1986 Historical Atlas of Clark Co., WI

Contributed by Ken Wood.

Master Index

Nacker, Douglas (deceased) Rent Beaver Section 33 No. 2 Joann Chester Pernsteiner/Clare Riehle   Douglas         Homemaker   Rt. 1, Loyal
Nolan, Eugene C Own Beaver Section 30 No. 6 Verna Albert Oswald/Violet Gaines Lee/Mamie McGary Amber (m Delmond Johnson)   Methodist Both since 1938 Since 1974 Former teacher Retired farmer and trucker Rt. 1, Box 212, Greenwood
            Vernon (m Alice Yunker)              
Nowak, Harold B. Own Beaver Section 14 No. 2 Blanche Glenn Phillips/Alice Shafer Harold/Martha Brautigan Glenna (deceased)(m Donald Hartman)     Wife since 1945 Since 1950   Retired Rt. 1, Loyal
            Marta (m Alan Bohl), John (m Betty Boe)     Husband lifetime        
            Bruce (m Debra Bump)              
Oblak, Edward Own Beaver Section34 No. 2 Joan Joseph Meer/Julia Schmit Antone/Mary Theresa (m Charles Manthe), Edward J.              
            Cynthia (m Jeffery Virosztko), John,              
            Gregory (deceased), Jennifer,              
            Heidi (deceased), Air Force WW II Catholic Both since 1973 Since 1985   Land O' Lakes Rt. 1 Box 135, Loyal
            Cared for 21 foster children              
Olson, Duane H. Own Beaver Section 30 No. 7 Donna Howard Olson/Iva Schmidt Daniel/Alice Wendt Jeffery, Jodi, Jackie, Jennifer, Jeremy   Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1965   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Greenwood
Owens, Pierce E. Own Beaver Section 9 No. 2 Carol Walter Reinke/Esther Beyer Pierce Sr./Gertrude Kagerah Linda (m Danny Kollmansberger)   Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1971 Clark Co. Health Care Center General farming, Registered Holsteins, Rt. 1, Loyal
            June (m Richard Severson)           Sells DeKalb & Pfizer Seeds  
            Virginia (m Steve Winscher)              
            Mark (m Linda), Lisa (m Charles Webb)              
Olson, Timothy M. Rent Beaver Section 33 No. 6 Rita Frank Reising/Vietta Loudenbeck Donald/Shirley Molle Joshua, Jacob, Morgan   Lutheran Wife since 1976 Since 1966   Grassland Butter Rt. 1, Loyal
                  Husband lifetime        
Pachal, Duane Own Beaver Section 14 No. 3 Janet Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 1, Loyal
Paschke, John G. Own Beaver Section 18 No. 5 Helen Charles Hallowell/Olga Johnson Gust/Edith Bertog John Jr. (m Ruth Bennke)   Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1917   General farming Dairy Rt. 3, Greenwood
            Gust (m Donna Fitzl), Jimmy (m Barbara              
            Gripentrog), Randy (m Jana Fortin),              
            Jane (m Albert Schiferl)              
Paschke, John R. Own Beaver Section 8 No. 2 Ruth Edward Behnke/Mary Peterson John G./Helen Hallowell Dawn (m Daniel Strey), Michael, Karen   Lutheran Wife since 1962 Since 1963   General farming Dairy, Sells Payco Seeds Rt. 1, Loyal
                  Husband lifetime        
Pederson, Carl Own Beaver Section 8 No. 3 Juanita Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 3, Greenwood
Pernsteiner, Chester F. Own Beaver Section 33 No. 1 Clara Frank Riehle/Emma Garke Joe/Ella Crostwaite Judy (m Terry Harder deceased),   Catholic Both since 1955 Since 1955   Semiretired, General farming Dairy, Custom Rt. 1, Loyal
            Jon (m Karlene Schutte) Jay (deceased)           Combining  
            Joann (m Douglas Nakur), Jeff (m Jeanine              
            Nelson), Jerry, Jesse, Jack, Jill              
Pernsteiner, Jerry M. Own Beaver Section 34 No. 7     Chester/Clare     Catholic Lifetime Since 1985   Selfemployed Pernsteiner Gas & Oil Rt. 1, Loyal
Pieper, Dave Own Beaver Section 26 No. 7   Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 1, Loyal
Pipkorn, Darlene Own Beaver Section 1 No. 4   Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 1, Unity
Poehnelt, David C. Own Beaver Section 2 No. 2 Darlene Harlan Witt/Margaret Schilling Matt/Dorothy Patricia     Both since 1876 Since 1981   Everett Roehl Rt. 1, Box 51, Unity
Porath, Randy Rent Beaver Section 6 No. 1 Sherry Duane Vorath/Lois Edwin/Lorrain Winter Jenny, Jamie     Husband lifetime   IGA Owen B & B Specialties Rt. 1, Owen
Porath, Roderick B. Own Beaver Section 7 No. 3 Deborah Raymond Geist/Amelia Wundrow Edwin/Lorraine Winter Chad, Jill, Matt   Catholic Wife since 1974 Since 1975   General farming Dairy Rt. 1, Loyal
                  Husband lifetime        
Porter, Charles H. Own Beaver Section 24 No. 5 Selma Herman Sell/Helen Pieper Manley/Pearl Lathrup Clifford (m Susan Clemerson deceased) Army World War II Lutheran Wife lifetoime Since 1978   Retired farmer Rt. 1, Loyal
                  Husband since 1947        
Prstien, Harlan Own Beaver Section 12 No. 1 Norma Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 1, Unity
Pribnow, John W. Own Beaver Section 28 No. 5 Grace Edward Milbrand/Ella Nelson John C./Neta Maier Amy, Tadd (m Kerry Polster)   Methodist Wife since 1961 Since 1970 K-Mart U.S.Post Office Rt. 1, Loyal
                  Husband since 1937        
Querin, Thomas Own Beaver Section 30 No. 1 Mary Emmett Wallic (deceased)/Isabelle Charles/Dorothy Crisp Martha (m Steve Querin Schultz) Navy Korea   Both since 1963 Since 1963   Land O' Lakes Rt. 1, Box 228, Greenwood
        Hoyle   Christopher              





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