma Kuester Henry/Luella Edwards Kimberly, Gregory (m Debra Dolny) Army Lutheran Both since 1974 Soince 1974 RN Constuction worker Rt. 1, Loyal
Much, Richard L. Own Beaver Section 8 No. 4 Kathryn Lester Severson/Helen Thomas Ervin/Jean Florkowski Kimberly (m Glenn Gostomski) Army   Both since 1968 Since 1972 Colonial House of Colby General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Box 144, Loyal





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