1986 Historical Atlas of Clark Co., WI

Contributed by Ken Wood.

Master Index

Biddle, Clarence J. Own Butler Section 22 No. 1 Shirley James Spangler/Grace Frank/Julie Fillo Dawn, Mark   Baptist Both since 1964 Since 1964   Blue Moon Cheese Factory Farming, Feeder Heifers Rt. 3, Box 233, Thorp
Bizjak, John (deceased) Own Butler Section 26 No. 2 Esther William Mayenchein/Blanche Noyes August/Anna Schaschi Gerlad (m Kay Sanville)   Church of Christ Wife since 1916 Since 1918 Retired, rent out land   Rt. 3, Box 225, Thorp
Budzinski, Bernard G. Own Butler Section 12 No. 1 Joan Arnold Dahlke/Lorraine Polinske John/Margaret Haas Ryan, Shawnna, Jason National Guard Catholic Wife since 1970 Since 1971 Mattes Market Blue Moon Cheese Factory, Rents out land Rt. 3, Box 191, Thorp
                  Husband lifetime        
Burrington, Fred R. Rent Butler Section 15 No. 2 Marylou James Rowell/Gertrude Ferderickson Pirl/Helen Morgan Robert, Chad, Raelynn   Baptist Wife since 1980 Since 1986   Farm labor Rt. 3, Box 235, Thorp
                  Husband lifetime        
Burrington, Pirl (deceased) Rent Butler Section 15 No. 3 Helen Fred Morgan/Iva Kennedy Albert/Rosa Hardy Reuben (deceased) (m Beverly Winger)   Baptist Wife since 1966   Retired   Rt. 3, Box 239, Thorp
            Jeanette (m DeWayne Parent)              
            Marjory (deceased),              
            Fred (m Mary Lou Rowell)              
            Betty Jean (deceased)              
            Jean (m Ralph McIntyre)              
Collins, Raymond Own Butler Section 14 No. 3     Capp/Georgia Brown     Catholic Lifetime Since 1890   Farming, Dairy Rt. 3, Box 251, Thorp
Courter, Roland Own Butler Section 1 No. 1     George/Edith Dudonsky     Lutheran Lifetime Since 1968   Retired Rt. 3, Box 179, Thorp
Czarneckis, Joseph Sr. Own Butler Section 1 No. 3 Theresa Sebastian Potaczek/Mary Valiqura Andrew Vincent Pogodzinski (m Kathy Samplowski)   Catholic Wife lifetime        
            Gregory Pogodzinski (m Karen Kolpack)     Husband since 1960 Since 1960   Retired, Rents out land Rt. 3, Thorp
            Russell Pogodzinski (m Nancy Rudnick)              
            Florian Pogodzinski, Bridget Pogodzinski,              
            Laurie, Joseph Jr.              
De Bauche, Roland R. Own Butler Section 25 No. 1 Susan Clarence Fisher/Elizabeth Pagel Richard/Bernice Writt Sara Beth,   Catholic Both since 1984 Since 1984 Art teacher Stanley-Boyd Tree trimmer, Farm name Sur-Paw-Kennel Rt. 3, Box 220, Thorp
Degnitz, Bonnie J. Rent Butler Section 1 No. 2     Joseph Weiciek/Evelyn Courter Daniel   Jehova Witness Lifetime   G & L Fond du Lac   Rt. 3, Box 177, Thorp
Grakowski, Joseph P. Own Butler Section 14 No. 2 Jennie John Romanowicz/Mary Jarogki John/Mary Swinarski Edward (m Lois LaGrasse)   Catholic Both lifetime Since 1966   Retired Rt. 3, Box 215, Thorp
            George (m Jean Sonnentag)              
            Matthew (m Mary Lynn Mayenschein)              
Gregorich, John Own Butler Section 24 No. 2   Further Information Unavailable                  
Holm, Thomas A. Own Butler Section 23 No. 1 Tami LaVern Brown/Erma Nimbar Gerald/Marie Bauer Carrie, Maxwell   Church of Christ Wife lifetime Since 1981 Green Adult Devel. Service North Henreu Cheese Factory Rt. 3, Box 217, Thorp
                  Husband since 1974        
Kile, Jown W, (deceased) Rent Butler Section 23 No. 4 Del Dave Butler/Ida Mae Howe John/Sarah Moore Edith (m Walter Blum), Alvin (m Lily),   Lutheran Wife since 1899 Since 1910 Retired   Rt. 3, Thorp
            David (m Julie Bergant), Lawrence (m Janice),              
            Lyle (m Loraine), Kenneth,              
            Dean (m Janet Roseenst),              
            Alma (m Jerry Deitsche)              
Klavas, George M. Own Butler Section 25 No. 3 Rosalie Jacob Miedzwiecki/Petronella Jarocki William/Antionette Lucas James, Jeanne (m Frenette),   Holy Family Wife since 1951 Since 1951   Butler Town Patrolman, Farming Dairy Rt. 3, Box 203, Thorp
            Jerome (m Linda),   Willard Husband lifetime        
            Ronald (m Linda Lewandowski),              
            Mary Beth (m Carlson)              
Krzylanowski, Robert W. Own Butler Section 13 No. 1 Janice Irvin Ketterhagen/Virginia Marion Walter/Mary Grabowski Robbie, Jesse, Darin   Catholic Both lifetime Since 1983 CPA Dan C. Becker Industrial fabricator, Self-Roffer Co. Rt. 3, Box 267, Thorp





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