1986 Historical Atlas of Clark Co., WI

Contributed by Ken Wood.

Master Index

Ambacher, Edwin W. Own Dewhurst Section 34 No. 5 Frances Joseph Jurcek/Mary Jezo George/Alfrieda Wickershiemer Susan (m Russell Basler)   Catholic Both since 1975 Since 1968 Retired Retired Rt. 1, Box 134B Merrillan
Arpin, Jennifer Own Dewhurst Section 26 No. 3   Thomas Arpin/Marge Wrage       Lutheran Since 1984 Since 1984 Big Chief Truck Stop   Rt. 1, Box 103B1, Merrillan
                      Store manager    
Bohac, Bohumil (deceased) Own Dewhurst Section 32 No. 1 Caroline John Sonheim/Elizabeth Hollinger Frank/Antonie Drapalik Barry, Jean Ann (m John Starr),   Lutheran Both lifetime Since 1902 Retired   Rt. 1, Box 202, Merrillan
            Paul (m Gail Anderson)              
Bohac, Jan Rent Dewhurst Section 13 No. 4 Dale Otto Jelinek/Corrine Vanhorn Virgil/Helen Harwick     Methodist Wife since 1980   D & S Manufacturing Schoen Construction as Mason Rt. 2, Box 427 Neillsville
                  Husband lifetime   Secretary    
Comstock, Jane Own Dewhurst Section 19 No. 3   Roy Comstock/Marian Van Winter       Methodist Since 1972 Since 1950 Nelson Muffler Inspector   Rt. 1, Box 98, Merrillan
Craner, Melvin Own Dewhurst Section 23 No. 3 Bridget John Ward/Mary Larkin Henry/Malvina Gitzlaff Lawrence Richings, Kathleen Richings,   Catholic   Since 1971   Retired Outboard Marine Corp as 800 Argonne Dr.,
            (m David Stephens)           Senior Mail Clerk North Chicago, IL
Czarnik, Robert Own Dewhurst Section 29 No. 4 Etta Bergen Smith/Alice Hyland John/Mary Polick Christopher, Kimberly     Wife lifetime Since 1974   Neumann Co. Chicago Foreman Rt. 1, Box 100 B, Merrillan
                  Husband since 1956     as Industrial painter  
Deinhammer, Ernest Own Dewhurst Section 34 No. 10 Marjory Frank Bright/not given Leo/Anna Falch Steve (m Theresa Presiel),     Wife since 1985 Since 1983 Retired teacher Retired farmer and excavator Rt. 1, Box 145, Merrillan
            Tom (m Roxanne Smith),     Husband since 1983        
            Judy (m Mike Berg), Carol Bowen (m Jr.)              
Denkhaus, Robert Rent Dewhurst Section 24 No. 5 Christine Rolland Harwood/Linda Eyesman Vernon/Jean     Lutheran Both since 1985 Since 1985 Sunburst Youth Home Sunburst Youth Home Rt. 2, Box 421, Neillsville
Dickenson, John Own Dewhurst Section 29 No. 1 Blanche Leroy Bisselle/Miss Parker Charles/May Meyer       Husband lifetime Since 1901   Semiretired Vegetable farmer Rt. 1, Merrillan
Dvorak, Lowell Own Dewhurst Section 30 No. 4 Agnes Stanley Kasprzak/Wanda Janicki Joseph/Esther Meyer David (deceased), Timothy, Army Lutheran Both since 1981 Since 1977 Village of Merrillan-librarian The Pines-bartender Rt. 1, Merrillan
            Sharon (m Jeff Peterson)              
Frank, John Rent Dewhurst Section 13 No. 2   Furher Information Unavailable                  
Gruper, Ervin J. Own Dewhurst Section 19 No. 4 Marian Herbert Van Winter/Edith Morley Ervin C./Mary Smozcynokie Herbert Comstock (m Barbara Bennett) Navy WW II Methodist Wife since 1978 Since 1950   Nelson Muffler-truck driver Rt. 1, Box 98, Merrillan
            Larry Comstock (m Georgia Metalis)     Husband Since 1950        
            Jane Comstock, Kathleen Harwick, Diane              
Hanson, Larry Rent Dewhurst Section 14 No. 4 Robin Ted Janicki/Dorothy Mack Earl/Ellen McCartney Paula, Penny, Darcy, Natasha   Methodist Both lifetime Since 1983 Self employed Robin's Nest Bar Nelson Muffle-welder Rt. 2, Box 470, Neillsville
Hart, Richard Own Dewhurst Section 23 No. 1 Sherma Sherman Mitchell/Mary Bruckner George Szaflarski/Elizabeth Richard (m Alee), George,   Catholic Wife lifetime Since 1948   Crown Oldsmobile & Cadillac-manager Rt. 2, Neillsville
            Michael (m Kathleen Kuhnhardt)     Husnband since 1960        
            Debra (m Kenneth Witt), Jo Stone, Beth              
Harwick, Mark Rent Dewhurst Section 13 No. 5     Charles/Marlene Jacobowski       Since 1978 Since 1933   Stazak Logging-logger Rt. 2, Neillsville
Hauge, James Rent Dewhurst Section 25 No. 5 Janet Arthur Kunze/Marion Northup Edwin/Lorene Borihier Terry (m Robin Musich), Army WW II Church of Christ Both lifetime Since 1974   Dept. of Military Affairs-facility repairman Rt. 2, Box 357, Neillsville
            Randy (m Natalie Nast),           Neillsville Schools bus driver  
            Jamie (m Brad Zimmerman)              
Holub, Ed Own Dewhurst Section 24 No. 2 Hazel Levi Fitzmaurice/Geneive Wiseman Joseph/Frieda Karela Mike (m Sherrie Vajgrt)   Protestant Wife since 1926 Since 1971 Retired from Corey Jewelry Memorial Hospital medical van driver Rt. 2, Box 387, Nellsville
            Terry (m Jeanne Judge)     Husband lifetime        
            Donald (m Leticia)              
Janicki, Kevin Rent Dewhurst Section 13 No. 1     Ted/Dorothy Mack Kevin, Shannon   Catholic Lifetime Since 1980   Nelson Muffler-welder Rt. 2, Box 465A, Neillsville
Janicki, Ted Sr. Own Dewhurst Section 14 No. 1 Dorothy Anthony Mack/Anna Kalina Joseph/Mary Karkiewicz Ted Jr. (m Corrine Hill), Army WW II Catholic Wife since 1943 Since 1946   Retired Civil Service, farming, logging, beef cattle Rt. 2, Box 467, Neillsville
            Michael (m Barbara Waughal)     Husband lifetime        
            Mark, Craig (m Diane Langreck),              
            Sheryl (m John Jenness), Kevin,              
            Robin (m Larry Hanson),              
            Jessica (m Bill Staszak)              
Jingle, Walter Own Dewhurst Section 30 No. 2   Futher Information Unavailable                  
Jungle, Walter Sr. Own Dewhurst Section 29 No. 5 Rose Casmer Novak/Katherine Kosmalla Albert/Mary Wandes Walter Jr., Margaret (m Leroy Johnson),   Protestant Wife lifetime Since 1975 Retired Retired Rt. 1, Box 100A, Merrillan
            Richard, Darlene (m James Ariel)     Husband since 1931        
            Rose Marie              
Jurcek, Joseph Own Dewhurst Section 34 No. 6 Nancy Charles Wendt/Marjorie Sprauge Joseph/Mary Jezo Pamela (m Richard Tupta), Peter, Army Catholic Both since 1973 Since 1968   Moebius Printing Co.-lithographer supervisor Rt. 1, Box 135A. Merrillan
            Jill (m Stephen Merriman),              
            Judith (m James Stillman),              
            Charles (m Lori Thorp), Patrick              
Kasprzak, Stanley (deceased) Rent Dewhurst Section 30 No. 5 Wanda Joseph Janicki/Mary Karkiewicz) Joseph/not given Agnes (m Lowell Dvorak),   Lutheran Wife since 1079 Since 1979 Retired punch press operator   Rt. 1, Box 205, Marrillan
            Marion Myers, Stanley Jr. (deceased)     Husband since 1932        
            (m Nelly Kuhl), Janice (m Douglas Turnmire)              
Kluckhohn, Marion Own Dewhurst Section 22 No. 2 Dolores Lyle Patchett/Ruth Bossert Edward/Gertrude Unz Jack (m June Oldham), Navy Marines WW II Methodist Both since 1952 Since 1952 Retired Retired Rt. 2, Box 455, Neillsville
            Caroline (m Thomas Zschernitz)              
            Patricia (m Manfred Weisgerber),              
            Patrick Ranney, Gary Ranney (m Betty Ann)              
            foster children              





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