1986 Historical Atlas of Clark Co., WI

Contributed by Ken Wood.

Master Index

LaFlex, Oliver C. (deceased) Own Butler Section 14 No. 4 Felicia Michael Djubenski/Catherine Zaranski Frank/Adeline Anton Sister Rose Zalewski member of family   Holy Family Wife lifetime Since 1956 Pabich Supermarket   Rt. 3, Box 236, Thorp
                Willard     Rents out land    
Linder, Oscar W. (deceased) Rent Butler Section 10 No. 1 Dorothy Hjalmar Cedergren/Carolina Sandberg Ander/Anna Fried Oscar Jr. (deceased)(m Anita Gulina)   Protestant Wife since 1984   Retired   Rt. 3, Thorp
            Roland (m Marcy), Robert (m Gwen Novak),              
            Dorothy (deceased)(m Robert Borga),              
            Norma (m Donald Chilo), Jack (deceased),              
            Barbara (deceased), Nancy Galla,              
            William (m Jutta Luehrman)              
Linder, William Own Butler Section 11 No. 2 Jutta Albert Luehrman/Inge Huper Oscar/Dorothy Cedergreen Sandra   Protestant Both Since 1970 Since 1969   Farming Dairy Rt. 3, Box 264, Thorp
Markham, Daniel C. Rent Butler Section 11 No. 1 Bonnie Benjamine Tarbox/Eva Graves Walter/Violet Daniels Lucy Boylan, Debrah Heeth, Joycre Solie,   Protestant Both since 1985     Farming Dairy, Custom work Rt. 3, Box 264, Thorp
            Virginia (deceased), Alfred Naus,              
            Thomas Naus (deceased) (m Carol Kristie),              
            Kenneth Nuas (m Lori Carlino),              
            Theresa (m Daniel Markham)              
            Patricia Naus (m Robert Butts),              
            Daniel (m Theresa Naus),              
            Christine (m Harold Dekan)              
Martens, Rodney E. Rent Butler Section 26 No. 3 Peggy Verlan Noah/Darlene Frese Timothy/LaVerne Abel Jennifer, Jarred National Guard Lutheran Wife lifetime        
                  Husband since 1979     Elmdale Cheese factory milk hauler, Farming Dairy Rt. 3, Thorp
Mason, Scott Own Butler Section 15 No. 4 LaVonne Ralph Stuart/Marjorie Barum Henry/Grace Smalley Steven, Nichole, Valerie, Ryan, Jonathan National Guard Methodist Wife since 1971 Since 1939   Farming Dairy Rt. 3, Box 241, Thorp
                  Husband lifetime        
Mayenschein, Curtis J. (deceased) Rent Butler Section 27 No, 1 Laura George Butler/Anna Bloomquist William/Blanche Noyes Leland (m Sharon McConnel)   Lutheran Wife lifetime Since 1925 Retired   Rt. 3, Box 329, Thorp
            Norman (m Rita Sythe),              
            Marlys (m Frank Andruskiewicz),              
            David (m Maril;yn Dubicki),              
            Mary Lynn (m Matthew Grajkowski)              
            Carol (m Douglas Bottemy)              
Mayenschein, David W. Own Butler Section 27 No. 2 Marilyn Stanley Dubicki/Helen Grusecki Curtis/Laura Butler Wendy, Cynthia, Kathleen, Michael Army Vietnam Catholic Both lifetime Since 1925   Farming Dairy, Registered Holsteins, Sells Jung Rt. 3, Box 230, Thorp
Mertins, Bernard G. Sr. Own Butler Section 2 No. 1 Mary Eric Kapfer/Mary Staffen Oscar/Kathern Heiman Benadine (m Wayne Nitz) Army WW II   Wife since 1946 Since 1950 Clark Co. Health Care Center Farming Dairy Rt. 3, Box 272, Thorp
            Barbara (m William Sladiach),     Husband lifetime        
            Bernard Jr. (deceased),              
            Susan (m Dennis Murphy),              
            Thomas (m Teressa Holmes),              
            Paul (m Ann Gierty), Louise, Richard,              
            Ann Marie, James              
Morrison, Arthur G. Own Butler Section 26 No. 1 Mildred Emil Reineke/Lizette Thoenes Eden/Sarah Brockley Ardith (m William McPherson),   Church of Christ Wife since 1920        
            Larry (m Janet Friday)     Husband since 1912 Since 1935 Retired Retired Rt. 3, Box 222, Thorp
            Patricia (m Richard Schlinsog)              
            George (m Georgia Alaer)              
Nelson, David Own Butler Section 15 No. 6 Cheri Gerald Witt/Joanne Holte Allen/Agnes McQuillan Jason, Jessie, Christina Air Force Vietnam Lutheran & Both since 1983 Since 1979   Self employed trucker, West Star Corp. Ginseng Rt. 3, Box 251, Thorp
Palmer, Harold (deceased) Rent Butler Section 15 No. 1 Marjory Fred Morgan/Iva Kennedy       Baptist Since 1925 Since 1946 Teacher at Gilman   Rt. 3, Thorp
Parent, DeWayne L. Rent Butler Section 15 No. 3 Jeanette Pirl Burrington/Helen Morgan Frank Hardy/Beatrice Montagne Steve Korea Baptist Both since 1983     Electrician Rt. 3, Box 239, Thorp
Reineke, Arthur R. (deceased) Own Butler Section 27 No. 3 LaVerne William Mayenchein/Blanche Noyes Emil/Lizette Thoenes William (m Sharon Filpa)   Lutheran Wife since 1916 Since 1935 Retired renst out land   Rt. 3, Box 229, Thorp
            Beverly (m Joe Enockson)              
            James (m Donna Krultz)              
            Barbara (m Ronald Altmann deceased),              
            Ronald (m Barbara Guell)              
Reineke, Emil Own Butler Section 23 No. 3 Lynette Kenneth Lockrem/Laura Osborne Alvin/Evelyn Morrison Erich, Sarah, Ethan Marines Vietnam Church of Christ Both since 1984 Since 1912   Employed by Grudem Bros. Plumbing, Farming Rt. 3, Box 221, Thorp
Stammes, Victor J. Own Butler Section 24 No. 1           Catholic Since 1983 Since 1983   Retired Rt. 3, Box 214, Thorp
Tieman, Charles F. Own Butler Section 23 No. 2 Helen Edward Culp/Victoria Meyer Charles/Nellie Faucett Arlene (m Stanton Martinson)   Lutheran Wife since 1924 Since 1910 Butler Asst, Fire Warden Butler Asst. Fire Warden Rt. 3, Box 219, Thorp
            Shirley Tieman, Ronald (m Leona Hegenvarth)     Husband since 1916        
            Joyce Washburn, Jerome (m Lois Lusa),              
            Alice Able, Gaylord,              
            Linda (m Dennis Bisch)              
Weber, Willard Own Butler Section 14 No. 1 Marian Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 3, Thorp
Welciek, Joseph L. (deceased) Rent Butler Section 1 No. 1 Evelyn George Courter/Edith Dudonsky Matthew/Tressa Bonnie Degnitz, Sandy   Jehova's Witness Wife lifetime   Retired   Rt. 3, Box 117, Thorp
Whitmire, Mark T. Own Butler Section 15 No. 5 Karen Donald Losch/Violet Laughary Everett/Shirley Benedict Cody, Alex     Both since 1982 Since 1982 Dist. # 1 Tech Institute Taping Inc, Beef cattle Rt. 3, Box 256, Thorp
                      Eau Claire    
Wilson, Claude D. Own Butler Section 25 No. 2 Ruth Richard Hill/Mathilda Koski George/Nellie Craig Diane (m Erich Kapfer), Patrick Army WW II Episcopal Both lifetime Since 1979   Retired Rt. 3, Box 206A, Thorp





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