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 There are alot of great people out there that have made this and other sites available, as well as contributed to our genealogy research. The least any of us can do is give them credit for their
contributions to our sites and our genealogy. The folks listed below have all gone far above and beyond the call to make our research accessible.

Non-profit organization that have supported us and many others

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The mission of the United States Genealogy Network is to provide Internet services and links to genealogical and historical networks, societies and associations that serve and promote free access to genealogical and 
historical research on the Internet. 
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I would like to personally thank Mr. & Mrs. Dill for all they have done. Please help to support this worthy non-profit organization. 
MAGOFFIN CO. KENTUCKY GENEALOGY These folks are unbelievable, they are kind and very helpful. I have paid many visits to their historical society and was treated like kin each time. They are a non profit group that does this out of the kindness of their heart, and the love for family history. They have family books that I highly recommend. 
Breathitt County Public Library Here is another group of folks that cherish family history, and are not afraid to bend over backwards to help you. Good people such as Jeanette Shouse has done more then her share to help researchers in the Breathitt, Co area. Raymond Moore has helped to bring my dad's stories of the old days back to life.
Eastern Kentucky Genealogy Melinda Ramey Has been a great help for me in designing and managing the Surnames of Kentucky web ring. She also has been a great resource for eastern Kentucky genealogy researchers.

People who have personally supported BaiCon Genealogy & Surnames of Kentucky

NetDetective The good people at NetDetective sent me a copy of their software. I must say it's the best I have seen. Thank you NetDetective
William & Diane Britton Bill & Diane has supported us morally and by donating a F.T.M. program. 

The Auxier Family When I first found Judith on the internet she was getting ready to do some research on foot. She went down to my mothers home town and found some of my relatives graves and some documents. She sent  me copies of the documents and pictures of the graves and to this day when she runs across something that deals with my line she sends it to me. Thank you and God bless you Judith
Canfield Classics Collection Joyce email
Has donated a copy of a family book wrttien by Algie Bailey
Ms. Kay Mason Kay sent me a journal written by her grandfather William Franklin Mason. This journal is priceless with it's stories of days gone by. Thank you Kay
Behind The Badge Ralph Dettwiler has really been there for me, when I'm feeling down or when I need a spiritual guide I stop in. They also have a prayer line and a In memory of  page that I visit often.
Laurie McKenzie Laurie has been helping me with my site by proof reading my text. Thank you Laurie.
Jerry's Win Picks I have used Jerry's WinPicks site for many years. In that time I have not only gotten great software from his site. But I have also gotten some advise from him and he donated a great little java script to us. Forget tucows and all the others. Jerry gives you detail information about software. His services are FREE!


People that offer help to online genealogist

GedPage  In my opinion Rob Jacob has created  the best gedcom to html webpage builder I have seen. He offers it at a very fair price, you can download and use it for free. You must pay to have it registered ( which I have not done ) 
If someone would like to pay  the registration fee for BaiCon genealogy your name will appear on this page. 

Plant Your Family Tree DeWanna Robinson Lindo Has some great graphics to offer and has done much to help the online genelogist. She put together the background and header for my Kentucky Most wanted page. She also has another site that helps with finding your surnames. Thank you DeWanna

I also would like to thank every person that shares their family history with others.
There are many great people out there that are not mention here and the only way we can keep our online research cost down is to support each other and groups such as the ones listed above.
BaiCon Genealogy

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