1986 Historical Atlas of Clark Co., WI

Contributed by Ken Wood.

Master Index

Lah, Ernest (deceased) Own Dewhurst Section 34 No. 8 Gisela Frank Bizjan/Frances Oven Ernest/Helen Bajde Marieta (m William Hanzlik), Air Force Christian Wife since 1976 Since 1970 Retired   Rt. 1, Box 138, Merrillan
            Sonja (m Richard Moskalik)              
Larson, Allen Own Dewhurst Section 30 No. 6 Carla Horace Collins/Jean Neuman Axel/Josephine LaVenture Lori   Lutheran Wife since 1980 Since 1980 Clark Co. Dept Social Services Buffalo Medical Center evaluation counselor Rt. 1, Box 206, Merrillan
                  Husband since 1983   Social Worker staff supervisor adolescent chemical  
                        dependency program  
Leski, Philip Own Dewhurst Section 23 No. 5 Betty Roy Burns/Mary Rose Not given       Both since 1964 Since 1964 Retired Retired Rt. 2, Box 458, Neillsville
Lowe, William F. Sr. Own Dewhurst Section 24 No. 4 Betty George Hubing/Hazel Cramer George/Ella Frisby Wiilam F. Jr. (m Charlene Bliese) Army WW II Methodist Both since 1977 Since 1970 Retired Retired Mortician Rt. 2, Neillsville
            Griffith (m Sue Hojnacki), Judith Lapp,              
            Mary Jane              
Mellon, Lorraine Own Dewhurst Section 25 No. 3   Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 2, Box 345, Neillsville
Moennig, Mark Own Dewhurst Section 14 No. 3   Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 2, Neillsville
Novak, Chester Own Dewhurst Section 19 No. 2 Helen Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 1, Merrillan
Novak, Robert Rent Dewhurst Section 30 No. 1 Vickie Robert Burns/Ruth Farrell Rudolph/Dolores Mohr Timothy Mailly, Richard Mailly, Robert Hayes, Marines Catholic & Wife since 1984     Self employed Bob's Paint & Parts Rt. 1, Box 100, Merrillan
            Mark Mailey, Dustin   Christian Husband lifetime        
Olson, Dale Own Dewhurst Section 25 No. 6 Agatha Arthur Hagen/Valborg Nessett Clarence/Gladys Flood Gary, Larry (m Carmen Adams) Army Korea Protestant Both since 1979 Since 1975   Self employed at Neillsville Motors & Rt. 1, Box 110-13, Merrillan
                        Black River Auto  
Opelt, Jerry M. Rent Dewhurst Section 25 No. 1 Fay Rolland Quicker/Ora Montgomery Max/L. Irene Crockett Lyn (m Peter Erskine), Larry National Guard Methodist Both lifetime Since 1964   Urban Sales-car salesman Rt. 2, Box 344, Neillsville
Ormond, William (deceased) Own Dewhurst Section 34 No. 1 Mildred Hugh Selves/Bessie Rose William/Matilda William H. (m Sharon Brown) Army WW II Church of Christ Both lifetime Since 1983 Retired from Memorial Nursing   Rt. 1, Box 118, Merrillan
            Terrance (m Diane Gawell), Kim         Home    
Pasek, John (deceased) Own Dewhurst Section 29 No. 2 Nellie Walter Kluska/Anna Gigion Lawrence/Katheryn Porada Joseph, Lottie (m Al Bianchetto),   Catholic   Since 1925   Farming Dairy Rt. 1., Merrillan
            Martha (m Bob Longwitz), Clara              
Robinson, Albert (deceased) Own Dewhurst Section 34 No. 9 Katherine Stanley Martin/Anna Not given Roberta, Barbara (m Ronald Ayers) Navy WW II Catholic Wife since 1975 Since 1975 Retired   Rt. 1, Box 139, Merrillan
Saack, Greg Rent Dewhurst Section 34 No. 2 Penny Robert Claussen/Barbara Straw Ray/Joan Osborn   Air Force Lutheran Both since 1985 Since 1985   4 in 1 Supper Club-manager Rt. 1, Box 133, Merrillan
Schoen, Edward Own Dewhurst Section 26 No. 2 Rise Eugene Rendmeister/Yvonne Eckes Edward/Grace Winter     Catholic Wife since 1975 Since 1979 Big Bear Farm Implement- Self-employes Schoen Construction Rt. 1, Merrillan
                  Husband lifetime   Clerk    
Smith, Vilas Own Dewhurst Section 34 No. 7 Mildred Arthur Ekern/Minnie Pederson William/Dora Berger Vilas Jr. (m Audrey Whetstone)   Lutheran Both since 1973 Since 1973 Retired nursing home cook retired school bus driver, self employed service Rt. 1, Box 137, Merrillan
Stoll, Ellis Own Dewhurst Section 22 No. 1 Barbara Not given/Virginia Everson Robert/Donna Brady     Methodist Wife lifetime Since 1919 Dadco Diversified Blk River Fls Ashland Chemical Co Willow Springs IL Rt. 2, Box 449, Neillsville
                  Husband since 1953        
Teeples, Violet Own Dewhurst Section 34 No. 11   Further Information Unavailable                  
Tilson, Oew Rent Dewhurst Section 35 No. 3 Lisa Dean Bryan/Gail Gilroy Howard/Phyllis Owens     Protestant Wife lifetime Since 1985 Pines Motor Lodge Blk River Fls Jensen Metal Produsts as welder Rt. 1, Box 105, Merrillan
                  Husband since 1985        
Turl, Albert Own Dewhurst Section 34 No. 4 Anna Joseph Williams/Emma Munentiler Charles/Rita Simmvil Dr. Albert (m Vicki Moss) Air Force WW II Protestant Both since 1947 Since 1977 Memorial Hospital Billing clk Woold Sales Servie Bargain Barn manager Rt. 1, Box 135, Merrillan
Vieau, Joseph (deceased) Own Dewhurst Section 34 No. 1 Jean Raleigh Hale/Katherine Kritzberger Joseph/Marg Hilbert JoAnn (m Kenneth Chase) Mary Seebrandt, Army WW II Catholic wife since 1963 Since 1950 Retired   Rt. 1, Box 106, Merrillan
            Sandra, John, Thomas              
Wellman, Leslie Own Dewhurst Section 24 No. 1 Hattie Emil Evenson/Anna Ekern Edward/Mary Sheldon Edward (m Marveine Sentek), Mary   Methodist Both since 1978 Since 1940 Retired Retired chemist Rt. 2, Box 388, Neillsville
            (m Archie Towle), Thomas (m Doris Moore)              
Westphal, Marvin Own Dewhurst Section 25 No. 4 Arsula Further Information Unavailable                 Rt.2, Box 350, Neillsville
Wildish, Beulah Own Dewhurst Section 35 No. 1   Further Information Unavailable                 Rt. 1, Merrillan
Wucki, Bernard Own Dewhurst Section 24 No. 3     Walter/Mary Pociaski   32nd Div Inf WW II Catholic Lifetime Since 1946   Retired machinest Rt. 2, Box 386, Neillsville
Zasoba, Lester Own Dewhurst Section 35 No. 2 Hope (deceased) Allen Wildish/Bertha Zshernitz Walter/Rebecca Fortier Sandra (m Allen Jacobson), John (m Sheila Veteran Presbyterian Both lifetime Since 1968   Retired from Schlitz Brewery Milwaukee Rt. 1, Merrillan





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