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I can only answer questions about the names Bailey, Conley, and some Auxier, Holbrook, Runyon, Calhoun,Trusty and Cole.
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Born: 27 Feb 1818 at: Svendborg, Moellergade 96 Married: WFT Est. 1839-1867at: Died: 15 Jun 1881 at: Svendborg.Moellergade 96 (A/2/6)Sv, C, Y) Father:Niels HANSEN, (SKIBSBYGMESTER) ,MOLLERGADE 96 Mother:Else MORTENSEN Other Spouses:
Wife: Andreasine Dorthea (Signe) LINDEGAARD
Born: 11 Jun 1827 at: Svendborg, (buried A/2/6Sv.C.Yard) Died: 30 Mar 1907 at: Svendborg Moellergade 92/94 Father:Erik Svendsen LINDEGAARD, (BORN KORSGADE)(SEE N4) Mother:Caroline HOYVALD Other Spouses:
Name: Nielsine Erikka HANSEN Born: 6 Nov 1850 at: (died after fall on ice see file) Married: at: Died: 23 Jan 1922 at: Svendborg, burried f.lot 27/1/1922, A2, 6 Spouses:
Name: Carl Edvard HANSEN, SEE LETTERS ETC. IN FILE Born: 26 May 1852 at: Svendborg Married: at: Died: 30 Dec 1882 at: Svendborg Spouses:
Name: Petrine Claudine Mathilde HANSEN, TANTE TOT Born: 17 Dec 1853 at: Svendborg Married: 1865-1895 at: Died: Oct 1936 at: Svendborg, burried 4/10/36, f.l.A-2-7. Spouses: Fritz Emil Theodor PETERSEN, ROYAL AGENT NOTES4
Name: Louise Augusta Pouline HANSEN Born: 28 Aug 1855 at: (see newspaper file) Married: at: Died: 20 Feb 1929 at: Burried f. plot 25/2/1929, lot A.2.6. Spouses:
Name: Hans HANSEN, (BURRIED HANSEN F.L.12\3 49) Born: 30 Sep 1857 at: Svendborg Married: at: Died: 19 Feb 1859 at: Svendborg, Betten said 1849 was wrong Spouses:
Name: Thora Marie Dorthea HANSEN Born: 24 Jul 1859 at: Svendborg, Moellergade 92/96 Married: Dec 1884 at: Svendborg Died: 8 May 1937 at: Ordrup Alderdomshjem, burried May 13, 1937 Spouses: Ingvard Andreas PETERSEN, (BRITISH VICE COUNSIL)
Name: Niels P. HANSEN, (GARVER, TANNER ODDER)(SEE NOT4 Born: 9 Jun 1861 at: Svendborg, (Oestergade 23, Odder) Married: 1883-1908 at: Died: 21 Aug 1919 at: Odder, Denmark (died of cancer of the sto) Spouses: Mary Anine JOERGENSEN, (HAD TWO BROTHERS)
Name: Waldborg Margrethe HANSEN, (BETTEN) Born: 20 Feb 1868 at: Moellergade 92, Svendborg, Denmark. Married: 4 Dec at: Svendborg, Denmark. Died: 2 Jul 1950 at: Thuroe, Svendborg, Denmark. Spouses: Frederik Ludvig PETERSEN, (FINNISH CONSUL)

All files are copyright protected and are not to be duplicated for profit.

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